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Murmur, Dr. Michael Christian Amar, was a respected surgeon until he went on a killing spree. His incessant talking while he was committing the murders identified him as the murderer and he was caught, and sent to Iron Heights. While there, he cut out his own tongue and sewed his mouth shut so he could never incriminate himself again.

Years later, he created a breakout with Blacksmith's aid by releasing the frenzy virus in Iron Height's water supply. He joined Blacksmith's Rogues, continuing his grisly murders. After Blacksmith's Rogues disbanded, he struck out on his own. When he was pursued by a reformed Heat Wave, Captain Cold rescued him.

Murmur was one of the Rogues who were mind controlled by the Top during Rogue War, along with Plunder, Girder, Tar Pit, and Double Down. He was later seen working with the Fisherman during Infinite Crisis.

Murmur was also one of the villains sent to retrieve the Get Out of Hell Free Card from the Secret Six.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see" Man-Bat

Murmur is living in the sewers of Keystone City when he is appoarched by Hush. Hush takes Murmur to Gotham where he promises to fix Murmur mouth, but only after Murmur helps Hush with his plan to take down Black Mask. He then sends Murmur out to kill one of Black Masks hookers and blame the murder on Man-Bat.

Then later Hush has Murmur attempt to kill David, Black Mask's second in command. Then when David escapes they fallow him to Mask's hideout. There Hush and Murmur confront Mask. It is unclear how but Murmur is poisoned and left for dead, although it's implied that Hush double crossed him.

Powers and Abilities

Murmur has unusual blood chemistry, which makes him immune to lethal injection and the frenzy virus. He is also an expert with knives.

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