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A trio of vandals break into the Flash Museum. Their first order of business is to destroy the statue of the Flash. Dexter Myles, the curator, attempts to stop them, taking a chunk of debris to the head for his trouble. With Myles lying unconscious, the vandals set fire to the Flash Museum. Police officers rescue Myles, then contact the fire department. The Flash meets with his new defense attorney, Cecile Horton. The Flash takes Horton to see her law partner, Peter Farley, in the hospital. Farley's condition is much improved.

Word of the fire at the Flash Museum reaches the Flash. After checking on Myles, the Flash aids the fire department in quelling the blaze. Despite their best efforts, the damage to the Flash Museum is considerable.The three vandals report to the Pied Piper. After removing micro-sonic devices from their ears, the Pied Piper sends them on their way, with no memory of their past actions. A getaway car drives off a bridge, landing upside down in the mud.

Before officers can mount rescue efforts, the Flash intervenes, moving the car up onto the shore. Mace brings his deranged sidekick, Spike, to the Woodside Psychiatric Clinic. Fiona Webb, having suffered a total emotional breakdown, has made great progress in her recovery. Mace forces his way in. Holding the therapist at gun point, Mace forces him to treat Spike. In his delusional state, Spike attacks Webb, believing her to be his mother. The Flash intervenes, immediately taking down Spike, before he turns his attention to Mace.

With nothing to lose, Mace fires on Webb. The Flash deflects the bullets, then beats down Mace. After tending to the therapist, the Flash checks on Webb. World famous trial lawyer, N.D. Redik, encounters Horton, on the courthouse steps. Redik is displeased to learn that Horton is representing the Flash, in the Scarlet Speedster's upcoming trial for manslaughter. The Flash spirits Horton away. Before their relationship progress too far, Horton informs the Flash that she despises him, and is only representing him in deference to her partner, Farley.

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