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Arrogance of a Young One

Exar Kun looking into the Holocron

Exar Kun was very rash but talented Jedi in his youth, but his qualities resulted in arrogance, not a quality that is warmly welcomed by Jedi. Whilst training Exar frequently had sparring battles with his fellow padawans Sylvar and Crado although they just be friendly matches the rage and anger in Exar's eyes could be purely seen. The temptation of power was overwhelming to the young one as he looked upon his master Vodo Siosk-Baas's holocron.

Exar's Jedi master was worried, for knowledge of the dark side could be dangerous to such a mind as Exar Kun's, who'd already shown the possession of rage in him which fueled most Sith. Soon it became crystal clear that the arrogance and stubbornness of his pride was starting to consume him; Kun shorty afterward convinced himself that he had enough power to learn the techniques and ways of the dark side whilst still on the light. Jedi Master Baas did all he could to keep his apprentice from being corrupted by the dark side but Exar ignored his master and his instructions to heed his lessons and ignore snippets of the dark side and soon afterwards Exar abandoned Master Baas, declaring himself a Jedi knight.

Kun's mind was not changed about him having the power to withstand the dark side and set a goal for him; his journey first took him to the war-torn planet of Onderon. Whilst talking to the native people Exar Kun heard of a tomb containing Sith lord Freedon Nadd, who had been captured at the end of the Naddist uprising; the Jedi had sealed it shut, their captive inside, using Mandalorian iron to block entrances and exits. After they were sure of Nadd not being able to escape they placed it in a remote section of the moon Dxun.

This did not stop the stubborn and determined young Exar Kun who visited the moon to find a master. What he found was the spirit of the long deceased Freedon Nadd, who spoke to him and, using Exar's curiosity and ambition to his advantage, persuaded the young Kun to carry on his goal and continue his quest into the tomb. In doing so Kun agreed to his own downfall.

On Korriban, the young and determined Kun traveled deep underground. Directed by the spirit of Nadd and others, the Sith spirits decided to test their newest asset. One test being that he was deliberately trapped under rocks from a cave in and had had to escape without using the force to aid him. Soon the Sith spirits told him his only means of escape would be to fully embrace the dark side, the ambitious Jedi Knight fueled himself with the power that had been wanting to come out for years. Exar Kun entered the cave a high and mighty Jedi Knight and left as a fallen one.

Later he travels to Yavin 4 to search for Freedon Nadd's amulet and is attacked by the Massasi who are sith creatures. Exar Kun displays his power and gains there loyalty. He later finds Freedon Nadd's amulet and finds a great sith monster guarding it. It manages to slaughter dozens of Massasi before Exar is able to kill the beast and gain the amulet.

Peering into the amulet Exar Kun has visions of himself as a great and powerful Dark Lord of the sith of massasi legends, Empowered by the vision Exar Kun turns on the spirit of Freedon Nadd, Using the amulet to obliterate the spirit. As he vanishes he sends a signal across the galaxy to his other proteges Satal Keeto and Aleema of the Krath

He then finds Naga Sadows secrets on Yavin 4 he finds ancient sith alchemy that allows him to turn the massasi into hideous monsters filled with destructive powers ancient ship and finds that it is perfectly preserved he than uses the amulet to find Freedon Nadds proteges to destroy them.

He then duels a young jedi who has a darkside influence by the name of Ulic Qel-Drama as they duel the reigning sith lord appears and brands Exar with the title of Sith Lord and brands Ulic with the title of his apprentice.


  • Died: 3, 996 BBY, spirit incapacitated 11 ABY
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.9 m
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Gray

Known Masters:

Known Apprentices:

  • Ulic Qel-Droma
  • Crado
  • Nayama Bindo
  • Oss Wilum
  • Zona Luka
  • Gantoris
  • Kyp Durron

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