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Charybdis has returned in his pursuit of revenge against Aquaman has captured Koryak and Atlanna.While Aquaman is forced to deal with the citizens ire about the population being joined by other species, as Garth continues visiting Letfios thanking her for her help in deciding to do the right thing and marry Dolphin.As he leaves to search for Dolphin, he then finds her as she slaps him and swims off leaving him alone, while elsewhere Charybdis attacks Atlan defeating him and dragging him away.While back in Atlantis Mera returns during which they begin to act civil until Mera learns of Indigo's prescence in the palace and Tempest's arrival to talk with Aquaman who reveals Dolphins pregnant. 
However in the midst of Tempest's pouring his feelings out Atlan appears revealing he's back and Aquaman to come to the cave alone of they all die.Dolphin then leaves running into an eavesdropping dolphin who accepts his proposal, as Aquaman arrives to the Aquacave being attacked by Charybdis who knocks him out then ties him up after taking his powers. 

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