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As Aquaman leads the Atlantean fleet against the renegade island nation of Cerdia, the heroes of the Justice League are duty-bound to stop him. But is the bond of trust that makes them the World's Greatest Super Heroes enough to keep Aquaman from his duties as a warrior-king?

Tempest continues telling his granddaughter Donna of the war with the surface world, picking up with the Justice League's arrival.Aquaman tries to gain the JLA's aid in apprehending the queen,calling off the attack in order to reach an agreement with the League however Superman questions the Queen's involvement due to the bombs being made of Atlantean technology. Ceredia then sends a message over Atlantean frequencies to attack the urban city, as Tempest grows fed up and prepares to rescue his son.

Aquaman and Tempest then head for the queen as the JLA sets out to stop the bloodshed. Aquaman and Tempest then battle through the castle ending up in the throne room, only to find the true mastermind to be Ocean Master.

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