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He works in the meta-human department, along with Fred Chyre. Going to investigate the Cicada Cult, he was stabbed by one of the mystical knives. This granted him healing powers. When attacked and buried by his mirror counterpart Plunder, he healed and took down Plunder. In a reversal of roles, he pretended to be Plunder to learn what Blacksmith's Rogue's plans were. Chyre and Morillo fought Plunder and Murmur. Morillo's throat was slashed, but he healed, and they succeed in stopping the two Rogues. Morillo has continued to help the Flash from the meta-human department.

Morillo truly cares about two things: fighting crime and his wife.  He is constantly talking to his wife on the phone or talking about her to his friends and coworkers.  He did this to such an extent that when Plunder impersonated him, Chyre pulled a gun on the villain when he refused to take a phone call from Morillo's wife, something the real Morillo would never do.  Despite this, Morillo's wife is never shown on panel.


Morillo is able to heal from most any wound, due to his being slashed by a mystical knife.

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