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Aquaman has set his sights on winning Mera back, despite Garth's believing it to be a bad idea before Dolphin reveals she is pregnant. A freaked out Garth then leaves to think about this, as Aquaman continues heading to the city only to be stopped by a Lurker who shows him the lurkers tunnels have been converted to whisk away travelers at super speed. Aquaman then begins a talk with Mera who reveals she found the text in order to get out of their marriage before saying telling him she no longer loves him before Aquaman leaves with Mera letting him know she can always talk to him.

Garth then has a day dream imagining his future, before Vulko arrives giving him a new perspective. Meanwhile Koryak has been captured and is to be killed by an enemy of Aquaman to make Aquaman further suffer. While Aquaman saves Deep Blue from a monster, as Garth finds Letifos who helps him realize he has to grow up before the hug while Dolphin watches from a far. Aquaman then uses his telepathy to have a school of fish devour the monster before inviting Debbie back to Atlantis to stay in the palace being thanked with a kiss.

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