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Current Events

Mera is currently on a quest with Aquaman looking for Atlanna, former queen of Atlantis and mother of Aquaman, long thought dead.


Mera's first appearence

As with any character that has existed in the medium for such a long time, Mera has had her origin told many times and this creates some confusion to the exact origin of the character. In the silver age , she was the resident of a watery dimension known as Xebel , and she fled from there to Earth from the villain Leron . After arriving on Earth she met Aquaman and the two formed a crimefighting partnership before eventually marrying. A modified origin indicates that Xebel was actually a banished coloney of Atlanteans which had been sealed within the Bermuda Triangle . Mera and her sister Hila were princesses of Xebel and sent to destroy Aquaman. Instead Mera fell in love with him and abandoned her people to become the Queen of Atlantis .


Mera’s first appearance was in Aquaman #11 in 1963. Created by artist Nick Cardy and writer Jack Miller.

Character Evolution

Mera and Aquaman Adventures

Mera’s publication history is a lot longer than most contemporary characters, having spanned almost fifty years. As with many characters of the silver age (and especially female characters) her depiction was generally two dimensional, but after the decision that one of her sons died in infancy, she began to be displayed as more independent, both in love with Aquaman, but also unable to face their past. In the new 52 reboot, they seem to be at peace with one another, though it is not yet revealed hos this relates to the continuity before the reboot.

Major Story Arcs

The majority of the character’s silver appearances did not result in any notable story arcs. This is mostly as a result of the general depiction of comic book characters at the time (in that most did not have story arcs) instead focusing more on self-contained adventures within individual issues, or occasionally in two or three. The first major development which occurred to Mera was the death of their child Arthur Curry Jr, who was murdered by Black Manta. Mera began to resent that the father was not by the son when he died (as the son died a short time later while they tried to save his life.) The two eventually came to a violent confrontation in which Aquaman assumed that Mera had died, but it was later revealed that Thantos had brainwashed her. She was held in a hellish dimension known as the Netherworld. She was eventually freed by her husband. The two remained estranged and she even ruled as Queen during his exile. Arthur had also begun a relationship with Dolphin for a time, but her would eventually reunite with Mera.

Mera as a Red Lantern in "Blackest Night"

Atlantis was sent back in time by Tempest during the Imperiex War. It was later restored with the help of the Justice League of America. She later showed up

shortly before Aquaman’s death in One Year Later . After these events she regained her full abilities and formed a rebel army with the new Aquaman with the goal of rebuilding Atlantis after its destruction at the hands of the Spectre .During Blackest Night, a group of Atlanteans including Mera attempt to retrieve the body of Aquaman to return it to the royal tomb. She is shocked to discover he has been returned to life as a Black Lantern, and was later joined by Dolphin and Tula (Aquagirl.) In the end the remainder of the Atlanteans are killed and Garth is brought back as a Black Lantern as well. Black Lantern Aquaman tempts her with their deceased child but she flees and joins forces with the Atom and the Flash. She is eventually deputized as a Red Lantern, which increased her power substantially. When the Arthur was subsequently revived, her red ring separated itself from her, leaving her in cardiac arrest, but Saint Walker and Carol Ferris were able to save her.

During the events of Brightest Day the two of them rekindle their love and the two began to work together, notably saving a group of children from abduction, but they are confused as Aquaman can summon zombie version of marine wildlife. Soon after she is forced to reveal to Aquaman her true history, that she was originally sent to kill him.

New 52

Facing Black Manta

The Trench/The Others

Mera is still struggling to adjust to life on the surface. She fought The Trench at Aquaman's side. She hates how humans show neither Arthur nor her any respect even after how much they've helped them. Now, with Arthur fighting to find Black Manta with The Others, she is forced to stay back with Dr. Shin.

Throne of Atlantis

The US Navy accidentally sends missiles into the ocean. This provokes Ocean Master, king of Atlantis, to declare war on the surface world (using plans Aquaman wrote years before). Ocean Master captures most of the Justice League underwater, so Aquaman, Mera, and Cyborg go to rescue them. This ultimately leads to Aquaman becoming the new king of Atlantis.

Death of a King

Nereus kisses Mera

With Aquaman as king of Atlantis. The First King returns to become ruler of the 7 seas once again. Shortly after, Mera runs into Nereus, who calls her his wife. Nereus is the ruler of Xebel, and has assumed that Mera was dead. Is it then stated that Nereus sent her to kill Aquaman, three years ago! Aquaman engages in a fight with the First King, while Scavenger has invade Atlantis. Much to Mera's surprise, the people Xebel bow to the First King, declaring him the "true king of the 7 seas."

Powers and Abilities

Mera possesses abilities common to all Xebelians, but to a greater degree, especially her water control.

Superhuman Strength

Mera possesses superhuman strength. She has been shown as strong enough to lift an entire section of an Atlantean ship with dozens of people still attached to it.

Superhuman Swimming Speed

Mera can swim much faster than normal Atlanteans or Xebelians. Her swimming is boosted by her advanced level of water manipulation. She is on Aquaman's category, which would make her one of the fastest swimmers in the DC universe.

Superhuman Jump

Mera, like Aquaman, can leap great distances either on land or out of water. Her ability can be boosted by her water control. She can leap so high she appears to be flying and has boarded a plane mid flight.

Enhanced Durability

Mera has enhanced durability especially against blunt damage, but is not invulnerable. She can withstand more damage than normal humans and was able to withstand some degree of damage by a possessed Wonder Woman. She is also resistant to energy attacks such as Black Manta's electric discharges. Her armored costume further improves her durability.

Enhanced Senses

Mera has shown the ability to see, hear or talk normally even at the bottom of the ocean. She can also sense water.

Underwater Adaptation

She can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep, like all Xebelians. She can breath both on land and underwater.

Water Control

Mera possesses aquakinesis (water control) like all Xebelians, but her ability is greater than the others.

She can manipulate water in any shape or form like shields or melee weapons. Her most known use of her power is solidifying water in what is called "Hard Water". She can use her Hard Water power to move around on solid water, form shields, weapons or concussive blasts. She can also manipulate the water on other peoples bodies for multiple effects such as dehydration. She can manipulate water on the level of creating or holding back a tidal wave, though it taxes her greatly. When attempting feats of such magnitude Mera has repeatedly had nosebleeds and on some occasions even fainted from the effort. Although it must be noted that Mera had success, even though she was weakened after.

Skilled Assassin / Leader

Mera is a trained assassin. She was trained from a very young age by the Xebelian King (her father) in order to kill the King of Atlantis. She is an expert on using her water control powers in combat. Additionally Mera is a proven leader, having led Atlantis before and is also quite intelligent, coming up with effective battle tactics during a battle.

Weapons and Equipment

Mera wears her trademark green full body armored suit.

Mera's Armored Suit

Mera wears a characteristic green full body armored suit. The suit further enhances her own durability to bulletproof levels.

Former Powers

Red Lantern Power Ring

Mera was in possession of a Red Lantern Power Ring fueled by rage for a very short period of time. The ring granted her the full range of its powers and further enhanced her own.

Limited Telepathy

In the pre-Flashpoint universe, Mera used to have a limited amount of telepathy, occasionally shown as able to communicate with other Atlanteans.




The events of Flashpoint created an in continuity world which had been modified to be quite different. In this storyline Wonder Woman and Aquaman were to be married as a political union, but a well-planned assassination stopped this course of action. The Amazons and the Atlanteans were subsequently at war. Mera eventually faces Wonder Woman and is decapitated, with Wonder Woman taking her distinctive helmet as a trophy. As depicted in the new 52, things are seemingly back to normal for the pair, as the events of Flashpoint were undone

The Nail (Elseworlds)

Mera has an small involvement in the alternate universe of The Nail, a world where the Kents never found Kal-El, and as consequence there is no Superman

JLA: Created Equal

In this elseworld, all men, with the exception of Superman and Lex Luthor, leaving the women behind. Wonder Woman, leading an all female Justice League, struggles to bring order and repopulate the world. Mera and Dolphin are shown as Atlantis survivors.


In Alex Ross´ Justice, Mera is once again the wife of Aquaman and mother of Arthur Jr. She asks for Justice League help after Aquaman dissapeared.

Tiny Titans

Mera makes a few cameos in Tiny Titans from Johnny Dc line. Her face is never shown.

Justice League of Atlantis

This was one of the many Justice League teams formed after Hector Hammond made the world forget that the Justice League existed. Aquaman's group were generally underwater based heroes. Mera is part of the team along with Tempest, Power Girl, Arion, Lori Lemaris and Devilfish

Other Media


The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

Mera appeared in several episodes of this show. She was voiced by Diana Maddox.

Justice League

Justice League

Mera appeared in the episodes The Enemy Below Part 1 and Part 2, The Terror Beyond Part 1 and Part 2. She was voiced by Kristen Bauer. Theres is no statement on whatever she is atlantean or not, and she does not display any powers. She first appears in the two part episodes story "The Enemy Below" as Aquaman wife and mother of their son. When Aqumana is put under arrest by Orm, she helped the Justice League by freeing them. She returns in "The Enemy Below" confronting de Justice League´s acusation against Aquaman. She also made a cameo in "Hereafter", attending Superman´s Funeral). In the serie she is given a more royal look.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Mera made her first appearance as a cameo in the episode "Evil Undersea" next to Aquaman's throne. She made a full appearence, voice dby Sirena Irwin, in "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!" where her family takes center stage. In this episode, she urges Aquaman to take some time off his super hero duties to make a family trip, and fights the Penguin's henchmen.



Soon after their marriage, Arthur and Mera discovered that Slade Wilson was building prisons for super-heroes following the passing of the Vigilante Registration Act and destroyed one of them. Clark Kent went to confront Arthur about this, but Mera, deeming him a threat, knocked him aside with her hydrokinesis. As Clark and Arthur went off to investigate Slade's operation further (resulting in Arthur being kidnapped), Mera was confronted by Lois Lane, who was trying to help Clark. At first, Mera deemed Lois a lesser being compared to herself, Arthur, Oliver Queen and Clark, until Lois managed to help them save Arthur with information on the prisons. Mera managed to rescue Oliver and Arthur. Later, before leaving town with Arthur, Mera apologized to Lois and admitted that she is a worthy partner of equal standing for someone like Clark. She is portrayed by Elena Satine.

Young Justice

Young Justice

Mera made an appearance on the show's episode "Downtime". In the episode after a mission gone awry, Aqualad decides to return to Atlantis where he hopes to rekindle things with Tula. However he comes to learn that Tula and Garth are now an item, and to make matters worst Poseidonis is attacked by Black Manta and his men, who sought after a beast frozen in ice. While Aquaman is away Mera, Garth, Tula , and Kaldur'ahm protect whats left of the city. Defeated, Black Manta resorts to drastic measures and decides to destroy the frozen beast, then flee the scene. As the episode comes to a close Aquaman entrust Aqualad with what's left of the beast, to take it to the surface world so that they may study whats left. Before Aqualad heads on back to the surface world he gives his blessings to Garth and Tula, she is also revealed to be pregnant. She is mentioned in the Season 1 finale where is stated that she helped create de cure to negate the effects of Starro-tech (The Light used this tech to asume control over the Justice League members). This is the first animated version of the character to display hydrokinesis, she is show to be very powerful as an instructor of the Conservatory of Sorcery. She has a more edgy look that her previous incarnations.

Dc Universe: Flashpoint Paradox

Mera in the Flashpoint Paradox

After an event that alters the past, changing the world as he knows it, Flash finds himself in a present plagued by a war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. In a flashback it is revealed that Aquaman and Mera arrived to the surface to make a pact between Atlantis and Themyscira. In the aftermath, Arthur and Diana share a brief romance, and Mera witness one encounter. In rage, the Queen and Wife of arthur, attacked Diana, who killed her cutting her head off, and starting to use her crown as a trophy. This prompted to the war that threatens to end the world.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Mera will appear in the movie based on the new 52 Justice League story arc of the same name. She will be voiced by Sumalee Montano.


DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

Mera appears in the MMORPG game DC Universe Online. In the beginning it´s believe that atlanteans are behind the arrack on Metropolis, with it forces commanded by Queen Mera. It´s revealed that this was in fact Circe in disguise who has seized control over the royal family. After Circes´s grip on Aquaman is broken, He and Mera go back to Atlantis.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Mera is playable character in the game via DLC content. She is the Queen of another dimesion who seeks for Aquaman help. The fell in love and eventually got married.


Action Figures

  • Mera is part of the Series 2 of Brightest Day line.
  • Mera, as a Red Lantern, is part of the Blackest Night serie 7. She is accompanied by Dex-Starr.
  • Mera has three variatins in the Heroclix game: One with her classic look, as a red lantern and a better made one based on the New 52 serie
  • A 16" barbie like doll base of her was released as part of DC Star Tonner Dolls.


  • Mera is the 108th character released as part of he DC Comics Super Hero Collection
  • Mera was released as a part of Ame-Comi Girls, and all female DC collection.


  • A bust of Mera was included in the "Women of DC" line.

Awards and Honours

Mera was ranked 81st in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics

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