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Charybdis is a dangerous creature that was the result of a chemical spill in the ocean that reacted badly with a shark. As such, it often came in hostile contact with Aquaman, though Aquaman usually won those encounters. Charybdis and his wife Scylla were international terrorists who took codenames after monsters in Greek mythology. Scylla was killed when a bomb she had been holding exploded. The grief drove her husband insane. He was next seen using unexplained metahuman powers and carrying a grudge against Aquaman. Charybdis beat Aquaman in battle and strapped him to a device that transferred all his powers to Charybdis (it was during this battle that Aquaman lost his hand). Charybdis, not yet having mastered Aquaman's ability to communicate with fish, fell into a pool of piranha, and absorbed their spirit, transforming himself into Piranha Man. Aquaman ultimately defeated this new incarnation of his enemy. In Infinite Crisis, Charybdis became a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

Powers and Abilities

Charybdis grows more powerful with each ability he absorbs in addition to being a very skilled oponent, making him one of Aquaman's more dangerous enemies.

Power Mimicry

Charybdis has the ability to copy the powers of other beings such as Aquaman (mental and physical powers), including powerful magic wielders like Atlan. The extent of this power wasn't revealed, though he was shown to be stronger but slower than Aquaman.

Underwater Breathing / Adaptation

Charybdis was able to breath and move without trouble on the ocean floor even before his first meeting with Aquaman. When he absorbed his powers his abilities also increased, making him an even better match for Aquaman.

Intellect (Covert Operative)

Charybdis has shown strategic planning and cunning in multiple occasions. Being a former operative for covert operations helped develop these skills.

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