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Current Events

As of late, Bullseye is deceased. He was killed off by Bloody Lips for information about another assassin.


Strike Three!

Very little is known about Bullseye's past. He claims to have grown up in the Bronx with a brother and an abusive father. The only time they spent with one another as a family was when they would shoot air rifles together. Even at a young age, Bullseye had excellent accuracy. This was demonstrated when he killed a pigeon by throwing a yo-yo.

Later, he and his brother, still at a young age, attempted to kill their father by setting the apartment on fire. As a result, the two were split up placed in foster homes. While in high school, Bullseye became a talented pitcher and was offered a college scholarship. He instead chose to join minor league baseball. With a perfect pitching record, it is possible that he was on his way to be a Major League Baseball player.

Eventually, however, he became bored and killed a batter who mocked him. This was a watershed moment for Bullseye, revealing the pleasure that killing brought him.


Bullseye was created by Marv Wolfman and Bob Brown in 1976 as a Daredevil foe. Despite numerous similarities, there are no known connections between Bullseye and the original Marvel character called Bulls-Eye who appeared six years earlier in Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #15.

Character Evolution

Bullseye started out as chiefly a Daredevil foe, but was later used against other street level heroes like the Punisher and Spider-Man. With his addition to Osborn's Thunderbolts and then the Dark Avengers, he took on a variety of foes from Morgan Le Fay to Daken to the Avengers and the New Avengers. Donning the Hawkeye garb earned him the enmity of Clint Barton.

Major Story Arcs

The Punisher & Daredevil

After serving in juvenile hall and prison, he joined the army. He claims he encountered The Punisher during this era. The Punisher attempted to shoot him, only to miss. Bullseye then returned fire with a knife, hitting The Punisher directly in the chest. Bullseye even mocked him by making a Bullseye on his own forehead made of mud. He allegedly went on working for the United States National Security Agency and then went on to become a freelance killer for hire. His rise to notoriety came in New York City where he wanted to make a name for himself by defeating Daredevil. He threw a grenade at the hero, and quickly defeated him in an alleyway. He then lured Daredevil into a carnival and defeated him again. Daredevil later returned the favor and bested Bullseye.

Kingpin & Elektra

Bullseye kills Elektra with her own Sai

Being beaten bothered Bullseye and destroying Daredevil became his new passion. When Bullseye was hired to kill the Kingpin, Fisk gave him a better offer. Bullseye was now under his employ. After serving some jail time Bullseye began to suffer from his brain tumor. He began to kill innocent people after they all appeared to look like Daredevil to him. He manages to get the upper hand over Daredevil in a fight, and says he will let Daredevil live, knowing that everyone Bullseye kills will be his fault. Daredevil regains his strength and defeats him. Bullseye was angered to discover that the Kingpin had replaced him with Elektra. Bullseye managed to escape from jail during a televised interview and then searched to kill Elektra. In a battle with the female ninja, he slit her throat with a card and then killed her with her own sai.


It transpired that Elektra was Daredevil's lover and this added fuel to their mutual hatred. After obtaining medical records from Daredevil's childhood accident, Bullseye believes Matt Murdock is Daredevil, and was granted superhuman powers by the incident that blinded him. Bullseye then tries to sneak behind Matt and kill him in his own apartment, but Daredevil ambushes him. Daredevil tricked him by having a dummy pose as Matt with a tape recorder for audio. Daredevil battled Bullseye and the fight moved onto a telephone wire across the rooftops. Bullseye lost his balance and fell, but Daredevil grabbed his hand. Bullseye refused to let Daredevil save him and tried to stab the hero. Daredevil released his grip, allowing Bullseye to plummet. Bullseye's spine was shattered and he was left paralyzed. Bullseye was then taken to Japan, where Dark Wind replaced various bones with adamantium and laced others. It is unclear exactly what bones have been laced, but it has been confirmed that his spine, fists, and skull have adamantium.

Later, Bullseye posed as Daredevil when he was away from New York for some time. Again, he is defeated by Daredevil. Bullseye also faced against Captain America and Crossbones during a battle between Kingpin and Red Skull's empire in New York. Bullseye battles Captain America in a construction zone at night, and is able to keep the Avenger at bay. The fight is interrupted and Bullseye leaves unharmed. Crossbones later attempts to kill Kingpin, but fails due to Daredevil interfering. Annoyed, Kingpin sends Bullseye to kill the Red Skull. Bullseye manages to shoot the Red Skull in the head, but it turns out to be a robot. He then battles Crossbones. Crossbones quickly obtains the upper hand, but Bullseye spits a fake tooth in his eye, stabs him in the bicep and then flees.


He also encountered Gambit when there was a price on Gambit's head. Bullseye stabs Gambit in the chest and defeats him, however Gambit is saved due to interference. He also joined forces briefly with Deadpool, Vulture, Sandman, Sabretooth and Juggernaut to obtain the identity disc from A.I.M. Bullseye attempts to leave the group, and battles the entire roster in a bar. He holds them back briefly with a volley of tooth picks, but is quickly defeated and remains on the team. Bullseye battles Daredevil again and wins, and then kills Daredevil's girlfriend, Karen Page, with his own baton in a church. He also battled Elektra and Daredevil in the streets of New York. He was able to stalemate the two, but when he tried to flee, he is struck by a vehicle. While in jail, he is released as chaos breaks out. Daredevil and Kingpin form an alliance in the prison. When Daredevil is told Bullseye is working with them, he refuses and attacks Bullseye. While working foe Gen.Kato, he had faced Hit-Monkey at a wedding. The monkey was disguised as the ring bearer and tried unsuccessfully to kill Kato, but escapes by throwing cake in Bullseye's face. Bullseye kills a man who laughed at this and fails to protect Kato, so he kills those who witnessed him failing. He ran after Hit-Monkey to a model's house and causes a fight involving three gangsters. Bullseye escapes unharmed.


Part of the Thunderbolts

After the Super-Human Registration Act, several villains were captured and offered a chance to redeem themselves by hunting down heroes and villains not in compliance with the Registration. Bullseye became part of a new team of Thunderbolts along with the likes of (the new) Venom, and Norman Osborn. Each member has a safe-fail implanted in them, so if they go out of line, the device can be activated, electrocuting the user. Bullseye serves as the one member of the Thunderbolt's that the public does not know about. Norman informed him he wants to let Bullseye kill, but only with targets Norman sees fit. When the team was unable to capture Jack Flag, Bullseye took him out by shoving a sai into his lower back. This was done in a warehouse, away from the public. Later, Songbird tricks Bullseye into thinking his security features are disabled. Bullseye kills the two guards he is with and attempts to battle American Eagle. American Eagle makes quick work of Bullseye, and his device is set off, electrocuting him. As he is suffering, American Eagle slugs him across the face, apparently cracking his spine yet again.

Later on, telepaths that were being held captive in the base were using their powers to turn the team members against one another. Bullseye walks away from the operating table, apparently recovered, and uses the telepaths for practice, unaware he is actually saving the team.

Dark Hawkeye

Dark Hawkeye

Following the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Bullseye operates under the mantle of Hawkeye in Norman Osborn's new team of Dark Avengers. More because he recently got a taste for bows than anything else. He manages to kill Morgan Le Fay by shooting her body with many arrows although she managed to return again for the second time. Although Bullseye is the brand new Hawkeye, he doesn't love being a "hero". As Hawkeye, he violently killed a bunch of thugs and saved their female victim who was very grateful and even asked for his autograph. But when she mentioned Osborn as his "boss", he got angry and stabbed her with her own pen in the eye, killing her in front of one of the surviving thugs who pleads with Bullseye not kill him, but Bullseye eventually does. Proud of his "work", he says "That's all I ever wanted Norman, credit for my kills". Then he sees a news crew on helicopter filming what he has done, so he proceeds on kills the camera man with an arrow, throws the newsman out of the helicopter and then blows up the copter with an explosive arrow head, killing the pilot.


While on a mission with the rest of the Dark Avengers fighting a Hulk-Buster robot, Bullseye kills the pilot despite Osborn ordering him to bring in the pilot alive, his reason for doing this is that he hasn't killed anyone in a week. He tells his victim that Hawkeye doesn't kill people in cold blood, but then again he's not Hawkeye. He is seen taking out a group of Bullseye copycats, claiming that there's more to Bullseye than a costume, and kills them all by putting a bullet through each one of the bullseye logo on their heads with a rifle.

When Deadpool attempted to blackmail Osborn, he sent Bullseye to kill him. When battling the merc with the mouth, Hawkeye/Bullseye manages to shoot an arrow through the head of Deadpool. Due to his sick nature, he keeps Deadpool's body and waits for him to recover so they may fight again. Deadpool gains the upper hand when he wears an armor of meat, and stabs a meat hook through Bullseye's chest. When Bullseye wakes up, he realizes Deadpool took him to the hospital. The two battle again, but Bullseye is struck by a car. Deadpool exploits this, and runs him over again with his own car. Bullseye offers Deadpool a large sum of money in order for him to leave, so Norman believes Bullseye was successful.

Bullseye is also ordered to kill Songbird and almost does so, but she is saved by Swordsman. Bullseye also encounters Spider-Man and battles him, but is defeated by his own tracer bullets. As Norman wages war on the new nation of Utopia, Bullseye gets into a brief fight with Daken, stabbing him through the jaw and cheek before being stabbed in his arm. He also dodges an attack from Cyclops and battles Archangel.

Norman puts Daredevil on his list, and assigns Lester in his Bullseye persona to kill Daredevil. The two battle briefly, and Bullseye lures him to the rooftop of an apartment complex. Bullseye had explosives rigged, and destroyed the building, killing hundreds inside.

Bullseye is ordered by Osborn to kill Lindy Reynolds, the Sentry's wife. Before he does, Bullseye taunts and mocks Lindy, saying that she doesn't deserve to be with the Sentry and that he can have any woman he wants, this leads to her slapping Bullseye across the face, He then violently chokes her and throws her body out of an helicopter. He is also seen fighting in Asgard, and gets into many arguments with Daken, who even kisses a freaked-out Bullseye in order to calm him down, which really angers him. At the end of Osborn's assault he ,along with his other teammates, is arrested and Clint Barton took his Hawkeye identity back.


A shackled, muzzled and captured Bullseye is being transported to the proper facilities. He devises a plan to escape. He tells the guards that he is the only one that has ever been able to control the Sentry and that he would tell them how to take him down if they let him go. Just then he goes into cardiac arrest. One guard says not to help him because he's faking. The other wants him taken out of his shackles in helped. When they get him out and on the ground. One guard uses the defibrillator to bring Bullseye back to health and when they do he grabs it and uses it on them taking them both out. Bullseye's first priority is Daredevil, so he heads to Shadowland.

Daredevil returns the favor

Once he arrives, he starts killing Hand members, and calls Daredevil out for a fight. Daredevil engages Bullseye in combat and sent the hand after him. When the Hand's efforts to take him out become apparently ineffective, Daredevil joins the fight himself and completely dominates Bullseye breaking both of his arms. When the fight is over, Luke Cage and Iron Fist look on as Daredevil kills Bullseye the same way Bullseye killed Elektra years ago.

Shadowland: Bullseye

Much later, a group of Hells Bikers would arrange Bullseye's funeral for he helped them against a rival gang who wanted to instigate a turf war (actually he had only flipped a coin to choose a side and not that he liked the gang or anything). Both Ben Urich and Denny Deaver attend, however Deaver begins to have visions of Bullseye but it remains unclear whether it's a ghost or he's imagining it. The funeral is interrupted by the Daredevil and his Hand ninjas and a huge fight ensues, almost killing Urich. Daredevil wins the battle and Bullseye is then buried but the tormented Denny is revealed to have escape from Ravencroft some hours before. Dennis Deaver is surrounded by cops along Lester's spirit who tells him to fire, but things don't go quite well. Soon after a fight with the rest of the New York heroes, including Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, the Punisher, and Ghost Rider, Matt realizes the Hand need a new champion, someone with skills that rival Matt's own. Matt, along with Typhoid Mary, is then shown digging out Bullseye's corpse, planning to resurrect him to serve the Hand. Soon after, Elektra shows up and is then shown beside Daredevil and Typhoid Mary, following them back to the Hand's base.

Brain in a Box

It was later revealed that Bullseye was never truly dead but injured to the point that he could move or function. Lady Bullseye carried her mentor away and he was placed in an iron lung. After months of recovery, Bullseye decided to get his revenge against Matt Murdock. He first started trying to recreate the accident that gave Matt Murdock his powers in the first place while he started assigning super villains such as Klaw and Stilt-Man. During this, he succeed in creating the villain, Ikari, which meant "Fury" in Japanese. Ikari had all of Matt's powers but could see. Foggy Nelson eventually figured out that Bullseye was behind everything and when Matt finally tracked him down he found him a broken man in a box. A final battle between Ikari and Lady Bullseye lead to Bullseye being hit with the same radioactive waste that gave both Matt and Ikari their powers and blinded Bullseye leaving him unable to see or speak. It was revealed in a future story that Bullseye at some point will be fully restored to perfect health and will kill Matt's wife.

Powers and Abilities

While technically Bullseye possesses no superhuman powers, he has the innate ability to throw any projectile with deadly surgical accuracy and precision thus he has developed the uncanny ability to use virtually any object as a deadly weapon. He can kill a person with simple objects such as a playing card, paper clips, peanuts and even a loose tooth. Bullseye's aim makes him an expert in the use of conventional projectile weapons (firearms, throwing knives, shurikens, bolos, bow & arrow). In addition, he is at peak physical condition and is highly proficient in armed and unarmed combat.

Weapons and Equipment

Adamantium-laced bones: Bullseye has had strips of Adamantium fused to portions of his skeleton, including his spine. For all intents and purposes, it is virtually indestructible. Hence, Bullseye's Adamantium-laced bones are virtually unbreakable. The presence of Adamantium does not interfere with his bone's normal functions.

Any object in Bullseye's hands is a potential weapon. However, he will often use guns and knives as well as a number of throwing weapons such as shuriken. Before Elektra's resurrection, he would often carry one of her sais and use it simply to spite Daredevil.

Alternate Versions

Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse


In the Age of Apocalypse, Bullseye is imprisoned in Mikhail´s mothership when the Human High Council invade it and power off its energy supply, so he leads the escaping riots and takes the ship´s guarding tower, leading humans to victory. His posterior location remains unknown.

He is also recognized as one of the greatest human soldiers because of his precision aiming.

His past before he was a prisoner is unrevealed.

Ultimate Bullseye


In Marvel 1602 universe he's known as The Bull's Eye, he works for King's Pin a pirate that sails the Atlantic Ocean. Their ship came across the Virgin Mary where Peter Parquagh was on board, he was the young man who sank King's Pin's ship. The Bull's Eye however survived the shipwreck and followed Peter to the mainland.


In the Ultimate universe Bullseye goes by the name Benjamin Pondexter. He battled Elektra to work for the Kingpin.


In the Marvel Zombies reality Bullseye has, as most of Earth's heroes been turned into a zombie.


In the House of M, Bullseye is employed by the Kingpin. He is defeated by Hawkeye.


In the Marvel Noir Universe, she's known as The "Bulls-Eye Killer" and is a combination of Bullseye and Elektra, Her name is Eliza and she bares a resemblance of the Earth-616 Elektra and even is in love with Matt Murdock, but she works for the Kingpin as her number 1 assassin and is drowned by Daredevil.


Shelton Pendergrass was a military lawyer who never used guns and left the army to become a lunatic hitman. He never fails to kill his targets like dictators and businessmen. Once he had to deal with kids in Italy who witnessed a gangland slaying on an outing, he gassed the whole school and the community was devastated. Before killing his targets he studies them well and he's not so glad about his job. He's employed by Kingpin to kill of the Punisher and notices that Fisk's wife is trying to kill her husband so he told her to run away and forget everything. He takes a family hostage after murdering its patriarch, and is shown cheerfully conversing with them at the breakfast table while they are bound, gagged, and crying. After taking the family out for a day at a local park, he has them brutally gunned down by several men. He then reveals that the entire kidnapping was an attempt at getting inside Frank Castle's mind, and tells the gunmen that he'll have to try again with another family and kill Frank's weapon supplier because he failed to understand Frank's motivation. He starts to get madder when he still doesn't comprehend why and ends up facing Castle at Fisk's tower.

Other Media


Colin Farrell as Bullseye in the 2003 Daredevil film.

Colin Farrell portrayed Bullseye in the 2003 Daredevil movie. He is hired by the Kingpin to kill Elektra and her father, in order to shift the focus of police investigations from Fisk to the Natchios family. Bullseye later goes on a killing spree. He murders Elektra in a scene mirroring the comics (with identical dialogue) within earshot of Daredevil. After a final confrontation with Daredevil, Bullseye is shot through the hands, and thrown out a Church window, ultimately being left paralysed. However, it is later shown that Bullseye has retained his abilities, as he kills a fly with a syringe. In the film, Bullseye lacks a costume (though mentions his desire to get one), and instead opts for a large coat, which he integrates into his fighting style. He possesses the same abilities as his comic counterpart; being able to turn anything into a deadly weapon (in the film he kills people with paper clips, and a peanut). In addition, he carries a number of shurikens inside his belt buckle, which can be easily accessed if Bullseye is in need of a weapon.

Video Games

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Bullseye appears as the 2nd boss of the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

Voiced by Brian Bloom, he appears as a non-playable common boss, and one of many villains who succumb to the Control Nanites placed inside them by S.H.I.E.L.D. During the Anti-Registration campaign he is encountered by the heroes at Geffen-Meyer Chemicals, where they assist Colossus in defeating him. Subsequent cutscenes reveal Bullseye along with Venom, Lady Deathstrike and Green Goblin overcoming S.H.I.E.L.D's control when the nanite network develops sentience, and eventually attacking agents, one of which is shown to be a Nick Fury LMD (Life Model Decoy). Later when the heroes infiltrate Prison 42 he joins with Moonstone (both part of the Fold at this point) to divert them while the Fold attempts to induct Firestar into it's ranks.

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