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One of the three children of the supreme Greek Olympian Gods, Zeus and Hera, Ares is the God of War, loving battle for its own sake. Ares never favours one city or party over another, fighting on either side, as inclination prompts him, delighting in the slaughter of men and the sacking of towns. Despite being Zeus' son, Ares never fit in with the other gods of Olympus and created his own realm, the Areopagus. Ares is hated by all his fellow immortals, from Zeus and Hera downward, except for Eris, and Aphrodite, who nurses a perverse passion for him, ultimately bearing his children, Deimos, Phobos, and Harmonia.

In DC Comics:

Ares is a recurring antagonist of DC's flagship superheroine Wonder Woman. Over the years, his appearance has varied per writer fiat. For many years, he appeared as a blond man with red eyes and modern-day clothing; later, he would appear as a large, fearsome soldier wearing dark blue armor, with his face obscured by a traditional Greek hoplite helmet. Though wielding considerable power, Ares' true strength is his ability to scheme and manipulate. He has come into conflict with Diana as well as her allies Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark.

Post-Flashpoint, the character has been reinvented such that his relationship with Diana is more akin to that between a father and daughter. In a final fight with the First Born, Ares allows himself to be killed, allowing Wonder Woman to take his place as god of war.

For more information on DC's God of War, visit the Ares page.

In Marvel Comics:

Ares usually appears in the stories of Marvel's other myth-based heroes Thor and Hercules. After living the life of a god for millenia and tiring of it, he decided to live a normal life on Earth as a carpenter with his young son, Phobos. While on Earth, he fought on the sides of both good as well as evil, being a member of Tony Stark's Mighty Avengers as well as Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers. During the siege of Asgard, Ares was brutally murdered by one of his own teammates, an out-of-control Sentry. He was briefly reanimated by Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Chaos King, before returning to Hades following Mikaboshi's defeat.

For more information on Marvel's God of War, visit the Ares page.

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