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Current Events

Since being rebooted into the "New 52," Batman has more exposure than ever before. He is presently starring in six titles, as follows Someone said:

  • Batman - The Joker is back and this time it's with a vengeance. After sending a brainwashed Justice League after Batman, the Joker has now infected the entire city with a new, version of his Joker Venom. And now, he has Gordon at his mercy and reveals that he knows Batman's secret Identity.
  • Detective Comics - Batman has been tracking down a new drug called Icarus which has claimed the life of a friend of his. Now, Anarky has made an appearance in Gotham city to spread chaos.
  • Batman and Robin - Batman traveled to Apokolips to retrieve Damian Wayne's body and plans to use the mystical chaos shard, as it is said to recover the dead, and bring his son back. Towards the end of the story, after a confrontation with Darkseid himself, Batman is successful in not only retrieving his son's body but bringing the boy back, and now Damian has super-powers.
  • Justice League - Lex Luthor has inadvertently released something known as the Amazo Virus, and it has incapacitated most members of the League outside of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. As Batman and Superman try to hunt down Patient Zero in order to find a cure, Batman himself is now infected.
  • Batman/Superman - Focuses on the teaming up between Batman and Superman in the New 52. Currently they are hunting down a mysterious enemy who has made it his mission to hurt everyone Superman cares about. Batman has described this enemy as Superman's "Joker".
  • Batman Etenal - Jim Gordon is framed with murder and is imprisoned in Blackgate, and as a result a gang war has erupted and many changes have shaken Gotham, including the declaration of martial law, Wayne Manor an asylum, Bruce Wayne being bankrupt and losing most of his Batman weapons depots, all in an attempt to destroy everything Batman holds dear. The mastermind of this ordeal is still unknown but has used Jason Bard, Falcone and Hush as pawns.
  • Arkham Manor - After the destruction of Arkham Asylum, Wayne Manor has been turned into a facility that houses the crazed inmates. After a murder takes place inside the new asylum, Batman infiltrates it under the alias of Jack Shaw to investigate.

Batman has also been featured prominently in a story arc in I, Vampire and shows up periodically in Nightwing, Grayson, Batgirl, Batwoman, Batwing, Gotham by Midnight and Catwoman. He also starred in the no long running series Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman Incorporated.


Young Bruce grieving over his parents' bodies

A wealthy philanthropist, Thomas Wayne, his wife, Martha, and their 8 year-old son, Bruce Wayne, were coming out of a movie theater at 10:47 p.m. As they stepped onto Park Row (now called Crime Alley), a thug named Joe Chill armed with a gun approached them from the shadows to steal the pearl necklace Martha was wearing. Thomas, moving in to protect his wife, was shot by Chill, causing Martha to scream. Chill then shot her, while shouting, "this'll shut you up!". Bruce, traumatized by the deaths of his parents, would never be the same. Afterward, Bruce was raised by his wise and loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, and inherited his family's vast fortune as well as his father's company, Wayne Enterprises. Standing at his parents' gravestones, Bruce made a solemn oath to avenge their deaths.

Despite fiscal security, happiness eluded Bruce. Young Bruce was comforted by Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who helped him to mourn his parents and find a purpose in life. At age fourteen, Bruce started a twelve year walkabout around the world seeking experts in many fields, training himself mentally and physically. From an academic standpoint, he studied at Cambridge in England, the Sorbonne in France, and other famous European universities. A Frenchman named Henri Ducard taught him man-hunting, a ninja named Kirigi taught him stealth, an African bushman trained him in the art of the hunt, and Nepalese monks taught him healing.

Bruce returned to Gotham City, where he became a vigilante. But despite all his honed skills, he knew something was missing. Bruce believed criminals to be a "superstitious and cowardly lot," and in order to rid Gotham of evil, he needed to reinvent himself to become a terrifying symbol that would strike fear into the hearts of criminals. While in his father's study, a large bat crashed through the window. Bruce saw this as an omen and recalled his fear of bats as a child. This would be his symbol; the Bat would strike terror into the Gotham underworld. Using his vast wealth, Bruce designed a costume and state of the art equipment, thus beginning a difficult double life: by day, he would be the billionaire playboy and businessman, Bruce Wayne, and by night, he was The Batman.


Bob Kane's original design.

Batman, one of the most influential comic book characters to be penned, was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, though Kane, who designed the character, often receives credit as the sole creator. After the success of Superman in early 1939, DC comics started requesting more superheroes for its titles. Bob Kane had an idea for a character called "Bat-Man." There is a large controversy that suggests Kane came up with a "Birdman" and Finger is the one who actually suggested the name "Bat-man." The character's alter-ego's name was influenced by the names of the Scottish patriot Robert the Bruce and revolutionary U.S. Brigadier General Mad Anthony Wayne (who, in the comics, is an ancestor of Bruce). For the character's costume, Kane drew inspiration from a flying device designed by Leonardo da Vinci: the ornithopter, a glider that had bat like wings.

Most of the Bat costume designs were suggested by Bill Finger. Kane initially drew Batman with a red and black costume, a domino mask, and wings. Finger suggested the character's costume be colored gray & black to make the character look more "ominous." He also suggested replacing the domino mask with a cowl and the wings with a cape. Finger also wanted Kane to change the way Batman's eyes appeared behind the mask and urged him to turn them into white spots. Later Finger admitted that he was influenced by the comic character The Phantom, who also wore a mask with no visible pupils. Gloves were also added so that Batman would not leave fingerprints behind.

Batman's First appearance

Like Superman, various aspects of Batman's personality, character history, visual design and equipment were inspired by contemporary popular culture of the 1930's, including movies, pulp magazine, comic strips, newspaper headlines and even aspects of Kane himself. Notable sources of inspiration were two of Kane's favorite movies, The Bat Whispers (1930), the film was a screen adaptation of Mary Robert Rinehart's mystery novel that featured character named The Bat, a detective who has a secret alter ego known as the Bat. The other movie that influenced Kane was The Mark of Zorro (1920). One might point out that in the movies young Bruce Wayne is often shown to have seen a Zorro movie before his parents were murdered. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27, published in 1939, and later became popular enough to spawn his own comics. Along with Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman has provided many of the core story arcs for the DC brand since his creation.

Batman is unique for the simple reason that he has no superhuman powers and is an ordinary human relying on intelligence, money, inventiveness, detective skills, martial arts, and fear to defeat his opponents. He currently makes the most money for a single publishing character and is widely considered to be one of the most popular superheroes in comics.

In the original version of the story and the vast majority of re-tellings, Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, an American millionaire (later billionaire) playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. Having witnessed the murder of his parents as a child, he swore revenge on criminals, an oath tempered with the greater ideal of justice. Wayne trains himself both physically and intellectually and dons a bat-themed costume in order to fight crime. Batman operates in the fictional American Gotham City, assisted by various supporting characters including his crime-fighting partner, Robin, his butler Alfred Pennyworth, the police commissioner Jim Gordon, and occasionally the heroine Batgirl. He fights an assortment of villains such as the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Two-Face, Ra's al Ghul,Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman, among others. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, martial arts skills, an indomitable will, fear, and intimidation in his continuous war on crime.

Batman became a very popular character soon after his introduction and gained his own comic book title, Batman, in 1940. As the decades wore on, differing interpretations of the character emerged. The late 1960s Batman television series used a camp aesthetic which continued to be associated with the character for years after the show ended. Various creators worked to return the character to his dark roots, with varying results. The comic books of this dark stage culminated in the acclaimed 1986 miniseries The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller, as well as Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, among others. The overall success of Warner Bros.' live-action Batman feature films have also helped maintain public interest in the character.

Pulp Influences

Batman as a character was heavily influenced by Pulp magazines, cheaply-printed prose magazines that were a popular form of mass entertainment in the first half of twentieth century. Pulp genres varied from romance to horror, but mysterious heroes featured heavily. And as Bill Finger later said, Batman was originally written in pulp style. One famous Pulp character that inspired both Finger and Kane - in different medias - was The Shadow. Finger liked the magazine version of the character: a gun toting no nonsense crime fighter whose real identity was a mystery. Kane preferred the radio version of The Shadow: a wealthy playboy named Lamont Cranston who had the hypnotic power "to cloud men's minds," to prevent them from seeing him.

Character Evolution

Golden Age

Golden Age Batman

During the Golden Age of Comics, when he was first introduced, Bruce Wayne was already the vigilante known as Batman. Batman's first appearance was in Detective Comics #27. In Detective Comics #33, the origin of the character was told. Bruce Wayne was the son of Thomas Wayne and his wife, Martha Wayne. His parents were wealthy philanthropists in the high society of Gotham City. Bruce grew up in Wayne Manor and experienced a privileged life until one fateful night. Bruce and his parents went to the movies and were walking home when suddenly they were confronted by a small-time crook carrying a gun named Joe Chill. At first, Chill demanded Martha's jewellery, but he ended up shooting both of Bruce’s parents. After the deaths of his parents, Bruce swore to rid Gotham City of evil forever. He began an intense mental and physical training and mastered many skills including martial arts, criminology, and escape artistry.

Upon completing his training Bruce realized that his skills alone were not enough to do the job; he needed the criminals to fear him. That was when a bat flew through the window, scaring Bruce. He was inspired by the symbolism of the bat and used this to become Batman. Batman witnesses the death of the Flying Graysons, high-flying acrobats that were killed by mobsters after the owner of the circus refused to pay "protection money" for the crooks to be their bodyguards. Bruce takes in young Dick Grayson as his ward and trains him as his sidekick, Robin. Bruce and Dick first hunt down and defeat Tony Zucco, the crime boss that was responsible for the deaths of John and Mary Grayson. It is never stated why Bruce took in Dick, but it could be due to how Dick lost his parents at a young age just like Bruce. Together the " Dynamic Duo" face off against many enemies such as the Riddler, Scarecrow, Penguin and the Joker.

Batman eventually becomes one of the founding members of the Justice Society Of America. Batman continued working with the Gotham City Police Department in fighting crime and is later legally deputized as a civilian police agent. Later Alfred Pennyworth is introduced and serves as his butler. Alfred eventually learns the identities of the Dynamic Duo and aids them in keeping their identity safe. Love interest Vicki Vale debuted during the 1940's as one of the numerous "flavors of the month" for Bruce Wayne. Vicki was created as a mirror of Lois Lane of Metropolis, and she often spent her time trying to figure out the identity of Batman. Whenever she got close to figuring out that Batman was Bruce Wayne, Batman would often trick her into believing he was not Bruce Wayne. (Secret identities nearly being found out was a common occurrence in the Golden Age.) Batman was first shown as a cold-blooded vigilante who was willing to use a gun and kill his enemies to rid the city of crime. But this revolted some readers, who made it clear that they hated the idea of their hero going around killing people. At the same time, DC Comics's new editor, Whitney Ellsworth, was already drafting, and eventually implemented, a moral code for Batman that prevented him from ever killing or using a gun.

Silver Age

Silver Age Batman

During the Silver Age DC Comics introduced the Multiverse continuity to its characters. It established the fact that all the Batman stories told during the Golden Age actually took place on Earth-Two. The Earth-Two Batman marries Catwoman and fathered a daughter named Helena Wayne who grows up to be the Huntress. Earth-Two Batman retires to take the job as Commissioner of the GCPD. Dick Grayson of Earth-Two became a lawyer with his own practice and continued his career as the Earth-Two Robin. Eventually he dies during his final adventure against a criminal named Bill Jensen who had acquired superpowers. Batman's back story was expanded upon to include his uncle, Philip Wayne, who raised Bruce for a while after his parents' deaths. He also had an older brother named Thomas Wayne Jr. who had to be institutionalizes after the death of Thomas and Martha. In addition, it was revealed that his parents' killing had not been chance, but an assassination ordered by gangster Lew Moxon.

As a child, Bruce's father had worn a bat costume (similar to Batman's future costume) to a masquerade party, where he encountered and stopped the mobster. Moxon swore revenge against Dr. Wayne, and hired Joe Chill to orchestrate the "mugging" that would result in their deaths. At some point in Bruce's training, he wears a costume similar to the future Robin's and is trained by Harvey Harris, a Gotham City Police detective. During this time Batman would regularly team up with other heroes to fight evil (these adventures were published in World’s Finest Comics from the 1950's through the 1980's), and many of the team-ups featured Batman, Superman and, occasionally, Robin and led to the formation of the Justice League of America.

After Robin (Dick Grayson) sustains an injury, Batman insists on going without a sidekick. Dick leaves to attend college and moves out of Wayne Manor. Batman primarily works solo but occasionally teams up with Robin and Batgirl. It was during this period where Batman starts becoming a bit darker (partly due to the loss of Robin's presence, but mainly because times were changing in the real world). Violent crimes increase in Gotham and the Joker returns with a darker, more sadistic nature (i.e. he was starting to kill his victims)

The Batman also comes face to face with Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Head. Ra's has lived for over 600 years and is one of the few people who deduces that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Ra's saw their ideals as being the same, but the two became rivals quickly when Batman realized that Ra's did not value the lives of others as he did. During this time Bruce's older brother, Thomas Wayne, Jr., reappears. Thomas becomes an assassin, but his body was taken over by the anti-hero Deadman. Batman was able to remove Deadman from his brother's body, but Thomas soon dies trying to save his younger brother's life. Batman later quit the Justice League to form his new group called the Outsiders. Batman leads the group for a while, but he eventually quit the Outsiders as well.

Modern Age

Modern Age Batman

After the story called Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Batman of Earth-Two was erased from history. DC Comics attempted to reboot many major characters' origins including Batman. The re-tooled history was recounted in Frank Miller’s run on the Batman: Year One story arc, or, at least the more serious, less campier sides of The Dark Knight. This made Batman darker and more believable and showed how much Batman dominates Bruce Wayne's psychology, so much so that Bruce has fully transformed into the Dark Knight, both physically and mentally. The character of Jim Gordon was portrayed in greater detail, and the corruption of the Gotham City Police Department was more pronounced, giving more of a reason for Gotham City to need Batman. Dick's back story remains the same, but Jason Todd's origin was changed, turning the boy into the orphan son of a petty crook, who tries to steal the tires from the Batmobile. Philip Wayne and Thomas, Jr. were removed from continuity (up until the New 52 Relaunch where different versions of both characters returned) and Bruce was raised by his father's trusted friend and butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

In addition, Batman was no longer a founding member of the Justice League. During the Son of the Demon story arc, Batman marries Talia, and she becomes pregnant with their child. When Talia was attacked, Batman nearly dies trying to save her. Talia concludes that she was a hindrance to Batman and pretends to have a miscarriage. The two annulled their marriage, but Talia delivered the baby and gave him up.

Dick Grayson retires the Robin mantle to become Nightwing, and Batman replaces him with orphan Jason Todd to become the new Robin, but he ends up getting killed by the Joker. After losing Jason, Batman becomes self-destructive until Tim Drake enters his life and convinces him to make him the new Robin.

The 1994 company-wide crossover Zero Hour changes aspects of DC continuity again, including those of Batman. Noteworthy among these changes is that the general populace and the criminal element now considers Batman an urban legend rather than a known force. Similarly, the Waynes' killer is never caught or identified, effectively removing Joe Chill from the new continuity, rendering stories such as "Year Two" non-canon.

Batman once again becomes a member of the Justice League during Grant Morrison's 1996 relaunch of the series, titled JLA. Also under Morrison, it s revealed that Batman had a child with Talia Al Ghul known as Damian, who was raised to be a ruthless assassin by the age of three.

During the events of Final Crisis, Batman is apparently killed by Darkseid, and he is replaced by Dick Grayson as Batman who enlists Damian as Robin. It eventually revealed that Batman is alive and after his return, he forms Batman Incorporated, where he attempts to use the Batman mantle as an international force for good.

The New 52

New 52 Batman

With the New 52 relaunch, Batman retained a large part of his mythos but there were some changes. Batman has been active for around seven years, and is presently portrayed to be more tech-based. Catwoman no longer knows his secret identity, Grayson is back to being Nightwing, Tim Drake is now Red Robin and leader of the teen titans, Barbara Gordon is now Batgirl and Damian now operated as Bruce's sidekick. He is also a founding member of the Justice League, and acts the team's leader. He first appeared during the events known as Zero Year when Gotham was taken over by the Riddler.

Years later he fought the Court of Owls, a group of criminals who have been controlling Gotham from behind the scenes for many years, and new character Harper Row is introduced as an ally. Also, a violent encounter with the now faceless Joker strained the relationship between the Batman Family. To make matters worse, Damian is later killed by the Heretic during Batman's war with Talia Al Ghul's terrorist organization Leviathan. Batman is consumed by depression and continues to alienate himself from his allies until he discovers a mystical shard that gave him the ability in the story to bring Damian back.

During the events of the weekly series called Batman Eternal, Gordon is framed or murder and Gotham plunges into chaos. Batman's home is turned into an Asylum after the destruction of Arkham, and Bruce loses all of his money after the criminal known as Hush takes over Batman's weapon bases and blows them up, killing many people. Batman is now forced to rely on limited resources and now lives in a penthouse, once belonging to the Court of Owls, in the middle of Gotham.

Major Story Arcs

Some of the major story arcs of Batman have been Hush, Knightfall and No Man's Land. For a full list of Batman's key story arcs, please visit the Batman story arc page.

The Man Who Laughs

Gotham City got its first taste of Batman's greatest enemy, the Joker, when the police found an abandoned warehouse filled with mutilated corpses, all having ghastly rictus grins on their faces. The Batman is at work tracking down the killer when the Joker himself appears on live TV, on a news report on Arkham Asylum, killing the reporter with his mysterious laughing venom and predicting the deaths of some of the richest individuals in Gotham. Bruce wonders whether the Joker is a deformed version of the Red Hood, a criminal who fell into chemical waste while being engaged by Batman. The Joker carries out his hits as promised, using his venom, despite Batman's efforts to stop him. The city is thrown into chaos when he invades a prison facility and sets its inmates free, providing them with weapons and killing all of its guard personnel in the process. The criminals wreak great havoc throughout the city but is apprehended by Batman. Joker's next target is Bruce Wayne. Thus, Wayne Manor is under strict surveillance and guard by the police, making Bruce unable to act as Batman. He secretly injects himself with some Joker venom he had gathered. The venom takes instant effect and Bruce is rushed to the hospital. But on the way, Alfred administers him with the antidote he had made after careful study and as Bruce recovers, he understands the Joker's true plan. He had gained an understanding of what drives the Joker while under the effects of the venom and realised Bruce Wayne's assassination is only a divertion from his real mission, which is killing everyone in Gotham. And the easiest way for that would be poisoning Gotham's water reservoir, which Batman deduces from the clues he had gained in the last few days while tracking the Joker. He finds and stops Joker at the reservoir and refrains from killing him. The Joker is put in the reopened Arkham Asylum.

The Long Halloween

Batman, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent

In Batman's early years, his main objective was to take down Gotham's biggest crime lord Carmine "The Roman" Falcone. To do this, Batman required the help of two of Gotham's finest, "hero cop" Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent. Despite dealing massive blows to the criminal empire, the Roman still stood tall until a killer by the name of Holiday started making his move and killing a member of the Falcone Crime family on every occasion.

Over the course of the story, the trio's morals are put into question, notably Dent's, who has let it be known that he does not care for the deaths of criminals and even contemplated stealing some of the weakened Roman's money. Jealous by the attention Holiday has received, the Joker attempts to release his gas on Gotham Square at New Year's Eve to kill everyone in attendance, and hopefully Holiday but he is stopped by Batman.

Later on, it is revealed that Dent was in possession of the same type of gun that was used in the Holiday murders, turning him into a prime suspect. Despite Gordon's suspicions, Batman refuses to believe that his friend, who shares his love for justice, would be a killer. On the Roman's birthday, Sal Maroni, Falcone's rival, is set to testify against Carmine, prosecuted by Dent. Just as things seemed to go Dent's way, Maroni ends up throwing acid in the attorney's face, physically and mentally scarring him. After being rushed to the hospital, Harvey escapes in a crazed state and kills a doctor. Gordon moves Maroni to a new cell, suspecting that he may be Holiday's next target.

Surely enough, Holiday makes his move and kills Maroni and just as he is about to kill Gordon, who was escorting the gangster, Batman appears just in time to save his friend and take down the killer, who is revealed to be Falcone's son, Alberto, who holds a grudge against his father for neglecting him and keeping him out of the family business. A while later, Dent makes his return, with half his face disfigured, now calling himself Two-Face. He regroups all the costume freaks including Joker, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy, among others and bursts into the disgraced Roman's penthouse to signify the change that has come to Gotham. Batman appears and takes down the villains with the exception of Dent who holds Falcone hostage. Despite Batman's pleads, Two-Face ends up killing Falcone and then surrenders himself. In the end, when confronted by Batman and Gordon, Dent claims that his methods were the most effective in taking down Falcone. Despite witnessing the corruption of their friend, Batman and Gordon's resolve remains strong and they both vow to never give up on ridding Gotham of evil.

Dark Victory and Robin

Batman & Robin - The Dynamic Duo

In the aftermath of the story called The Long Halloween, Falcone's daughter, Sofia Gigante has taken over the family business and vows to kill Two-Face who managed to escape from Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, a killer by the name of Hangman has been killing various cops and implying that Two-Face is responsible. A gang war erupts between the crime families and the costumed freaks, recruited by Two-Face, and in the crossfire, circus acrobats, the Flying Graysons are killed by Falcone associate, Tony Zucco, leaving the performers' son, Dick, an orphan. Feeling sympathy for the child and remembering his own trauma, Bruce Wayne adopts Dick as his son. However, since Bruce was too busy trying to stop the war as Batman, Dick would often sneak out at night looking for his parent's killer. A terrified Tony Zucco, who knows that Batman is looking for him, is confronted by Dick and due to his poor health, ends up dying of a heart attack. Realizing the boy's vigilante tendencies, Bruce reveals his identity and decides to train him in order to avoid his death. It is later revealed that Hangman is actually Sofia Gigante and sets Gotham on fire to bring Dent out of hiding but before she could kill him, Batman saves him, giving Dent the opportunity to kill her and escape into the sewers with the rest of the super-villains with Batman in pursuit. In the climatic battle, Two-Face and his villainous group find themselves in the bat-cave but Dick's presence prevented them from discovering Batman's secret. Batman and Dick end up fighting off and defeating the villains once and for all. In the end, Batman offers Dick a chance to live a normal life away from vigilantism, but Dick insists, and so, he becomes Robin, assisting Batman in his war on crime, and thus the Dynamic Duo was born.

Tales of the Ghul

Batman passes Ra's Al Ghul's test

While trying to stop the criminal Doctor Darrk, who was leading the League of Assassins at the time, Batman meets the enigmatic Talia Al Ghul, who was kidnapped by Darrk in an attempt to blackmail her father, the wealthy Ra's Al Ghul. Batman saves Talia and she ends up falling in love with the Dark Knight. One night, Batman discovers that Robin has been kidnapped and then, Ra's Al Ghul, who has used his immense resources to discover Batman's secret identity, appears to him in the Bat-Cave to ask for his help, as his daughter has also been kidnapped, possibly by the same person who kidnapped Robin. The two work together and, accompanied by Ra's' faithful bodyguard Ubu, travel the world looking for the kidnapper. Batman solves various puzzles and obstacles thrown in his path, and after finding both Talia and Robin, he deduces that Ra's was behind the entire ordeal as a personnel test, which Ra's declares he has passed. After defeating Ubu and the rest of the League of Assassins, who are under Ra's' command, the old man reveals that this machination took place because he was in need of a successor, and Batman has proven himself worthy of that position as well as the affections of his only daughter, Talia. However, Batman sees him as a dangerous criminal mastermind and vows to stop him at all costs.

Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul

In his crusade to take down the criminal mastermind, he discovers in the story that Ra's has lived for centuries due to the mystical Lazarus Pit, which restores Ra's youth as well as give him immense strength that allowed him to defeat Batman in a fight. In his pursuit of Ra's and his league, Batman finds himself in Nanda Parbat where Ra's challenges him to a sword-fight. After fighting to a stalemate, a scorpion stings Batman, leaving him incapacitated. Though Ra's sees Batman as a worthy foe, but because he refused his offer, he leaves him to die. However, Talia, still having feelings for the Dark Knight, gives him a final kiss which contained the antidote. Batman recovers from the scorpion's poison, and in a fit of rage, confronts Ra's, who was immobilized with fear at the sight of the recovered vigilante, and defeats him in decisive fashion.

Just Another Kid on Crime Alley

Batman meets Jason Todd

During an encounter with the Joker, Robin is seriously wounded and the media believes him to be dead. Worried for Dick's safety, Batman decides to keep it that way and retires the Robin mantle, but Dick's insists that he will remain a crime-fighter and he would later on become the super-hero known as Nightwing. On the anniversary of his parents' death, Batman, as is his tradition, keeps watch over Crime Alley, the site of that tragic night. However, on his way back to the Batmobile, he finds a young street orphan by the name of Jason Todd attempting to steal the tires of the car. Though impressed by the kid's courage, he decides to take him to a school for the homeless, but when it is revealed that the school housed criminals, Batman, with Jason's help, takes it down. With nowhere for Jason to go and at the risk of him becoming another criminal on the streets, Batman decides to take Jason in as his own son, and seeing his potential to be a hero and also partly due to the loneliness he experienced after Dick Grayson's departure, offers Jason the mantle of Robin, which Jason gladly accepts. Batman later discovers that Jason's mother died of an overdoes and his father was a reluctant partner of Two-Face, who ended up getting killed by the criminal. Although, Batman attempted to hide this from Robin, fearing what he may do, his faith in Jason is restored when Robin, having discovered Two-Face's acts, spared him even though he had the chance avenge his father's death. This made Batman see Jason as a worthy sidekick.

A Death in the Family

Death of Robin

As time passed, it quickly became evident to Batman that Jason was far from the ideal crime-fighter. His conduct on the field was in stark contrast to that of Batman's cold professionalism. Often he would thrust himself into exceedingly dangerous situations, endangering both student and mentor, giving vent to his inner emotions, which seemed to be dominated by rage. This became even more evident when Jason seemingly killed a criminal who had walked free after causing the death of a woman Jason was emotionally invested in. Batman soon realized Robin hadn't coped with the death of his parents, and felt it was best to make him inactive for a while and thus gave him some time to come to grips with what happened to his family. Jason opposed this but had no choice but to comply.

While walking through crime alley, his place of origin, Jason encountered an old family friend who had a few belongings of his parents safely stored away. She gave him the package, which contained his birth certificate that indicated his mother wasn't the late Catherine Todd, but there are three women who could be his mother, all three out of the country, and he left off in search of the first one, in the Middle East where he coincidentally meets up with Batman who was there tracking down the Joker. Together, they thwart the Jokers plans and takes down the terrorists, but to Jason's dismay, the suspected woman is not his mother.

Continuing their investigation,they eventually track down Sheila Haywood, who was working in famine relief efforts in Ethiopia and it revealed that she is in fact Jason's real mother. Bruce leaves Jason to spend time with his mother while he chases after the Joker, but it is later revealed that Sheila was being blackmailed by the Joker into giving him shipments of medical supplies that he can sell in the black market while transfering his deadly Joker gas to relief destinations. Though Robin wants to go find his mother Batman orders him to stay put and wait for him until he comes back. Jason however, defies Batman's orders and leaves for the warehouse to find his mother. Jason manages to find her and reveals his secret identity to her, but she turns him over to The Joker in an attempt to save her own life. Joker savagely beats Jason with a crowbar, then detonates an explosive that kills both Jason and his mother.

Batman arrives just as the explosion goes off, and as he searches through the rubble, he finds, to his horror, the lifeless corpse of Jason. Batman grieves over the horrible site and vows to avenge Jason's death and take down the Joker once and for all. Batman vengefully tracks down the Joker, and though he manages stop his latest death plot, the madman escapes, ending this counter the same way as others, unresolved. Batman continues grieving over Jason's death, considering it to be his greatest failure and vows to never endanger anyone else in this line of work. Since then, he keeps Jason's costume in a glass casing in the Bat-Cave as a memorial, underneath it read "A Good Soldier".

A Lonely Place of Dying

Tim Drake the new Robin

After this tragic event, Batman became more violent and almost self-destructing when he battled crime. Tim Drake, a young boy who witnessed the death of the Graysons, noticed the dark nature of the Batman after the loss of Robin. Tim once idolized the Flying Graysons, and was in attendance when Dick's parents were killed. He also idolized Batman and Robin, as he saw them as heroes. Tim was able to deduce that Dick Grayson was in fact Robin when he noticed the costumed fighter perform an acrobatic move that only Dick could do, and knowing that the former acrobat was adopted by Bruce Wayne, he pieced things together and deduced that the millionaire is indeed Batman. He had figured out that the original Robin was Dick Grayson and thus, Bruce Wayne had to be Batman. Tim knew that Batman needed a friend in his war and after being unsuccessful in convincing Dick to return to the role, Dick petitions Bruce to train Tim to become the next Robin, in order to keep Batman sane. At first Batman refuses, vowing to never endanger anyone but himself in his war on crime. Meanwhile Two-Face is on the loose and has prepared a plot to kill Batman once and for all, and this would have happened if not for the timely intervention of Tim Drake, wearing the Robin costume with Alfred's blessing and providing the necessary distraction for Batman to defeat his foe. In the end, both Alfred and Nightwing insist that the boy is capable of doing much good, especially under the guidance of Batman, and after much reluctance, Batman ends up agreeing. After a grueling training regime, Tim finally becomes the new Robin.


Batman meets Bane

After a long time of hard work, Batman and Robin finally succeed in placing all of the worst villains in Arkham Asylum, and thus apparently ensuring peace for Gotham. At one point he also encounters Jean-Paul Valley who is called Azrael, a victim of "The System" who was brainwashed into becoming an assassin for the sinister order known as The Order of Dumas, but Batman comforts Valley and takes him in as an ally to fight crime alongside him and reject his previous life. Just when it seemed that Gotham was at peace, a new villain makes his way to Gotham seeking to conquer it and defeat its guardian, the Batman. The villain, known only as Bane, blows down the walls of Arkham and frees every single inmate to rage havoc on the city. Batman, who was also sick at the time, is forced to run a gauntlet of his worst enemies, putting both his body and mind to the test. After a series of plots and encounters that weigh heavily on him, mentally and physically, fighting the likes of the Mad Hatter, the Ventriloquist, Amygdala, Victor Zsasz, Firefly, Riddler, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Joker and Two-Face, as well as encountering Bane's henchmen Zombie, Trogg and Bird, Batman finally manages to put them all back in prison however still oblivious to the mastermind behind this Gauntlet.

Broken by Bane

Batman finally returns home to rest only to be confronted by Bane, whose plan has come full circle and has come to Gotham to conquer it and defeat its protector. Though having almost no strength left, Batman accepts Bane's challenge and has one final fight. However, he is no match for this skilled foe, whose strength has also increased due to a drug known as Venom, and despite his best efforts Batman is horribly beaten and has his back broken by Bane in his own BatCave, paralyzing him. Bane throws Batman's body in the middle of a crowded street so that everyone sees the fall of the Dark Knight. Before his identity is compromised, Alfred and Robin quickly take him back to the manor to nurse him back to health. However, his will is just as broken as his body, as he realizes that he cannot don the costume again, and since Gotham needs a protector, he entrusts the mantle of Batman to Jean-Paul Valley and instructs a distraught Robin to be his ally.

Knightquest and Knightsend

After his back was broken, Batman was being tended to by Shondra Kinsolving, a doctor whom Bruce met before and the two shared romantic feelings. However, one night, Shondra was kidnapped along with one of her patients, Jack Drake, Robin's father, and so, despite being in a wheelchair, Bruce, along with Alfred go after the kidnappers, and track them down to London, leaving Gotham under the care of Robin (who is oblivious to his father's kidnapping) and the new Batman. It is revealed in the story that Shondra was kidnapped by her brother Asp who intended to use her powers for his own gain. Bruce is caught in a telepathic exchange between Shondra and Asp, and the energy released causes Bruce to regain mobility of his legs. Now healed, he defeats Asp and saves Drake and Shondra, but the doctor's mental state was regressed to childhood due to the drugs given to her by her brother and she loses all memory of their relationship. Preparing to get back into shape and regain his strength, Batman seeks the help of the skilled martial artist Lady Shiva who agree with the condition that he must kill. After several weeks of intense training, when it was time for Batman to kill, he refuses, causing Shiva to send various skilled assassins after him to force his hand. Bruce defeats the assassins and appears to kill the final one, much to Shiva's delight. However, he had used a technique that appeared to be lethal even though it was not. With his strength now regained, Batman is ready to come back to Gotham.

Batman vs Batman

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Valley, now operating as Batman, attempts to track down Bane, who has now taken control of Gotham's underworld. However, Valley's brainwashing by the Order resurfaces, causing him to become more violent and to start losing control over his sanity. Donning a new tech heavy costume and refusing Robin as a partner, Valley becomes a far darker and much more violent Batman and eventually manages to defeat Bane and end his reign of terror. As the new Batman watches over Gotham, his vicious and reckless methods became intolerable by Robin, especially when he caused the deaths of the villain the Abattoir and his victims. When Robin tried to reason with him, Valley lashed out on him, almost killing him as he now considers himself to be superior to the real Batman. When Batman returns, having healed from his back injury, Jean-Paul tried to kill him to prove his superiority but Batman defeats and tricks him into removing his costume, thereby getting rid of "the system" in his head. Humbled and regretting his actions, Valley admits to Bruce that he (Bruce) is the one and only Batman and vows to redeem himself in his eyes. Though having regained the use of his legs, Batman decides to travel the world to fully regain his strength, and in his absence gives the mantle to the man he should have given it to in the first place, Nightwing, until he comes back.

No Man's Land

Batman watches his city in ruins

Gotham is struck by a massive Earthquake, one which claims the lives of many people in Gotham. Batman had anticipated the arrival of an earthquake and had all Wayne-funded buildings be protected from such an event, including Oracle's Watchtower and Tim Drake's home, however, his own house did not receive such protection because that may compromise his identity as Batman. Bruce and Alfred barely survive the earthquake, and once out of the rubble, Batman watches in horror his city in ruins and there's nothing he could do about it. With most of the city destroyed, criminals run rampant around the remains and chaos ensues to the point where Gotham is declared a No Man's Land by the government and it is cut off from the rest of the country. Batman travels to Washington, and as Bruce Wayne does his best to convince congress to help the city he loves, but he fails to do so, causing him to be distraught and almost loses all hope himself in exile until he is motivated back into action by Talia Al Ghul.

Batman marks his territory in NML

Meanwhile in Gotham, with very limited food and resources, new rules are applied and the criminals divide the city into territories and use spray paint to claim ownership of said territories. Members of the GCPD that stayed in Gotham are now known as the Blue boys and they try to maintain order in Gotham. Others join the fight as well, including Oracle, who monitors the entire city and serves as information broker while Helena Bartinelli aka the Huntress, dons a Batman inspired costume to be more effective as a crime-fighter. Batman eventually returns and adapts to the new rules of Gotham, using spray paint to mark his territory and does everything he can to help his city. He allows Huntress to operate as Batgirl for a while until Two-Face's gang invades his territory and kill several people. Helena was forced to flee and when she refuses to follow Batman's orders anymore, he forces her to relinquish the Batgirl mantle. When things become more dire Batman assembles all his allies including Nightwing, Robin, Jean-Paul Valley and Oracle as well as new Batgirl, the mute Cassandra Caine, who proved herself when she saved Gordon's life from her father the assassin David Caine, and they all fight to take back their city.

No Man's Land comes to an end thanks to Lex Luthor, who used legal and illegal means as well as political machinations to fund the renovation of Gotham city all in an attempt to take over himself. Batman allows Luthor to do his work while having Catwoman collect necessary evidence against Luthor regarding his illegal business, thereby preventing Lex from claiming ownership over Gotham.


Batman finds himself to be the target of a mysterious conspiracy that pits him against some of his worst villains. While giving chase to Catwoman who was under Poison Ivy's mind control, his bat-rope is cut, causing him to fracture his skull though he is eventually saved by his childhood friend and surgeon Thomas Elliot. Later on, Batman and Catwoman track down Poison Ivy to Metropolis and despite using a mind-controlled Superman against them, Batman manages to get past the Man of Steel and stop the villain. Over the course of this adventure, Batman and Catwoman start to develop a relationship and Batman even reveals his identity to her.

Later on, after encounters with Killer Croc, Ra's Al Ghul, Joker and Scarecrow, all seemingly manipulated under the same conspiracy as well as the apparent death of his friend Tommy, he is confronted by someone claiming to be Jason Todd, Batman's old sidekick who was killed years ago, however it turned out to be another ruse.

Batman meets Hush

Frustrated and desperate to know who has been manipulating all these villains, Batman investigates furthur until the villain known as Hush finally makes his presence known and reveals that he is in fact, Tommy Elliot. Tommy had always hated his parents and wanted them dead to collect his inheritance, so he staged a car accident that caused his father's death but Bruce's father managed to save his mother, and because of this Tommy held a grudge against the entire Wayne family. He faked his death using Clayface to throw Batman off his trail, as he was the mastermind behind the entire ordeal. After the intervention of Gordon and a recovered Harvey Dent, Hush falls into a river and manages to escape.

In the aftermath, Batman learns that Riddler was the one who told Hush his secret having learned it after using the Lazarus Pit to cure himself from cancer. However, Batman warns Riddler that if he ever decides to reveal this information again, he will feel the wrath of Ra's Al Ghul, ensuring his silence. After all these events, Batman has become more suspicious, causing him to drive Catwoman away as he won't allow himself to fall in love again.

War Drums and War Games

The new Batman and Robin

When Tim Drake's father discovers his alter-ego, Tim is forced to retire as Robin and Batman goes back to working alone, that is until Stephanie Brown, aka the young vigilante known as Spoiler and Tim's ex-girlfriend, petitions to be the next Robin, and though reluctant at first, as he previously didn't see her as hero material, Bruce ends up accepting with the condition that she follow his every order. After training her, he hands her a costume and she officially becomes the fourth Robin. Stephanie's infectious energy and enthusiasm grows on Batman and he starts to see her as a worthy partner until she disobeys an order and he fires her. Determined to win back Batman's trust, Stephanie steals from the Bat-cave one of his contingency plans that was supposed to take place in case crime in Gotham got too out of control. The plan, which she put into motion behind Batman's back, dealt with unifying all the Gotham crime-families under one man, Matches Malone. What Stephanie didn't know was that Malone is actually one of Batman's underground alter-egos, and because Malone was not present at the staged meeting between crime-lords, things went awry and a huge gang war raged in Gotham, causing the deaths of many. Batman attempts to put his underground ally, Orpheus, as the leader of all the gangs, but the Black Mask makes his move, kills Orpheus and becomes Gotham's kingpin of crime instead. Another consequence of this war was Stephanie Brown's death after intense tortures at the hands of Black Mask. Batman was at her side in her last moments, and comforted her with the fact he's proud of her right before she died.

Under the Red Hood

Batman vs Red Hood

After the recent war, Batman has lot too much. Robin, Batgirl and Oracle have left Gotham City, Stephanie Brown is dead, Nightwing is injured, the GCPD sees Batman as a criminal and the Black Mask controls all crime in Gotham. However, a mysterious figure known as The Red Hood has been making his move on Black Mask's operations and taking control of his gangs. While intercepting one of Black Mask's shipments, Batman and Nightwing encounter Red Hood for the first time, and as they chase after him, they encounter the cyborg Amazo, which they barely manage to defeat. The Red Hood then steals another one of Mask's shipments tries to blackmail him, but the meeting turns sour with Freeze and Batman and Nightwing getting involved, and all the villains end up escaping. However, during the battle, Batman is intrigued by Red Hood's skills, as he sees something familiar.

While intercepting another one of Black Mask's operations, Red Hood is confronted by Batman where they fight to a stalemate. Red Hood finally takes off his mask and to Batman's horror, reveals that he is in fact, Jason Todd, the Robin who apparently died many years ago and even gives him samples of his DNA to prove it before escaping. It is revealed in the story that Jason came back after he was dipped in a Lazarus Pit by Talia Al ghul. After this revelation, Alfred offers to remove Jason's memorial from the Cave, but Batman refuses, claiming that the recent developments don't change anything.

After Red Hood blows up Black Mask's penthouse, the desperate crime lord seeks the help of Deathstroke of the Secret Society, who sends Hyena, Captain Nazi and Count Vertigo to kill the Red Hood. Batman intervenes and together they manage to take down the trio of super-villains, but not without Red Hood killing one of them and escaping.

After tricking Black Mask into killing the last of his lieutenants, Red Hood, who has been holding the Joker captive, challenges Batman to come to Crime Alley to end things once and for all. After apprehending Black Mask, Batman complies and meets up with Jason. After an intense back and forth fight, Batman defeats Jason and apologizes for failing him. Disgusted, Jason reveals that the reason he holds a grudge against Batman is because he never killed Joker to avenge his death. He then holds Joker hostage and throws Bruce a gun, and challenges him to make a choice: either kill Joker or kill him. Batman refuses both choices and ends up incapacitating Jason with a Batarang. An ecstatic Joker ends up blowing the entire place and in the aftermath, Jason manages to escape.

Infnite Crisis

Bruce also becomes more suspicious of other heroes, creating a super satellite called Brother Eye, which is stolen and eventually causes the death of Ted Kord. Things then hit a personal low for Bruce during the story Infinite Crisis when he almost murders megalomaniac Alex Luthor. Bruce realizes his morality is at an all time low and decides to take a sabbatical from fighting crime.

Batman and Son

Batman meets his son

After cleansing himself of personal demons and returning to his role as Batman fully re-energized, allowing him to cleanse Gotham of all crime. After that, following Alfred's advice to re-learn how to be Bruce Wayne, goes on a vacation. He travels to London where, at a charity auction, meets and develops feelings for Jezebel Jet, a fashion model and leader of an African Country. The auction is then attacked by a horde of League of Assassins Man-Bats and despite fighting off a large number of them, he is eventually captured and brought before his former lover Talia Al Ghul. She reveals that they have a son together named Damian, who was raised in the ways of the League. Talia leaves Damian under Bruce's care, and the boy proves to be very troublesome and very hard to control. Damian takes an instant disliking to Tim Drake, as he considered him to be an impostor and that the Robin mantle is his right. In an attempt to prove himself to his father, he goes so far as to murder the villain known as The Spook, and brutally attacks and almost kills Robin. Batman starts to teach Damian respect and discipline, and agrees to keep him by his side as long as he conducts himself properly and refrains from killing. Damian agrees and together they travel to Gibraltar where they attempt to stop Talia from executing a terrorist attack. However, Talia reveals that her plan was to get Batman acquainted with his son and they can all be united together as a family. She offers Batman to rule the world by her side, but he declines, and so she declares war on him and escapes, taking Damian with her.

Soon Bruce is tested in new ways both by a conspiracy to kill him and a journey through time caused by Darkseid.

Final Crisis

Batman shoots Darkseid

During the crossover story-arc Final Crisis, where Darkseid launches an attack on Earth, Batman gets captured by the possessed Alpha Lantern Boodika. Batman is experimented on by Darkseid's followers in an attempt to form an army of cloned Batmen that would serve Darkseid.

Batman escapes from captivity and uses the time-gun Darkseid killed Orion with to shoot the Lord of Apokolips with a radion bullet, fatally wounding him and paving the way for his defeat. However, Darkseid manages to strike Batman with his Omega Beams, seemingly killing Wayne. In reality, the Omega Beams had banished Bruce to the early prehistoric age, forcing him to periodically time-travel and build up enough energy to become a living bomb that would unravel time when it detonated.

The Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman Incorporated

After Final Crisis Bruce is assumed dead leaving Dick Grayson and Damian to become the new Batman and Robin in his absence. With Damian as Robin and Dick as Batman, Tim Drake decides to leave his Robin mantle and find clues to prove that Bruce was not dead, but lost in time. He proves his theory by becoming Red Robin, a mantle that was used by Jason Todd years ago.

After surviving his journey of time trials, Bruce Wayne returns with a greater sense of responsibility. He decides to take his crime fighting mission to a global scale with an organization called Batman Incorporated while Dick and Damian remain protectors of Gotham and also dedicated members to Batman Inc. Over the course of this series, it has become clear that Bruce's reasons for forming an international army of Batmen has been to combat a old global brain washing terrorist force called Leviathan.

The New 52

DC Comics announced that starting in September 2011 a complete relaunch of all of their titles would take place. 52 new #1 titles would be relaunched throughout the monthly featuring several changes to the universe. Batman plays a key role in the relaunch, and one of the biggest changes in the universe is Bruce Wayne's return as Batman and Dick Grayson's return as Nightwing.

Batman headlined several of the relaunched titles including Batman, Detective Comics, Justice League, and Batman and Robin. He makes appearances in other books as well and was a team member of the new Justice League International.

Part of the New 52 relaunch involved a condensed timeline of the DC universe, which slightly affected Batman's origin story. Sometime after the death of his parents, Bruce left Gotham City for four years to travel the world and receive his training, including a time at a monastery in the Himalayas. During his absence, Martha Wayne's family, the Kanes, actively sought control of the Wayne estate and fortune, including Wayne Enterprises. After returning to Gotham, Bruce moved out of Wayne Manor into a brownstone in Crime Alley where he operated as a vigilante (sans Bat-persona) for about a year. During the next year, Bruce would develop the Batman persona and build a friendship with Jim Gordon, resulting in Gordon's installation of the Bat-Signal. In this period, five years before the New 52 "present day," Batman is still a lone crime fighter when he meets other superheroes with whom he eventually forms the Justice League to defeat the threat of Darkseid.

The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls

After stopping an outbreak in Arkham Asylum with Dick Grayson’s help, Bruce attends a formal gathering in Wayne Manor and announces Wayne Enterprises' new goal of rebuilding certain districts of Gotham City as well as improving the train system. Later on, Batman investigates a crime scene with Harvey Bullock where he discovers a message saying “Bruce Wayne will DIE tomorrow” and after returning to the Bat Cave finds out from the analysis of some DNA samples found in the area, that the killer is Dick Grayson.

The following day, while meeting up with Lincoln March, Gotham City’s new mayoral candidate, for a conversation in the Old Wayne Tower, Bruce is attacked by a mysterious assassin who overpowers him and throws him off the window. Bruce struggles with the assassin in mid-air and manages to grab on to a gargoyle while the assassin falls down. He discovers that his attacker is an assassin sent by the Court of Owls known as the Talon, but does not believe it as the Court of Owls is simply an old nursery rhyme.

Batman manages to escape from a trap set by the Court of Owls during his investigation into whether they really exist or not. After returning to the Bat Cave, he tells Dick of how he investigated the existence of the Court some time after the death of his parents and discovered nothing. Continuing his investigation in the sewers of Gotham City, Batman is suddenly knocked out by the Talon; after waking up, he finds himself trapped in the Court’s labyrinth.

Batman has been missing for days, but Commissioner Gordon refuses to turn the Bat Signal off, using it as a source of hope for their allies and Gotham City. Batman is unable to escape the labyrinth and keeps finding himself returning again and again to the same places and is slowly being driven insane. The Talon then suddenly attacks Batman. Beaten and battered, all hope seems lost for Batman, but he manages to fight back and eventually defeats Talon. He finally escapes the labyrinth through an opening he created that leads him to the Bat Cave.

Night of the Owls

Batman defends his home against the Talons

Soon after escaping the labyrinth, the Court of Owls sends out all of their Talons to attack the public figures of Gotham City in order to take it back. In the Bat Cave, Bruce reveals to Nightwing that the Talon who attacked him is William Cobb, Dick’s great-grandfather, as well as the fact that he was meant to be a Talon as well. Later on, numerous Talons then attack Bruce in his home, and after making his way to the Bat Cave, attempts to fight them off using a special armor. While analyzing the data found on a Talon’s gauntlet, Alfred finds a list of assassination targets for the Talons. Alfred calls the rest of the family (Red Robin, Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Birds of Prey), asking for their help to save Gotham City.

Batman deduces that the Talons are weakened by cold and has Alfred reduce the cave temperature, giving Batman the chance to finish them off. Batman then goes to Arkham Asylum in order to save Dr. Arkham; Talons attack them both until the inmates are released who then proceed to attack the Talons. He then proceeds to Lincoln March’s location to save him but is too late; he finds a dying March who gives him a message, the names of three members of the Court of Owls.

After scaring off one of the members of the Court in their own house, Batman goes to Harbor House, a building he investigated in search of the Court back when he was a child. He swears to end the Court of Owls once and for all. However, he finds them all dead in the dining room and realizes who was behind this attack and goes to Willowwood Home for Children, a hospital for children suffering from mental illnesses and neurological disorders. He finds an undead Lincoln March, who staged what looked to be the Court of Owls suicide.

As he dones a new advanced armor March reveals that he is Bruce Wayne’s brother that never was, Thomas Wayne Jr. He claims to have been placed in Willowwood, back when it was a premiere hospital, after being born early and hurt due to a car accident. After Thomas and Martha Wayne died, Willowwood lost its funding and eventually became a mental hospital for mentally ill children that it was known for the lost and forgotten children .

Batman vs March - Art by Andy Clarke & Tomeu Morey

Batman and Lincoln March fight all over the city and despite being overpowered, Batman manages to plant a small bomb on March’s back to stop him. March survives the explosion and manages to capture Batman once more, this time in a building where he begins to plant explosives. Batman manages to escape just in time as the explosives detonate, leaving March behind as he taunts him, telling him to run away from the truth.

Bruce has returned to Wayne Manor and is slowly healing from his wounds. He tells Commissioner Gordon that he privately searched the wreckage of the destroyed tower but didn't find anything. Dick arrives and Bruce tells him the truth: for one night, Bruce Wayne had a brother. His brother was born premature and with neurological damage and only lived for a single night. He explains his investigation on the matter, stating that the medical records were not faked and his parents would have told him if Thomas Wayne Jr. did survive. He says that the truth is a mystery for now, until he finds the evidence that will answer it. Bruce gives some more of his insight on what has happened and declares that when the Court of Owls will reemerge, he will always be watching.

Death of the Family

Over a year ago, Joker had escaped from Arkham and after tracking him down, Batman defeats him and put him back. There, Joker arranges for the Dollmaker to cut off his face before escaping, and his face is left in the GCPD. A year later, Joker makes his return by breaking into the GCPD, killing 19 police officers and reclaiming his face. He then proceeds to make a live broadcast saying that the mayor will die at midnight but ends up killing the mayor's entire staff instead.

After an encounter with Harley Quinn at ACE Chemicals, Batman goes back to Wayne Manor where he learns that Alfred was kidnapped. He realizes that Joker is reenacting his previous crimes, so he goes to the Gotham Reservoir to confront Joker. There, Joker paralyzes him with his venom, blows up the reservoir and reveals that he knows his secret identity before escaping.

Batman is brought back to the Batcave by the Bat-Family, where he confesses that after an early battle with the Joker, he discovered a joker playing card in the Batcave but denies the fact that Joker knows their identities. However, they are still unconvinced.

Dinner Time!

Further investiagtion leads Batman to Arkham Asylum where he is attacked by Mr. Freeze , Scarecrow and Clayface , whom Joker has labeled as Batman's loyal subjects. He easily beats them and finds Joker with Two-Face, Riddler and Penguin , but before he can stop them, Joker shows him video of Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Robin captured.

Batman is knocked out and later wakes up to find himself in the Bat-Cave, sitting at a dinner table, alongside the other members of the family. The Joker reveals that Alfred is alive, but poisoned by Jokers venom and has him serving them all their apparently cut-off faces as "dinner". The Joker then sets the table on fire, but Batman breaks free and manages to put out the fire. Batman removes Damian's bandages and it's revealed that it was all a sick joke and everyone was fine. Batman goes after the Joker and defeats him. He tells tells the Joker that he knows who he is but an angered Joker refuses to believe that and jumps down the cave's waterfall. The next day, Batman says that the Joker didn't care who he was under the mask, because it would ruin his fun. However, this entire ordeal caused a schism between the Bat-Family, as they no longer trust him because of his secrets.

War with Leviathan and Death of Damian

Death of Damian

Batman's war with Leviathan continues where it is revealed that mastermind is none other than Talia Al Ghul in another attempt to have Batman by her side in her quest for world domination. Both Batman and Damian refuse, and Talia places a bounty on Damian's head and lures Batman into a deathtrap. One of Batman's agents, Knight is killed by Talia's lieutenant, The Heretic as he goes on a rampage. Going against Batman's order to lay low, Damian enters the field to combat Talia's forces and manages to save many people, but he is killed by The Heretic. Arriving too late, Batman is horrified by his son's death and attempts to fight the Heretic but he was eventually defeated. Thanks to the efforts of Red Robin and Nightwing, the Bat Family escape from the Heretic and Leviathan after recovering Damian's body.

"I shall become a Bat"

A funeral is held for Damian where Bruce Wayne vows to get his revenge on Talia by himself, and even instructs Alfred to take a vacation. To fight the Heretic, Batman obtains the Suit of Sorrows from Michael Lane, wears a specialized exoskeleton suit and doses himself with the Man-Bat serum.

Meanwhile, Gotham City has been held at ransom by Leviathan who has demanded the arrest of Bruce Wayne, the end of Wayne Corps support for Batman Incorporated and the surrender of Batman. Batman travels to confront Leviathan, Talia, and the Heretic who have taken control of Wayne Tower. Batman unleashes his attack and quickly goes after the Heretic in a fight to the death. After a brutal fight, Batman defeats the Heretic and unmasks him, only to discover in the story that he is actually an mutated clone of Damian. Talia then finishes off the Heretic for killing Damian without her permission and then blows up Wayne Tower before escaping.

The Final Battle

Later on, Talia confronts Batman in the Bat-Cave and challenges him to a fight to the death to end this feud once and for all. During the fight, Talia ends up poisoning Bruce but then Jason Todd, who was working undercover for Batman Incorporated, appears and convinces Talia to give Bruce the anti-dote in exchange for a doomsday weapon trigger. Talia agrees but she is unable to activate the weapon as a healed Batman explains that his allies have already dismantled it. All of a sudden, Kathy Kane, agent of Spyral, an rival organisation of the League of Assassins, comes in and shoots Talia in the head. Kathy, long thought to be dead, has been working with Batman in his war against Leviathan since the beginning and made a deal with him that once the war ends, Batman Inc. is disbanded.

Later on, Batman disbands Batman Incorporated and thanks his allies for the help and urges them remember those who where lost including his son Damian. Bruce considers retiring the Batman mantle but realizes that there should always be a Batman.

Zero Year

In this story, a young Bruce Wayne attempts to save Gotham City from the murderous group known as the Red Hood Gang. However, since Bruce has yet to establish a reputation in the criminal underworld, and has yet to turn himself into the fearsome figure of Batman, he has been having a hard time winning his war. His inexperience, carelessness and uncontrolled anger have not only stalled his mission but also strained his relationship with his faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Bruce's uncle, Philip Kane, who had declared Bruce legally dead during his absence from Gotham, has taken control of Wayne Enterprises and is using it to produce weapons. In an attempt to improve the company's public image, Philip attempts to convince Bruce to take control of his family's company, but Bruce refuses, as has no interest in living as "Bruce Wayne", focusing all his attention on his war on crime. To make matters worse, the Red Hood gang is stealing the weapons produced by the company to further terrorize the city. Phil's leading strategist, Edward Nygma, the future Riddler, advises Phil to kill Bruce in order to solve their problems but Philip refuses and still tries to convince Bruce to lead the company.

For weeks, while keeping his identity as secret using sophisticated technology, Bruce has been hunting down the Red Hood Gang and sabotaged several of their operations, but failed to take them down. The gang is getting stronger and stronger, equipping themselves with Wayne Tech and causing several random acts of violence throughout the city. However, following a surprise party for Bruce by his uncle, the Red Hood Gang, thanks to a tip from Riddler, ambush Bruce and give him a vicious beating. Bruce barely makes it back to the manor where he is nursed back to health by Alfred. Enraged by Nygma's actions, Philip attempts to kill the villain, admitting that Bruce is a better man than both of them, but Riddler incapacitated Philip and ends their alliance.

Bruce comes to terms with the fact that he is losing this war and asks his father for guidance. Then a bat crashes through his window, and Bruce finally decides that he will become a Bat.

Finally realizing his purpose, Bruce and Alfred set up their base in a cave under Wayne Manor, and Bruce sets off to strike fear in the hearts of criminals as Batman. He starts by methodically taking out members of the Red Hood gang, quickly establishing his reputation and finally getting the attention of Red Hood One. While investigating the gang's operations, eventually, with some help from a guilt ridden Phillip, who was forced into becoming a member of the gang, Bruce discovers that the Red Hood gang are planning to use dangerous toxing from the Ace Chemical factory to terrorize the city. He holds a press conference in front of the factory and exposes the gang's plans, forcing them to invade the factory right away. As Batman, Bruce fights off the Red Hood gang, but not without the death of Uncle Philip, who was killed by the leader for attempting to stop him. As the GCPD round members of the gang, the factory burns down and Batman goes after the leader, preventing him from escaping and defeating him, but despite Bruce's efforts to save him, the Red Hood allows himself to fall into a large acid container.

In the aftermath, Batman continues setting up his Bat-Cave and establishing himself as a hero in Gotham. The Riddler then makes his presence known and knocks out all power from the city, in an attempt to challenge the people to get smarter.

In Nigeria a war in Africa was going on and in Gotham City after the Riddler knock out all the power to the city Metropolis aid came to help the city. Batman was driving his new Batcar in the city and the police knew he was trouble. Batman Batcar turned into a plane and flew in the sky to test his car and plane. Bruce Wayne was reading the events and all that was related to his Uncle company and the gang he deal with. Bruce Wayne came up and Jim Gordon and talked to him and he wanted to see what was underground. Jim Gordon wanted to peek and see the hole in the ground and all of a sudden Bruce Wayne press a button on his watch and the bats came out and attack Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne told you should get that checked out at the Gotham Hospital. Bruce Wayne went to see Lucius Fox and all of a sudden he drugged Bruce Wayne and said that he was working for Dr. Death, the nightmare master leaving Bruce Wayne unconscious on the ground.

Batman Eternal

The event that started it all

During Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon's attempt to bust one of Professor Pyg's operations, Gordon is tricked into opening fire on an unarmed thug and accidentally shooting an electrical box causing two trains to collide into each other, thus killing hundred. Gordon is arrested for manslaughter by Jason Bard, a new cop who was recruited from Detroit by Gordon himself. With Gordon's arrest and the ensuing chaos, Carmine "The Roman" Falcone makes his return to Gotham in an attempt to re-take his criminal empire, which he lost when Batman first appeared many years ago. Falcone's return sparks a huge gang war, notably with his old rival, the Penguin. Falcone uses his influences to place corrupt cop Jack Forbes as Commissioner in Gordon's place to act as his agent, and his first order of business is to take down Batman, who now must not only contend with clearing Gordon's name, but also Falcone's return, the gang war he sparked, and the GCPD declaring him enemy number one. Despite Batman's best efforts capturing Falcone's men, the cops are forced to let them go per Forbes' orders.

Falcone denies involvement with framing Gordon but Batman continues investigating and fighting to take back his city. At one point, he travels to Hong Kong, where Falcone was last to find out what brought him back to Gotham. With Hiro, the Batman of Japan's help, he learns that Falcone was about to win a gang war with the previous gang leader but decided to come back to Gotham. Also in Japan, he meets Julia, an S.A.S agent who is revealed to be Alfred's daughter but she is injured by the mob so Batman brings her back with him to Wayne Manor to nurse her back to health.

Jason Bard, an apparent ally to Batman, manages to take arrest Forbes, Falcone and the Penguin but Falcone's bodyguard were killed by a crazed Penguin in the process. Bard becomes the new Commissioner but Batman becomes weary of Bard, as even though he managed an arrest, it was at the cost of several lives. At one point, the two team-up with Killer Croc to save some homeless orphans from being kidnapped by the Ten-Eyed Man and some surreal forces.

Per Batman's orders, Batgirl, Batwoman and Red Hood find data that clears Gordon's name and reveal that he was given a hypnotic suggestion by tech from a villain called Dr. Falsario who was later killed by a ceremonial knife. Batman hands the data to Bard to finally clear Gordon's name and release him from Blackgate. Instead, Bard destroys the data and releases the villain known as the Architect.

Meanwhile at Wayne Manor, Alfred was trying to get himself re-acquainted with his daughter, who is not pleased with him now working as the butler of a rich playboy, but then someone breaks into the Manor. Alfred gets Julia to safety but he is later ambushed by Hush, who is revealed to have been working with Bard all along. Hush injects Alfred with Fear Toxin and then breaks into the Bat-Computer where he learns the locations of Batman's hidden weapon caches throughout the city.

Meanwhile, with the Architect now loose, per Hush's orders, he attempts to destroy Wayne Tower but Batman intervenes and stops him. With Alfred now incapacitated, Julia, having learned of Batman's identity, reluctantly takes his place as Batman's associate from the cave.



Witnessing the death of his parents traumatized Batman and shook him so greatly that he swore he would devote every breath for the rest of his life to eliminating crime and criminals from Gotham City. This has, in turn, transformed Batman into a dark, suspicious and brooding figure with a personal grudge against injustice. His traumatized childhood has made it difficult for him to trust people other than Alfred Pennyworth and his various proteges the Robins. Despite his cold demeanor, Batman genuinely cares for Alfred, who he sees as a father figure, and the Robins, who he loves as his own children, though these relationships have been strained at some points.

His dedication to fighting crime has gradually turned into a sort of obsession, something with which Batman himself has come to terms. He has vowed to end the evil that took away his parents permanently, and is willing to do everything he can to accomplish this goal. This obsession is balanced with his strong ideals of justice and moral values, which were instilled to him by his humanitarian parents. His dedication is backed up by his indomitable will and his strong resolve.

Despite his lack of powers, Batman's immense will, combined with his inventive mind and resourcefulness has allowed him to hold his own against more powerful foes. However, the biggest aspect of Batman's personality is his moral code. Despite his inventiveness, he refrains from killing as he believes that will make him no better than the criminals he puts behind bars. Batman knows that he walks a very thin line between sanity and insanity, and he believes that the only thing that keeps him from crossing that line is that he will not kill. He has vowed to never take a life under any circumstances, because he fears what he would become in case he ever did kill. When confront by Jason Todd on why he never killed the Joker after all the atrocities that he has committed, Batman responded that, despite his desires to do so, he cannot because if he did, he would go to a dark place and become what he has always fought against, and he would never be able to come back.

Batman also has a deep love for humanity, which also backs his no-killing rule, and he truly believes that deep down, people can be good. This is shown when he was willing to give the Joker a second chance and offered to help him cure his madness. (This failed because the Joker had already "re-insane-ized" himself in advance, specifically to stay evil.) He also has an extreme distaste for firearms, and always tries to refrain from using them, because he considers them to be the weapon of cowards, the same weapon that killed his parents.

Batman has also forged an alternative personality to conceal the secrecy of his dual identity, that being the persona of "Bruce Wayne," an irresponsible, clumsy, arrogant, womanizing, billionaire philanthropist. This personality contrasts with Batman's more serious demeanor in order to sway the public from ever deducing his secret identity. In order to complete his facade, Batman modifies many of his physical traits, including his voice tone, his body language, and, of course, his behavior. However, even as Bruce Wayne, he has attempted to do good, through charitable campaigns, renovation projects and also the funding of Batman Incorporated.

Character Profile

Real Name: Bruce Wayne

Occupation: Head of Wayne Industries, superhero/vigilante

Height: 6ft 3in

Weight: 225 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Base: Gotham City

Partnerships: Nightwing, Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, The Catwoman, Leslie Thompkins, Spoiler, Black Bat, Superman, Azreal, Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, Talia al Ghul, Man-Bat, Batwoman, Zatanna, Kathy Kane, Batmite, Ace the Bat Hound, Carrie Kelley, Wonder Woman, The Creeper, Deadman, Silver St. Cloud, Julie Madison

Teams: Batman Inc., Justice League, Batman and Robin, The Outsiders, Justice Society, Mystery Analysts, Justice League International, Batman Family, Sinestro Corps

Enemies: The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Bane, The Scarecrow, Clayface, Ra's al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, The Mad Hatter, The Ventriloquist, The Man-Bat, Talia al Ghul, The Killer Moth, Hugo Strange, The Court of Owls, Deadshot, Black Mask, Professor Milo, Crime Doctor, Rupert Thorne, Hush, Black Spider, Calculator, Calendar Man, Crazy Quilt, Condiment King, Cluemaster, Catman

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)

Created by: Bob Kane and Bill Finger

Powers and Abilities

Though he does not posses any innate superhuman abilities, Batman is considered by many (even Superman) to be among the most dangerous men in the world. Throughout the many years that he has been around, Batman has become one of the most powerful human beings in the DC Universe, despite having no superhuman powers at any time in his life. Starting at the age of 14, Bruce began to train with brilliant minds on the planet to learn about biology, criminology, anatomy and other areas that would help him become the World's Greatest Detective.

Jack-Of-All-Trades And Master Of Many

Batman is also a master of stealth, disguise, and escapology, using his Ninjutsu training. He has infiltrated high security strongholds and systems including Lexcorp. He has vanished in plain sight from regular humans and metahumans, such as Azrael. His stealth skills are so great that that even groups of superheroes such as the Legion of Super Heroes have been unable to locate him. His accuracy is said to be on par with Green Arrow himself. He is the second greatest escape artist, behind Mr. Miracle. Batman has escaped a straitjacket in 52 seconds, then stated that it was too slow for him. He always carries several lock picks with him. He commonly uses disguises, his most notable one being Matches Malone.

Large Supply of Money and Resources

To acquire all of these skills, Bruce needed money. When his parents died, Bruce inherited millions of dollars from the Wayne Fortune which he later turned into billions through investing. Bruce owns and runs Wayne International, as well as Batman Incorporated.


Batman is considered to be the "World's Greatest Detective," solving the biggest secrets with small or large amounts of data. He is also fluent in many different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and others. Bruce has vast knowledge in criminology, psychology, medicine, and anatomy. Batman is a excellent strategist, and always keeps himself steps ahead of his opponents.This incredible ability is due to the fact he studies his opponents, not only physically but also mentally. He has led the Justice League, the Bat-family, the Outsiders, and served as mentor for the Justice League International. He is a highly knowledgeable in business, great in finances and marketing. He has earned degrees in multiple subjects before the age of 25. He has hacked into alien and future technology.

Master Martial Artist

Batman has been said to be trained in every martial art known to man, and out of every single one of those forms of fighting, he knows 127 that are deadly. These 127 are the main forms of fighting that make up his normal fighting style. He is known to change his styles in order to become unpredictable to his opponents. His primary style of combat though is a mixture of Judo, Ninjitsu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Boxing, Karate and Dragon Style Kung Fu.

Batman's Daily Routine

Because of his training, Batman has also mastered nearly all weapons known to man, even most firearms--even though he despises these last, considering them cowards's weapons, and repeatedly avoids using them himself. Batman's combat skill surpasses most metahumans and normal men, and he even knows every pressure point and nerve strike in the human body, as well as Dim Mak ("death touch") techniques. These can cause dangerous pain to his enemies which can lead to dizziness, numbness, unconsciousness, temporary paralysis, disorientation, and even death.

Peak Human Conditioning

Due to his intense training and diet Batman has accomplished feats that normal human beings might call superhuman. Batman is in peak physical and mental condition. Batman has displayed surprising strength, and is able to bench press weight of at least 1000 pounds, and has personally stated that his maximum leg press weight is 2500 lbs (over 1.133 Kg). However, as shown in Batman Odyssey # 2, Batman was able to overcome his personal record leg press, moving, with the strength of the legs, a stuck railroad car. In Gotham After Midnight # 2, Batman was able to hold up two golden sarcophagi with the approximate weight of at least 1 ton, for at least one minute. In addition, Batman is an accomplished gymnast and acrobat, though not quite at the level of Nightwing. Batman's training and peak condition mean he's very fast, both in combat and on his feet. This speed combined with his strength, make him phenomenally powerful; even the enhanced assassin Deathstroke has commented upon the power and skill of the Batman. He once grabbed Green Arrow's arrow shot at him in mid-air and dodged point blank fire at times. He can hold his breath from 3 minutes and 15 seconds. He once survived in an airless vacuum of space for exactly 27 seconds.

Weapons and Equipment


Batman - David Finch

Batman is most notable for his use of gadgetry. Due to his wealth, money is no obstacle to the development of various gadgets and paraphernalia he uses in fighting crime. The most recognizable of these is the Batarang, a razor throwing weapon that has a returning ability similar to a boomerang. This was slowly replaced by his grappling hook as a favored gadget over time. Other items include smoke or flash grenades, caltrops, a re-breather, and various types of anti-venom. The heels of his boots have a sonic device which can summon a swarm of bats to his location. This allows for dramatic escapes or diversions to keep his enemies busy. Superman entrusted Batman with a green kryptonite-jeweled ring in order to stop him should he ever go rogue.


The Bat-Suit is an experimental military body armor that is too expensive for the military to produce. Various bat-suit designs have appeared over the years, but all maintain the fact that Bruce's suit is tear resistant, bulletproof, and immune to temperature extremes(it will not melt if in contact with fire, etc.). The suit is shock absorbent and acid resistant. It is made to rebound punches and kicks. When he is unable to defend himself, his mask emits knock out gas and electrical shocks to attackers who are attempting to remove any part of his gear. The Bat-Suit has shown that it has an outer layer that can be shed when trapped, and it also masks any DNA on his suit. However, despite all this protection, the suit has shown vulnerabilities to sharp objects, like knives, and Batman has sometimes decreased the amount of armor in the suit to increase mobility. In the past, Batman wore a bright yellow chest plate with a bat-symbol on it, to distract enemies from targeting his face and instead focusing on the plate which is reinforced with kevlar, giving Batman extra protection.


The cowl has a computer link directly to the Bat computer. The mask has a hollow bat-ear assembly containing a directional microphone, telescoping high gain antenna and a fiber optic coaxial cable. It also contains an audio processor that can transmit and receive audio which can be augmented for better hearing, or even completely shut down when dealing with an opponent that uses sonic weaponry. The cowl contains a built-in recorder that is constantly recording, and the information is stored in the cowl archives for later reference. The lens can also magnify his vision and serves also as a lie detector. They also come with x-ray, thermal, sonar, and night vision. It has face recognition and can give information about the people around him. It also protects him against throat trauma, and its internal comm-link enables voice command over various equipment including grapple hooks, face recognition softwares and vehicles.


Batman's gloves, or gauntlets, are very handy as in addition to covering his hands so that he will not leave fingerprints behind, they come with a high-velocity Bat-rope and a wrist laser. They can also emit a high voltage surge of electricity to stun enemies and shoot, out their forearms, spikes, smoke pellets and anesthetic gas. Each gauntlet has three spiked fringes emerging from it, and they can be fired at an opponent or used to defend against, or even break the blades of, swords.


Throughout many revisions, all the versions of Batman's cape still retain the scalloped wing design at the bottom of the cape, which is instrumental in intimidating criminals. The cape is made from a "memory fiber," which is based on a nylon derivative, allowing it to flow like any fabric, but through an electrical surge applied by Batman's gloves, it becomes stiff and takes on a distinctive shape, thus functioning in a way similar to a parachute, used to slow Batman's fall and allow him short-range "gliding" flight. It is flame-resistant (to temperatures which have not been conclusively gauged) and can be used to help conceal Batman in the shadows, to protect him from debris as a result from explosions, and even, sometimes, as a weapon in combat.

Utility Belt

Batman's toys

Batman’s Utility Belt is one of his most iconic pieces of equipment. Batman had designed the pockets to be locked, and only he knows how to open them. His belt has a security device on it where it can electrically shock someone or detonate an explosive device to prevent anyone from tampering with it. It is made of a leather strap with a solid steel buckle. There are also compartments that hold collapsible "Batarangs." Other equipment Batman carries include various kinds of venom to stun his opponents in his utility belt and boots, as seen in Batman: Year One.

It is a crime fighting kit that batman has outfitted to contain only the most advanced of technologies. Its contents include batarangs, a grappling hook, forensics kit (used on crime scenes), and electronic communicators.

Some gadgets include:

  • EMP emitter
  • Energy deflector
  • Demagnetizer
  • Magnets
  • Batarangs (cryogenic, explosive, electric, boomerang, and so on)
  • Sonic grenades
  • Sonic Gun
  • Sonic Emitter
  • Hard light gun
  • Grapple Gun
  • Plastique explosive
  • Smoke Pellets
  • Rocket Patch
  • Tranquilizer darts
  • Miniature explosives
  • Incendiaries
  • Anti-Fire foam gun
  • Gas mask
  • Lock Picking tool
  • Antidotes for poisons and Scarecrow's fear toxin
  • Kryptonite ring
  • Batmobile controller
  • Electrical sticks

Insider Suit

When returning from his supposed death, Bruce created the Insider Suit, which had the abilities of the Justice League members. It needs constant recharging, but can be recharged by absorbing energy attacks.

It has the following abilities:

Insider Suit
  • Spectral Mode: night vision, sound/light dampening
  • Speed Force Mode (The Flash): limited access to Speed Force, super speed
  • Heat Vision Mode (Superman: beams of heat)
  • Will Power Mode (Green Lantern): concentrated blasts of green energy
  • Camouflage Mode (Martian Manhunter): invisibility
  • Veritas Mode (Wonder Woman): cord with lie detectors and can send electrical shocks
  • Flight Mode
  • Teleportation: 3 meter radius, can carry other individuals

Special Bat Suit in "Night of the Owls"

When the Court of Owls invade Bruce's house, he wore a power suit. He states that it's made of meta-aramid fibers, stronger than Kevlar. It can endure burning heat and temperatures cold as the Arctic winter. It has enough oxygen to last weeks, powered by semi-solid flow micro battery. It can shoot electrical shocks and fire multiple cryogenic batarangs at once.



While he is in physical peak and has many gadgets, Batman has had numerous vehicles to help him get the jump on villains. Bat-cars(Batmobiles), Bat-Planes, Bat-Boats, and other vehicles have been used by Batman to get to locations in record time. The most famous vehicle is the Bat-car or Batmobile. The Batmobile can drive up to Mach 1. For more information on Batman's vehicles, view their individual pages.

Alternate Realities

Throughout the universe there is more than one Earth. This meaning that there are alternate timelines/futures and people that are unique in their own special way. From the events of the multiple Crisis, most of the Earths have been erased from history. Only 52 Earths remain in the entire universe.


On this gender-swapped Earth, Batman is Batwoman. Her real name is Helena Wayne, who is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. She took up the mantle of the Bat after her father passed away.


On this earth, Batman retired as a police commissioner and married Selina Kyle (Catwoman). They had a daughter named Helena Wayne, also known as the Huntress.

Post-Flashpoint, Earth 2's Batman fought alongside Superman and Wonder Woman against the forces of Apokolips, and in the process died saving the planet. His daughter is transported to the main DC universe along with Earth 2's Supergirl, and there they take on the persona of the Huntress and Power Girl.

Current issues from the Earth 2 series have revealed that someone has taken up the cape and cowl of Batman. However this new Batman uses gadgets designed to kill and has been shown to be more than willing to kill criminals with rather brutal force.


On this third Earth, Bruce Wayne is actually Thomas Wayne, Jr. He is the son of the wealthy/powerful Thomas and Martha Wayne. This Earth did have a Bruce Wayne in the family, Thomas Wayne, Jr.'s little brother, however after the multitudes of crisis that have happened in the DC Universe, he was erased from continuity. Instead Thomas Wayne, Jr. is the mirror reflection of Bruce Wayne/Batman of New Earth. Thomas Wayne Jr.'s parents died and he inherited their fortune. He decided to train with assassins, mercenaries and masters of various skills to be a force of evil. As an adult Thomas Wayne, Jr. finds out that his father survived and is the Commissioner of the Gotham City police force. Thomas Wayne, Sr. knows that his son is Owlman and has decided to dedicate his life at bringing his son to Justice. Thomas Wayne Jr. hates his father for this and wants to kill him. He is the founder/leader of the Crime Syndicate.


Retelling the story of Bruce Wayne and his transformation from billionaire playboy to Dark Knight, creator/writer Geoff Johns recreates Batman's origin to go along with the Earth-1 story line. Earth-1 is to not be considered the "main Earth" or New Earth as it is called, however Bruce will be traveling around the world in search for retribution for his parents death. This story came out in late 2011, with artist Gary Frank also working on the Graphic Novel.

This story begins with Batman chasing after a cop named Jacob Weaver on the rooftops because Batman thinks that Jacob is somehow connected with the murder of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Since Weaver is a great distance away, Batman uses his grappling gun to catch him. But when he fires, the spool of wire gets tangled inside the gun, making it useless. Agitated, Batman throws the gun on the ground and continues to chase after Weaver. Jacob manages to climb up a staircase but the screw break. He somehow manages to jump on the other rooftop opposite of Batman. When Batman tries to get across, he leaps towards the roof but didn't reach. Batman then falls straight towards the ground, landing on trash cans and garbage. When Batman leaves his alleyway he falls into, he sees a poor, old frightened woman. Batman pulls money out of a pocket in his utility belt, gives it to the old woman, and leaves. A flashback occurs when we see a younger Alfred standing outside Wayne Manor. Near him is a sign that says Thomas Wayne for mayor. When he enters the building, he is greeted by Thomas and Martha Wayne. Alfred talks to Thomas about the death threats towards him and how he thinks they were sent by Thomas' political opponent. Thomas called Alfred because he wants someone on security that he could trust. Then Bruce comes running right under the two and tells his father that they will be late for a movie. Alfred warns Thomas that he shouldn't be going out right now, but Thomas says they go out every week as a family since he wants Bruce to have a normal life. So Thomas, Martha, and Bruce leave to go to the movies. While the Waynes are getting to their seats, the power goes out. Even though Thomas and Martha want to leave and come back another time, Bruce insists on seeing the film at another theater tonight. He runs out of the back of the theater while Thomas and Martha chase after him. On his way pass an alley, Bruce bumps into a man wearing a hood. The man tells him to watch where he's going. Bruce replies by saying that he doesn't have to listen to anything he says since his parents are the richest people in Gotham City. The man stops suddenly and says to Bruce, "You're the Wayne kid". When Thomas and Martha finally catch up with Bruce, he's being held hostage by the hooded man. He demands for their money and jewelry. But when he gets impatient, he lunges at the Waynes and shoots them both, right in front of Bruce. The story cuts back to Wayne Manor, where the police tell Alfred that if the Wayne's ever died, Alfred would be Bruce's legal guardian. Alfred hesitates to do this job, but then accepts it. Alfred walks over to the table Bruce is sitting by and tells him that he has to eat something. When Bruce asks who he is, Alfred replies by saying that he is Bruce's butler.


On this Earth, Batman was 55 in The Dark Knight Returns. Having retired following Jason Todd's death, crime began to rise to an all time high in Gotham and times were worse than ever. Bruce had to don his Batman persona once again. Fighting various criminals/friends from the good old days, Batman is equipped with a 13-year-old female Robin who will help Batman in his war on crime. Bruce has retired twice in this world and has to always come back to clean up after the government and their mess. Earth-31's Batman is a much darker Batman.


On Earth-43, Bruce Wayne/Batman was bitten by a female Vampire named Tanya, to oppose the king of vampires, Dracula. Tanya was a vampire that refused to draw on the blood of humans, and only wants to protect them from Dracula and his vampires. Tanya bites Batman, but instead of drawing blood, she transferred him new powers. Batman grew a disliking of the sun and gained incredible strength, speed, and agility. He also had the ability to grow wings in human form and become one with the shadows. While not wanting the blood of others, he had to use Tanya's a substitute to control the hunger. Most of Batman's villains were drained of blood when Tanya's was no longer sufficient. When this occurred, Bruce had already morphed into a giant bat like monster with fangs. Part of Batman's psyche and detective abilities stayed, but he is starting to loose it slowly. Since he wasn't a full vampire, he is hit with a stake in the heart and changed back to human form. Batman of Earth-43 still stands guard over his Gotham, but with the mark of a vampire.


Thomas Wayne as Batman

In Flashpoint, the DC Universe's continuity thriller, the world has gone to hell. Barry Allen awakens to find that his beloved Earth is no more, and his friends/family have changed. Batman still protects citizens of Gotham from scum/villainy that will try to corrupt it, however Bruce Wayne isn't Batman.

Instead, Thomas Wayne became the Dark Knight when he watched his beloved son get gunned down in front of him. Thomas Wayne isn't the Batman we all know and love, but rather he has torn up Wayne Manor and lives in the Bat-Cave based under it. Thomas brutally attacks criminals and isn't afraid to kill them as well in this twisted version of the DC Universe.


Bruce using the Zur-En-Arrh identity

On planet Zur-En-Arrh, Batman has superpowers. Near Batman's early creation, Ed Herron created this planet to give Batman abilities like Superman. Batman had all Superman's abilities and even a special weakness. In this comic, the Batman native to the planet was just a regular Batman like Bruce Wayne of Earth-1, with the name Kent Wayne (a combination of Bruce and Clark). He was raised by a rich family of farmers and when they eventually died, he became Batman. When Bruce Wayne came to his planet, Zur-En-Arrh Batman envied him because of how he was doing a greater job at Batman than he was. Eventually, Batman was weakened by a material on that planet, and Zur-En-Arrh had to remove his powers. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, this planet has been said to be erased from continuity.


On Earth-5, Bruce Wayne is only 8 years of age. Thomas and Martha Wayne are a rich family in Gotham City. Thomas is the legendary Batman with Martha as Batwoman. Bruce loves Batman and Batwoman and how they saved people. When he found out that his parents were his heroes, Thomas had no choice but to train him. With months of training, Bruce Wayne became Robin - The Boy Wonder.

Arkham City Earth

This Earth is similar to DC main continuity Earth-0 (New Earth); however, it differs from much of Batman's story. Still having his parents brutally murdered by a criminal, Bruce decides to devote his life to fighting crime in Gotham City. Years later, Batman finds himself in Arkham Asylum with Joker (and other Batman rogues) running the show; Batman locks himself in the asylum to stop Joker. Joker plans to create super thugs with the new Titan formula (a variation on the Venom serum). Batman stops a Titan-infected Joker, but the serum's effects make Joker very sick. A year later, Quincy Sharp, the former warden of Arkham Asylum and now the mayor of Gotham, closes the Asylum and places Arkham inside Gotham City. Batman is trying to prevent Gotham from destroying itself because of the Mayor's choice. This occurs in the Batman: Arkham City mini-series.


This Earth, otherwise known as the Crossover Earth, is where DC main continuity coexists with the Marvel 616 universe. Spider-Man visits Gotham City after a psychologist, Cassandra Briar, believes she can cure the Joker of his insanity with a cranial microchip the same way she did Carnage. The insane duo eventually escape, and Batman is forced reluctant to partner with Spider-Man to save the city. This first meeting between the two occurs in Spider-Man and Batman.


Otherwise known as the Amalgam Universe, this Earth is a combination of DC's New Earth (Earth-0) and Marvel 616. A head-to-head battle royale, which includes Batman defeating Captain America, results in the cosmic everyman Access creating Earth-9602. On this Earth, Bruce Wayne and Batman have been divided into two new characters: Bruce Wayne, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Dark Claw (Batman/Wolverine).

Batman/Danger Girl

In this miniseries and company crossover, the Danger Girl team goes to Gotham City after being informed that Donavin Conrad is trying to sell a mind control gun to the Joker. Batman does not like the involvement of Danger Girl, but neither does he like the threat which they pose. The Joker does not trust Conrad and attempts to double cross him as he sends Harley and Conrad to retrieve the codes to use the device. Abbey and Sydney come across Bruce Wayne, who invite them to a gala. The Danger Girl team faces the Joker but he manages to escape. Valerie finds a way to activate the bat-signal, but when Batman shows up a fight ensues between him and Sydney. They eventually reach a truce but only exchange information before parting ways. Johnny and Valerie have set up the villains to also attend the gala, hoping to catch them there. Johnny himself goes dressed as Batman and is unmasked before the real Batman arrives and stops the villains alongside the Danger Girl team.

Earth 30-Red Son

In this alternate reality Kal-El's ship lands in Ukraine instead of Smallville. Batman is a freedom fighter who's parents were killed by Pyotr Roslov for printing anti Superman propaganda.

Batman fighting Superman

Batman is labeled a terrorist by the government, and manages to escape the police everytime. After growing jealous of Superman, Pyotr convinces Batman to work with him to take down Superman. Batman agrees but warns Pyotr that after Superman is taken care of, he's next. Batman lures Superman by kidnapping Wonder Woman. Once Superman was in position, Batman bombarded him with red sunlight in order to weaken him. After beating up the weakened Superman to a pulp Batman locked him in a cellar, unfortunately for him Superman managed to convince Wonder Woman to destroy her lasso and destroy the lamps. When his plan failed Batman told Superman of Pyotr's treachery and committed suicide but Superman had no powers in a red sun only a yellow.

This wasn't the end of The Batman as other men have taken up the mantle after his death and brought justice to the streets of Russia.

Batman in Other Media


The live-action versions of Batman (1989 - 2012)

A full list of Batman's movies can be found here.

In 1943 The Batman made his debut in a film serial simply titled The Batman, which starred Lewis Wilson as the Dark Knight and Douglas Croft as Robin. The film was made during WWII; there is in fact a villainous Japanese scientist named Dr. Daka (J. Carroll Naish in yellow-face) as the villain. Although critically bashed, the film series did introduce the concept of the Batcave as well as a thin Alfred, prompting DC to remake the comics version into the version known today. A second film serial series was launched, titled Batman And Robin, starring Robert Lowery as Batman, which followed Batman's and Robin's battle with the mad scientist The Wizard. Other characters in these films include Vicki Vale, Alfred, and Commissioner Gordon. With a higher budget and more solid acting, it is considered superior to the previous serial, but it still had errors with equipment and continuity, like the previous serial. Decades later, Batman returned to the big screen with Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). Directed by Tim Burton, the two movies were darker and more serious than any comic book movie before, and were both big hits critically and financially. In 1995 Joel Schumacher made a third installment, named Batman Forever, which tried to make Batman more family-friendly by introducing Robin and adding a sillier, campier tone akin to the '60s Adam West show. The movie received mixed reviews but was a hit at the box office, which led to Schumacher making a fourth installment, titled Batman and Robin. The film was a massive disappointment with both critics and audiences alike, and effectively killed the Batman franchise.

In 2005, director Christopher Nolan brought Batman back to the big screen with Batman Begins. This was followed by 2008's The Dark Knight, which grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide, making Batman a legitimate box-office presence. The triumphant Nolan was thus motivated to make the final chapter of his trilogy, titled The Dark Knight Rises, which was released on July 20, 2012.

Ben Affleck as Batman

American actor Ben Affleck, who had previously been considered for Batman, finally got his chance to wear the Caped Crusader's Batcostume in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film alongside Henry Cavill as Superman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. This film, which was slated for release on March 25, 2016, would mark the first joint on-screen appearances of both Batman and Superman in history.


Adam West's Batman in the 1960's

The next notable Batman incarnation was the weekly television series starring Adam West in the title role and Burt Ward as Robin. The series was intended to be a lampoon comedy show because of producer William Dozier's initial ignorance of comic books; this likewise gave Dozier, who also narrated the series, the idea to "overdo" the series. The stories followed a format that was villain-driven and action-comedy heavy and tended to need two parts to complete. The first part usually involved a villain committing a crime with Batman and Robin attempting to stop the criminal, only to be caught and put in a death trap. The series is notable for the high profile guest stars, most of whom portrayed Batman's villains. One of these, the Joker, as whom Cesar Romero guested on an almost semi-regular basis, was shown in color for the first time in this program, and Ben Nye Sr.'s make-up format was later adapted for Jack Nicholson's use in Burton's 1989 film.

The series also led to a cinematic adaptation called Batman: The Movie.

Batman: The Live-Action Situation Comedy Television Series, which was not legitimately released on home video (in DVD form) till 2014 because of legal hassles over copyright ownership of the series, is credited with actually having saved the character from dismal sales of the comics and enabling a new generation to come to know the character as he had once been and, indeed, as he had truly been intended to be.

Animation through the '60s, the '70's, and the '80s

Through the years Batman has spent more years animated on television than in a live action series. Starting in 1968, Batman and Robin made their animated debuts in an hour-long series called The Batman/Superman Hour. This program, a Filmation Associates production, featured Olan Soule as Batman and Casey Kasem as Robin. The Bat-Duo were featured in numerous animated shorts which had Batman and Robin battle various Batman villains, as well as teaming up with Batgirl. These shorts eventually were repackaged as a solo TV series titled Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder, which ignored other segments in favor of solo Batman and Robin adventures. Soule and Kasem would reprise their roles in the Scooby-Doo Movies featuring Scooby and the Gang meeting Batman and Robin while battling Joker and Penguin.

In 1977 running concurrently with Challenge Of The Super Friends was The New Adventures Of Batman, featuring Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and the creature called Bat-Mite, fighting the Gotham rogues, both classic and newly created villains. (This constituted the previously mentioned Batman segments of Tarzan And The Super 7.) Because of Adam West's and Burt Ward's involvements in the show, it could be considered a continuation of the 1960s Batman series. Due to copyright issues, however, Challenge Of The Super Friends had the use of the Riddler and the Scarecrow, making them off-limits to The New Adventures Of Batman, while this series had use of the Joker, preventing his use in Challenge as a Legion of Doom member.

DC Animated Universe

Batman: The Animated Series

Starting in 1992 the critically acclaimed DC Animated Universe series of animated TV shows began, consisting of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock, and The Zeta Project; all of these shared both continuity and the involvement of actor Kevin Conroy as Batman. Throughout all these shows, a history of Bruce Wayne was recounted, from his childhood to glory days and dark times as well as him as an older man in retirement.

Many of the scripts of all the shows featured Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Dwayne McDuffie, Stan Berkowitz, and Hilary Bader, creating a Batman that was very consistent in between all shows. All of the series have been met with acclaim due to the treatment of subject matter that told stories in a way that was child friendly but still attracted older audiences.

This is true especially for the treatment of Batman staying true to many versions of him and having stories lifted or inspired by the Batman mythos. The series also introduced Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya to the Batman mythos. Soon after Batman the Animated Series ended, Batman appeared (once again) in a guest spot for Superman: The Animated Series before starring in his own show titled The New Batman Adventures. In these adventures, Batman along with many other characters featured a new costume design many of which were recast including Batgirl who was elevated into Batman's partner. Dick Grayson left Gotham and soon used his Nightwing identity that was displayed in the comics. A new Robin came in the form of Tim Drake (who had Jason Todd's origin story). These new revamped episodes not only showed Batman fighting the same villains but new ones as well some created for the show itself.

Before the scenes in Return of the Joker, Batman was shown having many adventures with the Justice League involved in the creation of that team offering his own money and service but preferring to stay a reserve member. That did not stop him from developing friendships with Superman, Flash, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman, whom it is implied he shared a romantic attraction. Over the series Batman would often be the one of the critical members and often serve as a way to solve a problem showing his importance. Though Justice League is that last produced series in the DCAU, it chronologically takes place before Batman Beyond.

Batman Beyond

An old Bruce with Terry McGinnis

Batman Beyond is a continuation of Batman's legacy, the series is set in 2039, and follows a teenage Terry McGinnis as the new Batman. Many other characters that were seen in previous DC Cartoons also appeared. Bruce Wayne is seen as an elderly man, Barbara Gordon is Gotham's new commissioner of Gotham Police, taking after her dad, and Superman appears in a couple episodes, older but still active. Terry also time-traveled to meet the Justice League and also Static. Tim Drake appeared in Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker. The series was so popular that Batman Beyond has its new ongoing comic series beginning in 2011.

The Batman

The Batman

In 2004, another animated series was developed, called The Batman. This series ran from 2004-2008, and starred Rino Romano as the voice of the Dark Knight. This series follows the early days of Batman in the first two seasons (Batman was in his third year of Batman in his first episode), but was seen with Robin and Batgirl in the later two seasons, and even Superman; he also fought many villains, both of his regular rogues gallery and others'. The series was not connected to Batman: The Animated Series or the DCAU. The character designs were by Jeff Matsuda, who drew the character designs for Jackie Chan Adventures and an aborted Spider-Man series. The series was not as dark or gritty as Batman: The Animated Series, and it did not receive as much praise; the series, however, was successful.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold

Batman: The Brave and the Bold was aimed at young children and was not as dark as the previous Batman shows. Batman in this incarnation was voiced by Diedrich Bader; other versions of him were featured as well, including a manga-style Batman (voiced by Corey Burton) and a homage to the Batman featured in the show "The New Scooby-Doo Movies" (where he was voiced by Frank Welker). The show was also partially based off the Silver Age of Comic Books, and like the original "Brave and the Bold" comics, he teamed up a lot with other heroes, but did not include Wonder Woman or Superman (this mostly focused on minor A-list or B-C list characters).

Among the characters he teamed with include Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, and the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle. The series ran from 2008-2011, ending with the fourth wall-breaking episode "Mitefall". The series also had Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin for one episode. This is the only Batman cartoon that featured Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin.

Young Justice

Batman in Young Justice

Batman/ Bruce Wayne plays a key role in Young Justice. He is one of the 7 founding members of the Justice League. He is also responisble for disatching the team on covert missions. He is also a mentor to many of the members of the team especially to Super Boy who does not a great relationship with Superman. His alter ego of Bruce Wayne also plays a key role in some episodes of the series. Batman is also a mentor to three incarnations of Robins throughout the series with respects to DIck Greyson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake, as well as Batgirl/ Barbra Gordon.He is voiced by Bruce Greenwood (who previously voiced him in the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood). Although he is not the main character, he is vital to the show. His character model is based off the design from the animated movie Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths. This version of Batman is based on Earth-16. Batman and five other members of the Justice League were manipulated for sixteen hours by Vandal Savage, in this time the six league members may have committed crime in a distant planet of Rimbor. The charagers are later dropped once the team found evidence freeing the memebers and Batamn of the crime.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

Following the success of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman made his animated film debut in 1993's Mask of the Phantasm, released in theaters. A new vigilante shows up in Gotham and unlike Batman, resorts to lethal force in order to take down Gotham's former mob bosses. The mysterious nature of the vigilante, as well as the similarity in appearance to Batman, causes the city of Gotham to go on a manhunt for the Batman. This film also explores Bruce's life before he took on the mantle of the Bat - in particular his serious romantic relationship with Andrea Beaumont.

Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

Batman in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knight is an anime anthology which explores Bruce Wayne's transition from his beginning as a tormented vigilante to The Dark Knight in a crumbling metropolis rife with criminality. Gotham Knight has six distinct chapters, but its intended to be viewed as a whole. Kevin Conroy reprises his role.

Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)

Justice League Batman

Justice League: The New Frontier was based off the 2003 Elseworlds miniseries of the same name by Darwyn Cooke. Batman's character design strongly resembled Bob Kane's original Batman design. He was voiced by Jeremy Sisto in this film. The plot follows a new generation of superheroes that must join forces with the community's active veterans and a hostile US government to fight a menace on Earth.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is based off the first six issues of the 2003 Superman/Batman series. The story follows Superman and Batman stopping an asteroid from striking Earth, and stopping Lex Luthor, who has now become the President and has put a bounty on both their heads. Kevin Conroy again voiced him.

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths (2010)

Crisis on Two Earths

Crisis on Two Earths follows a good version of Lex Luthor from a parallel Earth who comes to the Justice League's dimension to help fight their evil counterparts. This movie is loosely based on Grant Morrison's 1999 graphic novel JLA: Earth-2. Batman is voiced by William Baldwin.

Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010)

Batman: Under The Red Hood

Under the Red Hood based off the Judd Winick story arc Batman: Under The Hood, though it's slightly different. The story follows the Jason Todd Robin's death, and years later a new foe who uses the Joker's old alias wreaks havoc among Gotham City's organized crime, Batman finds him disturbingly familiar. Batman was voiced by Bruce Greenwood.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

Supergirl and Batman in Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse was based off the "Supergirl From Krypton" story arc in Superman/Batman. The story follows Batman discovers a mysterious teenaged girl with superhuman powers and a connection to Superman. The girl comes to the attention of Darkseid, the evil overlord of Apokolips. Kevin Conroy once again voiced him.

Batman: Year One (2011)

Bruce Wayne in Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One is an animated movie based off the graphic novel Batman: Year One. The story will follow Batman's early days. It will have the work of Frank Miller on the movie as the writer and Bruce Timm will be working with Frank to deliver Batman's story. Batman is voiced by Ben McKenzie.

Justice League: Doom (2012)

Justice League: Doom

When Batman's contingency plan to use only if the Justice League go rogue, is taken by villainous hands. Things get out of hand immediately. As it is up for Batman to save his fellow partners and friends from a threat he didn't possibly foresee in the beginning. Based on the story JLA: Tower of Babel and Justice.

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 (2012)

Having blamed himself for the death of Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne retires as Batman and allows Gotham City to sink into a cesspool of evil. Constantly living on the edge of life, Bruce eventually comes out of retirement with the revelation of Two-Face's return. After that, Bruce is joined by a new Robin, a young girl named Carrie Kelly, who helps him battle against the Mutants that seek to control all of Gotham. This follows Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns issue 1-2.

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2 (2013)

Having come out of retirement, Batman sees it as the time to run out all the crime in Gotham. Armed with an army of ex-Mutants and the Sons of Batman, not everyone is happy with the extreme measures Batman is taking to stop crime in Gotham. Joker returns and it pushes Batman over the edge and because of it Superman is sent by the U.S. government to take him down for good. This sparks an all out brawl between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. Follows Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns issue 3-4.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

Batman, along with the Justice League, aided the Flash in defeating Reverse Flash and the Rouges. But when Flash changes history, Bruce Wayne is killed and Thomas Wayne assumes the mantel of Batman. When Flash fixes the timeline he pays a visit to Batman and gives him a letter from his father.

Justice League: War (2014)

A new movie based off the New 52 Justice League comic. Batman is voiced by Jason O'Mara.

Son of Batman (2014)

A new movie based off the Grant Morrison story, "Batman and Son". Batman is again voiced by Jason O'Mara, reprising his role from Justice League: War.

Video Games

Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe (2008)

Batman is a playable character with his own moves and finishers in MK vs DCU.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Batman: Arkham Asylum promotional art by Carlos D'Anda

Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place in the titular asylum as the Joker has set his plan into motion: total control over Arkham Asylum. Batman must bring order back to the asylum as he stops all of the inmates that have now been released as part of Joker’s plan, and put an end to his madness.

Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever”, as well as several other awards such as Game of the Year (from various sources), and Best Action-Adventure Game.

Batman: Arkham City (2011)

Batman "5.0" as seen in Arkham City's cover art

Taking place one year after the events of Arkham Asylum, former Arkham Asylum warden Quincy Sharp has taken all the credit to stopping Joker’s takeover of the asylum and has assumed the role of Gotham City’s mayor. Converting a portion of Gotham City into a mega-prison known as Arkham City, all the inmates of both Blackgate Penitentiary and Arkham Asylum have been transferred to the new prison, and are allowed to run amok to do as they please. Batman sets into motion a plan to get himself into Arkham City to investigate what is truly going on behind its walls.

Arkham City was developed by Rocksteady Studios for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, as well as an “Armored Edition” for the Wii U. As with its predecessor, Arkham City has won several awards such as Game of the Year, Best Action Game, and Best Performer Award (for Mark Hamill as the Joker).

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)

Batman "0.9"

A prequel to Rocksteady’s Arkham series, Origins takes place on Christmas Eve during Batman’s second year as the Dark Knight. The villainous Black Mask has placed a bounty on the mysterious vigilante's head, sending top assassins such as Deathstroke to take down the Caped Crusader. Batman must figure out why Black Mask is after him whilst proving to the GCPD that he is on their side.

Arkham Origins is being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, unlike the previous games which were developed by Rocksteady Studios. The game is set for release on October 25th, 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)

Batman he appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Batman is a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us, a DC Comics fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios for the PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow (2003)

Dark Tomorrow was released on April 11, 2003. The game's plot was co-written by Scott Peterson of DC and Kenji Terada.

Lego Batman: The Video Game (2008)

The first Lego Batman game, it features three stories in which Batman and Robin have to defeat various criminals. It also has the same three stories playable from the villains' perspective.

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes (2012)

The Cover for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

A sequel to the first Lego Batman game, this introduces many other superheroes from the DC universe and is the first Lego game to feature voice acting.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014)

Batman will also appear alongside many other DC characters in the third game of the Lego Batman series.

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)

The final installment of the Batman Arkham games, set approximately one year after the events of Batman: Arkham City. Scarecrow has forced the entire city of Gotham to evacuate allowing the cities criminals and many of Batman's villains to take over the city. This is the first game in which the Batmobile will be able to be controlled and driven by the character.


Batman: The Ultimate Evil

While aiding a beautiful social worker in her crusade against child abuse, millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne comes to a shocking revelation about his childhood--knowledge that nearly destroys him. Desperate for answers, The Batman follows a twisted trail of perversion from Gotham City to Southeast Asia, where he faces The Ultimate Evil.

  • Written by: Andrew Vachss

Batman Begins

Based on the eagerly awaited new feature film–the exciting origins of the ultimate crime fighter!

Bruce Wayne is dead. The young heir to the Wayne empire disappeared seven years ago. His vast fortune has been given away, and the crime wave that began with the brutal murder of his parents has turned Gotham City into a living hell. The last holdouts against corruption–the cops who can’t be bought, the D.A.s who can’t be intimidated–are outnumbered and outgunned. They need help... fast.

A world away, in a dank Himalayan prison, a nameless, hardened man fights every day to survive. He has spent seven years scouring the globe, studying the criminal mind, looking for an answer to the ugly riddle of his childhood. But something has been looking for him, too. Here, in the darkest places of his own anger, Bruce Wayne will discover his destiny–and an ordinary man will become a legend.

  • Written by: Dennis O'Neil

Batman: Dead White

Who better than Batman to protect the dangerous city of Gotham, where even the cops are crooks? But the latest imminent terror might be too much for the burgeoning Caped Crusader, who is still carving out a place for himself in the minds of Gotham’s criminals.

There’s a host of deadly new weapons in Batman’s glittering, sinister city–in the hands of a psychotic mastermind called White Eyes. With his radical murder machine, the fiendish leader of Gotham’s racist Bavarian Brotherhood can move beyond dealing drugs and hot guns to pursue his real passion: the white supremacist takeover of America.

The homegrown terrorists’ first strike–at the heart of our nation’s capitol–is only weeks away. But first they’ll test out their killer toys on Batman, who is hot on the trail of White Eyes and his brutal militia. Ounce for ounce, muscle for muscle, Batman’s no match for the cunning villain and his wicked new firepower. At least, that’s how White Eyes sees it.

Batman has other ideas...

  • Written by: John Shirley

Batman: Inferno

Gotham’s never been so scorching, the Joker’s never been more despicable, and Batman’s never been in such grave danger.

With more than thirty fires raging out of control across the city, Gotham is indeed a hell on earth. But torching the population is small potatoes for the arsonist extraordinaire known as Enfer. The pyromaniac’s mad masterpiece is Arkham Asylum, blazing like a Roman candle and engineered to provide the perfect escape for Arkham’s most infamous inmate, the Joker. But the dire situation goes from bad to beyond monstrous when the archvillain’s path to freedom leads directly to the Dark Knight’s cave.

The Joker believes in striking while the iron is hot . . . and now it’s never been hotter. After all, the diabolical villain has devised the ultimate joke: launch the mother of all crime waves, masquerading as the Caped Crusader himself! With Gotham erupting in flames and its #1 crime fighter fast becoming its #1 enemy, the burning question is: Who’s going to get the last laugh?

  • Written by Alex Irvine

The Dark Knight

Following on from 2005's critically acclaimed "Batman Begins", Christopher Nolan returns to direct "The Dark Knight", where Christian Bale's man-behind-the-mask is joined by Heath Ledger as The Joker. Batman continues to fight crime on the dark streets of Gotham City, but when a crazed psychopath unleashes a fresh reign of chaos, it seems Batman has met his match in the ultimate crime lord, The Joker. The official novelization is essential reading for fans wanting the full story of this extraordinary movie, and is written by acclaimed comic book writer ("Batman", "Green Lantern/Green Arrow") and editor Denny O'Neill.

  • Written by: Dennis O'Neill

Batman: Fear Itself

Batman strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, but there’s a killer stalking Gotham who’s even better at inspiring fright–and his method just might be unbeatable . . . because it’s invisible.

Unbeknownst to the general public, a powerful new designer drug has hit the streets of Gotham, courtesy of an evil genius determined to turn the expression “scared to death” into lethal reality. Unlike the Caped Crusader, who petrifies only villains, this mastermind is targeting decent citizens–and he’s come up with the ultimate delivery system. After all, the public can’t refuse something they can’t see, hear, or smell. That’s the beauty of a terror toxin that is undetectable by the human senses. And with all of Gotham’s super-villains incarcerated, Batman must hunt down a mystery madman about whom he knows nothing.

Maybe the Dark Knight should be afraid . . . because there’s plenty to fear when you go head-to-head with fear itself.

  • Written by: Michael Reaves

The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman return in the thrilling and hotly anticipated conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy.

The blockbuster movie will introduce new faces to the franchise as well, including Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), Bane (Tom Hardy), John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard).

From the team that brought you Inception, The Dark Knight Rises is guaranteed to be the blockbuster hit of 2012. This enthralling official novelization will transport fans into a Gotham City once again under threat.

  • Written by: Greg Cox

Board Games and Heroclixs

In 2002 to 2013-present there have been a game called Heroclixs and they have made Batman from every pack in Heroclixs as a playable hero in the game and has points as power. They have made a pack for the first tim e based in the 1966 Batman Tv Show from 1966-1968 now in Heroclixs games form and there collectables from TV shows and comics.

In 1999 there was a game called Monopoly it was called Justice League of America in the 1960's with the small team of Justice Leaguers and Batman is a playable hero in the board game.

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