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Mayor Glenn Pinchot holds a press conference, at the Flash Museum. Pinchot reveals that he publicly sullied the Flash's name, while under the control of the Pied Piper. Pinchot apologizes, makes it known that the city council has released the funds to restore the Flash Museum, then rallies the public to continue to support the Flash. The Pied Piper is none too pleased with Pinchot's turnaround. Police Captain Darryl Frye's cat drags one the Flash's uniforms out into the yard. Frye meets with the Flash's defense attorney, Cecile Horton.

Frye expresses mild astonishment that Horton would take the Flash's case, concerning what happened to her father.The Flash takes down two gunmen, holding the Governor's mother hostage, for ransom. Detective Frank Curtis reassures the Flash that the city still supports the Scarlet Speedster. Captain Boomerang sends a remote controlled boomerang to the Pied PIper's secret lair. Captain Boomerang chastises the Pied Piper for waging a psychological war with the Flash. Captain Boomerang accuses the Pied Piper of cowardice in his refusal to face the Flash, like a proper rogue.

The Pied Piper tests an array of his weaponized pipes. His confidence high, the Pied Piper prepares to confront the Flash, armed with his most devastating weapon, the Ultima-Pipe. Frye meets with the District Attorney, Anton Slater. Frye's wife informs him that she has found a ring, belonging to missing police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. A hit man fires a bazooka at Slater. The Flash deflects the shell with a street sign, saving Slater's life. The Flash turns the assassin over to the police. Slater thanks the Flash, but assures the Scarlet Speedster that he will convict the Flash for manslaughter.

The Pied Piper summons the speed demons. Horton meets with her law partner, Peter Farley. Horton assures Farley that , despite her great disdain for the Flash, she will provide the best defense possible for the Scarlet Speedster. A powerful, dissonant sound is heard throughout Central City. The Flash follows the sound back to one of the Pied Piper's pipes. Lured into a trap, the Flash is attacked by the speed demons. The Pied Piper reveals himself. The radiation trails of the speed demons paralyze the Flash. With the Pied Piper playing the Ultima-Pipe, the speed demons draw the Flash high into the sky. The Pied Piper estimates that the Flash has exactly two minutes remaining of life.

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