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Right after Tony said the podcast would be shorter because of Mat, I accidentally sped the podcast up and thought Tony was speeding up the intro song on pupose.

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@g_man you're thinking of Imperium not Divinity with the guy urinating.

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Thanks for making the podcast late Mat, my question didn't get answered because of it! Hm!

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Aw yeah Battle Angel Alita! Props Mat.

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I just finished my master training with Piccolo on Dragonball Xenoverse

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woooooooooooo podcast


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@bigl: He should be able to dodge.

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I think the reason no one is getting these X-Men solo books is besides Cyclops which is the only good one they all suck and aren't even solo titles. Every issue of Nightcrawler and Storm had them teaming up with the X-Men to take on some random bad guy related to mutants instead of being like a real solo book and making up a new unique cast for a solo book career. They should just re-name the two books Storm and the X-Men and Nightcrawler and the X-Men at this point. Though they got canceled so oh well.

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wierd that the batgirl cover news wasn't talked in the podcast

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@bigl: He should be able to dodge.

"Why... didn't… you... DOOOOOOOOODGE?!?!?!"

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How is the character creation in dragon ball xenoverse? Is it worth buying the games just for that?

Also, Dragon Ball Evolution = Crap. Couldn't agree more

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Also, @undeadpool when you say "I vacillated so hard..." it sounds super wrong.

Also, I would love to see a western comic adaptation of The Guyver. I loved the live action movies which I think we American, and I think it'd fit in really well in Marvel.

Also, I LOVED Area 51. I owned that game for PS1 and beat it a million times! Totally worth the investment.