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On the phone with his attorney, Peter Farley, the Flash hears an explosion. The Flash races across country, managing to get Farley out of his office before the main brunt of the explosion can hit him. The Flash rushes Farley to a hospital, where doctors give Farley a 50-50 chance of survival. The Rainbow Raider listens to the news, broadcasting about Farley's condition, while suiting up. The Flash checks on Fiona Webb, while at the hospital, only to find she has been released to a psychiatric care facility. World famous trial lawyer, N.D. Redik, puts pressure on his media contacts.

Redik wants to put the word out that he is available to represent the Flash, in the Scarlet Speedster's upcoming trial for manslaughter. The Flash sees a police bulletin, offering a reward for any information regarding the whereabouts of police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. The Flash tears the bulletin down, displeased that he should be reminded of the civilian life he has abandoned. The Flash receives a telegram from Farley's law partner, Cecile Horton, who offers to defend the Flash, in Farley's absence. The Rainbow Raider attacks, and robs, an armored car.

Redik approaches police captain, Darryl Frye, about getting word to the Flash regarding Redik's offer to represent him, at trial, gratis. The Rainbow Raider ambushes the Flash. Thanks to the reflection in a storefront window, the Flash is able to evade the Rainbow Raider's first volley. The Flash continues to elude the Rainbow Raider's attacks. Switching tactics, the Rainbow Raider washes the crowd with red anger rays, inciting the crowd to riot against the Flash. After subduing the crowd, the Flash engages the Rainbow Raider, only to be bound in Prisma-Bands.

Suddenly, an emerald-hued energy construct of a stop sign appears before the Rainbow Raider. A second sign appears behind him. Both signs come together, an impact which knocks the Rainbow Raider from his rainbow bridge. The Green Lantern catches the Rainbow Raider in a power ring constructed pot. With the Rainbow Raider turned over to the proper authorities, the Green Lantern and the the Flash, head off for a private conversation. The Flash catches the Green Lantern up on the circumstances surrounding his current legal predicament. Back at the sanctuary provided by Farley's law firm, the Flash meets Farley's law partner, Horton.

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