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Posted by Flicker

Woah. Almost 3 hours... I approve!

Posted by drowzyburro


Posted by G-Man

@flicker: That's what happens when Mat records the podcast. I don't see how long we've been recording and we tend to go longer. We also started closer to 'on time' today.

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Posted by inferiorego

I was too busy trying to grab drumsticks and checking my house for murderers to pay attention to the time

Posted by G-Man

@inferiorego: and falling over and being scared of vampires.

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Posted by Orpheus_Knightfall

Speaking as a registered child, you guys nicker like children. I mean that in the best possible way. :)

Posted by Orpheus_Knightfall

Oh, and because you guys did podcast notes last time, could you guys do one of those each episode with when the questions start or the news or other stuff. Would also allow you to go onto spoilers and tell when they start and end. I know it would mean more work, but people would appreciate it.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh