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Fisherman was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

Major Story Arcs

Early Crimes

The Fisherman is an international criminal who began his career by stealing rare objects and scientific inventions and selling them to the highest bidder. When he stole a growth formula capable of enlarging any living matter it came into contact with, he encountered Aquaman who captured him and his gang. He later joined the Terrible Trio along with Karla and Un-Thing but was defeated once again by Aquaman and Mera.

On several further occasions, the Fisherman has clashed with Aquaman; once when the Fisherman was running weapons to Atlantean rebels on behalf of the Shark, then again while the Fisherman was working for Kobra as part of the Serpent-Lord's plans for world conquest - each time Aquaman defeated the Fisherman. The Fisherman has also clashed with Blue Devil and once with the Green Lantern G'nort. He has taken up residence in the villain friendly country of Zandia.

Infinite Crisis

There was a second incarnation of the Fisherman. He, Scavenger, Body Doubles, Red Panzer, Riddler, and Murmur attacked the Gotham Police during the Infinite Crisis. The Fisherman went on a rampage and began to strangle Crispus Allen, but was shot dead by detectives Marcus Driver and Josie McDonald.

The autopsy revealed that he is not the original Fisherman, only an impostor.


The third Fisherman is a xenoform parasite that attaches itself to the host and uses fear to install in all of its victims.


In the DC Universe sweeping event Flashpoint, the Fisherman is seen as a crew member of Captain Deathstroke on the ship named the Ravager. The Fisherman, along with Captain Deathstroke and the rest of his crew sail the war ravaged seas searching for the Captain's missing daughter and plundering destroyed civilizations.

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