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Current Events

In a sequence of unrevealed events Lois had to reveal Superman's identity to the public. After talking with a mysterious woman known as Condesa, they travel to a criminal data center called Hordr. They are forced to fight for their lives as the system discovers them and attempts to assimilate them. This story is told in retrospective to the changes already present in Superman's life.


Lois Lane

In the earlier comics, Lois Lane's parents were farmers in a town called Pittsdale. She is the daughter of Sam Lane and his wife Ella Lane. Lois has a younger sister Lucy Lane and a niece named Susie Tompkins. Lois attended Raleigh College and study journalism. After college Lois became employed at the Daily Planet.

In the modern comics, Lois's father Sam Lane is a career military officer, and Lois is a former army brat, with Lois having been trained by her father in areas such as hand-to-hand combat and the use of firearms. At the age of fifteen, Lois approached Perry White at the Daily Planet, and asked him for a job. While at the Daily Planet, Lois discovered that Perry White was looking for a story on Lex Luthor. Lois decided to attempt the impossible. She was able to sneak out of the house and managed to break into Luthor's tower and obtained some secret files. Perry was so impressed he agree to hire her.

Lois became a well known and respected reporter, winning multiple awards. Before one of the biggest stories of her career turned up: the day she met Superman. As her career would become inherently linked with Superman. This began as she was invited aboard an experimental space shuttle, the Constitution, that was supposed to land at Metropolis airport. The plane spun out of control and was on the verge of crashing, when Superman saved the shuttle. Due to her proximity to the accident, Lois got the byline and the story for the Daily Planet. She was the first person to call Superman by the name the whole world would soon know him as. After many unsuccessful attempts of trying to interview Superman. Lois decided to fake an accident to get his attention, by driving her car into the bay. Superman pulled her car from the water and agreed to a interview. When Lois tried to submit the story with Perry White, she discovers that someone had beaten her to the exclusive story of Superman, a new reporter hired by Perry, named Clark Kent. It took Lois quite some time to forgive Clark for beating her to the punch, but eventually she got over it and they became good friends.


The character Lois Lane was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, her first appearance was in Action Comics #1, released in June, 1938.

Lois was designed as a counterpart and the love interest to Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent. Her appearance and personality were based on various people. Lois's original physical appearance was based on Joanne Carter, a model hired by Siegel and Shuster. Lois Lane's personality was based on Torchy Blane, a female reporter from the 1930s films. Jerry Siegel took her name from actress Lola Lane. Journalist Nellie Bly was also a inspiration for her character, as one of the first female reporters.

Character Evolution

Lois Lane as a character throughout her existence has always served as the confident and assertive female companion to both Superman and Clark Kent. Aspects of Lois's personality have varied over the years. But in most incarnations she has been depicted as a determined, strong-willed person.

Golden Age

In the golden age, Lois was featured as an aggressive, career minded reporter. Although it was uncommon to have a woman in such a prominent role in society such as a journalist.

Silver Age

In the silver age, her character became less serious. Lois was given her own series Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane. Which allowed her to fill out a bit more as a character and display some of the character’s strengths. But at the same time she was portrayed as a love-struck woman, willing to excuse Superman for any number of examples of questionable and inconsiderate behaviour.

Bronze Age

In the bronze age, Lois was depicted as a fully capable woman, and less interested in romance and more on current events. Lois Lane hosted "People - - U.S.A." on WGBS-TV.

Modern Age

In the modern age, following the reboot of most of the DC Universe, after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lois’ character was once again given a different focus. Lois was portrayed as a tough-as-nails reporter who rarely needed rescuing. She was depicted as strong, opinionated, yet sensitive. An independent woman interested in a career. Lois eventually became romantically involved with Clark, and after Clark proposes and reveals to her that he is Superman, she accepts and marries him in the December 1996 special Superman: The Wedding Album Superman. Clark and Lois also had a wedding ceremony in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which coincide with the wedding in comics.

Major Story Arcs

Silver Age

In the silver age, Lois became the protagonist of her own series, Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane. The stories focusing on her solo adventures and romance.

Bronze Age

In the bronze age, Lois had a solo stories in Superman Family, where she regularly battled criminals. It was also in this time frame that Lois was married to Superman for the first time, this event take place on Earth-Two.

Modern Age

Many of Lois’ major story arcs mirror either Superman’s or Clark Kent's, especially in the golden and silver ages. Since the modern age she has had a fair bit more of independence. One of the most important aspect in Superman story in the modern era, was that of Clark Kent's courtship with Lois Lane. This is also Lois's first major story line in the modern age. After Clark and Lois started dating and being together for some time, Clark proposes to her with the Kent family engagement ring, and later finally revealed his dual identity as Superman to Lois.

Superman dying in Lois' arms

The next prominent story involved the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday. Lois had to write about this, taking care not to reveal her knowledge that Superman and Clark were the same person. She went to both funerals for Superman and Clark Kent. She met Jonathan and Martha Kent and agreed to keep Clark's dual identities a secret. When Superman's body was stolen from his tomb by Cadmus. She wrote about this story and Supergirl retrieved the body and returned it to the tomb. When Jonathan Kent had a heart attack, Lois went to Smallville to look after Martha. When Jonathan recovered, he though had seen Clark and brought him back to life with him. When Lois went back to Metropolis, many stories of Superman appeared on the newspapers, after going to Superman's tomb, they found that it was empty. Not only was there one Superman, there were four. Lois interviewed each Superman and was skeptical of each of them. A fifth Superman eventually showed up with no superpowers. Lois at first was skeptical of this superman as well, but he knew much more than the previous four. Clark went to battle in Engine City and returned with all his powers.

Lois then began investigating LexCorp and the suspicion of insurance fraud. The suspicions were true, though she didn't think Lex Luthor II was involved. He agreed to an interview the next day. During the interview, he confesses that he wants a city, though he has nothing to do with the fraud. He makes a pass at her, letting Lois know that father and son have many things in common. Lois then ran a story on a fake hostage situation at a retirement home, because the people living there felt they were living in poor conditions. From that, she learned that the foreman who had been interviewed by her was almost killed by a group called Nuclear Waste, and Superman saved him. In the hospital, the foreman told Lois that Lex fired him, and Lois was now convinced that Lex was behind the attempted murder.

Later Lois is poisoned by the Joker to get Superman to murder him. Superman doesn't kill the Joker, thanks to Batman. Superman's duties get in the way once again and Lois breaks off the engagement and gives back his ring. Clark tries to convince Lois to get back with him, but Lois is reluctant. However, Lois thinks about Clark's attempts at trying to get her back, and both fly to talk. Even as they're speaking, Superman gets a call for help. In Metropolis, she searches for some story to keep her mind off . She does her research on Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza, the CEO of LexCorp. She learns that Lex and Contessa are working together and plan to marry soon. Jimmy Olsen, however, working for another paper reports the story before her. Lois is stressed and decides to take a job as a foreign correspondent and saying good-bye to everyone, a heartsick Clark sees her off at the airport.

Finally Married

Lois eventually returned to Metropolis, Clark and Lois reconciled, and she agreed to marry him. Lois and Clark were finally wed in the one-shot special Superman: The Wedding Album. Lucy Lane was Maid of Honor and Jimmy Olsen was Best Man. Lois' dad almost doesn't show up due to a fight but arrives during the last minute. Surprisingly, Bruce Wayne offers an apartment for them at 1938 Sullivan St. in Metropolis. Lucy, as a wedding gift, gave them tickets to Hawaii. During their honeymoon, they were attacked and Clark was kidnapped. Lois was forced to follow and single-handedly rescued him. A week before the wedding, Clark had been approached by Maxima offering him to wed with her. She discovered that Clark was powerless and flew off, disgusted. Once Clark regained his powers, she offered again, though he turned her down and they both fought, though he was able to show her to the door.

Superman returns to normal, but thanks to Dominus, his perceptions are skewed, causing him to seemingly live through four periods of time. Lois also existed in each of the four. However Dominus didn't know is that once Lois and Superman kiss, it broke the illusion. When Lex Luthor buys the Daily Planet, many employees are fired except Lois, Jimmy, Clark and two others who are to work at his company. The job involved at LexCorp involves searching the internet for stories and posting them to the company's site. Lois doesn't like working there, though she can do nothing to get out and do some traditional journalism. Lois also discovers that her sister; Lucy is pregnant, though with Ron Troupe's child rather than Jimmy's, on the same day when they took down the globe off the Daily Planet building.

Earth is under invasion again by Imperiex led by Darkseid. Lois makes her stand in the White House. When the aliens attack the White House, Lois watches her father sacrifice himself to save the capital. Even though they never had a great relationship, Lois was devastated at the loss of her father. Lois' father gets a funeral and she and Clark travel to Kansas to try and find Ma and Pa Kent. Fortunately, they find both of them alive and well and rebuild the house. Lois then goes to travel with her mother and takes some time away.

When Lois returns to Metropolis she suspicious President Luthor knew about the invasion, but never bothered to warn anyone about it. A lady called Hope tells Lois that a man named Frank Rock could have provided all the proof she needed, though he died during the war. She then confirms that Brainiac 13 had warned Lex about the invasion. Lois gets home to find Lex there. He has found out about her snooping around and asks if the deal can be put in motion now, deleting this story about him. Beating him at his own game, Clark writes the story instead, but is fired once he does so. The Martian Manhunter does a scan on Lex's mind and turns up negative. Clark is fired because of the lack of evidence, but in reality, Perry puts him undercover to investigate some more.

Lois and Clark with Chris Kent

Clark and Lois adopted a Kryptonian boy. They name him Chris Kent. Lois has shown immense aptitude of being 'Mommy Lois'. The child is later dscovered to be the son of General Zod. Following a devastating battle with Zod, Chris sacrificed himself to seal the Phantom Zone rift, trapping himself inside with Zod's forces. Lois was later reunited with Chris Kent, who has aged to adulthood in the past months and became the new Metropolis hero Nightwing.

In Grounded, Superman begins a journey through America to reconnect with the American people, and Lois, though confused at first, supports his choice. Lois admits she has been having doubts about her current life, when she is met by Superman, the two reaffirm their love for each other. Later, Lois returns to Metropolis and does not speak to Superman for a while, due to an investigation on a story, about a factory in Des Moines. When Lois is kidnapped by Lisa Jennings, a woman who wants to destroy Superman, Superman rescues her. With the danger over, Superman apologizes to Lois about what happened in Des Moines. The two reconciled and then return home to Metropolis.

Lois Lane in Flashpoint

In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint, Lois's father was a member of Project superman. Lois briefly encounters Kal-el, after she sneaked into the facility, on Sam Lane's birthday to bring him a birthday cake. Years later, Lois became a reporter for the Daily Planet. She and Jimmy Olsen was reporting on a fashion show, when the Atlanteans flooded Europe. Lois is saved by the Amazons, she learns that Jimmy Olsen, who dies in the flood was an agent of Cyborg. Lois agrees to spy on the Amazons for Cyborg. Lois eventually joins the Resistance. When she broadcasts a message to the world, that the Amazons have imprisoned people in internment, the Amazons attempt to kill her. Lois is rescued by Kal-El, who has comes to protect her. During the fight with Sinclair, Kal-El manages to destroy Sinclair, but Lois is caught in the blast, she dies in Kal-El arms and tells him to save the people.

Earth-Two Version

The Earth-Two Lois Lane fell in love and married Earth-Two Clark Kent, and later found out he is Superman in Action Comics #484. Mr and Mrs Superman of Earth-Two also starred in a series of stories in Superman Family.

In Infinite Crisis miniseries, it was revealed that the Earth-Two Lois Lane and Superman, have been living in a pocket dimension, after the event in Crisis on Infinite Earths. She died in the arms of her husband Kal-L, after the restoration of Earth-Two. The Earth-Two Superman also died in the event of Infinite Crisis. The Earth-Two Lois and Superman are shown reunited in the stars.

Lois Lane of Earth-Two later returns as a sinister Black Lantern with her husband in the Blackest Night crossover.

The New 52

In the New 52, Lois Lane now works for Morgan Edge, heading up the media division of the Daily Planet. Lois is also unaware that Clark Kent is Superman, the two are not married, but they are very close friends. Lois has now return as a reporter to the Daily Planet, she is currently in a relationship with a foreign correspondent named Jonathan Carroll.

On the events of Psi War she saves Superman's life, getting herself in a fight against Psycho-Pirate. Afterwards, she once again knows Superman's secret identity. However, this knowledge is erased from her mind, after an encounter with Parasite.

The New 52: Earth-2

Lois as Red Tornado

Following the Flashpoint reboot, the Lois Lane of Earth-Two was a journalist for the Daily Planet, married to Earth-Two's Superman. She was believed to have died during the Apokoliptian invasion of Earth.

Years later, after Darkseid's mad servant Brutaal was revealed to be Earth-Two's Superman, brainwashed to follow the God of Evil's commands, it was also revealed that Lois was now the Red Tornado of Earth-Two. Her consciousness somehow implanted into the android's body by her father, General Sam Lane and the US Military.

After realizing that Superman was under the control of Darkseid, she confronted him to save her teammates. He immediately took her to Smallville for a reunion with his parents. When the assault of the heroes of earth 2 on CERN, Superman defend the portal which would transport earth to the Apokoliptian solar system. Lois confront him and discover his is not Superman, rather a cloned version of the hero.

At the end of the Earth 2: world's end event, Lois and other hero and civilians of Earth 2 evacuated the planet and relocated to another world.

Justice League 3000/3001

Set in a reality 1,000 years in the future, where the Justice League has been recreated by Cadmus, by imprinting the DNA of the original members upon random subjects. Lois is a member of the Injustice League and has developed an array of powers since the 21st century. She has taken over the mind of Ariel Masters and is sending the Justice League on suicidal missions in an attempt to kill them, due to her hatred of Superman, which developed at an unknown time. Her past with the League remains a mystery.

Powers and Abilities

Lois Lane is skilled in judo and karate, and is a quick-witted opponent. Throughout the ages Lois was shown to have obtained powers for a brief time, becoming a superhero.


  • Occupation: Reporter/Journalist of the Daily Planet, head of the media division of the Daily Planet in the New 52
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Base: Metropolis

Super Identities Lois Has Taken Over the Years

Elastic Lass

Lois as Elastic Lass

In Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane issue 23. Lois used Jimmy Olsen's Elastic Lad serum, given to him by Professor Potter and became Elastic Lass, to stop a villain called the wrecker from blowing up statues in the city. Jimmy gave her enough to only perform ten elastic feats. He also gave her his costume and a huge coat to hide the costume, in case Superman find out he gave her super powers. When Lois went to the zoo for her article on a rare animal, she noticed a man pick pocketing and decide to stop him. Stretching her body around him, as he hollered for help, she then left the area quickly to let the cops deal with him. Lois then went to a movie set, to interview a director of an new sci-fi movie. When the mechanical monster for the movie was not working, she decided to use her powers to enter the mechanical monsters body to help finish the movie. Lois used another one of her powers to help a woman getting her ring from a manhole. While walking away Jimmy Olsen arrived and told her Perry wanted them to cover an acrobat show at the orphanage. When they arrived they heard the acrobat never showed up feeling sorry for the kids she used her powers to cheer them up. Lois then stretched her whole body around the orphanage building for her last show for the kids and then left with Jimmy. They returned to the wreckers house to find proof he is placing bombs in statues. Lois was about to go in under the door, but discovered she could only stretch her nose. Jimmy then realized he only gave her enough serum for 9 and a half stretches. Lois feeling upset accidentally stuck her nose in the keyhole and smelled chemicals for a bomb, and tells Jimmy to call the police. They arrived and arrested the Wrecker.

Insect Queen

Lois as Insect Queen

Lois became Insect Queen in Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane issue 69. She was staying at Lana Lang's apartment, due to her apartment getting flooded. While there, she heard on the radio a little girl was stuck in a burning building. Superman, and Supergirl were away, so Lois became Insect Queen and went to save the girl. Lois decided to stay as Insect Queen until Superman returns. A woman named Velvet O' Mara come to the apartment, when Lois left the room Velvet O' Mara took the Bio-Ring and pages from a Krypton book about Kryptonian Insects, and turned into a Fly and got away. Lois and Lana discovered what her plan was and put on their Insect Queen costumes. They went to the park, where they found her in a spider form with Superman in a web. They both runs towards her holding a piece of Kryptonite, Velvet O' Mara then became a Horn Repeller of Krypton, which repels any metal and in the process lost the Bio-Ring. Lois and Lana then became Kryptonian Insects so that they could save Superman and defeat Velvet O'Mara.


Lois has become Superwoman a number of times, each through different means. Her first time was mostly a dream of her as Superwoman, after being struck by a car and having a brain operation. She had a dream in which Superman did a blood transfusion, which resulted in her having his powers.

In another incident Lois becomes Superwoman when two stage magicians, Hocus and Pocus, made her believe that they've cast a spell, giving her the powers of Superman. She is actually still normal Lois Lane, dressed in a Superman style costume, while Superman himself secretly performs all the amazing feats, she thinks she's doing herself. But when she can't get a dance partner at her own ball (due to her enormous strength), she demands that the magicians turn her back.

Lois becomes Superwoman in All Star Superman. When Superman gave Lois a super costume, he made himself, which gives Lois Superpower for 24 hour.

Bizarro Lois Lane

When the corrupted and third failed clone of Superman, better known as Bizarro 3, found out that his genetics were fused with Blue sun radiation. He quickly learned that he could create people, with a single thought. Bizarro made himself a planet in the blue star system, and it was cubed shaped instead of round. When Bizarro 3 got tired of his newly created planet, he decided to destroy the planet (to recreate Krypton's destruction). When the people of cubed Earth found this out, they quickly devised a plan to stop Bizarro 3. Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane saved the Earth by warning all of the people to run on a strike to defeat Bizarro 3. Cubed Earth was eventually saved, and Bizarro 3 left.

Lois Lane in Other Media

The Fleischer serials (1941-1943)

Lois Lane and Clark Kent

This landmark animated serials (which marks the Man of Steel's first animated film appearance) introduces the film-going audience to that most classic of Superman scenarios- Lois Lane (voiced by Joan Alexander) is a intelligent, insightful, capable and independent reporter, who has been sent to cover the study of a frozen dinosaur at the Metropolis Museum of Natural History. Technical malfunction! The dinosaur has thawed! He is coming after Lois! Superman swoops in and saves the day.

In her first film appearance Lois was anything but helpless. Her comics persona was a dedicated, capable investigative reporter (and one of the most forward-thinking characters in terms of gender roles and feminism). This shows in her first film treatment- she is the one who outs the saboteurs on the plane, uncovers the Nazi plot on the island paradise, and it is only after Lois has uncovered these things that Superman comes in with some firepower.

Noel Neill as Lois Lane in Superman (1948)

In Superman's first live-action film appearance, Kirk Alyn played the Last Son of Krypton, with Noel Neill playing Lois Lane. It should be noted that this live-action depiction of the character is a marked departure from the Fleischer brothers' animated Lois. The animated Lois was always getting into trouble, yes, but she was the star reporter for the Planet- getting into trouble is par for the course. Neill's live-action Lois Lane took on Jimmy Olsen's role in the later comics- she is the driver, the rookie, stumbling into trouble and getting kidnapped rather than constantly tracking down the big stories (interestingly enough Jimmy Olsen plays the star reporter, taking over the more traditional Lois role). While she is perhaps not quite the lead reporter that she would become in later incarnations, she is still interesting to watch as the young reporter who is coming into her own. For all her wide-eyed innocence she is still dedicated, principled, courageous (she will burst into a gang meeting, for example, just because she thought she might overhear something), and what she lacks in big-city bitterness she makes up for in wholehearted dedication to classic ideals.

Noel Neill also made cameo appearance in various Superman films- she plays Lois' mother (seen briefly when Lois is a little girl) on the train in the 1978 Superman film (Kirk Alyn, is Lois' father) and in 2006 Superman Returns she played Gertrude Vanderworth. Noel Neill thus gained lasting fame for being the first live-action Lois Lane.

The Adventures Of Superman (George Reeves T.V. show, 1952)

This show is the first live-action television series to feature the character Superman. Phyllis Coates played Lois Lane in the first season, Noel Neill plays Lois Lane from seasons two to season six.

The New Adventures of Superman/ The Superman/Batman Hour/ The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure


In these three animated series Joan Alexander voiced Lois Lane.

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman (1975)

A television special adapting the Broadway musical, It's a Bird..It's a Plane..It's Superman, with Lesley Ann Warren playing Lois Lane.

Superman Film Series

Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1978-1987)

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane

In the 70's and 80's Superman films series, Margot Kidder played Lois Lane. Kidder's Lois is sexy, witty, intelligent, the star reporter for the Daily Planet, who goes to insane lengths to get the story and scoop the competition. Kidder's Lois set the standard for a new generation of Superman fans and film portrayals.

Superman (1988)

On this Superman Animated Series, Lois Lane is voiced by Ginny McSwain.

Superman: The Animated Series

In Superman: The Animated Series, Lois Lane is voiced by Dana Delaney. The character bring to mind the classic, intelligent, driven, forward-thinking Lois Lane from the comics and many previous film incarnations.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane

In Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997), Lois Lane is played by Teri Hatcher. Hatcher's performance hearkens back to an earlier, Joan Alexander Lois Lane. She is the star reporter, often willingly putting herself in harms way to get the story. However, as a result, she usually finds herself in no small amount of distress. On numerous occasions during the series when Superman is otherwise engaged, Lois has to rely on her own wits to get out of many tricky situations. Hatcher's Lois Lane is also an interesting amalgamation of previous portrayals of Lois. The independent, capable, intelligent star-reporter meets Neill's wide-eyed fascination with the Man of Steel.

Superman Returns

Kate Bosworth as Lois lane

For the Man of Steel's return to the big screen in Superman Returns (2006), Kate Bosworth played the role of Lois Lane. While Lois is still the Planet's top reporter, she is far more soft-spoken, lacking the witty, fast-talking Metropolis edge of Kidder and Hatcher in exchange for a more gentle, Noel Neill approach.

Smallville (TV Series)

Lois Lane first appeared on the television series Smallville in season four as a recurring character, played by Erica Durance. Durance appears from season 5 onward as a regular cast member. Durance's Lois Lane is a blend of wit, resourcefulness, confidence and strength. Lois often give advice and guidance to Clark, and reminds him where the "moral center" lies, and in many ways is a hero in her own right.

Erica Durance as Lois Lane

In season 4, Lois comes to town to investigate the apparent death of her cousin Chloe Sullivan. As the series progresses, her interest in journalism grows, landing a job at the Inquisitor in season six, and hired by the Daily Planet in season seven. In season 8, Clark join the Daily Planet and Lois learns more about the superhero community, and writes articles about them, these included articles on the "Red-Blue Blur" (Clark's secret alias at the time).

In season nine, after five years of friendship, Lois and Clark fell passionately in love and become an official couple. In the season 9 finale episode "Salvation", Lois discovers that Clark is "the Blur", when he kissed her in a darkened alley. Lois did not tell Clark she knows he is "the Blur" until the episode "Isis", when Clark finally confesses his secret to her. With no secrets between them, their bond with each other becomes even stronger.

In the season 10 episode "Icarus", Clark propose to Lois, she accepts. The two had a wedding ceremony in the series finale of the show, but the ceremony was interrupted by the coming of Darkseid. The show ends with a flash forward to the future, where we see Clark and Lois still working at the Daily planet, and Clark Kent has become Superman.

Lois's former boyfriends and love interest on the show includes Arthur Curry and Oliver Queen. Both Teri Hatcher and Margot Kidder has guest starred on the series. Teri Hatcher played Lois's mother and Margot Kidder as Dr. Bridgette Crosby.

The television series Smallville now continues in comic books, Smallville: Season 11, written by Bryan Q. Miller. The Story take places six month after the series finale.

Superman: Doomsday

Superman: Doomsday (2007) In the direct-to-disc animated adaptation of the most widely read modern Superman comic book, Anne Heche voices Lois Lane.

All Star Superman

All-Star Superman (2011) In the direct-to-disc animated adaptation of Grant Morrison's Superman story, Christina Hendricks voices Lois Lane.

Justice League Doom

Justice League: Doom (2012) in the direct-to-disk film, Lois appears in a supporting role. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also portrays Queen in the film.

Superman VS The Elite

In Superman vs The Elite (2012) direct-to-disk animated film, Lois Lane is voiced by Pauley Perrette.

Superman : Unbound

In Superman: Unbound (2013) direct-to-disk animated film, Lois Lane is voiced by Stana Katic.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013), Lois Lane is voiced by Dana Delany. Who also voiced Lois Lane in Superman: The Animated Series.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Man of Steel

In director Zach Synder's 2013 Superman reboot film Man of Steel, Lois Lane is portrayed by actress Amy Adams. Lois is a hard-hitting journalist for the Daily Planet. Although she may have this sort of ambitious quality to her, she knows when it's time to step back and do the right thing. In this incarnation of the character, Lois has gained back some of her sarcastic witty charm she is well known for.

Popular Recognition

Citing her status as the archetypical 'comic book love interest,' Lois Lane was ranked 78th in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.

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