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World-famous trial lawyer, N. D. Redik, picks up a copy of the National Penetrator. Redik continues to espouse his belief that without Redik representing him, the Flash will lose his trial for manslaughter. The Flash reflects on all the things that are going wrong in his life. High-priced hair stylist, J.J. Munro, is incapacitated by the Pied Piper. Posing as Munro's assistant, the Pied Piper keeps Munro's appointment to cut the Mayor's hair. Police Captain Darryl Frye's wife chastises him for bringing work home. Frye is informed of a hostage situation, and leaves the breakfast table. One of the Flash's costume rings, currently in Frye's possession, is batted off the counter, to the floor, by Frye's cat.

While cutting the Mayor's hair, the Pied Piper places a micro sonic device around the Mayor's ear, placing him under the Pied Piper's control. The Flash visits his former attorney, Peter Farley, in the hospital. The Flash questions Farley regarding his law partner, Cecile Horton, and her hatred for the Flash. Farley refuses to break his confidence with Horton. Mayor Gene Pinchot tours the Flash Museum, assessing the damage. Dexter Myles, the curator, asks the mayor for funding to restore the museum. Pinchot decides against it, shocking his city council members. Horton expresses her intent to get the case against the Flash dismissed, by showing the District Attorney, slides of the Flash's numerous rescues.

The District Attorney is certain the case will not be dismissed. Frye's cat triggers the hidden spring on the Flash costume ring, releasing the compressed costume. The cat drags the costume under the couch, to maul it. Myles receives word that Pinchot has refused to allocate funds to restore the Flash Museum. When word reaches the Flash, he becomes deeply distraught, to the chagrin of his attorney, Horton. The editor of the National Penetrator tells his top reporter to keep the Flash's story on the front page. The Flash rescues a pair of falling window washers. Despite citizen outcry, Pinchot defends his decision to deny the Flash Museum the necessary restoration funds.

The Flash angrily confronts Pinchot. A police officer flags the Flash down, with an urgent radio message for him. The caller informs the Flash that a bomb had been planted under the desk of anchorman, Rick Trent. The bomb is set to go off, at that very moment. The Flash races across town, to the television news stuidios. With Trent on the air, the Flash rushes in, and hammers the news desk to splinters. When no bomb is found, the Flash realizes that he's been played for a fool, in front of millions, on network television. Unbeknownst to the Flash, the man who has played him for a fool, is his arch-nemesis, the Pied Piper.

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