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Plunder first appeared during the Wonderland arc.

The Flash was trapped along with Captain Cold and the Mirror Master in a mirror world where speedsters do not exist.

Plunder was a sniper working for his world's version of the Thinker, being paid for every police officer he killed. He had previously been paid to kill Gorilla Grodd, which he did.

When the Thinker realized that the existence of the Flash (as well as Cold and Mirror Master) on their world would mean it's destruction when they left, he sent Plunder to apprehend them.

Plunder attacked the trio at the Green Lantern museum (which was created in place of a Flash museum, as none ever existed in this world), injuring Cold. They retreated into a mirror maze. Plunder modified his rifle and shot a laser into the mirror maze, damaging Mirror Master's gun and causing it to create mirror doubles of the Flash, Cold, and Mirror Master.

The doubles attacked, but the Flash managed to throw his at Plunder, knocking Plunder unconscious. By the time they had defeated Cold and Mirror Master's doubles, Plunder was back on his feet and used his weapons to bring down the pair of villains. The Flash narrowly escaped.

The Flash took weapons from the exhibits. Sporting equipment stolen from Sonar, Black Hand, Javelin, Evil Star, and Dr. Light, Wally attacked Plunder. However, their fight was interrupted by a bazooka shot by a police unit. Plunder managed to get away in the confusion.

Plunder brought Cold and Mirror Master back to the Thinker, where he intended to find a way to escape into the real world. The Flash showed up and Plunder dove out the window to attack him. He ripped Dr. Light's belt off the Flash so that he wouldn't fly away. Wally pushed a button on the belt, sending Plunder flying high and away.

By the time the Flash got back, Cold and Mirror Master had broken out of the device that held them and killed the Thinker. The trio then left the mirror universe, which was revealed to be contained withing Linda's wedding ring. They wondered whether Plunder had made it out.

As it turns out, he had. He resurfaced, working with Blacksmith's Network. He was instrumental in their plan to destroy the Flash's support system. He used a special bullet to turn Wally's friend, Chunk into a black hole. Later, he gunned down Detective Jarod Morillo, revealing that he was in fact an alternate version of the detective.

After the Network was brought down, Plunder continued working in Keystone City, pulling jobs of his own. One such job was the attempted murder of the leader of the "Flash Day" parade. Plunder was once again beaten by the Flash.

During the Rogue War, Plunder, along with Tar Pit, Murmur, Girder, and Double Down were hypnotized into joining the Top's Rogues. After the Top was killed by Cold, they decided to still fight against Cold's Rogues because they never seemed to help.

Suddenly, Zoom appeared. He told Plunder that he was not from this world and that he should "go home." Zoom then ran through Plunder, shattering him like so much glass.

Powers and Abilities

Plunder is an expert marksman.

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