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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

MAtsue Storm & TonyDoom 4ever


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Posted by D9000

Oh my GAWD! I see comic vine is jumping on the transgender bandwagon, Susan Elfring!!! Classy guys, reaaaaaal classy.

(when I spell god like that you know I'm joking) ;p

Posted by Bat_Rat

That picture is great.

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@d9000 said:

Oh my GAWD! I see comic vine is jumping on the transgender bandwagon, Susan Elfring!!! Classy guys, reaaaaaal classy.

(when I spell god like that you know I'm joking) ;p


Posted by Bl00dwerK

Name 40 other books with nothing but male teams in them. Go ahead. I'll wait...

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If you don't like the Fantastic Four READ Hickman's run on both Fantastic Four, Future Foundation and the Ultimates. Honestly it will make anybody a fan.

Posted by inferiorego

@bl00dwerk: name 80 Russian soldiers during the cold war era.

Posted by Bl00dwerK
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When it comes to spoilers, why do you not just use time codes? I know of at least 3 other podcasts that use them as a spoiler barrier and it seems to work just fine. You already have a time showing on the podcasts "tape player" (which I still love by the way) so just edit in the time keys/codes and then all the readers that want to avoid any chance of spoilers on any given title or issue(s) can just look at the time code and jump from one point to the other

It could just be listed in the first post-

Intro/Welcome = 0 - 4:25

Comic News = 4:26 - 1:38:20

Comic Talk = 1:38:21---

Secret Wars #4 = 1:38:23 - 1:45:46

Darth Vader #7 = 1:45:47 -1:46:00

Outcast #11 = 1:46:01 - 1:48:58

Etc ...

Heck, you could even eliminate the "seconds" and just do the minutes. I know it would be a little time consuming, but sure would be a way to make it clear when you are talking about a particular issue. Plus then you could move the comics talk back to the middle. Just scared you guys are gonna start "running out of time" and skip all kinds of comics.

And speaking of comics ... he says before he has heard the entire episode ...Start talking about Valiant again!!

Keep up the good work. Peace guys!!

And Tony, yes, the 19 "point" issues are all the ones written by Gerry Conway. Marvel did not want to add them to regular Spidey numbering nor did they want to do a "mini-series" as it sells better when Marvel uses the point system instead of "part 1 of 5" (all my speculation)... so they did it this way.

Posted by Mutant God

The girl in New Avengers could either be Squirrel Girl or Elsa Bloodstone

Posted by neiliusprime

I wanna see a battle between Doctor Spectrum vs Spectrum.

Posted by Ashr

Thanks for adding a spoiler section, it seems focused on Top of the Pile books for the week. Nothing wrong with that and based on comments I'll give the current Green Lantern arc a try. Please consider adding an indie book or two into these discussions in future. There's really some great books beyond Marvel or DC and those are the titles that often get overlooked unless highlighted.

Posted by nocapes

great show again guys.i dont listen until ive read everything im going to so spoilers aren't an issue for me,if anything it makes me wish id got those books but its good to know that you listen to the people in the comments and adjust accordingly.i think it works well.i get my books from the internet because im nearly 100 miles from the nearest comic book shop so comics and the podcast make for a great saturday morning so thanks guys keep up the good work. p.s.please bring back super-massive.pretty please

Posted by timothylytle21

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