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Carol's background is closely entwined with that of Hal Jordan. The two met as children as Hal's father Martin worked for Carol's father Carl at Ferris Air. Carol was usually depicted as living a very privileged life where money solved any needs she had. Despite this aloof and spoiled demeanor she often displayed moments of kindness such as when his aircraft tragically crashed, and as she was standing next to Hal at the time. As she aged into adulthood she took over control of the company from her father who was terminally ill. She was essentially forced to rebuild the company from the ground up once she took over officially (though she had been running it behind the scenes for quite some time), and at one point she had only Hal and Tom Kalmaku as employees.


Carol was created by John Broome and Gil Kane and first appeared in Showcase #22. She first appeared as Star Sapphire in Green Lantern #16. With the silver age concentration on science fiction based stories, it was decided to redesign Green Lantern from a character based on mystical abilities, to one based on science fiction principles. In doing so it was decided that a completely new character would be created, much as had been done with the Flash and Hawkman. In doing so an entirely new lineup of supporting characters was also required, and Carol was thus introduced as a potential romantic partner for Hal Jordan.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Despite that eventually the role of romantic partner was the path taken with the character, another alternate path was pursued concurrently, which is also the most important character development in the publication history of the character. This was that Carol became routinely possessed by the Zamarons by means of the Star Sapphire and thus served as Green Lantern's villain (and the most prominent female villain of his.) Her time as a Star Sapphire was generally short lived though as Hal was always able to free her of its power. Despite her attempts to resist the control of the Star Sapphire she was also occasionally displayed as a member of certain teams of super villains (such as the Secret Society of Super Villains) in battles against the Justice League of America.

Modern Age

Following the company wide story arc Crisis on Infinite Earths, many titles underwent some degree of change. However, unlike many other heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) the changes in Green Lantern titles was not as pronounced as the character and his supporting cast (including Carol) carried on much as they had before the change. In recent years she has taken on a more prominent and heroic role as the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps.

Relationship with Hal Jordan

Not surprisingly for a character for whom the majority of her publication history was tied to Green Lantern, Carol character history is inherently tied to Hal's. Although in her early years she lacked a lot of depth as either a girlfriend or as villain, since the 1980s Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot and especially since the events of Green Lantern: Rebirth, Carol has undergone somewhat of a change in her depiction. Her interaction with Hal Jordan has always been defined by three aspects, her role as the cunning boss of Ferris Air, her on-again off-again romance, and the victim-like nature of her supervillainy.

In terms of her being Hal's boss she tends to put a professional barrier between the two of them, although this is less stringent when the two fly together. When the two were not flying together, and only Hal was flying, he would often be reckless so as to gain her attention. In terms of being a girlfriend she is fairly consistent in terms of interest but not in terms of commitment (although Hal bore much of the responsibility here as well). In terms of being a villain, until recently she has played a variation on the damsel in distress role.

One of the great complications of their relationship as the period when Hal was possessed by Parallax. After Cyborg Superman destroyed Coast City, Hal went on a revenge driven rampage, and in doing so allowed Parallax to control him. This ended with his eventual death after he used the remainder of his power to reignite the sun during the events of the company wide crossover Final Night. During the period of his death Carol married, but eventually after serving for a period as the Spectre, Hal returned from death. This returned to as they were before, with Hal and Carol having a flirtatious relationship, though she did not tell him she had since gotten a divorce for some time.

Major Story Arcs

For a large portion of Carol's career she was a secondary character or when she appeared as a villain it was over no more than a three issue arc. This was relatively common at the time and applied to heroes as well. In addition to this Carol did show up occasionally as a member of some group of supervillains attacking a group of superheroes (though most often the Justice League of America.) However, these appearance did even less justice to her than usual as she was more often than not reduced to a background role while the crminial mastermind who assembled the team of villains enacted his plan. Thus the majority of Carol's character development occurred in the period after Crisis on Infinite Earths and specifically after the return of Hal.

The first major story arc after Hal's return was Mystery of the Star Sapphire, in which the two reconcile some of their emotions for one another. Unbeknownst to Carol at the time the Zamarons were consolidating the power of the Star Sapphire and creating their own intergalactic corps, the Star Sapphire Corps. In doing so they created instead of the Star Sapphire a number of Violet Power Rings.

In preparation for the anticipated events of Blackest Night, Carol was once again confronted by the power of the Zamarons, except it was in the unfamiliar version of the power ring. This allowed Carol to enact a degree of control over the ring which she never had previously, and in which she maintained control of her conscious mind during when she wore the ring. She was thus identified by Queen Aga'Po as the one that could be able to tame the sentient embodiment of love, the Predator. As the events of Blackest Night began to occur, she was instructed by the Zamarons that she was the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps, and that it was her role to help Hal. This came to the front after the invasion of Earth by the forces of Nekron and the Black Lantern Corps. Although she had already deputized Wonder Woman as a fellow member of the corps, a crucial moment occurred when Hal was forced to fight the Spectre who was also under the control of the Black Lanterns. Hal was forced once again to allow Parallax to control him, but it was his love for Carol which allowed him to break back from the control. Carol thereafter aided in the final defeat of Nekron and his corps, and witnessed the coming of Brightest Day. After the events of Blackest Night Carol decides to keep her ring, although initially neither she nor Hal thought she would (nor did Sinestro).

After Blackest Night, Carol and Hal are talking about the recent events of the past days - first in a diner and then flying up in the air. Carol wants to know from Hal what is next in their relationship. Sinestro arrives and interrupts them saying his personal feud against both of them is not over. Later, on a mission from the Zamaron Queen Aga'po, Carol travels to Las Vegas in search of the Predator, the love entity. The Predator had come to Earth where it possessed a man, Abraham Pointe, and convinced him to go after the woman he is in love with but has never approached. Carol saves the young woman and separates Abraham from the Predator. Carol, Hal and Larfleeze are then taken to Zamaron where the Zamaron warriors attempt to place the love entity into the newly rebuilt Star Sapphire Central Power Battery. Carol defends The Predator saying that the man had corrupted the entity and not vice versa; and the battery did not need the entity to provide power, but only the Star Sapphires' belief in love. Upon hearing Carol's words, the Zamaron Queen Aga'po used the last of her life force to charge the Central Power Battery, leaving her title of Queen of the Star Sapphires to Carol. This was the last major story involving Carol before the DC reboot as she was absent from the War of the Green Lanterns crossover.

The New 52

In the early issues of the new 52, Carol shows little interest in remaining a Star Sapphire and has even seemingly given up the title of Queen of the Sapphires. Instead she pursues a romantic relationship with Hal Jordan. When he disappears she returns as a Star Sapphire and joins others (Saint Walker, Arkillo, Kyle Rayner) as they begin to seek out answers which leads to the Rise of the Third Army.

Powers and Abilities

Carol wields the power of the Star Sapphire, which throughout the majority of her portrayal caused her to become uncontrollably in love with Hal Jordan, so much so that she justified villainous actions in order to impress him or to gain his attention. The Star Sapphire grants similar abilities to a Green Power Ring, including flight, hard light constructs, enhanced speed and agility and the ability to survive in outer space. in addition when possessed by the Star Sapphire, Carol would automatically change into her costume. As the Zamorans got drawn into the events leading up to Blackest Night, they decided that they would instead of employing only one Star Sapphire that they would commission a Star Sapphire Corps. In doing so they created violet power rings to correspond to the power rings of other corps. In this case Carol was able to control the ring unlike she could ever do to the Sapphire.

Despite being a shrewd and aggressive businesswoman, these skills do not often lend themselves to her super powered alter ego, as she often displays a degree of naivety when dealing with threats.

Although she is in charge of Ferris Air, she is not just a business executive, rather she is familiar with most aspects of flying. It is generally implied that she is as talented a pilot as Hal is, if not as reckless

Other Media


Blake Lively is Carol Ferris in Green Lantern movie

Green Lantern (2011)

In the 2011 live-action film, Carol Ferris is played by Blake Lively. This film details the early adventures of Hal Jordan so much so that staple villains such as Hector Hammond and Sinestro are regarded as friends and allies (though Hammond is later corrupted by the power of Parallax.) As such Carol is portrayed in her pre-Star Sapphire persona. She serves as both the romantic interest for Hal as well as his moral compass, as she helps him to deal with his long standing fear over the death of his father.

Justice League: Doom (2012)

Star Sapphire appears as one of the lead villains of the film and a member of Vandal Savage's Legion of Doom. She is once again voiced by Olivia d'Abo, though she does not use the English accent from the Justice League animated series.

Green Lantern: First Flight (2009)

Carol plays a minor role in the film. Olivia d'Abo reprises her role from the Justice League animated series.

Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)

Carol appears as a supporting character in the film. In the closing montage scene, she is shown as Star Sapphire. She was voiced by Brooke Shields.

Man of Steel (2013)

Carol Ferris is played by Christina Gren in the film, and is seen as secondary military officer throughout the pic’s military-focused scenes. She has a notable line towards the end of the film wherein she calls Henry Cavill’s Superman “kind of hot,” If you look closely at the picture below you can see the words Ferris on the left of her top.


Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

Although never specifically identified as such the character of Star Sapphire appears in numerous episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited, and often as the member of the Injustice League. She was voiced by Olivia d'Abo.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Carol appears as the primary antagonist in the episode "Scorn of the Star Sapphires!" In the episode, a brief flashback to her origin is given, showing that she was abducted by the Zamarons and forcibly made to serve as the vessel for their queen. She is shown to have no control of her body when the Star Sapphire entity emerges, and is unaware of her transformations. Star Sapphire terrorizes Hal Jordan and Batman, and subsequently kidnaps and frames an English reporter named Georgette Taylor for her crimes in order to divert suspicion from herself.

After Batman and Hal rescue Georgette, Star Sapphire attempts to open a portal to Zamaron that will allow the planet's military to arrive on Earth in order to conquer it. While Batman battles the Zamaron soldiers, Hal pleads with Carol and eventually convinces her to return to her senses. After she does so, she expels the Star Sapphire from her body and loses all of her memories from her time as the entity's vessel. Carol was voiced by Rachel Quaintance while Star Sapphire was voiced by Vicki Lewis.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Carol in the animated series

Carol makes a brief appearance in the pilot episode. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale. She eventually plays a major role in "Love and War," where she is kidnapped and forcibly transformed into a Star Sapphire by the Zamarons. Delirious as a result of her teleportation from Earth, Carol goes berserk and battles Hal before being calmed down. After wishing Hal luck on his mission to stop the Red Lanterns, she is returned to her home. She reappears in the season finale, where she helps Hal regain his memories after he begins suffering from a similar form of amnesia to the one she experienced while under the thrall of the Star Sapphires. At the close of the episode, the two celebrate Hal's victory by going out for dinner.

Young Justice: Invasion

Carol appears in "Depths," where she orchestrates the launch of a satellite meant to make contact with Mars. Kaldur'ahm leads an assault on the satellite, but is repelled by Nightwing and Artemis. Unfortunately, Black Manta destroys satellite is destroyed shortly after takeoff . She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


In recent years much has been made of the depiction of Carol as Star Sapphire as her costume has grown more and more revealing, especially in comparison to a standard costume of a member of the Green Lantern Corps (the most obvious comparison being Hal Jordan who is covered almost completely). She has thus been taken on as one of the most blatant examples of a female character who is portrayed negatively, among others including Wonder Woman, Starfire and Power Girl. This can be partially explained by the characters own properties - as a representative of love this also includes physical love and her ring of the Star Sapphire provides residual protection thus rendering an overly protective costume unnecessary. Nonetheless there are those that feel that this is still not necessary especially in comparison to male characters as well as in comparison to other members of her corp with more modest costumes such as Miri Riam

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