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Big Sir carries the unconscious form of the Flash into the mountains of Central City. The Trickster and the Weather Wizard incapacitate a pair of police officers, in their own inimitable styles. Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, and the Mirror Master, join them. After telling the officers all about how Big Sir took down the Flash, the Rogues head out on their own individual crime sprees. Psychic Ludlow Dreed meets with the Flash's defense attorney, Cecile Horton, outside her demolished mountain retreat.

Dreed, using a ring once worn by long-missing police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, has followed the psychic trail to Horton's retreat. Horton assures Dreed that Allen was never there. The Flash awakes to find himself shackled in a chain made of pure energy. Attempting to free himself, the Flash suffers a powerful electric shock. The Flash attempts to reason with Big Sir. The Flash tries to convince Big Sir that the Rogues are merely using him, to do their dirty work. Spying a helpless bear cub, Big Sir leaves to rescue it. The Flash's words have fallen on deaf ears.

Dreed reports his failure to locate Allen to Police Captain, Darryl Frye. Dreed returns Allen's ring to Frye. In attempting to rescue the bear cub, Big Sir, inadvertently, knocks himself unconscious, placing both himself, and the bear cub, in jeopardy. Horton waits, impatiently, for the Flash to get in contact with her. By building up intense friction-heat, vibrating at super-human speed, the Flash excites the molecules of the energy shackle, causing it to expand. Freed, the Flash rescues both Big Sir, and the bear cub. The District Attorney is certain he will be able to convict the Flash of manslaughter. Flash's rescue of the bear cub convinces Big Sir that they are on the same side. The Flash arrives, late, at the courthouse, on the opening day of his trial.

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