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This page is for Axel Walker, the current Trickster. For the original Trickster, see James Jesse


Axel Walker's father told him that every person in the world was either a trickster, or the one being tricked, a message that he took to heart. The product of a broken home, Axel largely fell by the wayside in his parents lives. He finally got his moment in the sun after he dropped out of high school, when Blacksmith began assembling her version of the Rogues. She helped Axle steal the equipment of the original Trickster, James Jesse, who had gone legitimate and was working with the FBI at the time. He had his first encounter with the Flash soon after, when he was destroying or stealing some files belonging to Hunter Zolomon and Keith Kenyon. He was able to escape the encounter with the Flash using a fake glove. He was initially regarded warily by the other Rogues, but soon accepted into the fold of Captain Cold's Rogues by the more senior members.


Axel Walker was created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins.

Major Story Arcs

He stayed with Cold's Rogues until they were confronted by the "reformed" Rogues. He faced James Jesse, who was unimpressed by the man who had taken up his mantle. They fought until James' memories were restored by the Top, and James was able to defeat the new Trickster handily. He took back all of the equipment that Walker had stolen and warned him to never assume the Trickster mantle again. He was sent to jail, and eventually escaped, though he was soon defeated by the Flash. Sometime afterwards and again out of jail, he killed four college students, but was discovered by Detective Chimp and returned to jail for the second time.

During Final Crisis, the death of the original Trickster lead to Walker again taking up the identity of the Trickster. During this time as the Trickster he was taught by the other Rogues about what it meant to be a Rogue. At the end of their appearance he was involved in the murder of Inertia. After this he went on the run with the Rogues.

During the Blackest Night he fought along with the Rogues against Black Lantern Rogues. He personally fought the original Trickster Black Lantern, but had little success.

He also fought alongside the Rogues when the Renegades came back in time to arrest Barry Allen for the murder of Mirror Monarch.

New 52

Axel Walker has been seen in the pages of ''The New 52'' ongoing series of The Flash as well as a cameo appearance in the pages of Captain Atom. After the EMP that shut down Central City, Trickster and his men stole the car of Darwin Elias before the genius was taken by Mob Rule. When Grodd and his gorillas invade Central City, Trickster approached the king with the offer of helping him conquer the city, but Grodd tore his arm off instead, although it is seen later that he has replaced his arm with a prosthetic or robotic arm. Trickster is sitting in The Keystone Saloon talk to Barry Allen who is on leave from The Keystone police force. Trickster is arrested for murder and minutes later escapes. The Flash captures Trickster and places him in Iron Heights. The Outlander's, Trickster's new group, threatens to break him out.

He is set to appear in a short upcoming story arc.

Equipment and Weapons

As he stole much of his equipment from the original Trickster, he retains a great deal of his predecessor's weapons, most of which are joke-themed and include such "humorous" devices as exploding rubber chickens, itching powder and exploding yo-yos. He as has a pair of flying shoes that allow him to remain airborne for about 10 hours.

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