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Darth Tony! Mad lips and all!

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yay early podcast!!!!!!

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My star wars name is Roggo Wohaa

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@g_man Bunn is only staying on Moon Knight for 5 issues. Marvel say that's going to be the plans moving forward so the next writer will only be 5/6 issues as well.

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@jonny_anonymous: I don't like that. But I'm not in charge at Marvel. I guess it'll be interesting to allow other writers and artists a chance. But I wonder how many readers will be willing to give each new team a chance rather than try to build a consistent readership. For example, if they get Write X and Artist Y next and someone really doesn't like one or both, they'll skip. Will they come back for the next team or add another series to that spot on their pull list. Of course I'll keep reading since I'm a sucker for Moon Knight.

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@g_man: Yeah on one hand it's a shame that we won't get a big long consistent runs like we did with Bendis on Daredevil or Fraction on Iron Fist but on the other hand for better or worse I think those types of runs are gone and I doubt we will get much more of them outside Spider\Batman. Also it is kinda cool having all these writers telling the stories they want to tell in the world Ellis set up.

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Oh, And I come out as Perta Banor

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Beware of Darth-Morrissey, the saddest sith ever........

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@g_man: Idk I think it's cool how they're switching up creative teams. It's like the bond films when they switch directors/actors; it's fun to see a new take, especially when it has been executed so well. It's unique to the industry in that way.

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Vican Vesou

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@mixmastamicah5: let's hope a certain artist that draws everyone smiling doesn't get assigned to the book someday.

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@g_man: haha yeah I wouldn't like that but I think the Marvel editors know what they're doing when they pair creative teams on a book. Chris Giarrusso is rumored to be the next artist :P

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Domge Rolon would be by Star Wars name apparently

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Sorry for the multiple posts, guys, I usually listen to the podcast in one sitting but things have been crazy here.

As for the out cry of THOR, which I don't share, I think a lot of anger would have been silenced if they would have just changed the title just a tad and called it the hammer of Thor. Of course having just typed that ... did Tony, Corey or Mat say that awhile back? Kinda remember that now, but ....

Well damn. :-D

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You brought up the point that Ghost Rider had never been an Avenger but wasn't there supposed to be a Supernatural Avengers team? Was that title dropped?

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@mrstryve: Are you thinking of the Midnight Sons?

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@mrstryve said:

You brought up the point that Ghost Rider had never been an Avenger but wasn't there supposed to be a Supernatural Avengers team? Was that title dropped?

That was just a Team Mojo made up for entertainment. There isn't really an official Avengers of the Supernatural.

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@feartheliving: Ah, thank you! That's the one I was thinking about although I'm still a bit disappointed that it wasn't a real thing.

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@mrstryve: Yeah the line-up was pretty cool I would kind of liked to see the team officially formed even if it's not an Avengers team.

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Geoff Johns has said in the past that none of the tv stuff will be tied to the movies. Different universes in the multiversity is the angle they are taking with it. Unless they are changing that stance then no, Krypton nor Titans will be connected to the movie universe.

As for the Krypton show, this is the type of thing that will lead to oversaturation of the "superhero" genre. No one wants a show focusing on Superman's grandfather. It is entirely unnecessary.

Titans, on the other hand, gets me super excited. Big Titans fan and I can't wait to see them on the screen. I really hope Raven is on the team. She, when written well, is my favorite Titan.

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Ugh, I don't like my Star Wars name. It's Dersp Stott. I'm gonna change it to Kevin McCallister, that's a super Star Warsy name. :p

Is there a new Fury Road trailer? I could have sworn I saw the first trailer several months ago. It was awesome and had lots of cars flipping so it sounds like the same one. There's something that would make a good comic. C'mon Boom, hurry up!

And I don't think I'll be watching the Krypton show. Unless its really good, which is still within the realm of possibility.