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Aquaman marvels at the turn in his life since he has won Mera's heart back once again while blubber works to build a device to replace Aquaman's stolen telepathy. While Aquaman prepares to visit Noble's kingdom while worrying over his citizens growing wonderment of the surface world. Aquaman then arrives to the city where he learns Noble's intention to leave the city so he can find the other lost cities of the Lurkers leaving his cousin Virtue in charge with Aquaman acting as protector. Aquaman then has Vulko develop a vaccine to cancel out the Lurker men's pheromones so that any Atlantean women who wish for it can have their marriage annulled.  
Aquaman is then herded by a group of fish to the Lurker tunnels bringing him face to face with Charybdis. He then shows Aquaman his rock arm following losing it in the previous battle,he then uses Atlan's spell to immobilize before revealing he brought him to apologize to him revealing stealing all of their powers has granted him sanity.Aquaman then desires to have him return with him to Atlantis for a trial, which he refuses to do to stand trial for crimes committed under insanity. He then uses his magic and telepathy to remove the mental block on Aquaman's powers as a show of good faith which Aquaman then uses to attack but is knocked out only to awaken on Mercy Reef.

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