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A young Wyrick

Antos Wyrick is part of an alien race known as the Zeltron, though he was raised as a slave by emotionless cyborgs called the Iskalloni who roam the galaxy enslaving innocent people and conducting test on them. Growing up in such a harsh enviroment young Antos Wyrick's Zeltron empathetic abilities never developed. He only survived by learning his masters hideous surgical techniques. The Mando'ade struck the Iskallion just before the sith war, freeing many slaves including Wyrick. Mandalorian medics taught him about others species and Mandalore the Indomitable taught him martial arts. He was stunned when the dark jedi Ulic Qel-Droma bested the Indomitable in singelcombat, subjugating the Mando'ade. After this Wyrick became obsessed with jedi. He stole Ulic's robe and fled the battle as the Mandalorians lost. Wyrick would later find out that the robe he stole did not belong to Ulic but actually his legendary mentor Arca Jeth. Wyrick sought help from Mandalorians interested in avenging their defeat at the hands of the jedi. With them an other volunteers he formed a research colony on a hidden planet called Osadia. It looked like a utopia community far from the Republic and its wars, but it was actually a controlled experiment to create a race of Mandalorian Knights using the cells of Arca Jeth. He believed that his students could be force savants quickly learning any talent they saw use in. But Wyrick made a crytical mistake. He could never find enough prospective parents for his superwarriors, so he got greedy and bargained with slavers for more families. But when Wyrick returned from telling Mandalore of his success he found the guards dead, the lab ransacked and the children gone. The research center fell apart and Wyrick returned to Mandalore colder than ever willing to do anything to anyone to advance his science. In time he would come to be known as Demagol, the flesh carver.


Demagol was a Mandalorian scientist working on Flashpoint station, a station on a small planet known as Flashpoint in Mandalorian controlled space. During the Mandalorian Wars, Demagol was attempting to discover a way to harness and use the force power found within jedi. He hoped to use their force abilities as a weapon. He and his goons captured a bunch of the jedi from various battles and brought them to this station where he would run various dangerous scientific tests on them. He had a particular fascination with the jedi known as "Squint" also known as Alek. Eventually, his plan was thwarted by Zayne Carrick and his friends.

He would later meet Zayne Carrick and his friend again on Osadia, where he would die in battle against his daughter, Chantique.

Powers and Abilities

Demagol has a genius-level intellect, but his obsession with his experiments and own gain of power can affect his decissions making them for the worse. He is well trained in the surgical and medical arts, though he rarely uses these abilities to heal people. He is shown to be force-sensitive but he has had no training to control these powers so he is inaccurate with them. He speaks a very large amount of languages. He is highly skilled in unarmed combat as he was trained by Mandalore the Indomitable, one of the best unarmed combatants in the universe. He is also knows how to operate a variety of other weapons, such as blaster, which he is very accurate with. He is a stone cold sociopath so he has no trouble betraying people or hurting others for his own gain.

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