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In the fall-out of Identity Crisis Barry Allen's (Flash II) old enemies Captain Cold and Mirror Master recruited Captain Boomerang's Son, Trickster II and, Weather Wizard to reform the Rogues. On the otherside re-formed Rogues Heat-wave, Pied-piper, Magenta and the Original Trickster had started working for the FBI in an attempt to capture the Rogues. They had gone as far as kidnapping the orignal Captain Boomerang and revieving his corpse for questioning. The Rogues attacked an FBI headquarters. While that was going on Zoom attacks Jay Garrick asking for his help. The former Rogues launch an attack on the Rogues home base. This leads to an all out ROGUE WAR. Wally quickly runs to Keystone City, only to find it in chaos, tornados, fire and lots of ice. Wally quickly outs the fires until he is caught in the cross fire between Heat-wave and Captain Cold. Wally stops to ask why the re-formed Heat-Wave attacked him and Heat-wave says "You put out the pretty fire." Wally gets confused and is about to be attacked by Captain Cold when The Top shows up. The Top is another former rogue who didn't go good but knows a secret about the reformed villians that he intends to right. ( The Top knows what anyone who read Identity Crisis does that former heros such as Barry Allen with the help of Zatanna forced those and many other villians to re-form). The Top begins battling Wally until the Pied Piper shows up and puts The Top to sleep. Turns out The Top was just playing possum and quickly frees Pied Pipers mind. The Top moves on to the Original Trickster and frees his mind. The Pied-Piper quickly goes on a rampage claiming his heart is dead. Wally takes a risk and shows Piper his real identity and it works. Piper passes out and Wally takes him to his house and tells Linda to watch him. Captain Cold and Heat-Wave continue thier battle until The Top comes back around and frees Heat-Waves mind. This gets Captain Colds attention they banter back and forth then The Top revielies that he has brought his own rogues! The new kids include Grinder, Murmur, Plunder, Double Down and Tarpit. As The Top begins to claim victory Wally gets back hits him with a super fast right hand. The New Kids jump Wally at The Tops command ( All the new rogues are actually under The Tops control he is using his power of suggestion.) Captain Cold then freezes The Top and ends his life by smashing him into a tiny pieces. Wally kicks it up a notch and smashing up Grinders face and dumping him in a river. Wally then assembles a containment cell around Murmur, and beats down Double Down. Mirror Master calls in the reinforcements Dr. Alchemy and, Gorilla Grood. Gorilla Grood attacks Wally until Bart Allen shows up helping Wally get the upper hand. Together they return to take on the Rogues only to find something far worse waiting for them. ZOOM shows up dispatching the rogues easily and quickly grabs Bart by the necking telling Wally "Just like Barry did to Thawne," with that the true threat is revealed... Eobard Thawne, Professor Zoom, The Reverse Flash. ZOOM rebuilt The Time Treadmill and captured Jay Garrick to go and get The Reverse Flash and bring him to the future to teach Wally a lesson. ( ZOOM grabbed him from moments before Barry Allen snaps his neck.) Wally jumps into action freeing Jay Garrick and Bart. Reverse Flash Attacks Wally and puts him on the Treadmill and ZOOM powers it up and takes Wally back to the worse day of his life the day ZOOM caused the miscarriage of his unborn twins. Wally was forced to watch over and over and over, until in a flash ( no pun intended ) Barry Allen shows up looking for Thawne. Barry quickly frees Wally and they go after thier counter parts Barry quickly captures Thawne and takes him back. ZOOM takes off and Wally gives chase ZOOM plans to kill Linda, Wally gives chase and at the last moment pushes ZOOM causing him to block the sonic boom he created that caused Lindas miscarriage. Zoom was then lost in the time stream on the trip back to the present. Upon returning to the present Wally is informed by Pied Piper that Linda is in the hospitial. Wally rushs there just in time to meet his two new kids. Time Travel is messed up.

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