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This page is for the second Mirror Master in the Pre 52.

For the original & current (New 52) Mirror Master, see the Sam Scudder page.


The second Mirror Master was Scottish, Evan McCulloch. Abandoned by his parents when he was just a baby, Evan grew up in an orphanage. While at the orphanage when he was around the age of 8, Evan was almost sexually assaulted by an older boy named Georgie. Evan in self defense smashed Georgie in the head with a rock then drown him in a creek. This was the first time Evan killed but it would not be the last. McCulloch would leave the orphanage. He made his way to Glasgow, had a few on and off jobs, none of them held and Evan eventually turned to a life of crime, a life he was very good at. Evan McCulloch had a way of just disappearing. Evan would eventually take an assassination mission for a customer and end up shooting his own father without realizing it. McCulloch killed the man who hired him just for peace of mind. He then planned on trying to patch things up with his mother. By the time he got to her she had already taken her own life. He found a note beside her that said she could not live without her husband. Evan McCulloch was all ready to turn himself in when his life of crime caught up with him. Uncle Sam came knocking at his door. To his surprise they did not want to arrest him, they liked his work and were willing to give him the original Mirror Master's weapons and costume. McCulloch had found his calling and Mirror Master II was born. Mirror Master II quickly got tired of his new bosses trapping them in a mirror world, and became a genuine super-villain. However, before he met the Flash, Evan fought another superhero, Animal Man. Nevertheless, McCulloch later helped Buddy to get revenge for the death of his family. Later, he met Weather Wizard, who convinced him to join the Rogues.


Evan McCulloch was created by Grant Morrison and Charles Truog. His first appearance was in Animal Man #8.

Character Evolution

One of the more consistent villains for various heroes, he maintains the same lack of empathy as did his predecessor.

Major Story Arcs

Evan McCulloch, the second mirror master

Mirror Master and Captain Cold were both given a proposition by Brother Grimm to get rid of the Flash. They were to take him into a mirror dimension but ended up being double crossed and got stuck with (Wally West). When Mcculloch met up with them, It turned out he accidentally turned a policeman inside out. They had to rebuild his gun to escape, so they teamed up and made way to the Green Lantern Museum. There, a Mirror belonging to Samuel Cudder was used to fix Evan's mirror gun. Plunder with them. They traveled with the Flash to Eastwind, and tried to help him so they could get out of there. Once free, they again turned on the Flash, hitting him with a snowball, and fleeing. Captain Cold strikes out on his own, while Mirror Master joins Blacksmith's Rogues. There is still some tension with Plunder, due to Plunder's attempted murder of him in the mirror world. When Blacksmith's Rogues disband, Mirror Master joins up with Captain Cold's Rogues, which includes Weather Wizard and Trickster II. Mirror Master's cocaine addiction is discovered by Captain Cold, who beats him up and makes him quit.

Identity Crisis

During the Identity Crisis, Mirror Master is seen playing a game of Risk, along with Merlyn, Deadshot, and other mercenaries. They speak about, and drop hints about future events. He is later contracted by a renewed Dr. Arthur Light to battle Black Lightning and the original Green Arrow at a hospital. The battle ensued into the streets below, and Mirror Master showed off that he was smarter than his partner, Killer Frost. Battling Green Arrow, he toys with Oliver, but Oliver proves to be more distracting and manages to get help from Black Lightning. Oliver Queen confessed that Mirror Master alone could have easily wiped them both out, had he wanted to. After getting answers, it is revealed that He was never meant to win the battle, but was actually set up to distract Oliver Queen, and later, to duel Merlyn.

Rogue War

Mirror Master retrieves an old Turtle to Captain Cold, for what seems to be a bigger plan. He, along with the other Rogues, storm Virginia FBI Headquarters in search of Digger Harkness' corpse, that was taken by James Jesse.

Mirror Master fights with the non-reformed Rogues during Rogue War and helps Rogues by bringing Dr. Alchemy and Gorilla Grodd and, later, provides mirrors to them to escape . He joins Alexander Luthor's Secret Society with the rest of the Rogues. Mirror Master is one of the Rogues responsible for the death of Bart Allen. For this, he shipped to planet Salvation. Mirror Master along with the other Rogues escape planet Salvation and return to Keystone City and regroups with the Trickster.

Salvation Run

After killing Bart Allen accidentally, Mculloch and the other Rogues are transported via boom tube to a different planet, by the Suicide Squad. They were the first to arrive to this new punishment, and had survived there for four weeks before the second wave, villains who attacked Dinah Lance, and Oliver Queen's wedding, arrived. Having to persuade these new second-rate villains, they are disrespected by the Joker, and have to prove themselves when Girder is taken underground by a sand creature. Later, when Lex Luthor and Joker split the group, Mculloch sides with Lex Luthor and is put on guard duty, along with Heatwave. He is the first to find attackers from Joker, and is among them combating. When Apokolips begins sending it's troops to slaughter the villains, he battles feircely against Parademons and countless other terrors, before returning to Earth.

Final Crisis and Beyond

Mirror Master helps Libra with one mission, teaming up with Doctor Light, taking out the Teen Titans, after which, He and the other Rogues leave Libra. Upon returning to their own base, they find Axel Walker had been active on his own, and running with a new crew. The rogues make short work of them, and Mirror Master disposes of the bodies in one of his mirrors. When Captain Cold decides to quit and retire, Mculloch seems to be on board with it. Upon seeing a broadcast, however, of Inertia's escape, The Rogues decide to make one last mission: Kill Inertia. The Rogues enter Gambi's shop, a Man who tailors the special suits for the Rogues, enabling them to withstand their own punishment and more. They find a Golden Glider costume that was burning, and Gambi beaten and tied to a giant mirror. Gambi manages to whisper "Rogues" before blacking out. Mirror Man, a counterpart to Mirror Master, contacts the Original Rogues through Mculloch's own glass. Penguin had supplied Mirror Man with Mculloch's own tech, and Mirror Master didn't take it kindly. Tracking the refraction back to it's source, Mirror Master teleports the Rogues to the new Rouges, and a battle ensues. Mirror Master blinds Mirror Man easily, and helps Axel with Mister Magic, Abra Kadabra's counterpart. Mirror Master finds Captain Cold's father, and waits outside until Captain Cold leaves. He then gets them to Mark Mardon's Brother's Science Laboratory. Using a machine there that was made by the Top, they find the general vicinity in which Inertia is training with Zoom. Mirror Master then checks every reflection around until he finds them. Making it to the two speedsters, the Rogues bite off more than they could chew when Zoom proves too much. Pied Piper arrives, and puts a stop to their battle, however. He tells Mculloch that he owed him for framing Hartley for the death of his Family. Evan makes a snide remark about Hartley's sexuality. Libra then arrives tries to force them to join his society, with Mark Mardon's son. Mirror Master helps kill Inertia.

Blackest Night

During Blackest Night he joined the other living Rouges on their trip to Iron Heights prison. Once they arrived he was confronted by Sam Scudder, the original Mirror Master. McCulloch was able to fight several of Scudder's clones, but eventually got pulled into the Mirror World where he was taunted by Scudder for "running away to wonderland". Eventually he was saved by Captain Cold and escaped with the rest of the living Rouges after Captain Cold used his Cold Grenade to turn the prison into an iceberg.

The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

Mirror Master once again working with the Rogues against Barry and the Renegades. He says that Scudder's mirror that Rogues should had broke in case Flash returns is a slow prison that will destroy Barry slowly.


Mirror Master is one of Citizen Cold's Rogues. Citizen Cold attempted to kill him, but failed... instead, Mirror Master became trapped in the mirror realm he once mastered. If he left the mirror world he would die, and anyone brought into the mirror world would also perish. Wanting revenge, Mirror Master concocts a plan for the Rogues to take down Citizen Cold for good.

Powers and Abilities

Mirror Master has a variety of weapons and gadgets that allow him to create a variety of illusions and hypnotic effects. His weapons allow him to "warp reality" to a certain degree along with accessing another dimension known as the Mirror World.

  • Illusion Casting - Mirror Master can create holograms or projections of himself or other objects. When these objects are touched by others they begin to fizzle and static, as objects pass right through them.
  • Duplication - Mirror Master is somehow able to create duplicates of himself that are capable of causing physical harm and interacting with the real world. It is unknown if there is a limit to how many duplicates that can be created, as Mirror Master was able to populate an entire city with just duplicates of himself.
  • Dimensional Travel - Mirror Master is able to travel into mirrors and enter a dimension known as the Mirror World. When inside the Mirror World Mirror Master is able to access a variety of alternate worlds or dimensions, possibly alternate realities. Traditionally others are unable to access the Mirror World unless Mirror Master is traveling with them, which explains how the other members of the Rogues are able to move with Mirror Master as he travels.
  • Dimensional Trapping - Mirror Master is able to use small, handheld pocket mirrors to trap his foes or steal money. It is unknown exactly how he chooses what goes inside the mirror but it all happens within a short flash. Once a person or object is stuck inside the mirror it is impossible to get them out, unless the reflection is corrected with another reflection. If the mirror is broken while people or objects are still inside then the people will die, their body becoming corrupted by a fractured mirror world with no hope of escape.
  • Glass Gun - Mirror Master is able to turn people into flat shards of glass with one of his blasters. It is unknown if this is Mirror Master just using another form of dimensional trapping, because if the physical body is turned into a mirror and then broken the person dies.
  • Reflection Killing - Mirror Master is capable of harming physical pain by hurting or killing the persons reflection. If the reflection is mortally wounded then so is the real world counterpart.
  • Summoning of 'Mirror Versions' - Mirror Master is able to pull alternate versions of people from different dimensions via the Mirror World. These Mirror Versions are under the control of Mirror Master and have the same abilities & powers of their original counterparts.
  • Hypnotism - Due to his costume Mirror Master is able to hypnotize others. Due to some sort of subliminal lights on his suit he creates a hypnotic induction code. This causes people to see themselves as others see them, sending them into a trance.

Alternate Versions

Mirror Monarch

In the recent Flash series focusing on Barry Allen a future incarnation of Mirror Master has been shown from the future and called Mirror Monarch. It is unknown what connection he has to the original Mirror Master other than having similar weapons and appearance. Unlike Mirror Master though Mirror Monarch is a law-enforcement officer from the 25th century a member of the Reverse-Flash Task Force called the Renegades who are based off the Rogues of the present. The Renegades actually arrive in the 21st century from the 25th in order to arrest Barry Allen for the murder of Mirror Monarch, a crime he hasn't yet committed.


Tangent universe

This Mirror Master has a body made of a glass like substance and had the power to create portals to other worlds.

League Busters

A fourth Mirror Master briefly appeared.

Other Media

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Mirror Master and Abra Kadabra in "Double Trouble"

Mirror Master appeared in Batman: The Brave and the Bold in various episodes voiced by Tom Kenny. His most notable appearance was in the the episode titled "Four Star Spectacular!" in the section called "Double Trouble". Here he traps Flash in a mirror maze and attacks him with mirror duplicates of himself as Abra Kadabra watches on. He has a thick Scottish accent, alluding to Evan McCulloch.

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