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It's that time of the week everyone : )

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WOOOOOOOOOo new 2 and a half hour podcasts 5 weeks in a row!

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As always, a fantastic time:D thanks for keeping up the great pods, gentlemen:)

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I don't get it you say that people are very possessive of their favorite characters and hate all the complaining like what they did with Wally. Yet as soon as they change one of your favorite characters you start complaining about it.

And as far as the selfless go there just fun variants there not meant to be taken seriously.

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@timelord: Nightwing has been the whipping boy of the new 52. He's been tied up in other character's stories and by the time he got a run on his own it was canceled. If any one could transition over to a covert op character, Nightwing should be able to do it. However the problem isn't the changes they made to the character. It's the mixture of super powers and espionage I didn't like. That's my problem with the book.

As for selfie covers, I also enjoy the hell out of them. Fun is fun.

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@timelord: also, I haven't slept Mich this week, so I've been really cranky.

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@inferiorego: That makes more sense and sleep is for the week!

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@timelord: Nightwing has been the whipping boy of the new 52.

I think that is probably one of, if not the only thing, everyone about the New 52 can agree on. It's been painful to be a Nightwing/Dick Grayson fan. His fall from grace has been a long one. Sucks he is pretty much left out of all the big Batman 75th Anniversary stuff too.

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I like how the hosts make fun of the DC adds and 10 seconds later... Tony: Matt you gotta be open to Dick. :) Keep it classy guys.

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I vote for more of Mat singing. Hell of a voice.

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Also I think the Grayson book is a result of DC just now knowing what to do with the character in the reboot. Johns really didn't seem to have any plan when deciding to do what he did with him in Forever Evil. The constant changes in direction are probably a result of that. All of his former roles have been taken by Tim and Jason, so his character is kind of lost without his history. They can make him Nightwing and stick him in some city where he fights crime like Batman again, but then because the character doesn't have anything else the stories start to feel like like it is him being Batman-lite fighting less interesting villain with less strong creative teams. Not exactly exciting, but I really don't know what they could do with him to make the character like he was to be honest.

Also what I kind of don't get is that if Dick is pretending to be dead to just Babs and Alfred (all the JL should know he is alive given what happened in FE) doesn't the fact that Spyral know he is Dick Grayson and that Dick knows they know kind of make him pretending to be dead pointless? I mean the guy in the Spyral mask called him by his name. Though maybe they are just keeping him playing dead as an excuse to not involve him in Eternal.

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@captain_elburn: @papinacho: so much Dick on this sode

Also, I will never stop singing. Years of being a terrible punk rock singer finally paid off

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Oh, okay.

The beginning of Nightwing's run was tough, but I think it started getting good after the Court of Owls tie-ins and the book lost me when Dcik wen't to Chaigo.

I haven't been seeing the Channel 52 lately so I think DC already dropped it.

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@inferiorego: Never heard of sode so I Googled it. Urban Dictionary comes through again.

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@timelord: also, I haven't slept Mich this week, so I've been really cranky.

Oh my my my MICHELL.

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Really bummed you guys didn't talk about all the new comic books that have been announced like

Bucky Barnes: The WInter Soldier

Karion the Witch Boy

Gotham Academy

Arkham Manor

also @undeadpool Get Bopped Son!