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Mat dog problems have become a running gag at this point.

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WOAH that's an awesome picture!!!!!!! Hawk-Man and Inferior-Owman gonna get it on and Nelsonpool gonna watch! COMICVINE AFTER DARK!!!

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Reguarding Salt Lake Comic Con. The comic book creators have their own page that is apart from the celebrities. It's off of the drop-down menu... :( I wish they made it more of big deal. Thank you guys for an awesome podcast!

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I might be the only one who LOVED Storm #2. I usually hate STORM but decided to pick up the second issue since I kinda liked #1. That was even the best comic I read this week by far.

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Best Battle in Pitch-Perfect Comic Sound Effects: Wilhelm Scream vs. Schroeder Exclamation. HA!

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Stay happy guys ;)