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Nightmare is the main villain of the Soul Calibur series and the avatar of the evil sword Soul Edge. Nightmare looks down on all life and constantly seeks souls to feed Soul Edge. Nightmare came into being when a knight named Siegfried was possessed by Soul Edge. Siegfried's body was twisted and mutated into a demonic form by the cursed sword. Siegfried was no more and Nightmare was born. Siegfried would later regain control briefly after Soul Caliber II and try to atone for his sins. This wouldn't last and the dark sword once again claimed his mind. In Soul Caliber III, Siegfried would be separated from Nightmare during a fight with Raphael Sorel. After Raphael pierced the eye on Soul Edge, Siegfried was freed and had the sword Soul Calibur. The Soul Calibur sword is the holy doppelganger of Soul Edge. In Soul Calibur IV, Nightmare is defeated by Siegfried and Soul Edge is scattered around the world. Nightmare acquires a new knight as his host before the Events of Soul Calibur V.

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