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The verdict is in. The Flash has been found guilty as charged. Police officers carry the Flash out in handcuffs. Lisa Baldwin, a reporter for WCCN News, fails to get a statement from either the Flash's defense attorney, Cecile Horton, or the jury's foreman, Nathan Newbury. To escape Baldwin, and the courthouse crowds, Newbury races off, at super-human speed, until he is moving too fast for the human eye to see. Newbury is revealed to be the presumably deceased Professor Zoom, the notorious Reverse Flash. The stunning verdict weighs heavily upon the Flash's friends and family. Wally West, in particular, wonders if his damning testimony, as Kid Flash, was the deciding factor in the jurors' verdict. Horton, and Police Captain, Darryl Frye, visit the Flash in jail. They find the Scarlet Speedster's spirit to be completely broken.

Astonishingly, Newbury teleports into the Flash's cell. Newbury convinces the Flash to accompany him. The Flash finds that he implicitly trusts Newbury. Newbury teleports them both back to the courthouse. Miles away, locked in a floating cube, deep within "Dunce-Cap Peak", the Flash's Rogues Gallery are confronted by their jailer, Professor Zoom. Newbury reveals himself to be a time traveler. From the future, he had born witness to the Flash's adventures. The death of Professor Zoom, a half century before the Reverse Flash had even been born, created a cosmic anomaly, that threatened all time and space. An emissary from the future was selected to go back in time, to minimize the damage caused by the anomaly. This emissary took possession of Newbury's body, to ensure that the jury would acquit the Flash, an outcome already well known in the future.

With the jury deadlocked, Newbury decided to take the jurors back in time, to the exact moment of Professor Zoom's death. Newbury proved the Flash's justification in taking the Reverse Flash's life. En route back to the present, Newbury was attacked by Professor Zoom, and left stranded in the time stream. Impersonating Newbury, Professor Zoom compelled the jury to return with a guilty verdict. Using future technology, Newbury extricated himself from the time stream, then sought out the Flash. The Flash finds it almost impossible to believe that Professor Zoom could still, somehow, be alive. The Rogues also have a hard time accepting Professor Zoom's return. As they debate their situation, Professor Zoom eavesdrops upon them. Laughing uproariously, "Professor Zoom" reveals himself to be the 64th century sorcerer, Abra Kadabra.

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