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A frustrated Aquaman furiously questions Vulko over his telling him that his mother was dead which Vulko sticks by as confused as all the others with Aquaman confused if the disfigured woman is who she claims to be.  Indigo then arrives and shows Aquaman the amount of people being hurt by the effect Gindola's oil, while Garth and Dolphin continue to plan for their wedding. While Blubber,Sheeva and Lagoon Boy set out to build a television set.meanwhile Aquaman sets out to question Atlan over his not using his magic to heal his mother only to learn it's still gone causing him to age rapidly. 
While the Gindola provider reveals to be pumping the toxin into the water in hopes of causing a riot which will lead to Aquaman and the others death in the hopes of Atlanna becoming the new king. Aquaman then returns to the aquacave to gather the parts of the destroyed machine to give him and Atlan their powers back but are met by looters and a villain named the Eel.He then defeats him and returns to the palace gathering Garth and Indigo and heading to battle the Kingfish following his theft of the Gindola fish. Aquaman then defeats Kingfish as Mera arrives becoming jealous, with Atlan arriving shortly after to reveal Indigo is in fact Arthur's sister. 

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