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By conquering Cerdia, Atlantis has gained a permanent surface presence in the DC Universe--providing Aquaman can get the Cerdian people to accept their new status as Atlantean citizens. But that task may prove impossible, as dissident factions plan to destroy the new alliance!

Aquaman arrives to Ceredia where he addresses it's citizens, urging them to accept his rule as beneficial for their people. He then promises the citizens he will give them a better life then they could dream of or will step down to allow them to have democratic elections.While back in Atlantis the citizens protest the joining of Ceredia with Atlantis. Aquaman then charges Mera to help the citizens grow to accept the Ceredians while at an outpost several soldiers are attacked with a group stealing a weapons ship.

While elsewhere Garth and Dolphin struggle to name their son as Aquaman comes charging Tempest with a mission,however they are called away by a crisis when the stolen ship targets a Red Cross relief ship heading to Ceredia.Aquaman manages to save the ship from the torpedoes, with the citizens setting the ship for self-destruct on a course for the Ceredian capitol city, however Aquaman diverts the course.Aquaman then seeks to earn the people of Ceredian's trust so he introduces prince Tempest where he names his son Cerdian.

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