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Aquaman addresses the citizens of his city over his actions pledging to be a better ruler declaring the day a royal holiday due to Garth and Dolphin's wedding. Tempest then asks Aquaman to be his best man much to his surprise. While on the coast of Maine Atlantean pirates attack a ship forcing the coast guard to be called in. Temepst then opens up a portal to send Atlan back to his dimension where his aging will be slowed down, but Indigo follows in pursuit of answers. Meanwhile a group of squidmen march to the catacombs below Atlantis, while Mera helps Dolphin prepare for her wedding. 
While Aquaman is signaled by the JLA to investigate a attack on a boat with Aquaman vowing to find out who is behind it,while the Titans arrive with Nightwing giving a talk to Garth who is developing cold feet. While the squid people continue to march towards Atlantis with Noble heading to give Aquaman advanced warning. While Garth spends his time with the  Titans by the pool an explosion rocks the dome, with Garth fixing it by freezing the water around it. Aquaman and Garth then battle the terrorist who are revealed to be the same who have been attacking the ships, while Mera saves Vulko from two thugs in the palace as they search it for treasure and imprison them. Garth and Dolphin are shortly after married.

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