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Posted by Orpheus_Knightfall

Does the Podcast mean we get to call Corey "Dick"?

Posted by TheFizz

It sounds as though Corey is a little burned out on the superheroes movies right now. Which is totally understandable. Sometimes it's wave after wave of content and it's easy to lose some enthusiasm for these projects, especially when some of the results are less than stellar.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I think SPoilers should be last


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I got that Liquid Snake reference Cory

Posted by JewishDork

Great pod cast. Love the spoilers. Wanted spoilers for Black Widow. You spoke about how awesome scenes from Natasha's comic were and then don't spoil it. In WWE, what do you guys think about Stephen Amell's feud with Gold Star.

Posted by G-Man

@jewishdork: there wasn't a whole lot in BW to spoil. We touched on the heavy scene towards the end.

Posted by JewishDork
Posted by D9000