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Matt's sexy voice for 2 and a half hours and no Corey and GMan?


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Mat and Josh? So now even though im WAY behind in my books, i have to listen?

Thanks Obama.

no wait.
Thanks Gay Marriage.

yup. using that one now.

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I'd love to see Josh take a stab on a new Punisher MAX series.

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No more review round up?! What happened?

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I buy Joshua Williamson's stuff already, but I am so glad that I am supporting what seems to be a good guy. I hate it when I enjoy a book and then find that one of the creators involved is a jerk-wad. It can ruin the book just as easily to me as bad writing.

Now yes, I realize people can have a bad day, and I don't hold a bad first impression against anyone, but when you see/meet someone three times and each time they act like a jack-hole, yeah it pretty much sums up their attitude and it carries over.

Thanks Josh, for letting me support you. HAhaha

Posted by Mezmero

This was a weird one. Just by virtue of having a writer it definitely felt more like an episode of Invincibly blahblahblah Stuffcast or as I like to call it "The Mighty Boochcast". Appreciate the work from Mat nonetheless though I wish the file wasn't a bajillion megabytes. Since wrestling was brought up, I went to the PWG on Friday night and it was fantastic. You're pretty much guaranteed to see a good to great show every time. Pro wrestling is like comic books and kung-fu movies.

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Lol, this did feel like ISMCBPOS. Maybe that's because Mr. Williamson does a great job of interviewing himself ;p

But this week we got news, comics, questions, an interview and an Endless Promo segment. That's 2 SWEET!

Glad to hear Mat's watching LU and ROH. If you watch a few matches you should be pretty convinced of both Brisco brothers' talent. Jay Brisco VS Jay Lethal at the Best In The World ppv last week was phenomenal!

I'm glad to have learned a new word, Royaled: to ruin something through spoilers.

And who is Justin Liger? You mean Jushin THUNDER Liger?? Phhhssss ;)

Nice after credits. Glad I stayed to listen.

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@mezmero said:

Appreciate the work from Mat nonetheless though I wish the file wasn't a bajillion megabytes.

Yeah, that's was the smallest I could get it without losing quality which this sode has a lot of problems with anyway. sorry

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This was hard. Thanks for trying.

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I liked it! Wrestling talk sucks, I'm sure you know this, but everything else was good, loved to hear about the writing process. Thanks!