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This page is for the the Misfit, member of Birds of Prey, and temporary Batgirl, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe.

For the other Batgirls, see: Betty "Bette" Kane (I, and the original Pre-Crisis Bat-Girl), Barbara Gordon (II and current VI), Helena Bertinelli (III, temporary), Cassandra Cain (IV), Stephanie Brown (V).


Misfit was born on Gemworld and was a princess of the Ruby House. When her family was killed, she was sent to Earth to hide, and her memory was erased. She retained her power to teleport and her phenomenal fighting skills, though. She wandered around until she was taken in and adopted by a family on Earth. Later there was a fire in the family's apartment building, caused by flaws the landlord paid fire inspectors to overlook. Her adopted mother insisted that Misfit save herself, and so she teleported out of the burning building, but could do nothing to save her mother and baby sister.


Misfit was created by writer Gail Simone, and first appeared in the 96th issue of Birds of Prey. Simone never got around to revealing Misfit's origin in the comics before the 52 Reboot happened and so she revealed Misfit's origin in a short interview.

Major Story Arcs

New Batgirl?!

Misfit first appeared wearing a Batgirl costume which looked like the same one that Barbara Gordon used to wear. She used a Batarang and the couple whom she rescued called her Batgirl. Though it is still unclear exactly when Misfit first learned she could "Bounce" as she calls it, we do know her motivations to be a hero. The Birds of Prey caught wind of this and set out to find this new "Batgirl". They have Gypsy pretend she is being attacked to lure her out. They saw that she has metahuman powers, such as teleportation and healing. She also seemed to know the identity of Huntress. She fought Oracle in the headquarters and was persuaded not the use the moniker Batgirl anymore. She now goes by Misfit and is a fulltime member of the Birds of Prey.Misfit has a characteristic battle cry :"Dark Vengeance!".

Misfit has a habit of teleporting into battles that she where way out of her league, including the knock down drag out rumble between the Birds Of Prey and the Secret Six. However, the worst occasion was when Misfit bounced to the aid of Huntress against a transformer-esq robot. Misfit bounced right into the cockpit of the vehicle and knocked out its operator. But Misfit then tried to deactivate the machine without awaiting Oracle's instruction, The result being the vaporization of a large portion of Metropolis. Misfit was unable to bounce the operator out with her, and she along with countless others died. Superman placed the blame entirely on the Birds, but Misfit took all the blame for herself.

In a recent Birds of Prey storyline, Misfit also finds out she and Black Alice are blood relations during a run-in with the Dark Side Club.

In the recent Birds Of Prey story arc, Death of Oracle, Misfit is shown as one of the few people that still know that Barbara Gordon is still alive.

Alternate Realities

As Huntress

In the Teen Titans storyline "Titans of!",Charlotte's adult self has become the Huntress and has dyed her hair blonde.Her battle cry seems to be the same in this alternate future.

Powers and Abilities

Eliminating 4 people almost instantly

Misfit has the ability to teleport or "Bounce" as she calls it. Oracle claims that Misfit is "the most powerful teleporter I've ever encountered." It is also proven that she is invisible to sensors designed to detect even Martian Manhunter. That is seen when Misfit entered Oracle 's home without triggering any alarms. Misfit also possesses a powerful healing factor. Teleporting after being wounded heals her instantly as seen after she takes a bullet to the abdomen. She has also learned to blend martial arts with her ability and is extremely useful in a fight able to engage multiple opponents across a room.

Misfit discovered her powers were magic-based during a run in with Black Alice.

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