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The Main DC-Earth

Harley's origin was, for years, identical in the comics to the one seen in the Batman animated series.

But, in the comic series Harley Quinn, a quite different one was established.

Born Harleen Quinzel, Harley's mother is a somewhat harsh, but forgiving lady, who constantly calls Harley evil and compares her to other heroes. Harley's younger brother is a dead beat with children from at least two different women and still lives in his mothers house. Harley apparently sent him several large sums of money to get his life on track, but he squandered it. Harley's father is a criminal con-man, known for swindling women out of their money with his charm. Harley states that the main reason she became a psychiatrist was so she could understand why her father did what he did to their family.

Harley went to study psychology, but found doing so dull. She tricked her way in to a college.

She came up with a theory about being in love having similarities with being a criminal. About, how far can someone go for love and decided to use her boyfriend, Guy, as the test subject, pretending that she had committed various crimes, such as murdering a teacher, to Guy's surprise. Thinking he was looking out for Harley he shoots an innocent man believing him to be "murdered" professor who hadn't died yet.

Guy thinks that he can`t live with the guilt, and wants to die, but can't bring himself to suicide and asks Harley to kill him instead. And she does, for love, disguising the murder as a suicide.

Traumatized by these events, she begins to believe that universe is in a constant state of chaos, like Guy thought. She represses her feelings of sorrow, and feels connected with the Joker, who believes in some of the same things as Guy, and so finds a job at Arkham Asylum, demanding to speak to him.

During the very first session, she shows the Joker her blossoming insanity, and obsession towards him. Joker finds this appealing, and Harley helps him escape various times, before eventually becoming his henchgirl.

Eventually Harley was caught by Batman and put into a cell in Arkham - she is able to escape time and time again. During the events of No Man's Land she is finally able to escape, immediately choosing to rejoin with the Joker and help him in his crimes. Later, in another retelling of her origin it is explained that she was a psychology student working part time as a stripper to pay her bills.

She lies about Joker having seduced her, and making her gradually insane, later on.

DC's Animated Universe

Harley’s origin was told in Batman: The Animated Series episode and comic entitled Mad Love. The story starts off with Dr. Harleen Quinzel working as an intern in Arkham Asylum. She discovered the Joker and quickly became fascinated with his insane motives. She voluntarily asked for a chance to analyse him. During one of their sessions the Joker tells her about his tragic past and how his father abused him. She gained sympathy for him and quickly fell in love with him. She helped the Joker escape dressed up a the Harley Quinn. So, started her career as the Joker's sidekick.

Later, Harley finds out that everything the Joker had told her was most likely a lie or scam. He was deliberately telling her what she wanted to hear to endear himself to her. This is something that Joker does to Harley all throughout their relationship. She knows this and continually tries to leave him but like an abused spouse, she just keeps forgiving him and runs back into his arms all the time. Of course Harley gets her license revoked when her superior Joan Leland finds out she is the one who released the Joker.

Ever since the beginning of her relationship with the Joker, Harley has played a very submissive role. She has often been used and abused by the Joker to the point where her life has been threatened on several occasions. Yet she remains faithful to her man and stands by him when things go wrong. Quinn's relationship with the Joker is one of the most complex and twisted love affairs in comics. As with all people, Joker is abusive and manipulative towards Harley, but just as often there's evidence of camaraderie, playfulness, and affection towards her. She's the only person who's managed to become intimate on such a long term basis with the Joker and, while he generally accepts their relationship, we even see the Joker's occasional moments of confusion and discomfort which results in attempts to kill her.


Joker and Harley

Harley Quinn was originally created for the cartoon Batman: The Animated Series by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in 1992. She was originally only intended for the episode "Joker's Favor," however she became so popular over night that she made more appearances on the show and it's various spin-offs and movies. She was also in the comics that were part of the same universe as the television show known as the DC Animated Universe (DCAU).

Harley was inspired by actress Arleen Sorkin, largely due to her character wearing a jester costume in an episode of Days of Our Lives. This is where Dini got some of the ideas for Harley's costume and personality. The show even got the actress Arleen Sorkin to voice the character in the show and history was made.

She became so popular in fact that DC decided to bring her over into the mainstream DC universe. This Harley Quinn however lost some of the characteristics that made her so popular on the show and she was written as a much more psychotic dark character than she had been in the DCAU. Harley's first comic book appearance in the continuity of the mainstream DC Universe was in Batman: Harley Quinn #1 (10/1999) which was written by Paul Dini.

Character Evolution

Modern Age: New Earth

Harley Quinn (New Earth)

Harley's career as the Joker's sidekick consisted mostly of her being where he could not. He used her less recognizable face to get into places he could not so he wouldn't get arrested, and she was also usually a sort of field leader to Joker's henchmen when Joker himself decided to sit out on whatever they where doing. She was trusted with the intimate details of most of his plans, and as stated earlier, was also often betrayed by Joker when he needed a scapegoat. After a while Harley got fed up with Joker and set off on her own. She even started a gang of her own that didn't last very long due to many or all of the gang being killed shortly after it was formed. She also teamed up with Poison Ivy and had some run-ins with Thorn and Superman.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

Harley Quinn (Earth-0)

With the changes brought to the DC Universe by the launch of The New 52 following the events of Flashpoint, Harley has undergone further evolution, with a new look, origin and history. The architect of her changes being Adam Glass. The arc introducing set to introduce the new origin of Harley Quinn, which, according to the series' writer, is set to have a deeper psychological aspect to it, not necessarily changing familiar traits of the character, but adding more to her mythos. Glass has also expressed his belief in Harley being more than just a support character. "I think the difference between the Harley in my book and what Paul Dini did is that I’m writing a Harley that is not about the Joker. Now I’ll go on record for saying this, but I think that Harley Quinn will always be loyal and faithful to the Joker when he is around. But when the Joker is not around she’s a young woman who is very capable of doing many things, and she is her own person."

She appears in the ongoing series titled "Suicide Squad" along side of Deadshot, El Diablo, Black Spider, King Shark, and Sportsmaster. Most notable changes has happened to her wardrobe and general design, with the color scheme of blue and red replacing the most well known black and red combo. Her hair is now exposed, and changed to a half red and blue color, replacing the blonde. Overall her design has been heavily criticized for lacking familiar elements of the quirky clown, sacrificing her usual character qualities for sex appeal. The main issue with the new look is mostly agreed to be lack of jester appearance, which has initially been Harley Quinn's namesake. The only justification to the change from Bruce Timm's classic design given has been that "People liked her look in Arkham Asylum". No real further comment was provided.

Harley's origin was tweaked. She remained a doctor at Arkham Asylum where she "treated" the Joker, but knew from the get go that he was lying to her. Regardless, she still fell for him, and when she found out that her superior was stealing her research for a book, it drove Harley to help the Joker escape. Joker would bring her to the chemical plant where Batman caused the accident that bleached his skin, deforming him, and throws Harley into the same chemicals, causing a similar effect on her.

Major Story Arcs

Modern Age: New Earth

Harley and Ivy

Harley and Ivy

Joker decides he doesn't like Harley's presence and shoots her off in a rocket. Harley crash lands at Robinson Park, where she meets Poison Ivy. Ivy originally saved Harley but recognized that she was one of the doctors at Arkham. When Harley woke up Ivy planned to kill her, but when Harley did not care what Ivy was going to do as she was upset, it made Pamela curious. Ivy convinced Harley to tell her what her problem was. After Harley told Ivy about everything, Ivy and Harley became instant best friends and Ivy vowed to help her gain her revenge for what Joker put her through. She was so angry at the Joker that she even teamed up with Batman to help bring him down. She chased Joker up the building while Batman took care of his henchmen. Harley was ready to kill the Joker, but when he apologized to her, she forgave him right away and they made up with a kiss. Ivy is angry at Harley for getting back with Joker, but eventually forgives her. Harley and Ivy have a sisterly-like bond and Ivy is usually the one Harley goes to when she and Joker have a break.

Harley visits the Joker in Arkham as his speech therapist while he's receiving electroshock therapy & surgery after surviving a point-blank gunshot to the head at close range. The Joker decides to revamp himself & kill all his links to his past & be reborn in a baptism of blood, with the usual exclusion of Batman. He orders Harley to kill all his former henchmen, and she abides with no questions asked. It is later revealed that he plans on killing her too, as she is another connection to his old life. Batman steps in before the plan can go as it's supposed to and the two duke it out. Eventually, a heartbroken Harley shoots Joker in the shoulder, allowing Batman to get the upper hand and take Joker back to Arkham Asylum.

After Infinite Crisis

One year after Infinite Crisis, Harley was in Arkham and was trying to get out the right way. She was kidnapped by Scarface and the Ventriloquist who offered her a deal to help them both get extremely rich. Harley agreed and proceeded with the plan, however, out of respect for the older Ventriloquist, Arnold Wesker, she calls the police instead. Batman arrives and they both foiled Scarface's plan and after that, Harley went back to Arkham. The next day she was free to go with the vote of Bruce Wayne.

After a brief run with the Secret Six, Harley decided to call it quits, and joined the Metropolis branch of the Athenian Women's Shelter, which is secretly a training facility for future members of Granny Goodness's Female Furies. There she meets up with Holly Robinson, a former stand-in for Catwoman. The two become friends, and end up working under-cover for Queen Hippolyta, who was trying to discover the truth about the false Athena who is training "Amazons" on Themyscira.

Powered Up

On Apokolips, after Mary Marvel frees the imprisoned Gods that later grant her power, Harley demands that she and Holly get something too for everything they've done. Thalia is amused by Harley's feistiness and grants her a small portion of the cunning of Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, seemingly appropriate because of Harley's past. Harley Quinn’s costume is slightly more Greek- like and she also gained a nice new hammer to go with her new super human abilities. While returning to Earth, Harley's powers vanish.

Much later, a supposedly reformed Harley finds herself back in Gotham City, after receiving a large sum of money from Catwoman (Selina Kyle) for her aid in dealing with Hush. Harley ends up living with Ivy, who is slumming in the apartment of the Riddler. Ivy takes Selina to their home after rescuing her from a crazed super villain wannabe named Boneblaster. After seeing that Ivy has brainwashed the Riddler in order to get him to be passive while they use his place, Harley arrives with many shopping bags. Selina sees first hand what Harley has been doing with the large sum of money she gave to Harley. Ivy and Catwoman bring up the Joker, and Harley insists that she is over him, but she is not very convincing at all. Seeking to make a name for himself, Boneblaster followed the girls to the apartment and attacks them. Harley, Ivy and Selina defeat him easily, but the apartment is destroyed in the process.

Gotham's Sirens

The Sirens

Back in Gotham City Selina obtains a new living space in the form of an abandoned animal shelter and invites Harley and Ivy to live with her, stating that girls like them should stick together as a gang. Harley and Ivy agree, but first they drug Selina and ask her to tell them who the Batman is. Selina, her mind protected thanks to techniques taught to her by Talia al Ghul, gives a fabricated tale of multiple Batmen. Ivy and Harley believe her, though Harley is skeptical, postulating through her psychiatric background that a single man could be the Batman if he underwent some sort of "severe childhood trauma."

Harley ignores her thoughts temporarily to go shopping, and encounters a bunch of hooded thugs who had kidnapped Bruce Wayne and were trying to get away in a red vehicle. Harley leaps onto the car and defeats the thugs, in thanks for Bruce signing her parole papers in the past. Unknown to her is the fact that "Bruce" is actually Thomas Elliot (Hush) who was masquerading as the billionaire. She goes with him amicably as he thanks her for saving him.

When she sends Selina a phone message with a photo of her with "Bruce," Selina realizes that Harley was with Hush, and rushes to help her with Ivy in tow. When they arrive at the cafe where Hush and Harley took the picture, all Selina and Ivy find is Harley's phone next to a stabbed harlequin doll.

Hush takes Harley to a high rollers lounge, where he secretly plans to push her off the top floor to her death. As Hush keeps moving her to darker and more secluded places, Harley is under the impression he is trying to get her alone to kiss her. Once they are finally alone and in the dark, a light pierces the darkness as one of Jokers blimps shines a spotlight on them. The henchmen then open fire on the two of them, and after dancing around gun fire for a little bit Ivy shows up and stops the blimp with her plants.

Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley return back to their new hideout and Harley goes on a long speech about how Joker must still love her. Just then the Joker-mobile crashes through the window of their room. A robot Joker then steps out of the car and explodes. The girls survive, and after Ivy puts out the fire, her and Catwoman begin yelling at Harley until getting her to agree that they need to kill Joker.

Once arriving at the Joker's hideout, they are immediately greeted by the Joker's gunfire. Harley almost instantly realizes that the Joker is not the real Joker, but thinking she has gone soft for Joker, Ivy wraps her in vines before she can say so. Once Harley unbinds the vines from her mouth, she states the impostor is Gaggy, a former sidekick of Joker that resents Harley for taking him.

Gaggy pulls a knife on Harley and is about to cut her up, but she talks her way into some more time and gets dragged into another room. After listening to Gaggy tell the story of him and Joker, and getting strapped to a rocket, Ivy, Catwoman, and Jenna Duffy arrive to save her. It is then that Harley breaks free, punches Gaggy in the face, straps him to the rocket, and blast him into the sky. On the ride back to the hideout, Harley again vows that she is over Joker, but quickly starts talking about how he could change, until she is silenced by Ivy yet again.

Harley and the other Sirens always seem to find trouble no matter how hard they try to stay strait. They have a run-in with Doctor Aesop who tries to take over their hang out. Then they investigate a missing dog case only to find out Harley's Hyenas were eating the dogs. It is at this point Harley is forced to donate them to the zoo. and then almost gets cut up by Catwoman's sister, Maggie Kyle. Harley is even possessed in the process. Then Harley and Catwoman are nearly killed by Ivy when her body is being used by a plant alien known as the Alstairean.

Soon after the Sirens get a visit from Zatanna and Talia al Ghul. After separated the Sirens it is soon revealed that Talia has tricked Zatanna into trying to erase Selina's memory of Bruce/Batman completely, because Talia wants Bruce all to herself. Ivy and Harley soon rescue Selina. After Harley and Catwoman return home the two of them reflect on their own love life. Harley suddenly leaves and goes to an abandoned Joker HQ. Ivy and Catwoman follow, just to end up getting themselves knocked unconscious by sleeping gas, by Harley-who says as she walks away "This time, I'm going to kill The Joker".

Harley then breaks into Arkham Asylum on her journey to kill Joker. She takes out a few guards and quickly releases Clayface to break other prisoners out to cause a distraction. She then informs guard, Aaron Cash, that Joker is the one that killed his first born son. He then allows her to enter the area where Joker is being held. Once Harley sets her eyes upon Joker her mind fills with all the bad memories of him, but then the good memories flood her mind and she is instantly in love with him again, as she gives him a huge hug. During the riot Joker gets into a fight with one of the other criminals, just to be interrupted by Poison Ivy showing up to save Harley, and tells Harley to choose, once and for all, between her or the Joker. Harley makes her choice by asking Ivy what it was that she got out of their friendship, why she would risk so much. She then leans in to whisper in Ivy's ear, whispering "Is it because you love me?", to elicit the stunned reaction she had wanted. She then seizes the opportunity and attacks Ivy, knocking her unconscious.

Her attempt to flee Arkham with the Joker fails, and she, along with Ivy, are sent back to imprisonment. Ivy escapes, with plans to kill Catwoman, but breaks into Harley's cell, in an attempt to kill her. But just as she enters the room, she sees delusional drawings of the Joker all over the walls and floor, and Ivy realizes that Harley is only suffering from a relapse, and the realization that Harley is the only person she ever saw as a true friend, and that without Ivy, Harley could never grow. She decides that she can't kill her, or leave her behind, and asks Harley to escape with her. Harley accepts.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0/ The New 52

Suicide Squad

A heartbroken Harley sets on a quest to prove herself to the Joker, who has at that time gone missing. Her plan was short-lived with the imprisonment at high-security Belle Reeve and consequent recruitment into Task Force X, otherwise referred to as Suicide Squad. Forced to undergo literally suicidal missions with her chosen teammates, Harley is portrayed in a more violent, relentless way than usual, having little to no human remorse and appearing to be a gleeful and dangerous homicidal maniac. It has also been noted that her skin color is unnaturally white, close to the Joker's, and indeed described by her as a "skin condition". It is later seen that as a part of her transformation into Harley Quinn, the Joker pushed her into the same vat of chemicals that gave him his eerie appearance.

Harley is heavily underestimated by most members of her team and the Task Force X in general, which has, in fact, played up to her advantage. After learning the harsh news of Joker's disappearance and presumed death, she stirred a prison riot and escaped behind all the chaos, going back to Gotham to find the love of her life or any clues to his whereabouts, notably, his disembodied face (removed by the Dollmaker). The Squad is sent after her with the mission to bring the maniac back, dead or alive, not knowing what the sly harlequin could have in store for them.

Running with the devil

The Joker is back and asks Harley to help trap Batman. Harley does help the Joker with this task, glad that he is back. But she soon realize that while he was gone both the Joker and Harley herself has changed, to much for them to be together. Harley has gained a more independent personality from the influence of the Suicide Squad while Joker is much more viscous and different than she remembered him to be.

Harley and the Joker have a brutal standoff and Harley announces that she breaks up with the Joker. The Joker is disappointed with Harley's new attitude and manages to poison her, later trapping her in a prison cell full of remains of past "Harley Quinns", revealing she was not the first and only one in a long line. Harley manages to escape and flees.

Harley Quinn Valentine's Day

In Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1. She goes on a date with Mr. Tall, Dark and Brooding. Yes, you guessed it, it's Batman! How will Bruce make the night without revealing his identity to Harley Quinn?

Powers and Abilities

Harley didn't start out with any actual powers. However, after a failed attempt by the Joker to blow her up in a rocket she was given a "potion" by her friend Poison Ivy. This enhanced her strength, speed, and agility, gave her an immunity to toxins, and a small healing factor (though this seems to vary -- later in her solo series she was shown to be able to heal from gunshot wounds in a matter of seconds as soon as the bullet was removed). She is also an impressive fighter, often using acrobatics that she had trained in as a young woman. She uses many odd and unique weapons and gadgets, such as her traditional mallet, or a large pistol with a large cork in it. Both of these she uses to surprising efficiency and they end up being more useful than they would seem on the outside. Poison Ivy gave Harley a strange brew that increases her strength and speed. She doesn't have powers far beyond those of mortal man but she really has more physical strength than any Olympic athlete. She is able to put any man to the floor in only two punches or one kick. Her legs seem really powerful, she manages to jump very high without effort -- this, coupled with her prodigious gymnastic skills, makes her an incredibly acrobatic and "bouncy" threat in combat, adding to her momentum with pendulous weapons such as her hammer.

Disguised for a heist

Additionally, Harley is a master of disguise and often employs elaborate disguises as part of her crimes. On various occasions she has disguised herself as a member of a rocker's entourage, a secretary, a film executive, a police officer, an opera singer, a flight attendant and a prison guard, often mugging or tying up the victims she replaced. More significantly, Harley posed as a romance columnist named Dr. Holly Chance for an extended period, and later took on the identity of Dr. Jessica Seaborn when she decided to become a therapist once again.


  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blond


Other Version

Batman: Thrillkiller


Harley Quinn appears in this Elseworlds comic, which was technically her first comic appearance. This version of the character is a teenage schoolgirl named Hayley Fitzpatrick who ends up in a same-sex relationship with the Joker, who is a woman in this version. After the Joker's death, Hayley kills her family and swears revenge on the heroes.

The Batman Adventures

This continues from Batman the Animated Series with Harley Quinn's story.

The Batman Strikes

This follows The Batman series.

Batman: Arkham City

This comic follows Harley's storyline from the video game, explaining how she escaped Arkham Asylum and helped the Joker establish his plan to take out Batman.

DC Universe Online

Harley appears in the comic.

Elseworlds 80-Page Giant

As a musician

One story in the anthology comic depicts a universe where Lex Luthor is a popular music producer. It is mentioned that Harley and Ivy are a popular folk rock duo in this universe, and it is heavily implied that they are lesbian lovers.

Injustice: Gods Among Us


In the companion comic to the video game, Harley's life after the death of the Joker is explored in much more detail. She develops a close friendship with Green Arrow, and later joins the Insurgency against the Justice League's tyrannical rule. After Green Arrow's tragic death, she becomes closer to his former lover, Black Canary. Along the way, she also develops an infatuation with Shazam, and kidnaps him while he's in his Billy Batson form.


Harley in the graphic novel

In this one-shot graphic novel, Harley is once again the Joker's prime associate. She never speaks in this version, and at one point poses as a stripper.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up

During the crossover

In this comic, Harley and Ivy lure the Mystery, Inc. gang to Gotham to help. The two are being haunted by some sort of ghost, and think the teens can help get to the bottom of things. Harley explains that after she and Ivy stole a rare artifact called the Opal of Isis, they've been cursed with a string of bad luck that has ruined all of their attempts at further heists. It later turns out that the "ghost" causing these incidents is actually Catwoman in disguise, who is seeking to con Harley and Ivy out of the jewel. A big scuffle ensues, which ends with all three women captured after Batgirl helps the Mystery, Inc. gang defeat them.

Batman '66

The Harlequin

In this universe, which is based off the iconic 60's Batman TV show, Harley initially appears as a psychiatrist named Dr. Quinn who works at Arkham during the 1960's. She eventually becomes a roller-skating villainess called The Harlequin near the end of the series. Her costume is redesigned to incorporate roller derby and mod elements.

Batman/The Spirit

In disguise

In this crossover, Harley is one of the many villains who helps try to take down Batman and the Spirit. She initially appears disguised as a flight attendant.


Earth-3 Harleen

On Earth-3, Harley is the Jokester's business manager. She is later murdered by Owlman.

Ame-Comi Girls

Ame-Comi Harley

In the Ame-Comi Girls universe, Harley is partnered with Catwoman and Poison Ivy as part of a trio of villains.

DC Bombshells


In this universe, Harley is an English psychiatrist working in London during World War 2. After her friend and patient Shondra mentions nightmares of a man implied to be the Joker, Harleen snaps and becomes Harley Quinn. She mugs an airman named Hal Jordan and hijacks his plane, which she flies to France to help defeat the Nazis.

Other Media



Harley Quinn

Harley was in many TV shows in the DCAU. She started in the Batman: the Animated Series and was also in the Batman Beyond, Superman the Animated Series, Static Shock, Gotham Girls and Justice League television shows.

"Face it, Harl, this stinks - yer a certified nutso wanted by the law in over two dozen states - and hopelessly in love with a murderous, psychopathic clown". - Harley Quinn

Batman: The Animated Series

Harley Quinn

Harley's first ever appearance was in the episode "Joker's Favor." She has helped Joker in numerous crimes. She helped him try to blow up a bunch of police officers and detectives at a banquet in Gordon's Honor including James Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Rene Montoya. She then helped Joker poison a large portion of the fish in Gotham waters. Each fish had a smile like the Joker. The Joker wanted to sell his fish and even made a commercial but it was all a ruse for a darker purpose as he poisons and tries to kill several people in Gotham. It was at this time that we found out that Harley may have an allergic reaction to fish as after she eats one she vomits off camera. It could have been because of the Joker poison in the fish but Harley said she had a problem with fish before she even eats it. She was caught by Batman both times

Harley was also caught by Batman when she helped the Joker in an attempt to turn Catwoman into Cat-food. In an attempt to punish Batman. She was also with the Joker when they believed that Batman was killed by a man called Sid the Squid. The Joker gets extremely depressed at the thought of Batman being dead and the two kidnap and attempt to murder Sid. Another time, Joker gets angry at Harley for messing up on a heist, and kicks her out of his hideout. It is then she meets Poison Ivy.

Harley had special relationship with Poison Ivy. They became friends more than colleagues and it was thanks to Poison Ivy that Harley acquired her enhanced strength and speed. She also became immune to many poisons and toxins, including Poison Ivy's very own poisonous touch. While Poison Ivy often takes the role of a close friend or even a protective and familiar role towards Harley, there has also been some serious speculation (or perhaps wishful fantasizing) about a sexual nature to the affiliation.

Harley and Ivy

Harley and Ivy could not be stopped as a crime duo for a while as they pillage Gotham at will. The even boast that no man could stop them. After a while Harley started missing the Joker and decides to call him up to chat. Meanwhile, the Joker, who was used to Harley's presence, was having a hard time adjusting to life without her and couldn't even find his socks. Joker, jealous of Harley's success, tracks her down at Ivy's home. At first, Harley is overjoyed to see her "Puddin", but when his true intentions of stealing her money are brought forward, Harley is shocked. Ivy manages to incapacitate the Joker and his thugs. It is then, when the two girls almost make their escape until the are caught not by a man but by Renee Montoya.

After being in Arkham a while Harley is released in the custody of Batman for her help in finding the Joker and stopping him blow up all of Gotham. Harley goes along with the plan and helps Batman until she gets to the Joker and turns the table on Batman. She however switches back to Batman when she finds out that Joker was going to let her the babies (meaning their hyenas) and Poison ivy blow up as well. She turns on the Joker in a way that shows she in not someone to scorn, and he is happy to see that she had the guts to kill him.

Harley is later a part of a prison riot at Arkham when the asylum actually puts Batman on trial after they capture him and in a phony trial they decide to execute him. Batman is forced to fight almost all of his most dangerous enemies at one time like the Joker, Two-Face, Killer Croc, Ventriloquist, Scarface, Scarecrow, and Mad Hatter.

It is after this event that Harley decides to leave the Joker and crime all together. Unfortunately all her time as a criminal left her unprepared for living a normal life. Due to a misunderstanding she snaps and goes back to her old ways. Harley goes back to Arkham but it is believed that she would be able to return again and that this incident was only a relapse. Even Bruce Wayne gives her his support that she will be able to get better. Perhaps due to her being under the watch of Lockup, Harley did not stay rehabilitated long.

Lockup was was a guard for Arkham before he became the villain/hero Lockup. While a guard he apparently tortured the inmates in a psychological way in order of keeping them in line with his fear. After he was fired he reinvigorated his mission to keep people he deemed criminals locked-up. He is eventually caught and shares the same floor as Harley where he thought he could still keep an eye on all of the inmates.

Harley in disguise

Her positive support did not work because she ended up back where she was with Poison Ivy and Joker. She is caught looting with Ivy just before Christmas and she is caught by Batman when the Joker gets away and inherits a fortune only to replace Harley with a lookalike. This infuriates Harley. She escapes from prison with the sole purpose of punishing him. Dressing up as a cop as disguise, Harley beats the Joker with a night stick, despite his attempts at calming her down.

She must break up with him after this because she ends up living with Poison Ivy again and they even team up with Livewire. Harley at first thinks Livewire is cool but soon starts to feel like a third wheel as the others think of her as a dimwit. This of course ticks Harley off and none of them work well together. They are easily stopped by Bat-Girl and Supergirl.

Joining back up with the Joker, Harley had a hand in creating the hero Creeper. When Jack Ryder does a television show about the origin of the Joker he is assaulted by Joker, Harley and their three henchmen Larry, Mo, and Curly. Joker sprays Jack with his poison flower and tosses Jack in the same vat of acid he was tossed in.

The combination turned Jack Ryder into the Creeper. The Creeper oddly enough also had a crush on Harley. Joker did not get jealous of the creepers advances on Harley but became enraged over the creeper stealing his act. Batman manages to stop the Joker and Harley with the help of the Creeper and then saves the Creeper from himself.


Harley became very jealous of Batman who took the attention away from her. She felt if she could kill Batman then the Joker would pay more attention to her. She succeeded in capturing Batman and planned on dumping him in a tank of Piranha. Batman had no way out other than to convince Harley that the Joker would not believe her. She called the Joker to see Batman die. The Joker became infuriated because he wanted to be the one to capture Batman.

When he arrives at her location, he backhands her and shoves her out of a several story building onto the street below nearly killing her. Joker then lets Batman go only to change his mind and attempt to kill him. They fight and eventually they are standing on a moving train facing each other. The Batman mocks Joker and tells him that Joker's ego saved his life. He tells Joker that he never got as close as Harley did to killing him and that she was a far bigger threat than he will ever be. Joker loses his temper and attacks Batman, who manages to throw him off the train and he falls seemingly to his 'death'. A battered Harley is then taken to Arkham Asylum. Harley decides that she is over Joker and his abuse. But the tables turn as she glances over at her nightstand to see a vase and a rose with a 'Get Well Soon' letter sent by Joker. She immediately falls in love with him again, calling him her "angel."

Gotham Girls

Gotham Girls

Gotham Girls was a series of animated comedy shorts starring Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Zatanna, and Catwoman. The animation was a little lower grade than the other DCAU cartoons. Harley was in many if not all of the first two season's episodes.

These first two seasons were more of comedic short rather than a superhero adventure but they are considered part of the DCAU due to the characters being voiced by many of the same actors and drawn in the same unique style.

The third season was only different in that it was more like a Batman episode broke up into ten smaller episodes. Zatanna did not appear in this season, but the series now featured James Gordon and Renee Montoya. In this season, all the men disappear and all the female villains and heroes work together to help solve the mystery of who did it and bring the men back.

The New Superman Adventures

Harley Quinn and Lois Lane

In The New Superman Adventures Harley, Joker, Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Harvey Bullock and James Gordon appear in a three episode show called World's Finest. In the episode Joker makes a deal with Luthor to kill Superman for a lot of money. Luthor agrees but it is not a match made in heaven at the two villains find it hard to work together. In perhaps the biggest fight scene of all of Harley's appearances in the DCAU Harley and Luthor's sidekick Mercy Graves get into an all out bought that leaves both of them completely wrecked. The whole time Luthor and Joker negotiate.

Batman Beyond

Harley and the Dee Dees

In the Batman Beyond movie, the future of Harley Quinn is established a bit. The movie takes place about fifty years in the future and Harley is revealed to be an old woman who has two twin granddaughters named Delia and Deidre Dennis, also known as the Dee Dee Twins, who are part of the Jokerz gang. She obviously doesn't approve of her granddaughters' acts.

She is either upset with them for their crime or because they got caught. Also in the movie, a flashback scene is seen that shows the Joker and Harley transforming Robin ( Tim Drake) into a child-like Joker. It is in this condition that the tormented Boy-wonder leads to the death of the Joker himself.

Static Shock

Harley, Ivy and Nails

In an episode of Static Shock, Harley and Poison Ivy seek out Nails. Nails possessed Superpowers that she did not want so the crime duo decided to trick her into coming to Gotham to find a cure. Once there it is clear that they are using her and they end up getting defeated by Static and Batman.

Justice League

Harley in Justice League

In the last two episodes of the Justice League Harley helps Joker in an attempt to kill the Justice League and drive the television population mad by using the power of Ace and the rest of the Royal Flush Gang. Harley lets down her guard when Batman makes her realize that the Joker is using her and he may have feelings for Ace. Joker is also outwitted by Batman when he proves to Ace that she was being used by the Joker as well.

Birds of Prey

Mia Sara as Harleen Quinzel

Harley, played by Mia Sara (Sherilyn Fenn in the unaired pilot), appears as Helena's psychiatrist in the live action TV series. The Birds of Prey are unaware that Harley is the ex-lover of the Joker and that she seeks revenge on New Gotham for what was done to him.

She secretly uses her job as head of Arkham as a means to planning crimes with it's inmates such as Clayface. She also uses her job as a psychologist as a hobby to torment people. For example, she once convinced a man to kill his wife and himself.

In this universe Harley is the main nemesis of the Birds of Prey only they don't know it. Her mission continually puts villains in the way of the team and with every victory the team gets a new piece of the puzzle. They know someones out there but they don't know who. Harley appears as much more intelligent and she is definitely more malicious than her original DCAU character.

The Batman

Harley in The Batman

In the Batman cartoon, Harley is voiced by Hynden Walch. In the show, Harley is the host of a psychology show that gets canceled due to her bad advice. On her last show, she ambushes Bruce Wayne and it was seen by the Joker who found it hysterical. Joker contacted Harley and Harley thinks that if she could get an exclusive with the Joker it would restore her career. She later on becomes the criminal, Harley Quinn, then becomes Joker's accomplice. She's a prime villain for Batgirl in the series.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Retro Harley

In this retro-styled cartoon, Harley Quinn herself has only appeared in two episodes. In the episode 'Legends of the Dark Mite!', her creator, Paul Dini, makes a brief animated cameo dressed in Harley's red, black and white jester costume. Her first official appearance was in the episode 'Emperor Joker'. She is the Joker's loyal hench-woman and is depicted as a black & white 1920's flapper woman, which is how the Joker's mind saw Harley. She displayed a mutual attraction to Bat-Mite and later on in the episode, she manages to beat up Batman with her infamous giant hammer. She made a cameo in the series finale, "Mitefall!" where she was shown with the Joker and Gaggy while at the wrap party for the show.

Young Justice

Though she has yet to appear in the show, a teenager dressed in a Harley Quinn costume can be seen at the Halloween party in the episode "Secrets," pointing to Harley's existence in this continuity.


Cassidy Alexa as Harley

Harley Quinn makes a cameo in the episode "Suicide Squad". She is portrayed by Cassidy Alexa and voiced by Tara Strong.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles

Harley in Gods and Monsters

A twisted, more depraved version of Harley Quinn appears in the first episode of the series, with Tara Strong once again providing her voice. In this continuity, Harley (known as Harlequin) is a violent serial killer who kidnaps and tortures her victims before making toys and dolls out of their corpses. After saving her most recent would-be victim, the Batman of this reality (Kirk Langstrom) manages to overpower and defeat Harley. Though Harley assumes she is going to jail, Batman instead kills her and drinks her blood, ending her threat to Gotham once and for all.

According to creator Bruce Timm, this version of Harley Quinn was meant as a dig at some of the darker, more recent incarnations of the character, some of which he is not a fan of.

DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls

Harley is one of the main characters in DC Super Hero Girls, which will be adapted to animation, toys and graphic novels.


Batman: Assault on Arkham

Harley Quinn appears in the animated movie as a member of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. Harley along with other villains is forced to break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve top secret information stolen by the Riddler. She is voiced by Hynden Walch.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is set to make her big screen debut in Suicide Squad portrayed by Margot Robbie.

Video Games

Harley Quinn appeared in several video games.

Batman & Robin

A game for the Super NES in which Harley was in a small cameo role.

Adventures of Batman & Robin

A game for the Sega Genesis and Sega CD that Harley also appears in. She was voiced by Arleen Sorkin.

Batman: Chaos in Gotham

A game for the Sega CD is another game Harley appears in.

Batman Vengeance

A game that Harley plays a major role. She was voiced by Arleen Sorkin.

Lego Batman: The Video Game

Harley appears as an enemy of Batman and the 1st deputy of the Joker. Grey DeLisle provides the sound effects.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum

Harley plays a major role in this game. Here, she is a secondary antagonist, sporting a new costume based on a nurse uniform. She takes control of Arkham, allowing Joker to escape, and kidnaps Warden Quincy Sharp. Throughout the game she taunts Batman but is eventually beaten during a cut-scene.Harley's role is voiced by Arleen Sorkin.

Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City

Harley is one of the bosses in this game and is voice acted by Tara Strong. Harley is much more in control in this game, as Joker's illness prevents him from being the powerful gang leader that he was before. She is much more temperamental and vicious, as shown with her new edgy biker-themed outfit. It is heavily hinted that she is pregnant with Joker's child at the end of the game, as a positive pregnancy test is shown beside her outfit from the first game and at the end of the credits is heard singing to a baby, "Hush little baby, don't say a word, Momma's gonna kill for you the whole damn world".

Harley Quinn's Revenge: Harley returns in this Arkham City DLC. Burning with the desire to avenge her "Puddin's" death, she forms her own group of thugs, all in an attempt to kill the Batman. Her image changes from the punk black and red suit to a more depressing outfit. Her hair is dyed black in mourning.

At the end of Arkham City, there is a positive pregnancy test beside her old uniform, however, in Harley Quinn's Revenge, there are shown to be several negative pregnancy test surrounding a cradle that only contains Scarface. This implies that, if she was pregnant, she likely suffered a miscarriage due to losing the Joker. Or it was just a false positive.

DC Universe Online

Harley appears in this game as the Joker's right hand woman. Again Arleen Sorkin reprises her role as Harley.

Injustice Gods Among Us

Harley In Injustice

Harley is a playable character in this fighting game. She has access to guns, explosives and a wooden mallet. Her character in the alternate universe is a hero, as is that world's Joker. After that Joker dies Harley still stays loyal to her heroic cause and rules the Joker clan. When the Joker from our universe shows up, she is at first hostile toward him, but eventually reverts back to her old self and allies with him. He later attempts to kill her for not beating Lex Luthor, but is saved. Enraged by his betrayal, Harley prepares to kill the Joker with his own knife, but is ultimately convinced by Luthor to let him go. In the epilogue, Harley is shown escorting the Joker at gunpoint to the portal back to his dimension.

In her ending (after beating classic mode), Insurgency Harley manages to defeat Superman. Harley busts out the Joker from the other universe. They then get married. Joker playfully throws wedding cake into Harley's face. This reminds her of all the years of abuse she took from Joker. Harley snaps and slits Joker's throat with the wedding cake knife. She is then thrown into Arkham Asylum, still in her bloody wedding dress, without possibility of release.

Arkham Origins


Harley appears briefly before her criminal career as a new psychiatrist in Black Gate prison after Batman locks up Joker. She interviews the Joker as he speaks about someone he cares deeply for. Harleen misinterprets this, thinking he is talking about her when he is really talking about Batman and she grows an affinity towards her patient. Joker realizes this, and uses it to get on her good side, building up to her inevitable seduction. Harleen is later seen taken hostage by inmates during the Blackgate riots. She is later freed by Batman but shows no gratitude toward him. At the end, she is seen helping guards escort Joker to his cell.

The online mode happens an unknown time after the Arkham Origins story. Players either play as a Joker soldier, Bane soldier, Batman or Robin. Joker and Bane soldiers must kill the opposite team while also trying to kill Batman and Robin. Harley can be heard talking to the soldiers when Joker is in the battle field. You can also customize your soldier with a Harley tattoo.

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis

Harley was released as a playable character in the Online Game Infinite Crisis.

Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight

In the sequel to Arkham City (with Tara Strong once again reprising her role) Harley has now become a competent gang leader following the Joker's death. She allies herself with the Scarecrow as part of the villain's plot to kill Batman once and for all, but breaks away from the plan to save three people infected with the Joker's blood (as she believes they could become new Jokers). The infected victims are killed, leaving Harley to mourn their loss as she is arrested by Robin. She is also a playable character in special missions separate from the main story.

She is also one of the main antagonists in the flashback A Matter of Family DLC, where she wears her classic outfit.


A statue by DC Direct

As one of Batman's most recognizable villains, Harley Quinn has been featured in lots of merchandise.

Popular Recognition

  • IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time (2009 list): Harley Quinn ranked #45
  • Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list: Harley Quinn ranked #16

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