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Law enforcement officers, in the far future, fail to stop a fugitive, from escaping back to the 20th Century. With Kid Flash on the stand, District Attorney, Anton Slater, begins his line of inquiry. The Flash's defense attorney, Cecile Horton, attempts to discredit Kid Flash's expert super-speed testimony, but is overruled. Slater asks Kid Flash if there were any other way for the Flash to stop Professor Zoom, from murdering Fiona Webb, without killing the notorious Reverse Flash. Kid Flash outlines three such scenarios. Horton makes a point that the Flash had no time to think of options, in taking down Professor Zoom. The Flash only had time to react to the crisis, not analyze it. The Flash gives Kid Flash a silent assent, but Kid Flash still feels terrible for testifying against his mentor.

The fugitive, from the future, arrives in the 20th Century, specifically in the Central City Police Forensics Laboratory. Police Captain, Darryl Frye, along with another officer, investigate the break in. Horton discusses the Flash's trial with her assistant, Dwayne. The trial is not going well for the Flash. The fugitive, from the future, breaks into the Central City Police Records Room. The Flash visits with his parents, Doctor Henry, and Nora, Allen. Unbeknownst to the Flash, he is being spied on, from afar, by Horton. Frye discovers that all the information, regarding the Flash's Rogues Galley, has been erased from the Central City Police databanks. Slater shows two stills, from Webb's wedding video, revealing the Flash's rage-filled countenance, just before killing Professor Zoom.

Speaking privately with the Flash, Horton reveals she has a new strategy for winning the case, but opts not to reveal it, just yet, to her client. In court, Horton makes the case that Webb was not just another innocent endangered by Professor Zoom, but the bride-to be, of missing police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. Professor Zoom murdered Allen's first wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, four years prior. To explain the Flash's desperation in stopping Professor Zoom, Horton suggests that the Flash is Allen. To prove it, Horton unmasks the Flash, in open court. The face Horton reveals, however, is not that of Barry Allen.

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