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The Flash finally discovers why his defense attorney, Cecile Horton, despises him. Abra Kadabra channels the power of an ion storm, through his body, to escape his prison cell, and travel back into the 20th Century. Despite Horton's need to discuss the Flash's case, the Flash breaks away from her. The Flash pays a visit to Central City Police Headquarters, to speak with Police Captain, Darryl Frye. The Flash learns the details surrounding the execution of Horton's father, Police Sargent, Jack O'Malley, at the hands of Goldface. Horton discusses the Flash's trial with her assistant, Dwayne. Something about one of the jurors, Nathan Newbury, unsettles Dwayne.

Horton, however, is far more interested in the daily presence of Doctor Henry, and Nora, Allen, at the trial. Seemingly they have no connection to the Flash, yet seem highly invested in the outcome of the trial. The Flash spirits Horton away to Fairview Cemetery, and the gravesite of her father, O'Malley. Goldface had murdered O'Malley, in an attempt to curb the Flash's interference, in his criminal enterprises. Goldface threatened to execute police officer after police officer, if the Flash continued to operate in Central City. Horton believes that the Flash willfully defied Goldface's edict, thus instigating the death of her father.

In reality, Goldface murdered O'Malley, before issuing his ultimatum to the Flash. Prison officials confirm Abra Kadabra's escape, as well as his likely return to the 20th Century. Horton has a nightmare, causing her to question the exact circumstances regarding her father's murder. Horton travels upstate, to speak directly with Curtis Kenyon, the notorious Goldface. Kenyon confirms Horton's belief, that the Flash had advance warning of Kenyon's intentions, and defied the ultimatum, resulting in O'Malley's death. An attack helicopter blows a hole in the prison wall. Kenyon snatches O'Malley's gold watch from Horton, as he escapes from the prison.

Horton grabs Kenyon, as they are both drawn into the helicopter. The Flash just manages to leap onto the helicopter, as it pulls away from the prison. Kenyon returns O'Malley's watch to Horton, confesses that he actually killed her father prior to issuing his ultimatum to the Flash, then throws Horton out of the helicopter. The Flash destroys the helicopter's rotor, before leaping after Horton. By descending in a spiral pattern, the Flash is able to break their fall, landing in a nearby lake. Horton apologizes to the Flash, for wrongfully holding him responsible for her father's death. Horton considers the breaking of her father's watch, on impact with the lake, as a sign that it's time for her to put the past behind her. District Attorney, Anton Slater, calls his star witness to the stand, Kid Flash.

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