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Comic Book Biography

Livewire in comics

Livewire was born with her gift of electricity manipulation making her a meta-human. Her shock-jocking radio career came to an end when her radio station turned into a country station leaving her out in the cold. She decides to take her anger out on Superman, who she believes is only an egotistic show-off. The first time she attacks she wins. In a later issue she along with many other meta-humans are captured and eventually she, along with all the others are saved. Livewire also makes two more appearances in comics, one in Teen Titans and the other in Superman Adventures. Livewire was also the first super villain the new Batgirl faced in her new costume. She was confronted by Stephanie in a power plant where Livewire had the upper-hand until she was blasted with water however she was able to shake it off and tried to electrocute Batgirl. Unbeknown to Batgirl her suit was insulated and this brought defeat to Livewire.

Livewire lost control of her powers in Las Vegas and Superman gave her his electric blue containment suit that he had worn when he was turned into energy (a suit he had formerly given to Strange Visitor to help her control her own electrical powers) and spoke on her behalf when she was arrested.


DC Animated Universe

Leslie Willis: Shock Jock

Leslie Willis was the meanest "shock jock" radio host in Metropolis. Nobody, not even Superman, stood immune to her words and Lex Luthor tuned into her show. On the anniversary of her radio show Leslie was going to host a rock concert for all her fans and fans of the band. All did not go as planned as a massive storm erupted. She is told by the Police Force that she should shut down the concert. Leslie, being always the rebel, along with the fans pelleted them with foods and drink until Superman showed up and then he was attacked. Then without warning the stage was struck by lightning causing it to burst into flames. Superman did his best to rescue everyone and even help Leslie but the inevitable happened and the electric tongued, eel of a women was struck by lightning because of one of the wires she was standing on.

This changed her appearance drastically and giving her the power to harbor electricity. When Willis woke up, she saw that her skin had turned ghostly white and her hair turned blue and stood on end. She accused Superman for the injuries she had suffered from the accident she created. She was about to throw a clock-radio at the TV on which she had seen Superman talking to reporters about the accident when the radio suddenly turned on. It was not plugged into the wall, there were no batteries in it. She discovered she could manipulate electricity. Willis then escaped from the hospital by turning herself into an electric current. Confronting Superman, she had rearranged the electrons of the hospital gown she was wearing by ionizing the material and the air around it transforming the gown into her black leotard with a lightning bolt down the front and black boots. She then declared herself to now be Livewire, and took over the telephones, televisions, and billboards-effectively taking over all of media. However, Superman stopped her when he doused her with water.


She clashed with Superman on a number of occasions. She had a short-lived alliance with Parasite and later had an alliance with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy when she was in Gotham. Only to be stopped by Supergirl and Batgirl. She then appeared in episode "Hereafter" on the Justice League series. Livewire teamed up with the Superman Revenge Squad to get revenge on Superman. When some of its members were defeated and Toyman's machine sent Superman into the future with them thinking that Superman is dead, Kalibak and Livewire later attacked the scene of the incident with Copperhead, Volcana, Star Sapphire, and Deadshot. She then teamed up with Lex Luthor and Grodd in their villain groups.


In Smallville, Livewire was a meteor infected person who gained her superpowers from the exposure to kryptonite. She was captured by Lex and put in a prison where she was studied. After Lex's death she was released but unknown to her she was released with a small explosive devise/GPS unit in her temple.

Tess Mercer found her and recruited her in a league with four other members. In their first mission they were sent after Doomsday when Neutron was killed. This upset Livewire and she wanted out but instead Tess had Parasite take her powers and then she killed her with a remote that set of the explosive in her head.


Charging a blast

Livewire has the ability to absorb, generate, and manipulate electricity and magnetism, which she can use to do various things. Livewire can transform into a being of pure electrical energy, in this state her appearance changes. In her other transformation she transform into electricity and travel through anything that can conduct electricity.

Electrokinesis- Livewire can generate and manipulate electricity that she can channel into projected lightning attacks.

Magnetokinesis- Livewire can generate and manipulate magnetic fields.

Electrical Form- Livewire can transform into a being of solidified electricity that changes her appearance. She can also transform into pure electric current that allows her to travel through conductive mediums.


Like Harley Quinn & Mercy Graves, Livewire is one of the few characters from the DC Animated Universe that made her appearance in animation prior to ever being introduced in comics.

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