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Convicted burglar Mark Mardon was being escorted by train under guard to Tri-state Prison, when he jumped from the moving train and headed for the home of his brother Clyde, who lived on an island in Big Water Lake. Entering his brother's lab, Mardon would later claim he found Clyde dead of a heart attack. In Rogue's Revenge, it is revealed that he became panicked and killed his brother using the already constructed weather wand. In all previous story arcs, Mardon claimed that near his brother's hand he found a notebook containing details of experiments in controlling the weather. Clyde had intended to use these discoveries in order to help humanity, and was about to announce his findings publicly when he died.

Mark Mardon, however, was going to use these discoveries to help himself! Using his own inventive skill and following the principles Clyde had discovered, Mardon built a wand that would enable him to control the weather over limited areas. He then created the costumed identity of the Weather Wizard.


Weather Wizard was created by Carmine Infantino and John Broome in the pages of Flash in 1959.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Silver Age Weather Wizard

As the Weather Wizard, Mardon set out on a revenge mission against the three police officers who had arrested him. He succeeded in getting the first two men, but was prevented by the Flash (Barry Allen) in his attempts to get the third.

The Weather Wizard later created a weather control station and used frigid weather to cut Oakley County, Wyoming, off from the rest of the country. His next plan was to build a gigantic weather control station from which he could take over the whole country. His plans were foiled by Wally West (Kid Flash) and the Elongated Man. Since then, Weather Wizard has battled Batman, but his most regular opponent was Barry Allen. On occasions he teamed up with other members of the Rogues Gallery to overcome Barry but without success.

After Barry's death in Crisis of Infinite Earths, Weather Wizard largely retired from crime and appeared only sporadically for quite some time.

Modern Age

Like many other of the Rogues, Weather Wizard found new life during Geoff Johns' run on Flash. He was presented as perhaps the most intelligent and powerful of the Rogues, but his anger and cruelty kept him from seeming to be a better candidate for leader of the Rogues than Captain Cold. He and the Rogues were generally envisioned as working class supervillains who tried to adhere to certain rules of doing business in order to make it less likely they would get themselves jailed or killed. Weather Wizard became one of the primary members of the group, which quickly became one of the most popular things about the Flash franchise at the time.

Major Story Arcs

Underworld Unleashed

For further information: Underworld Unleashed

Weather Wizard and some of the Flash's other Rogues were manipulated by Abra Kadabra into making a pact with Neron, ruler of Hell. The deal was that in return for an act of service they would gain the respect and fame as villains they had always wanted. However, there was no promise that any of them would live to reap the benefits. Weather Wizard and the others died in the act of performing their favors for Neron.

Weather Wizard is later resurrected as a soulless demon by Neron, but after Neron's defeat, his soul is saved and reclaimed thanks to the efforts of Wally West.


Weather Wizard was one of many metacriminals in the Twin City (Keystone City and Central City) area recruited by Blacksmith into a new, more organized Rogues. Thanks to her, he learned to control his Weather Wand far better than he had ever known to before. He also learned that he had a son through a one night stand with Julie Jackam, a police officer. The key thing about this was that his son, Josh, had been exhibiting weather control abilities without the need of a device like the Weather Wand. Weather Wizard wanted to understand and have that power.

This put him into direct conflict with Wally West, who has possession of Josh under the suspicion that Josh may actually be his son instead. Weather Wizard corrected that notion and wreaked havoc with his new skill with the Weather Wand. Still, the Flash ultimately defeated him after Weather Wizard hesitated to bring any harm to Josh, seeing the child's eyes with like his own and his brother's.


Weather Wizard was freed from custody by Blacksmith and rejoined her Rogues, who launched a major offense against the Flash and Keystone City. At the same time, the villainous artificial intelligence Thinker invaded Central City and also went after Flash. The situation exploded out of control, but Flash still managed to bring both parties down with some help from Goldface. Weather Wizard narrowly managed to avoid capture thanks to Captain Cold, who recruited him along with Mirror Master and Trickster into a new Rogues group under Cold's leadership.

Rogue War

During Rogue War he sides with the non-reformed rogues. He is later seen as a member of the Secret Society battling the Secret Six.


He is next seen in 52 attempting revenge against a bank teller for being a witness; however he was foiled by Wonder Girl and Supernova (Booster Gold).

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive

Later in Fastest Man Alive, he is approached by Inertia to team-up against the Flash (Bart Allen), Inertia removes some mental blocks so Mardon no longer needs the wand. In the heat of combat, the Rogues kill Bart. This occurs because Inertia used a machine that he claimed would stop time, but in reality it would remove the powers of the speed force and give them to him. The Rogues, not knowing this, accidentally kill Bart Allen when he comes to stop them. Weather Wizard, along with the other Rogues, are shocked and horrified to discover that they had killed a kid.

Salvation Run

In Salvation Run, Weather Wizard and Heat Wave are captured by Captain Boomerang II, and exiled with their fellow Rogues to "hell" planet, Salvation. They are the first villains there, and survive for weeks against the deadly animals and eventually become veterans of the land before the other villains even arrive. Captain Cold says that it was Weather Wizard's fault for getting them stuck on the island because he made the final shot on Bart Allen which killed him. He sides with Luthor. After a battle with parademons ensued Mark and the rest of The Rogues returned to Earth with the other villains that were once against each other

Final Crisis and Rogues Revenge

After the return to Earth in Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge, he is seen attending Libra's meeting and (off-panel) rejecting Libra's offer of fulfilled dreams. He and the other rogues prepare to close shop until they hear that Inertia has returned. They agree to kill Inertia for their current troubles. Soon they find Paul Gambi seriously injured by a set of Libra's men calling themselves the "new" Rogues. He battles and easily defeats his counterpart Weather Witch, and saves Trickster II by killing Mr. Magic, creating a tornado in his stomach. He goes with the Rogues to the remains of his brother's observatory, where the Rogues track Zoom and Inertia. As they arrive at the scene, Libra reveals that he has captured Weather Wizard's son, Josh, and threatens to kill him if Weather Wizard does not join him. Weather Wizard claims that since he killed his brother, the only person who cared for him, he would have no trouble letting the child die. However, before anyone can act, or confirm if Weather Wizard is bluffing, Inertia kills the child. This ends the standoff between Weather Wizard and Libra. Inertia then reverts Zoom to his paraplegic state by partially reversing Zoom's timeline, as well as severely injuring Libra. Weather Wizard and the other Rogues then kill Inertia, and leave a note for Wally claiming that they are now even.

Blackest Night

The death of Inertia

During Blackest Night, Weather Wizard is targeted by the Black Lantern Rogues, along with Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, and Trickster (Axel Walker). Black Lantern Top hints at a planned betrayal, before Top left the land of the living. Regardless of this, Weather Wizard sticks with the living Rogues, holding the Black Lanterns back until they are distracted by White Lantern Professor Zoom, and frozen solid by Captain Cold's glacier weapon.

New 52

In the New 52, Weather Wizard, just like the other members of the rogues, has been given superpowers thanks to a device known as a Genome Re-coder. Because of this, Weather Wizard's wand is now apart of him, however whenever he uses his powers he gets more and more depressed. In the present day, Weather Wizard has moved to Mexico to take control of a drug cartel that his now deceased brother used to run. Patty Spivot, a police woman from Central City, goes down to Mexico to solve the death of Wizard's brother but is captured out of the wishes of Elsa, the fiancé of Wizard's brother and the actual killer. The Flash, coming to Patty's aid, helps Wizard figure out the truth about the death of his brother and because of this Wizard tries to kill both himself and Elsa out of his rage. His plan, however, back fires and only Elsa is killed in the mighty lightning bolt Wizard had summoned. Wizard is then approached by Glider, Captain Cold's sister, and offered to join her new team.

Back in Central City, Weather Wizard is shown to be one of the members of Glider's new team of Rogues and helps her to get revenge on Dr. Elias, the man responsible for the creation of their powers. A battle between the team up of The Flash and Captain Cold (who was banished from the Rogues for his involvement in the creation of their powers) and The Rogues ensues leading to Cold back-stabbing The Flash and taking control of The Rogues once again. Seconds after this, The Rogues are forced to team up with The Flash when Gorilla City invades Central City.

Powers & Abilities

Weather Manipulation

Weather Wizard is able to summon tornadoes, lightning, wind, rain or most natural phenomenon, on any scale. This includes effects not normally found in nature, such as multicolored snow. He is also able to manipulate Earth's magnetic field.

With his weather powers he can also localize weather, create hail, lightning and other destructive forms of weather. Weather Wizard has used his wand to produce blizzards, summon lightning bolts, fly using air currents, produce fog and generate winds. Weather Wizard can essentially produce any type of weather pattern imaginable, as well as other natural phenomenons such as tornadoes and earthquakes.

Weather Wizard has also shown little control over magnetism, and can manipulate Earth's magnetic field.

Modern Age

Creating a tornado

In the story arc Full Throttle, Inertia destroys Mark's wand and removes Weather Wizard's mental blocks using 30th century psychological therapies, allowing Weather Wizard to use his powers without the wand. However he is shown still using the wand in Salvation Run and Rogues' Revenge.

Weather Wizard is also said to be the most intelligent of The Rogues and most powerful.

Alternate Realities


On an Earth where magic is far more prevalent than science, Weather Wizard is more true to his name with his abilities being magical in nature, and he acts as a hero.


For further information: Flashpoint

Still a Rogue

When the timeline was drastically altered by Reverse Flash, Weather Wizard was still a Rogue in the Twin Cities, even though there was never a Flash for him to face off against. Instead, his primary enemy was Citizen Cold, who had set himself up as Central City's hero. Weather Wizard held a vendetta against Cold for the death of his brother, Clyde. Killing Cold quickly became all he cared about, and he entered into an alliance with some other Rogues to move against Central City's tainted hero. They succeeded in bringing about the death of Gold's sister, Lisa, but came up short of actually getting Cold. Weather Wizard was the last Rogue standing against Cold but failed to do the job. Citizen Cold defeated him and fatally snapped his neck.

Kingdom Come

For further information: Kingdom Come

In a future where Superman retired after the next generation proved to be too dark and cynical for him, Weather Wizard is shown to have eventually retired from criminal life and opened a bar catering to the new superhero youth.

DC Universe Online

Weather Wizard is hired along with Clayface, Eclipso, and Trickster by Lex Luthor to attack a group. of collected heroes and villains. He plans to earn the collected superpowered individuals by seemingly arriving to save them from the team which he has hired. After the heroes and villains depart, he vaporizes Weather Wizard along with Trickster, Clayface and Eclipso.

Other Media


Legends of the Superheroes

Weather wizard's first appearance outside of comics was the 1979 TV special Legends of the Superheroes, he was played by comedian Jeff Altman. In this show, he posed as a used car salesman in an attempt to stop Batman and Robin.

Superman: The Animated Series

Weather Wizard in STAS

Weather Wizard appears in the episode "Speed Demons", voiced by Miguel Ferrer. This version of the character is a mad scientist and extortionist who tries to use speed siphoned from Superman and the Flash to power his weather devices. He is defeated after the heroes realize his ruse.

Justice League of America

In this infamous live-action pilot, Miguel Ferrer played a similar character known as the Weatherman.

Justice League

Weather Wizard appears in the episode "Hereafter" as part of the Superman Revenge Squad. Though he is the same version of the character from Superman: The Animated Series, he was voiced by Corey Burton this time.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Weather Wizard is featured in the series, voiced by Robin Atkins Downs. He makes a cameo in the episode "Night of the Huntress!" where The Calculator informs him that Flash will be out of Keystone City for a few days, allowing him to commit his crime there. In "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!", he assists Captain Cold and Heat Wave in a crime spree.

The Flash

Liam McIntyre as Weather Wizard

Weather Wizard appears in the series, portrayed by Liam McIntyre. In contrast to his comic counterpart, both he and his brother Clyde are given superpowers by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion seen in the first episode. The two brothers are initially believed to have died in a plane crash caused by the accelerator accident, with Clyde later resurfacing as the Weather Wizard, the first villain faced by the Flash. His threat is ended after he is shot and killed by Joe West.

It is later revealed that Mark had also survived, and is now seeking revenge for the death of his brother. Mark kidnaps Joe and tries to lure the detective's daughter, Iris, into a trap so that he will be forced to watch her die. He conjures up a massive tidal wave, but is defeated when the Flash runs fast enough to travel backwards through time, allowing him to capture Mark before he is ever able to kidnap Joe.

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