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Physical Appearance

Aurra has a human like appearance, although what species she actually originates from has never been revealed. However things that set her apart are her extremely pale flesh tone, the permanent dark circles around her ocular cavities, and the fact the each of her finger has an extra phalange.

Early Life/Training

Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing is the only being to ever earn the respect of the Anzati. The Anzati are an alien race of Vampiric beings in the Star Wars galaxy. The Anzati are often considered to be so utterly horrifying that most of the Galaxy dismisses their very existence as pure mythology, old men’s wise tales, or children’s stories. Having Anzati training would be more than enough to make pretty much any being a more than capable and completely untouchable killer. But Sing was already trained in four distinct assassination arts. Hands down one of the most proficient, and violent killers in the entire star system or galaxy even. So of course receiving the training of the vicious, carnal, and sadistic creatures called the Anzati, She became the stuff of even the bravest warriors nightmares.

Sings earliest combative training came about from the moment she was born, to a spice addicted prostitute mother in the dark dank slums of Nar Shadaa. Though she cannot remember a great deal about the earlier years of her life, it is clear that the torment she suffered from the various inhabitants of Nar Shadaa and it’s shady underbelly have left the scarring and lasting impressions on her mental state. Even at that young age she was introduced to street fighting, and killing for credits.

Soon after this period she was discovered by the mysterious and notorious Jedi known simply as the Dark Woman. The Dark Woman felt the kindling of the force within Aurra, and eventually convinced Sing’s mother to give her over to the Jedi order. The moment Aurra left aboard the Dark womans vessel, her second training had begun. For the next seven years of her life Sing lived among the JedI on Coruscant in the JedI Temple. Here the Dark Woman and fellow JedI trained young Aurra in the ways of the force and light saber combat. Famed JedI Master, and former pupil of the Dark Woman, Ki-Adi-Mundi also aided in her JedI training although he felt her broken and fire fueled spirit, and this troubled him. When she was nine, she was stationed on Ord Namurt for off world training under the tutelage of the Dark Woman. It was during this period that Aurra was fooled by Twi’lek girl, which led to her being captured by Star Pirates. It was the pirates that saw her fractured mind, and played upon her anger filled spirit. The Pirates proceeded to convince Sing that the Dark Woman was evil, and had planned to sell Aurra to the Hutts as a slave girl. And from this deception her path was set. She allied herself with the pirates, and learned their ways of tricky, deceit and treachery. The Pirates also gave her, her third set of training and skills. It was from the Captain of said pirates the she learned how to handily assassinate targets without causing attention to be drawn to ones self. He also taught her how to ambush and how to take down a crowd of more than fifty people swiftly. But He quickly began to regret training her. He saw how quickly she mastered the skills which took him a lifetime to learn, and he began to fear that she may surpass his own combat prowess and over throw him for power. So he quickly sold her into slavery under Waloonga the Hutt, for measly sum of 2,000 republic credits.

The Hutt made sure he could make full use of her abilities, he wanted his own personal assassin , so he would never have to pay a bounty hunter again. He was quite pleased with her skills, but he had business dealing with the legendary Anzati, and they owed him a rather large debt. So in payment for the debt, he apprenticed Sing out to them. The Vampires taught her their lethal techniques and taught her over 20,000,000 ways to kill with her bare hands, and 1,000 times that with weapons. To make make sure she never forgets these skills, they implant a bio-nano-computer into her brain. This stores everything she sees and hears so she can recall it at will, and also heightens her reaction time, as well as allow her to see in 360 degrees. This training and computer, make her quite literally the most deadly assassin in the world, trained in the ways of the Force, Street Fighting, Vampiric Violence, Pirate lore, Crowd Control, and virtually any weapon including light sabers.

Post Training

The literal definition of a Killing Machine, she takes her skills out into the rest of the galaxy. Realizing she now had more power than most any being in the galaxy she was no longer frightened or broken, she was complete and emotionless. She swore vengeance upon all whom had wronged her. Upon her return to Walooga she gutted him like the slug he was, as well as his entire entourage of slaves, and assassins. Next she found the Pirates, slaughtered them all, and made the leader die a slow and extremely painful death. Taking their Ship as her own. Wherever she found JedI she killed them too making it look too easy, far more easy than killing a JedI should be. Once dead she keeps their light saber as a sort of macabre trophy, for her own enjoyment. Most of all she was on the hunt for the Dark Woman, whom she still believed had “betrayed” her so many years ago on Ord Namurt.

Although she refused to join the bounty hunters guild, she did however declare herself a freelance bounty hunter. Cradossk the leader of the guild did however not want to cross her, so he still offered her a cut of guild pay, and personal side jobs.

During the Battle of Naboo, she spent the majority of her time on Tatooine. She was on Tatooine the day Anakin Skywalker defeated Sebulba in the Pod Race, she even witnessed this event. Later she returned to Tatooine to hunt the former JedI, who was now a Pirate named Ress Kairn. Later in her career she accepted Jobs from Jabba and Gardulla, one of the jobs led her into a conflict with JedI gone rogue Sharad Hett, and the Sand People. She slayed Hett and the Sand people, but A’Sharad the son of Hett survived the battle, and became a JedI under Aurra former teacher Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Two years after the Battle of Naboo ended. She attracted the attention of the JedI council when she murdered two JedI’s on Coruscant. The Council she was too much of a danger, and too corrupted by the darkside to let live. So Ki-Adi-Mundi, A’Sharad, and Adi Gallia were assigned the task of hunting her down and bring her to justice. Around this same time, Sing had just accepted to contracts. The first being the assassination of the senator Tikkes. The other being the assassination of her former mentor the Dark Woman. Although she would have done the latter for free, she felt in would be fun to get paid for it.

Recent Activity

She found both of her targets of the Jungle world of Kamdon. The Dark Woman was acting as a body guard for the senator. Her JedI Hunters had been waiting here as well, She did not shy away from the battle, even though it was four JedI vs. one Bounty Hunter. She did fairly well but did not manage to take any lives that day. She was defeated by A’Sharad. She managed to flee and live to fight another day. Her bounty hunting career continued, although over the years her name and profile faded. Perhaps this is because she wanted it too. Being forgotten lets her work undetected. And rumors abound every time a high profile person dies, that it was the work of a vampire. She was however thought to be identified in a vehicular demolition tournament recently and it appears that she may still be an active assassin.


Though Aurra has widely spurned developing personal relationships, she has developed working relationships and a level of respect with Cad Bane, Bossk, Dengar, and IG-88. Her most notable relationship is with Boba Fett however, Aurra has an almost maternal connection with Boba and continued his training after Jango's death. Aurra feels a strong connection to Boba, viewing him as a kindred spirit as both of their lives were destroyed by the Jedi in her mind.

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