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Big news this week get hyped!

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Let the weekend begin....

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Yep there were a lot of big news this week.


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I hope Ororo Munroe aka Storm will have a major role and survives. :)

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What bugs me is Marvel is saying this isn't a reboot, even though it seems like it is. What bugs me even more is they say they're fusing both universes, and only one version of each character will survive, so either their memories and history will be altered and it will be a reboot (which I'm fine with), or they keep all the history of characters from multiple universes and it becomes even more confusing, which would please old fans, but they'd fail in the new reader department (seriously, even I don't want to follow that).

I honestly don't understand the fear of a reboot. People say "well now the comic doesn't matter" which makes no sense, because the comic still exists, it can still be read and enjoyed, who cares if it's not in continuity? I love the Injustice series and that's not in continuity. Marvels and New Frontier are my all time favorite comics and they aren't part of something bigger. Comics are about great characters and great stories, not about obsessing over continuity. I can defiantly say I wouldn't be here today to enjoy and love these characters if DC didn't reboot.

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All it would take for Arrow/Flash to be in the same universe as Constantine is just a little nod some thing along the lines of a mention of a cult that has healing powers in the south or something similar. They don't actually have to crossover like Arrow and Flash when was the last time Constantine teamed up with ether of them in the comics?

For Supergirl Iris could go investigate the new "Alien" and have a bit of a crossover there.

But for Supergirl it would make sense for the Crossover to be more direct as everyone would be extremely concerned with an invulnerable Super powered Alien flying around as opposed to a con man who may or may not have magic powers.

The leads of the show only need to get together for something truly special we don't need it every year otherwise it will start to lose it's allure.

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@captainmarvel4ever: They have already said nothing in the past will be changed, so it's not a reboot unless they are lying. I get what your saying about a reboot being new reader friendly, because I only read one or two DC titles at any given time I can say I loved the DC reboot. I was picking up more DC titles then I ever had before. But as someone who has been reading Marvel for almost 30 years, I would HATE a New 52 style hard reboot. I can't help it, the idea of it infuriates me lol.

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@illmatic4177: Yeah but can you really say your looking forward to a Marvel universe where one person living on earth could be from 616 and another could be from 1610? not only does that sound like it's going to be confusing and hard to write, but even if it's not a reboot it's clear that's just not going to be the same Marvel universe.

Now if it's only like 12 characters from the Ultimate universe that would be fine, but then you have to wonder what was the point of making such a big deal out of things.

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On the people pirating comics thing, I don't think it's a sense of entitlement, it's part of my generation (not that I'm saying I steal comics, I want to support the industry and my local store). What I mean by that is a lot of comic readers grew up during the anime/manga boom, where anime was this huge thing that exploded and was part of many peoples lives, spawning the next generation of nerds to be otaku. When you're growing up with anime you go online and learn that you can find out what's going to happen in the series by reading the manga, and the manga usually wasn't available to the average person (and if it was it was heavily censored/localized), so you would read it online on sites where nerds translate it and make it available. So if you suddenly decide to start reading American comics, you follow you're instinct and try to find it online because that's what you've raised yourself to do. I did the same thing, but American comics are hard to find free inline (I actually thought you couldn't get them at all) and since me reading comics was part of me turning over a new leaf I decided I'd buy it like a normal person, and I'm glad I do it feels good supporting the industry. However as I've found there are plenty of easy to access free sites and I'm sure that as more and more of those otaku get into comics they will use those sties just like the billions of other free sites. Part of me hates it, but part of me also wonders if that could be a good thing since not everyone can afford comics, and by getting them online free they could be potential buyers in the future.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, if you want some DC books to talk about read Supergirl and Justice League Dark because both have been really good and I wish more people knew.

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@captainmarvel4ever: I have a feeling the majority of 616 will still intact, and only select characters from other universe will be part of the new status quo. But if they did keep EVERYBODY, and had like three of every character running around, yes that would be absolutely horrible lmao. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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Maximus was in Inhuman 8 Frank McGee a NuHuman shot him, freeing Black Bolt. Black Bolt then talked into his hands, blew them off, then pushed him off a cliff. No conformation he died tho.

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On Black Widow and "The Zipper" I think it's less practical that she doesn't act somewhat more sexual in her spy book, and weird that she does keep her zipper down in the Avengers book. In the Avengers books she should be zipped up and protecting herself, while in a spy and espionage book she should be using her sexuality, that's part of being a female agent. I feel like that makes things better because it's not her being sexual for the sake of being sexual, it's actually being put to use and it's less objectifying. However when she's sexual in the books where it makes no\ sense, and she's not sexual in a book she could be using that to her advantage in it just ends up feeling weird and pointless. As for Phil Noto's art, I'm not a fan of how he draws faces.

I also agree with what you guys said about Justice League

As for Cyborg his solo mini series was really good (I also made a recommended reading list for him on his Comic Vine page)

Lastly the Full House stuff was hilarious :)

(this is why I don't listen to the podcasts regularly, I take up way too much space).

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@illmatic4177: Same here hopefully it all works out. I'm also hoping Convergence will not change DC's continuity since they are finally in a place where the continuity is well kept, and because that would defiantly stop new readers from getting into DC. So just like Marvel what ever it is they do i hope it's good and not too complicated.

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@batarangbamz: That's what I was hinting at. It was pretty epic what happened to him. I just wasn't 100% sure he didn't somehow get better somewhere or in the 'future' taking place in the Avengers book.

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Big news this week get hyped!


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@g_man You were right, there is another movie coming out in 2015! It's only a small indie film though...you may not have heard of it...

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@wardishy: Isn´t that the Star Trek clone?

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Listening to what Bendis had to say about Secret Wars and "All New Marvel" on Seth Meyers is the biggest reason I am convinced that this is a reboot. Have they legitimately said "This isn't a reboot" because I haven't seen anything where they did? I just think they are trying to avoid that specific word because fans have such a massively negative reaction to it. I am a bigger fan of DC and I always have been so the prospect of a Marvel reboot doesn't really bother me. Certain characters REALLY need a fresh start. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, for instance, have such a convoluted history that it's hard for even hardcore X-Men fans to really explain it. Wolverine's history is pretty muddled and nonsensical ever since they started telling stories about every little thing in his past. I think this "totally not a reboot" will end up being less extreme than the New 52 reboot but it is still, at it's heart, a reboot.

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@syncig: They stated in the press conference that they were not changing the past, that they never felt their past was broken so they didn't need to fix it. They said this event would just change things going forward, so I don't feel like this is a reboot. And I have never seen Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's history as convoluted, until Axis anyways lol. Even so, my money is on there being a new earth after this populated by most of 616, with hand picked choice characters from other realities. I could be wrong, but I think Marvel knows how outraged their fans would be if they did a full on New 52 style reboot.

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@illmatic4177: I still think that everything I have heard Bendis say, it sounds like a reboot. As I said, not to the level of the New 52, but a reboot nonetheless. In an attempt to be new reader friendly I kind of expect that even though things from the past may not change, they won't be referencing them at all. It'll be very interesting to see what happens though. It'll be a very crazy time for the big two with Convergence and Secret Wars. DiDio said that they are "leaving all doors open" and they want to "bridge the gap between different generations of fans" so both companies have a somewhat nebulous sounding event coming that may or may not act as a soft reboot.

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Yay Twin Peak Talk! Take that Matt

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really @g_man ? I'm so surprised you arent liking the new Moon Knight arc. THis has been my favorite so far. and my favorite issue yet.


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...I have NO idea what's going on.

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@captainmarvel4ever: like I (thatblackguy) have said to you many times: it's not a reboot, per se. The history is just being merged of all the histories. But it's STILL THERE