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Aquaman deals with his populations growing fondness for television and the internet causing them to be little more then mindless drones. While he and Mera try to learn how the surface criminals have been transformers to breath underwater while the Landlubbers and King Fish continue their work in the sulfur mines of Noble's city for their crimes against Atlantis,as a portal from Hell opens up with several demons escaping to seek out Aquaman for revenge. While Garth and Dolpin arrive at Niagra falls to celebrate their honeymoon,while Aquaman goes to meet his mother for the first time Noble arrives at Mera's summons. 
While back at Niagra Falls Garth is met by Tula who seeks his aid, when a demon arrives to take Tula to hell with Garth following him in pursuit. While Mera grows more conflicted between her feeling for Noble and Aquaman as Vulko arrives to alert everyone of the attack with Aquaman and Noble heading to meet the demons until Noble's face is badly burned by hellfire with Aquaman safely getting him to a hospital before heading out to meet his foes. Aquaman then returns to his throne room to retrieve the trident of Poseidon to use against the demons, only to be confronted by the deceased King Trevis who attacks him for becoming king but Aquaman and his mother manage to banish him back to hell. While Tula returns to the afterlife, Mera has tests run that reveals Noble has secreted Pheromones which have been attracting her, with her and Aquaman reconciling. 

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