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The Flash has just destroyed anchorman Rick Trent's news desk, during a live news broadcast. The Flash was duped into believing that a bomb had been planted in the television studio. The citizens of Central City respond to the Flash's seemingly crazed behavior. Before the Flash can explain his actions, the news feed is cut. The Flash's defense lawyer, Cecile Horton, is none too pleased with the Flash's actions. In contrast, the Pied Piper is quite pleased with how well his psychological assault on the Flash is proceeding. The Pied Piper contacts Mayor Glenn Pinchot. Still under the Pied Piper's sonic control, the Mayor is told what to say in his next televised interview. Two assassins are contracted, in a most unorthodox fashion, to kill Horton.

The Flash arrives at Horton's mountain retreat, finding her in her sensory deprivation tank. Horton exits the tank completely nude, embarrassing the Flash. Horton takes the Flash to task over his recent public actions. Police captain, Darryl Frye, inquires as to the location of a ring, belonging to missing police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. Frye's wife suspects the cat may have done something with the ring. The Flash saves a young skateboarder from injury. On request, the Flash shows off his super-speed skateboarding style. The Flash is chastised, by a police officer, for setting a bad example for the kids. A reporter, for the National Penetrator, has discovered the location of Horton's retreat. Pinchot goes on television, calling for the removal of the Flash from Central City's streets.

During the broadcast, Pinchot musters the will to resist the Pied Piper's commands, and storms off the set. The Flash and Dexter Myles, the Curator of the Flash Museum, are watching the broadcast. The Flash decides to angrily confront Pinchot. The Pied Piper orders Pinchot to kill himself. Pinchot flies his private plane into a tree. Before impact, the Flash chops the tree down. Pinchot then puts his plane into a nose dive, aiming straight for a golf course. The Flash manages to leap onto the plane, and pull PInchot out, before the plane crashes into the fairway. Pinchot begs the Flash for forgiveness. The National Penetrator reporter sets up on Horton's retreat, recording everything said inside. The assassins trigger an avalanche, destroying the retreat, and seemingly killing Horton.

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