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I'm sure Ystin would rather you see him the way he sees himself, male.

EDIT: Oh wait, I see you have him on both lists.

Posted by cosmicx

I like Bleez the best from your list, she has the coolest name

Posted by lykopis

X-23, Domino and Jubilee! Woohoo! So there is some Marvel in you after all --- heh heh --- totally meant that in the perviest way possible....

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is Ystin still a chicka ?

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@joygirl: *nods* kk, wondering cause that's a guys pic : D

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@darling_luna: Ystin kinda went back and forth a little bit and it was never made entirely clear whether he was intersex or a transman. The only real confirmation we got was when he said something along the lines of "I'm not just a man, or a woman, I'm both." So I put him on both the ladies and fellas lists to be safe.

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