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A pair of assassins have triggered an avalanche, burying Cecile Horton's mountain retreat under tons of rock, and debris. Neighbors spy a bloody hand protruding from the rock, as well as one clear survivor. Mayor Glenn Pinchot explains to the Flash that his actions, of late, have not been his own. Pinchot has been under someone else's control. The Flash discovers a micro sonic device, behind Pinchot's ear. A clear sign that the Pied Piper is, once again, at large.

The Flash has police forensics scientist, Patty Spivot, examine the device. Police captain, Darryl Frye, informs the Flash that Horton's retreat has been destroyed. Horton is believed dead. The Flash races to the retreat. The dead woman is revealed to be Gigi Hogan, an employee of the tabloid newspaper, the National Penetrator. Hogan had broken into Horton's retreat to wire it for electronic surveillance. Hogan's co-hort, Winslow, a photographer for the National Penetrator, survived the landslide.

With new hope for Horton's survival, the Flash digs through the rock, to enter the retreat. The Flash finds Horton, alive, inside her sensory deprivation chamber. Horton's relief at being rescued momentarily overwhelms her great disdain for the Flash. When the Flash recovers Horton's most cherished possession, a watch, she demands he take his hands off of it. The Flash takes a moment to touch base with his parents, Doctor Henry and Nora Allen. The Flash questions Winslow, at the hospital.

Winslow managed to photograph the assassins, before they triggered the rockslide. After getting Winslow's film developed, the Flash hunts the two assassins down, in a bar on Central City's lower East Side. The Flash brutally interrogates the two men. The Flash finds the tape recorder that provided the assassins with their target. The Flash meets with world-famous trail lawyer, Nicholas D. Redik. The Flash presents Redik with the tape recorder. Though the recorder is largely destroyed, the serial numbers are intact.

Numbers the Flash was able to track back to the manufacturer, which provided him with the purchaser's name and signature... Redik. The Flash accuses Redik of trying to kill the Flash's defense attorneys, to force the Flash to hire Redik as legal council. A police officer arrives to arrest Redik. Redik pulls a gun, and tries to kill himself. The Flash disarms Redik, only to see Redik leap out the window. The Flash catches Redik, but the strain on Redik's heart proves to be too much. Redik dies in disgrace. The Flash returns home to his parents. Horton visits the gravesite of someone whose death she blames on the Flash.

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