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A podcast...my three hour drive back to Albany will be fun. Thanks guys.

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@rob1157: you'll have to listen to it twice then. Unless you haven't listened to this week's Super Massive episode yet.

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No Korey No listen!!!!


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That is the plan...lol.

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@madeinbangladesh: I don't know who Korey is. We've never had a Korey on the show.

Damn i'm getting the two Korey/Corey confused with the one from Spill/Double Toasted.

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@g_man: Corran Horn had a dual-phase (extendable length) lightsaber, not Kyle Katarn. None of the games had dual-phase sabers, though it would have been cool.

In Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, Kyle Katarn wielded Qu Rahn's old green lightsaber, and eventually Yun's yellow saber, and in sequels he made his own blue one.

I gotta say, though, I've never heard anyone pronounce Jaina as "Jai-Ayna." I figure since her brother Jacen's name is clearly pronounced the same as "Jason" then hers would be pretty straightforward too, sounding like "Jane-ah" so that both twins have two-syllable names.

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I love reading all the impudent internet rage at the new lightsaber shown in the STAR WARS trailer. I think it looks rad. I love the way the energy just erupts out of it. Great for a Sith. This looks like a Crusader-style broad sword. Energy guards makes sense to me. Considering the only thing a lightsaber can't cut through is itself. What good is a guard that can be cut?

I also remember people complaining about Maul's double lightsaber, back in he day.

Another funny complaint I read. One person said they wont see it if the film starts with the Disney logo instead of the 20th Century Fox logo. Disney buying the rights is the only reason we have an opportunity for a great new movie.

I finished re-re-re-reading THE HOBBIT just last month. The reason the book version is so short is because it just summarizes many of the biggest events. Smaug's defeat is told through flashback, and the War of Five Armies is summed up in a paragraph or two. It just explains that Bilbo kills Bolg, gets knocked out, and wakes up after it's all over to discover Thorin is dying for some reason. The book also never explains what Gandalf is up to when he keeps showing up and leaving. I think the book explains it as, "- that's a story for another time."

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