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Joey Monteleone was the younger brother of Jack "the Candyman" Monteleone, Keystone's leader in illegal drug trafficking. Like his brother, Joey didn't much care for following the law and used his ability to astral project into inanimate objects to cause chaos. Eventually, his consciousness got stuck in a bunch of asphalt and he became known as Tar Pit.


Tar Pit first got the Flash's attention by trying to steal the Stanley Cup from a Keystone Combines game. The Flash was thrown off guard by the fumes and stickiness of Tar Pit's new body but managed to hold his own thanks to an assist from Captain Cold. When Joey attacked Cold and several other bystanders, the scarlet speedster quickly rounded up a truckload of tardisolving solvent and sprayed the crowd, protecting them from being burned or suffocated at Tar Pit's hands. Not the brightest bulb in the box, Joey attempted to stop the Flash by ripping the hose that was connected to the truck in two. He succeeded...and ended up dissolving most of himself in the process.

Tar Pit apparently managed to escape from Iron Heights and returned to battle the Flash. Along with Plunder, Trickster II and Abra Kadabra, Tar Pit attacked the Flash Day parade. He was defeated by Jay Garrick, who stretched the Rogue out at super speed.

Joey reappeared once again to cause trouble for the Flash, this time during the Rogue War. Anticipating Captain Cold's refusal to join him, the Top used his hypnotic powers to recruit the "new kids," including Tar Pit. Tar Pit alternated between battling the Flash, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. However, Zoom arrived and ended their fight with a sonic boom creating snap. The remaining Rogues made an uneasy truce and Mirror Master helped Tar Pit escape when he regained consciousness.

Tar Pit was among the villains imprisoned on Planet Salvation during Salvation Run. He made it back to earth safely. During the events of Blackest Night, he had been helping Captain Boomerang confront his father who is now a Black Lantern. He was chosen since he was in no danger of being attacked by the Black Lanterns.

New 52

Tar Pit, Girder, Pied Piper and Chroma (the New 52 incarnation of Rainbow Raider) attempt to stop Grodd from attacking Keystone and Central City. He dispatches them one by one.

It is also revealed that before these events, Tar Pit and Chroma used to to team up. In one such diamond exchange heist, the Flash defeats them while dubbing them "Central City's Most Dysfunctional Villain Duo" due to their bickering getting in the way of their ability to pull of heists.

Powers and Abilities

Tar Pit is made of tar. His body can heat up to 900 degrees, and gives off toxic fumes. He is extremely sticky, and able to reform his body.

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