Chaotic Evil

"Some men, aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men, just wanna watch the world burn"

-Alfred on the Joker

The last of the nine alignments, we have here one of the absolute most destructive of them all. Chaotic Evil characters are utter psychopaths who indulge in random cruelty and generally go out of their way to be as evil and destructive as they possibly can, often times doing evil things simply because they derived sadistic pleasure from it. Chaotic Evil characters resent authority in all it's forms, have no sense of honor or loyalty, and are completely unpredictable. Simply put, such characters tend to be incredibly dangerous, and many are also incredibly sadistic as they let their homicidal and bloodthirsty tendencies dictate their every action.

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Posted by Deathstroke19

A lot of my favs are here too.

Nice list.

P.S. The Balrog is actually called Durin's Bane if you wanted to know. You can keep what you have but I'm Just pointing that out is all.

Posted by Albertphytagoras

Gengis and Nero fit more for neutral evil.

In fact many people here is neutral evil.

Posted by shroudofsorrow

@albertphytagoras: Disagree. Random violence/cruelty and wanton slaughter constitutes blatant Chaotic Evil in my book. Neutral Evil doesn't indulge in random evil if they see no direct benefit to it.

So no actually all of these people are Chaotic Evil until such time as you can give proof to the contrary.