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Freeza as he first appeared

Freeza is a tyrannical warlord who enslaved the Saiyan race to capture planets for him to sell. Freeza was concerned of an old Saiyan legend, the legend of the Super Saiyan. He saw that a group of low level Saiyans lead by Son Goku's father Bardock was completing their missions far more quickly than any of the elite Saiyan warriors and with less trouble. Freeza concluded that at this rate Bardock's team of low level soldiers would become super Saiyans in no time, therefore he decided to exterminate the Saiyan race by blowing up the planet Vegeta.

Frieza tricks Bardock's team and and sends Dodoria and his team of elite fighters to kill every member of the team although Bardock was in a rejuvenation tank at the time. The moment Bardock arrived on the planet Meat, he was infuriated when he found his best friend Tora lying on the ground dying along with everyone else dead. Bardock took on Dodoria's elite team and beats them only taking a few punches from them but Dodoria was too much for him. Dodoria left him to die, but Bardock was able to escape.

When Bardock got back to planet Vegeta, he warned the others of what was to come, but no one believed him. Therefore Bardock went off to challenge Frieza without recovering from the massive damage he had recieved from Dodorias attack. Bardock was easily defeated when Frieza summoned enough energy to form his Death Ball by his finger alone which destroyed the planet Vegeta along with the entire Saiyan race.

Namek and the Dragon Balls

Freeza had learned about the Dragon Balls from Vegeta's scouter. Frieza was collecting the Dragon Balls for one purpose, to receive Immortality so that he could rule the universe for eternity expanding his empire. The competition was fierce between Freeza, Vegeta, and the Z-fighters.

Freeza had no problem collecting all seven Dragon Balls once the Ginyu Force had arrived, but could not get them to work because they needed a password that had to be spoken in Namekian. Gohan and Krillin sneak outside to make their wishes without waking Vegeta up, but Vegeta arrives right before they can make their last. Gohan and Krillin manage to wish Piccolo back, and for him to be brought to the planet Namek. Vegeta manages to persuade Krillin to get Dende to make Vegeta's wish which was Immortality, but then the Great Elder dies and as his life force is tied to the Dragon Balls, the balls became useless.

Frieza arrives, and becomes extremely mad, attacking Vegeta who has grown equal in power to Freeza's first form. Vegeta then manages to talk Frieza into transforming since he learned about Frieza's ability to transform from Zarbon, Frieza's right hand henchmen. After Freeza transforms, he toys with the Z Warriors. Frieza ends up stabbing Krillin with his horns and then tosses him aside like a piece of trash being thrown away into the water.

After that Frieza tastes Gohan's powerful energy blasts, but in the end it had not affect whatsoever. After Frieza gets up after all of Gohans powerful blasts, he me says "hey kid I admit your power does surprise me, but try to get it through your head you're far from being my equal." Frieza then toys with Gohan, by crushing his head under his foot. Everything seemed hopeless until Piccolo, who fused with Nail, arrives.

Frieza and Piccolo fight and it seemed that Piccolo had the advantage at the time, but it ended up that Frieza was not even trying, Frieza then decides to transform again. Frieza's new form was extremely powerful and made him look like a monster. Frieza easilly outclasses Piccolo in strength and speed, and beats Piccolo by blasting him constantly. If it wasn't for Gohan Piccolo would have died from Frieza's fury. Freeza then transforms into his final form, while Vegeta raises his power level in an "unconventional" way by having Kuririn shoot him with a Ki blast and Dende heal him, knowing that Saiyans grow stronger after near-death experiences.

Freeza's true face

Vegeta attacks Freeza, but soon realizes he is no match for Frieza who is not even using 1% of his real power. When Goku arrives at the battlefield, Frieza was just about to finish Vegeta. Once Vegeta notices Gokus arrival, he tells Goku everything. This included Frieza taking Vegeta away from his father when he was just a little boy and forcing him to do everything that Frieza wanted, and if he didn't Frieza threatened to kill his father. Vegeta tells Goku he did everything Frieza had asked but Frieza killed his father anyway along with everyone else including the entire planet.

Goku also had trouble fighting Frieza who was only using 1% of his real power, this in turn causes Goku to believe that Frieza really is the most powerful being in the Universe and that he doesn't have a chance. After taking a huge beating from Frieza, Goku could barely manage to stand up. Goku had no choice but to use the Spirit Bomb which was his last trump card. When Goku was drawing the energy for the Spirit Bomb, he was absorbing the energy from the entire planet along with the entire solar system. Piccolo realizing that Frieza could find out about Goku's attack any time now asked Gohan and Krillin for their energy so he could by some more time for Goku's attack. Once Frieza realizes that their was an enormous ball of energy in the sky, which he thought was the sun, He begins to use finishing attack which he calls his Death Beam to finish off Goku, but Piccolo manages to save him just in time. After Frieza takes a blow from Piccolo, Frieza almost kills Piccolo but then Gohan and Krillen intervene with two energy waves. Frieza then summons his Death Ball which can easily wipe out the entire planet.

Then Goku realizes that the Spirit Bomb is complete and uses it on Frieza. Frieza feels the Spirit Bomb and tries to control it, but it was too powerful to be controlled. After Goku's attack, Gohan, Krillin, Goku, and Piccolo assumed Frieza was dead because no one has ever survived the Spirit Bomb before. The Z Warriors begin to celebrate, but their celebration was cut short after Krillin first realizes that Frieza was still alive and eager for revenge. An infuriated uses his finishing attack on Goku, but Piccolo intervenes and knocks Goku down and saves his life by sacrificing himself. Piccolo wasn't dead but was dying. Frieza then uses his telekinetic powers to lift Krillin up into the air, and then blows him up from the inside. As a result of Piccolo's near death, and the death of his best friend Krillin, Goku transforms into the legendary Super Saiyan.

Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, and after a lengthy battle, ends up obliterating Freeza. Freeza is left to die as Namek blows up, but Freeza survives even this.

Trunks Saga

Frieza's Death

His father, King Cold, finds him floating in space and has his men gather him up, and attach cyber-prosthetics which raise his power level. King Cold and Freeza then travel to Earth to take revenge on Goku. Upon arriving, Freeza commands his army to find and kill Goku's friends to anger Goku when he arrives on Earth. They are stopped when Trunks arrives and takes them all out. Trunks then has a short fight with Freeza, ending when Trunks cuts Freeza in two down the middle. Trunks then continues to battle Freeza's father, King Cold and kills him too.

Powers and Abilities


Freeza was at one time thought to be the most powerful fighter in the universe. This may be his own promotion since his father King Cold and his brother Cooler are noted to be more powerful. Freeza's unnamed race has the natural ability to change their form to conform and conserve their power level. Freeza has telepathy though cannot focus on characters energy signatures so he most keep them in eye sight or risk losing tack of them. After a prolonged battle Freeza can lock his senses onto a person and know there given position at anytime. Freeza's mental power also extends to telekinesis allowing him to throw boulders at his opponents or blast them back with psychic energy. Freeza in his final form can extend his tail great distances and retract it at will, his tail is articulate enough to strangle his opponent and powerful enough to be substituted for a kick or punch. Freeza's body is extrordinarly durable and can survive massive punishment as well as survive in the vacuum of space. Freeza was heavily injured though lived through the Planet Namek exploding while he was on it even though he has lost his legs, tail, and an arm during his battle with Goku.



Berserker Strength 4000 toner


Blast Power

Density Control

Energy Shield

Energy-Enhanced Strike


Force Field

Heat Vision

Ice ControlI

mplantsInsanely Rich

Intellect Very Inteligent

Invulnerability can handle lot of danger

Leadership lead a great army

Levitation can hover in the air

Light Projection can shoot energy projection

Radar Sense, Can sense other people

Shape Shifter can transform into more powerful forms

Stamina can fight for awhile

Super Speed Faster the Light

Super Strength. In Base Form was 110 tons, Second form 200 tons,3rd form 400 tons,4th form 3000 tons, Mecha form 3000 tons,god form 2000000 tons.


Unarmed Combat

Wind Bursts


Crazy Finger Beam - One of Freeza's more malicious move, where he repeatedly fires small finger blasts at his opponent very quickly. The balsts are not very powerful, but the speed at which they hit and the great number of them cause a high amount of damage.

Death Ball - One of Freeza's signature attacks, He forms a small yellow ball from the tip of his index finger which quickly grows in size to dwarf even his personal space ship. This is the attack he used to destroy both Planet Vegeta and Planet Namek.

Death Beam - Freeza's most used attack, a purple beam fired from his index finger. The attacks is quick and precise allowing Freeza to control his energy output. While quick the move is deadly and able to pierce armor and skin easily.

Death Cannon - Larger variant of the Death Beam, the Death Cannon is fired from both palms and is reminiscent of the Kamehameha Wave.

Death Wave - Freeza fires a thing beam from his two fingers that is designed to cut a target in half.

Hell Bazooka - A move used in conjunction with Cell. They emit yellow energy from there bodies which incase an opponent allowing them to drag them to the deepest parts of hell.

Flaming Cannon - Freeza is able to shoot a large column of flame at his opponent.

Eye Laser - A simple and precise attack that is often used to nullify bigger attacks or to attack an opponent quickly.

Homing Death Saucer - Freeza's variant of the destructo disk that can be directed mentally around the battlefield. Freeza can command at least two at a time though he is not immune to them himself.

Imprisonment Light-Ball - A special attack used for torture where Freeza imprisons his target inside a sphere of yellow energy and then can proceed to beat them mercilessly. When the sphere touches anything that is not Freeza it will explode killing whoever is inside of it.

Nova Strike - Freeza surrounds himself in a purple energy sphere and rams himself into his opponent to cause damage.

Telekinesis - Freeza is able to move objects around with his mind. He usually will throw things around the battlefield against his opponent.

Transformation - Freeza can go through a series of transformations to unlock his ultimate power.

Techniques and weapons

Death techniques

  • Death Beam - shoots a beam of piercing energy
    • Death Beam Blast - a variant of the Death Beam which only has the strength of a ki blast
      • Rush Blast - a rapid fire version of the Death Beam Blast.
    • Barrage Death Beam - weaker rapid fire blasts
    • Double Death Beam - Death Beam charged with two fingers, 2x stronger.
    • Chaotic Dead End - shoots the opponent with a large Death Beam and that creates an explosion.
    • Full Power Death Beam - a charged versions of the Death Beam which has as much force as an energy wave.
  • Death Ball - a powerful ball of energy
    • Black Hole Death Ball - a larger planet destroying variant
    • Orange Death Ball - a larger orange variant which is more explosive
    • Barrage Death Ball - Freeza rapid fires smaller orange Death Balls.
    • Destroy The Planet! - a technique which destroys a planet after 5 minutes
    • 100% Death Ball - a massive powerful Death Ball
    • Supernova - one of Freeza's strongest techniques, a massive fiery ball of energy
    • Ultimate Death Ball - Freeza's equivalent to the Genki Dama. It is a massive black energy ball with a blue core and is charged with both hands palms outward and then thrown.
  • Death Cannon - a massive beam of red energy
    • 100% Death Cannon - a full power Death Cannon.
    • Ultimate Death Cannon - Frieza's strongest energy wave, it is massive and fired with one hand
  • Tsuibi Kienzan - a powerful energy blade which can cut through anything, it follows its opponent
    • Kienzan - same as Tsuibi Kienzan but dissipates after a short time and does not home in.
  • Death Wave - a blade of energy created with two fingers and fired
    • Freeza Invisible Blast - invisible variant
  • Death Blaster - a powerful energy blast used by Freeza
  • Death Storm - an explosion the size of a small island
  • Death Break - a powerful combo of punches and kicks followed by slamming the enemy to the ground
  • Death Comet - massive energy bombs fired from everywhere on his body.
  • Death Junk - shoots energy blasts into different formations, which then move to hit the opponent in groups of two.

Energy Blasts

  • Ki Blast - a basic energy ball/beam
    • Rush Blast - a rapid fire version of the ki blast.
    • Charge Blast - a purple homing ball of energy.
  • Full-Power Energy Wave - a beam of energy.
  • Kosengan - a powerful eye blast that is projected from both eyes
    • Floating Attack - Kosengan used while flying.
  • Invisible Kosengan - invisible ki blast shot from eyes
  • Bang Beam - Freeza shapes his hand like a gun and fires an energy bullet
  • Iki Wo Hakifuki Tobasu- an energy swirl that Freeza blows from his mouth
  • Punishing Blaster - a full-power energy ball that is then converted into an energy wave
  • Punishing Counter - an incredibly fast wave of energy
  • Killer Ball - a rapid fire ball attack
  • Crazy Finger Beam - rapid fire weak bursts of energy
  • Kiai - an attack that pushes the opponent away
    • "Shock Wave" - a more powerful kiai that blasts an opponent across a much larger distance
  • Kitenai Hanabi - an invisible explosion that causes the user to explode like fireworks
    • "Ikashite wa Kaesanzo" - same as Kitanai Hanabi, but opponents are held with telekinesis.
  • Flaming Cannon - Freeza fires a huge blast of fire from his left hand which burns the opponent
    • Continuous Flaming Cannon - Freeza rapid fires Flaming Cannons, making a massive flame
  • Fly Away - fires a large purple energy wave which also cause him to fly backwards
  • Nightmare Blast - from above the opponent, Mecha Freeza blasts energy blasts into formations which then hit the opponent.
  • Explosive Wave - an explosion of energy released from the body
    • Super Explosive Wave - a massive explosion of energy released from the body
  • Round Dash - circles the opponent while flying energy blasts
  • Full Power Energy Wave - an energy wave
  • Full Power Energy Ball - an energy ball used to detonate the Supernova

Physical Attacks

  • Super Strength - Piccolo states that Freeza could destroy Planet Namek with "just his physical strength" in final form.
  • Rapid Kick - Freeza rapidly kicks the opponent at high speeds
  • Punishing Rush - a high speed rush used to beat enemies down
  • Bakusaiken - a powerful uppercut
  • High Speed Rush - Freeza attacks the opponent with multiple punches and kicks before charging up his energy and flying after them, delivering more attacks before punching them far away, and charging again to finish with a powerful attack which differs with each form.
    • 1st/2nd/True/Fifth Form - finishes with heavy combo, followed by Crazy Finger Beams, and then a Full Power Death Beam.
    • 2nd Form - finishes with Crazy Finger Beam
    • 100% Full Power - uses a kiai, followed by a Death Ball which is the enlarged to a 100% Death Ball.
  • HAIL Freeza - an attack where Freeza impales an enemy on his horn then throws them and fires a Punishing Blaster at them
  • "It's Just Getting Exciting!" - knees the opponent in the stomach, kicks them into the air, finishes by punching opponent down to the ground.
  • "You Thought That Was It?" - punches the opponent across the face, the elbows them in the face, finishes by punching them into the ground.
  • 50% Power rush - powers up to 50&% and beats the enemy
  • Nova Strike - surrounds himself with energy and flies into the enemy
  • Tail Attack - attacks the enemy with his tail, which can extend at an almost limitless distance
  • Tail Hold - grabs the opponent with his tail, generally around their throat
  • Ruthless Blow - impales the opponent in the spine with his right hand
  • Freeza Head Smash - teleports behind the opponent and digs his hand into/through their back
  • Freeza Throw - Freeza hits the opponent twice with his tail before slamming it on to them, sending them flying
    • 2nd Form - Freeza hits the opponent with two heavy punches cauding them to go flying
    • 3rd Form - Freeza rapidly hits the opponent before smashing them away with a heavy punch
  • Pursuit Attack - smashes the opponent away, then dashes/teleports after them. Repeats until tired or opponent escapes.
  • Driving Palm Strike - smashes the opponents solar plexus with his palm
  • Hug Maneuver - grabs the opponent from behind in a bear hug
  • Leg Drill - blocks the opponents punch/kick with a leg strike
  • Featherlight Touch - Freeza touches the opponent with his ring finger, discharging minimal energy. Used to kill weak opponents.
  • Driving Leg Thurst - Freeza kicks the opponent in the stomach from beneath.
  • Tail Whip - catches and throws the opponent with his tail
  • Tail Smash - hits the opponent with tail
  • Kick Combo - puts hands behind his back and rapidly kicks opponent
  • Sly Downward Hit - uses a diving attack and then hits the opponent with his tail
  • Freeza Nightmare - kicks the opponent into the air, the kicks and punches them down again, finishes by kicking his opponent's back while they are down
  • Evil Dance - rapidly attacks the opponent and then kiais them away


  • Flight - can fly at the speed of sound
    • Quick Flight - increase flying power by surrounding self with energy, also stops basic ki blasts from hitting him.
    • Super Dash - maximum speed, hitting an opponent at this speed stuns them.
    • Super Rising - charge energy quickly to fly upwards at high speeds.
  • Ki Charge - charges up ki to replenish energy.
  • Teleportation - can teleport short distances
  • Instant Transmission - Freeza can lock on to energy signatures and teleport to them.
  • Transformation - able to transform up or down
    • Quick Transformation - quickly transforms from first to true form
  • Telekinesis - Freeza can grab and throw objects/beings with his mind
    • Psycho Beam - shoots a telekinetic beam at his opponent
    • Psycho Blast - lifts and throws rock, or a mountain, at his opponent
    • Choeki Ball - creates an inescapable energy ball made up of ki energy. The ball explodes when it hits any solid other than its creator and the one trapped inside.
    • Mind Lock-On - since Freeza can not sense ki, he instead locks on to his opponents mind, allowing him to read their position.
  • Raging Soul - Freeza gains a fiery purple aura and his power and speed peak.
  • Psycho Barrier - an energy shield which has sparks of electricity around it.
  • 50% Power - increases to 50%
  • Power Up - increases power
  • Sonic Warp - created an afterimage which blurs after being hit.
  • Pump Up - enlarges self slightly by growing a few inches.
  • Finish Sign - makes a sign that he is going to finish his opponent to boost his moral.
  • Hi-Tension - begins to fight at a greater power
  • Full Power - increases his power to be able to use stronger attacks
  • Long awaited-for 100% - used at 100% to boost him beyond his limit
  • Irritation Grows - Freeza's anger increases slightly, slightly powering him up
  • Powering Rage - Freeza holds his hand forward with his palm open to stop an energy wave
  • Alien Anger! - Freeza's anger increases, powering him up
  • Force Positioning - Freeza stands perfectly still and focuses on defense in order to withstand physical attacks.
  • Survival - Freeza can survive almost any injury. An example being that he survived being cut in half, blasted by and incredibly powerful attack, falling directly into the planet's core, and then surviving the explosion of the planet.
  • Breathing - Freeza is able to breath in any environment, even underwater or in space.
  • Immortality - used in several what-if scenarios, Freeza cannot die and heals/regenerates any injuries.

Team Attacks

  • Gattai Kosen (w/ Cooler, Tullece, and Lord Slug) - Freeza, Cooler, and Tullece slam their opponents against a wall while Slug is charging an energy wave. Freeza, Cooler, and Tullece charge their energy waves and the four then fire them at the opponent.
  • Gattai Kosen (w/ Cell) - Freeza charges up a Full Power Death Beam and Cell charges a full power energy wave. The two then combine the blasts together and fire it at the opponent.
  • Blind Meteor (w/ Dodoria and Zarbon) - Dodoria and Zarbon fire energy waves at the opponent. Freeza then uses a high speed rush against the opponent before trapping the enemy in a purple imprisonment ball and shooting them at the ground.
  • Cracker Formation (w/ Captain Ginyu) - Ginyu smashes the opponent towards Freeza, who hits them with a Nova Strike.
  • Ghost King (w/ King Cold) - Mecha Freeza uses the Barrage Death Beam and the blasts the opponent to the right, where King Cold comes in and smashes the opponent into the ground.
  • Cold Family Power (w/ King Cold) - King Cold punches the opponent into the air, Mecha Freeza dashes at the opponent and headbutts them, Cold kicks the opponent away and Freeza backflip kicks the opponent onto the ground, Freeza the kicks the opponent again just as King Cold uses his Dirty Slash and then fires a Death Cannon.
  • Freeze Storm (w/ Cooler) - Mecha Freeza begins to charge energy with one hand, Cooler then joins him. The two the fire the energy blizzard at the opponent.
  • Hell Bazooka (w/ Cell) - Freeza and Cell focus causing their eyes to go pure yellow, they trap the opponent inside a yellow ball which stops them from using ki and then they shove their hands down, turning the ball into a shaft which their opponent falls down.
  • Hell's Buster (w/ Cell) - Freeza and Cell use the Hell Bazooka, and as the opponent is on the ground fire a Death Ball and Super Kamehameha attack.
  • Absolute Evil (w/ Cell) - Freeza and Cell rapidly attack the opponent and then fire Barrage Death Beams at the downed opponent, they then finish with a large energy sphere.
  • Absolute Evil (w/ Cell and Boo) - Freeza charges an energy sphere as Cell and Boo rapidly attack the opponent, Freeza then fires the energy sphere at the downed opponent, and Cell and Boo add their energy to it.

Form Exclusive

  • Rocket Launcher (cyborg form) - can fire high power missiles
    • Crack Bomb - can fire multiple explosives and mines
  • Warp Whip (cyborg form) - Cyborg Freeza uses his spiked tail to throw the enemy
  • Regeneration (ghost warrior form) - can regenerate by turning into Destron Gas an reforming
  • Immortality (what-if scenario only) - cannot die and all injuries heal almost immediately

Power Level

Freeza's power level in first form is 530,000, in second from he has 1,060,000, in third he has 2,120,000. When he changes to true form his power jumps to 12,000,000 (at 10%) and 120,000,000 at full power. In his video game-only Super Evolution, his power rises greatly.

When Freeza is revived and trains for four months his first form becomes so powerful than not even Ultimate Gohan (as Super Saiyan) is said to be any match for him. In his final form he possess enough power to fight someone with the power of a Super Saiyan God, and upon taking on his Ultimate Evolution: Golden Freeza he is able to completely outmatch a Super Saiyan God SS without even boethring to fight seriously or use his full power, making Freeza (at 100% power) at least very close to Beerus' power.

Other media

In Fusion Reborn, Freeza is shown leading many villains out of hell, including Bojack, meaning that he had grown to become similar in power to a Super Saiyan 2.

Freeza's power appears to have increased drastically in Dragon Ball GT, as he is able to fight evenly with Goku (in base form) who had become more powerful than Majin Boo. Dragon Ball Z: Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha states that Freeza (at 10%) had a power level of 143,994,141. This means that at full power he would have a power level of 1,439,941,410.

In the opening of Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Freeza at max power is shown to be able to easily outmatch Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta. In the opening of Ultimate Tenkaichi and also in one of the promos for Dragon Ball Heroes, Frieza is able to match Super Saiyan Goku using only 10% of his power.

Freeza's power appears to have greatly improved by the time of Shin Budokai - Another Road, as, at 100% power he is able to fight and kill Broly (who in the game has power on par with Super Saiyan 3 Goku). Cooler and Cell were also subservient to him in this game, meaning he was stronger than both of them. He also defeated Super Saiyan Gotenks, and Paikuhan stated that his power was greater than Broly, Cooler, and Cell - making it over 1,400,000,000 (going by Broly's official power level).

List of characters killed by Freeza

  • King Vegeta - killed by Freeza with a Bakusaiken during the Genocide of the Saiyans
  • King Vegeta's Elites - killed by Freeza with Kosengan during the Genocide of the Saiyans
  • Bardock - killed by Freeza's Supernova during the Genocide of the Saiyans. After death, he was sent back in time.
  • Multiple Freeza soldiers - killed by Freeza's Supernova during the Genocide of the Saiyans.
  • Most of the Saiyans - killed when Freeza's Supernova destroyed Planet Vegeta during the Genocide of the Saiyans.
  • Many Namekians - killed by Freeza during the Battle of Namek.
  • Cargo - killed by Freeza with a ki blast during the Battle of Namek.
  • Namekian warriors - killed by Freeza with an Iki no Hakifuki Tobasu during the Battle of Namek.
  • Orlen - killed by Freeza with Kosengan during the Battle of Namek.
  • Namole - killed by Freeza with a full-power energy wave during the Battle of Namek.
  • Dende - killed by Freeza with a Death Beam during the Battle of Namek.
  • Vegeta - killed by Freeza with a Death Beam during the Battle of Namek.
  • Kuririn - killed by Freeza with an Ikashite wa Kaesanzo during the Battle of Namek.


First form

Second form

Third form

Final form

100% Power

Mecha frieza

Ultimate evolution

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