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Larxene joined with Marluxia to overthrow  Organization XIII by using Sora, Larxene uses 8 knives (four in each hand) and also has the power of thunder (electricity) called "Savage nymph". She dicovers Axel betraying her and her plan with Marluxia failed. She has a really cruel mind  and likes to put people down. She specially loves to abuse of Naminé, making her feel bad by making her responsable about Sora´s mind, although she has no choice of deciding about Sora (ho was used to wipe Sora's memories in order to be easily controlled) . She is seen twice in different levels of the castle out of cruelty and for her own amusement. She was the responsable also about Riku´s memory, which she made him remember him and Naminé sitting in the beach and suddenly there was a meteorite shower and Riku swore to protect her. After a while something happened. After the Riku replica got his heart broken because he striked Sora unprepared, by Naminé. Sora concerned about Riku (not knowing he was the Riku replica) starts telling Naminé what has she done. Larxene appeared and starts telling Sora who Naminé really was and told she was a witch who changed the memory of Sora. Naminé, feeling ashamed starts feeling dissapointed of herself. Larxene starts telling her a witch and a traitor, she walks towards Sora, which he was lying on the floor harmed, with the goal of finishing him. Naminé runs and stands in the way of Larxene, as she laughs and enrages for she helping him, slaps Namine in the face so hard, Naminé falls in the floor next to the Riku replica. Sora shouts for her and Larxene angried reasoning why is Sora concerned about Naminé, even she twisted his mind and Sora anwers even she still isn´t the special girl, he made a promised to her. After Sora said those words, the battle between Sora and Laxene starts. Before Larxene could finish Sora, Donald and Goofy arrived to help Sora with their team work they used the trinity attack which used their fire and blizzard magic to create water which conducted Larxene's electricity, leaving Larxene dead.

Larxene in 13 floor

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