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Kara as Linda Danvers and as Flamebird

This is the page for the 1st and current Supergirl, Kara Zor-El. There have been a number of others who have taken up her mantle though.

Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kara Zor-El had a secret identity named Linda Danvers that she used to attend college. Post-Crisis, it was the name of a separate character (see: Linda Danvers).

On Kandor, she took the name Flamebird, partnering up with Power Girl (who took the name Nightwing). Kara was the 4th Flamebird. 1st Flamebird: Jimmy Olsen, 2nd Flamebird: Ak-Var, 3rd Flamebird: Bette Kane, 5th Flamebird: Thara Ak-Var.

Future versions of Supergirl: Cryssia (Legends of the Dead Earth), Ariella (DC 1,000,000), Lara (Dark Knight Returns), Kara Kent (Generations I and II), Supergirl Blue and Supergirl Red (Generations III), Jane and Carol Kent (Superman: Secret Identity)

There's also Bizarro Supergirl and Kara's Supergirl Robots. In Superboy #8, Superboy (Clark Kent) saves the life of Shar-La, an alien woman who turns Superboy into a girl named Claire Kent in retaliation for his thoughts about women drivers which she picked up telepathically. And in Superman #123, Jimmy Olsen wishes upon a magic totem for a "Super-Girl" to be Superman's sidekick.

Current Events

Supergirl in the Crucible Academy
  • Supergirl - Kara has recently got a day job as a Barrister in New York. She wishes to learn about the Earths people and its culture and the fastest way for her to do this is to live among them. She was also recruited by The Crucible Academy a school for super powered teens.
  • Red Lanterns - Kara was asked by Guy Gardner to take the new Red Lantern recruits to the Blood Lake on Ysmault to restore their sanity and reasoning. Kara along with Bleez and Rankor where to lead the next generation of Reds in the wake of the civil war with Artocitus. See the story arc Atrocities written by Charles Soule.
  • Justice League United - Kara along with the groups Justice League United, Legion Lost and Legion of Super Heroes are in an engagement against Blythe and a team of Super-Villains.
  • Superman: Doomed - Kara was asked by Superman to protect the Earth and its people in his stead. Clark was no longer able to do so thanks to being infected with the Doomsday virus. See the story arc Superman Doomed written by Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Tony Bedard and Scott Lobdell.
  • Action Comics - Kara was asked by Clark to stay and watch over the Fortress of Solitude and Earth while he investigated some strange readings coming from the Phantom Zone.
  • Batman/Superman - Kara has teamed up with Clark to find out who is targeting his loved ones. They are using Lois Lane as bait to draw an unknown villain out.

Origin: The New 52

Kara on Krypton

(in Supergirl #0, Nov 2012 and Supergirl #1, Nov 2011)

On Krypton, in Argo City, as the planet was in its last dying days, Kara's father, Zor-El, had taken his brother, Jor-El's research to heart. He believed, where the Science Council did not, that the planet was dying. Kara's trials were coming up soon, where she would take part in ceremonies and tests that would usher her into full adulthood in the eyes of Kryptonian society.

Zor-El planned to save all of Argo City with devices disguised as power generators that he had convinced the Science Council to place around the city, but he was not willing to risk his daughter in that plan because he wasn't sure it would succeed. That being the case, he constructed a pod similar to the one his brother had theorized, but using Worldkiller technology and programming it to orbit closely around a yellow sun so that when she awoke, either because he and his wife woke her or because the time he'd allowed had run out, she would be powerful enough that she would not need to fear anything or anyone.

Zor-El brought Kara to his lab in Argo City under the pretext of giving her a present in honor of her upcoming trials. He showed her to the pod, and inside was the Kryptonian ceremonial battle armor that she would have received upon completion of her trials. She tried it on, but when she did, she fell unconscious because Zor-El had rigged it to cause that.

Kara battling the Russians

Barely hanging on to consciousness, she begged her father not to do what he was doing. Zor-El explained why he was doing it, but then her mother Alura arrived and fought her husband in an attempt to rescue Kara from his plans. Alura won, but was too late to stop the launch. Kara was sent off to Earth's solar system where she would orbit Earth's sun for years, in stasis, until her pod would finally leave orbit and take her to Earth.

Kara arrived on Earth in Siberia, Russia, and emerged into the frozen tundra. It was snowing. Within minutes, she was confronted by a squad of Russian-speaking soldiers in high-tech battle armor. Naturally, Kara did not understand their language in the slightest. She didn't understand what was happening and assumed she was having a dream. When their calls for her surrender got no response, they attempted to restrain her forcefully, and that's when sunrise happened and Kara discovered that she had heat vision in this 'dream' she was having. A battle ensued, which Kara was winning, but then her cousin Kal-El showed up (better known to Earth at large as Superman).

Storyline: The New 52


Kara vs. Kal-El

(in Supergirl #2, Dec 2011)

Having arrived on Earth in the Russian tundra and having faced off against the armored soldiers sent to contain her, Kara is confronted by a flying man wearing her family crest and dressed in Kryptonian ceremonial battle armor of the kind she herself is wearing.

They talk and he tells her that he's her grown up cousin, Kal-El, whom, from her prospective, she'd last seen on Krypton short days ago as a baby. She doesn't believe him and they fight. The battle rages from Russia and into China with neither gaining the upper hand and Kara learning how to use her new yellow-sun-given powers as she went. Kara only stops the fight when she sees that it's putting Earth's indigenous population in danger (this happens at the Great Wall of China). Kara and Kal talk again and he tells her the story of Krypton's demise. She doesn't believe him about that either, thinking he must be a clone (something seen as evil in Kryptonian society). She leaves to find the pod she came in to try to discover the truth of what's going on for herself.


Destroying the space station

(in Supergirl #3-4, Jan-Feb 2012)

When she arrives at her landing site however, she finds her pod missing and a hologram of a man named Simon Tycho waiting for her. She does not understand his language of course, but she follows the probe the hologram was being generated from back to a space station in Earth's orbit. When she gets there, she's attacked. She defends herself ably and finds her way to her pod, but is rendered unconscious by the Kryptonite that had clung to the surface of her pod as it escaped Krypton's destruction.

She awakes in a stasis chamber and is rescued by one of her enemies, a man named Jacobs who doesn't approve of what his employer is doing. Jacobs is killed by Tycho for helping her and she retaliates, destroying his space station and taking back the Kryptonian Sunstone that Tycho had stolen from her pod. The stone was unfortunately damaged.

The Worldkillers

Fighting Reign in Argo City

(in Supergirl #5-7, March-May 2012)

With her pod lost, the damaged sunstone giving her no answers, and her continuing distrust of the man who claims to be her cousin, Kal-El, Kara despairs that she may never find the answers she seeks. Then she considers her new powers and wonders if she can simply... fly home?

She leaves Earth with the broken sunstone and heads for Krypton. On the way, the sunstone lights up when it detects a nearby hyperspace portal. Trusting the stone her father left her, Kara goes through the portal and finds Argo City, detached from Krypton and orbiting a blue star. She flies down and discovers Argo deserted. She uses the technology there to access a message on the sunstone from her father. He tells her that he saved Argo and that the sunstone has Kryptonian history and his research on it. She then witnesses him being killed by an unknown attacker and the broken sunstone succumbs to it's damage and crumbles to ashes.

She cries out in grief, which attracts a woman named Reign who offers her her hand and tells her that she is here to give her a chance at a new life. However, Kara thinks Reign was the one who killed her father and the people of Argo so she attacks her. They fight, Kara breaks Reign's sword, but Reign defeats her and pins her to a wall with the broken sword. She tells Kara who she is, that's she's one of the Worldkillers, her father's creations, weapons Krypton considered too powerful to exist. She challenges Kara to break free and follow her back to Earth if she can.

Reign's parting words

Kara, focusing on the memory of her parents, finds the will to break free and chase after Reign. She catches up to her back on Earth in New York City where they resume their battle. Kara is not fairing all that well when three other Worldkillers arrive to take Reign's side. The three new Worldkillers, Flower of Heaven, Perrilus, and Deimax, attack Kara while Reign hovers nearby and watches. Kara surprises Reign tough, by fairing a lot better against her and her fellow Worldkillers than she would have thought possible. Reign offers Kara the chance to join them - in exchange, Reign offers to spare Earth so that Kara can go with them to seek their answers elsewhere. Kara stubbornly refuses the offer though and continues the battle, badly wounding Deimax in the process. At this, Reign calls a halt to the battle and decides to take her wounded comrade and leave Earth. She warns Kara that she will return one day though, and she warns her also that her father, Zor-El, made 5 Worldkillers originally, not just 4 - where then, she asks, is the 5th Worldkiller?

Scream of the Silver Banshee

(in Supergirl #8-10, July-Aug 2012)

Siobhan coming to her defense

In the aftermath of her battle with the Worldkillers in New York City, Kara is surrounded by the United States Army and called on to surrender. She still only speaks Kryptonian of course though, so she cannot communicate with them. None the less, she tries to tell them she is not their enemy and that she does not want to fight them. Her efforts do not look to be working though, and things are about to get violent. That is when a girl with short white hair named Siobhan Smythe intervenes and places herself between Kara and the army, telling the soldiers that Kara had saved them all and that she is no threat to them.

Kara is surprised to hear Siobhan speaking in Kryptonian and asks her if she's somehow also Kryptonian. Siobhan says no, that she just has a gift for language. Siobhan's words do not convince the army and they tell Kara and Siobhan to surrender or be met with force. Kara starts to lift off the ground with Siobhan, intent on fleeing, when the army opens fire on them both. Kara quickly wraps her defender in her cape to protect her from the bullets. She then shouts at the army to leave her alone and flies away with Siobhan in her arms. The two talk on a nearby rooftop and become friends.

Siobhan's offer of help

The army follows them in helicopter though and attacks again. Kara disarms them and flies off again with Siobhan into the setting sun. Kara is worried for Siobhan and tells her so, that it could be dangerous to be her friend. Siobhan won't hear of it though and offers to help her, give her a place to stay for a while, and help her find her way on Earth.

They go to Siobhan's apartment and talk for a while while Siobhan finds some inconspicuous clothes for Kara to wear so she won't be recognized. Kara notices two runes tattooed on Siobhan's arms and asks about them. Siobhan tells her that the "S" rune is for "Siobhan" and the "B" stands for her father.

Kara stands by her friend

When Kara is dressed for it, the two go out into town to listen to music at a club. While at the club through a man named the Black Banshee, attacks, possessing the other people at the club to attack her and Siobhan and then attacking Siobhan outright. Seeing her friend in terrible pain, Kara fights Black Banshee, but, as Kryptonians are vulnerable to magic, she is blasted away by him easily. It's then Siobhan comes to her aide again, this time having transformed into the Silver Banshee so that she can fight Black Banshee, who's revealed to be Siobhan's father.

Siobhan fights her father and hurts him with her scream, using the opportunity to take Kara and run away to safety. In an alleyway nearby, Siobhan tells Kara to run away, that this is her battle to fight and that she doesn't want her father hurting her. Kara refuses to go and tells her that she won't let her face her father alone.

Black Banshee finds them again moments later and attacks. Kara and Siobhan battle him - as the battle stretches on, Kara realizes she'll have to use her most powerful attack if she's going to be able to defeat this enemy, so she releases her solar bomb power and charges him head on. The attack doesn't work however, because Black banshee swallows her up in a magical portal, sending her to the cured prison that he's held Siobhan's brother trapped in for years.

Making their escape

Kara rights her way free of the dangers she faces there though, rescuing Siobhan's brother, Tom Smythe, in the process. When she and Tom get free of Black Banshee, it weakens him enough for Siobhan to attack and defeat him, taking his power away for her own and trapping her father inside her as he'd done to Tom, ending his threat to them.

Siobhan has a happy reunion with her brother and thanks Kara gratefully for bringing her brother back to her. As Siobhan and Tom are talking through, the police show up, so Kara has to Siobhan and Tom away to safety.

Abomination in the House of El

Warning Superboy about his heritage

(in Superboy #6, April 2012)

Superboy finds her standing on a bridge in New York City, taking some time by herself to think. He flies over to her and asks her who she is, why she's wearing Superman's symbol on her chest. He thinks she might be another clone like him. They talk, but when Kara learns he's a clone, she attacks. On Krypton, clones became mindless killing machines - they're the monsters parents tell their children about at bedtime. Every Kryptonian is taught that clones are to dangerous to live.

When Kara learns that Superboy doesn't know any of this though, she relents, even protects him from a police attack. She see's that he's lost and not a monster - at least not yet. She warns him that he might well become one one day though, and then leaves to go confront Kal-El about him, to see if he can tell her any more about how Superboy came to be, and whether he's as dangerous as the stories she was told lead her to believe he is.

Attack of the Superpowers

Saving Jimmy Olsen from the imposter

(in Superman #6, April 2012)

When Kara got to Metropolis to confront Kal-El after her encounter with Superboy, she found he had been replaced by an enemy who had taken on his shape. Kara has to battle him to protect Metropolis.

The fight's going badly for her, when the real Kal shows up and takes her opponent away to the Arctic at super-speed where, having discovered his imposter's weakness, he is able to defeat him where he wasn't able to before.

Kara congratulates Kal on his victory, but find out Kal doesn't know anything about Superboy after all.


Battling a new enemy

(in Supergirl #11-13, Sept-Dec 2012)

While having lunch with Tom Smythe at a cafe, Kara is attacked by a man made of living nano-technology. She battle and defeats him, but is worried that he was able to find her even when she was not dressed as Supergirl. Fearing further danger to Siobhan and Tom, Kara leaves to go find answers to this latest attack.

She brings the remains of her attacker to Kal-El so that they can use the technology in his Arctic Fortress of Solitude to get the answer she's after. Kal helps her, but relations between them are still strained and Kara still doesn't fully trust him. They are, however, able to track the signal that had been controlling the nano-machine man back to it's souse, miles beneath the ocean.

Calling Siobhan after the fight

Kara leaves to go confront the source of the threat and finds, on the ocean floor, a Kryptonian sanctuary like the one Kal has in the Arctic. She goes inside and finds a much changed Simon Tycho waiting for her. Tycho claims credit for the attack on her, they battle, and Kara defeats him, locking him away in a crystal prison and claiming the sanctuary for her own - a sanctuary that, she finds out, is part of the inheritance left to her by her father, Zor-El. The sanctuary is keyed to follow her commands, Tycho had only been able to co-opt it.

The threat to her and her friends over, Kara calls Siobhan and tells her the good news, and about the sanctuary she's found under the ocean.

H'el On Earth

(in Supergirl #14-17, Superman #13-17, and Superboy #14-17 Jan-April 2013)

Stopping H'el and saving Earth

During the events of H'el on Earth, Kara is manipulated by H'el into believing that Krypton and all it's people, her family and friends included, could be brought back to life. And it could have been, but only at the cost of Earth (something H'el conveniently neglected to tell her). Infuriated when she learns of his deception, she stabs him with Kryptonite to stop him from killing Earth, and is poisoned by it herself in the process.


Sharing memories

(in Supergirl #18-20, May-July 2013)

After her ordeal with H'el, Kara is left with a serious case of Kryptonite poisoning, so she goes to Dr. Shay Veritas for help (Dr. Veritas is an alien that has a huge laboratory space ship far under the Earth's surface). Veritas runs extensive tests, but Kara grows restless and leaves. On her way through the molten core of the Earth, she's attacked by an alien woman made of lava (who'd previously attacked Superboy in Superboy #3). The lava woman claims that Kryptonians had made her race suffer horribly and tells her that she's seeking revenge, and intends to purge Earth of all Kara's kind.

Kara is defeated by the lava woman, but then the U.S. Army arrives and her enemy flees, leaving her unconscious at at their mercy. She's being taken back to a General Morrison, when Power Girl arrives and rescues her. Since Power Girl is her from Earth 2, she'd felt Kara's pain and been drawn to find and help her. When Power Girl touches her, Kara sees her counterpart's memories and Power Girl and see hers too. The touch also heals Kara somewhat and wakes her. They then battle the U.S. Army together until an agent of Lex Luthor named Appex arrives and attacks them. They defeat him, but Kara again loses consciousness in the process due to her poisoning.

Watching the sunrise after the battle

Power Girl, now having Kara's memories, knows of her newly discovered sanctuary on the ocean floor and decides to take her there for help. The sanctuary starts helping Kara, and in the meanwhile gives Power Girl Kryptonian ceremonial battle armor similar to Kara's because her old clothing had been ripped to sheds in their recent fight. Sanctuary is able to stabilize, but not cure, Kara's condition. Kara awakes and tells Power Girl she looks beautiful in her new armor.

It's then that Sanctuary has an 'Error' and accuses one of the Karas of being a clone and attacks. After some back and forth, it decides that Power Girl is the one true Kara and attempted to kill Supergirl. Supergirl responds by, with Power Girl's help, freezing Sanctuary, then blowing it up (presumably killing Simon Tycho who'd been imprisoned there in the process). Kara and Power Girl escape to the surface of the Ocean and then have a get to know you talk in Earth's orbit.

Unknown to them both however, some of Sanctuary remained, a robot which was now fixated on killing Kara.

Be Careful What You Wish For...

(in Supergirl #21-24, Aug-Dec 2013)

Supergirl VS Cyborg Superman (Zor-El)

Dying from her Kryptonite poisoning, Kara says goodbye to her best friend Siobhan and heads out into space for one last adventure where she encounters Cyborg-Superman who turns out to be her father, who'd been corrupted by Brainiac.

Supergirl joins the League

Justice League United

After being released from the Red Ring, Supergirl joins the newly formed Justice League United along with Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Hawkman, Equiniox, Adam Strange and Alanna Strange. The team first mission is to save and protect the child Ultra. After the first mission they team up with the Legion of Superheros to stop ultra from became Infinitus, putting in danger the whole future.

Powers and Abilities

Kryptonian Abilities

powered by Earth's yellow sun
  • Flight: Like her Kryptonian cousin, Supergirl has the ability to fly at great speeds, it has been shown that is able to fly at the speed of light, on one such occasion she has been seen to fly through the moon.
  • Super Hearing: Supergirl has the ability to detect and interpret dissipating sound waves, this means that she is able to hear even the quietest of sounds from a large distance away, meaning that she can pinpoint a single person in the world just from their voice or heartbeat, this is done by filtering out every other sound in the world. Supergirl can also detect sound waves at a higher or lower frequency than a normal human ear can usually detect, this ranges from sub sonic wavelengths to radio waves.
  • Healing: Supergirl is not totally invulnerable and has a powerful healing factor.
  • Heat Vision: Supergirl has the ability to generate intense heat from her eyes, this heat is then focused and projected in the form of beams of radiation, which can be used to melt steel structures or heat up cold coffee, meaning that she can control the temperature of these beams.
  • Invulnerability: In the New 52 it has been shown that Kryptonians under the yellow sun aren't entirely invulnerable. Although bullets won't harm them, sufficient amount of force and a sufficiently powerful electric shock can. The costume that they wear is actually armor which itself is theoretically invincible.
  • Super Breath: In the New 52 her Super Breath has only been shown that she can hold her breath for a sufficient amount of time in space.
  • Super Strength: The exact magnitude of Supergirl's strength is unknown, she was easily able to knock down armored weaponized robots only with minimal strain and when she hits Superman, it actually hurts him and he notes that he's never been hit that hard before. She can lift 100 tons with minimal effort.
  • Super–Intellect: Supergirl was born into a society hundreds of years ahead of Earth. She lived there for about 15 years and learned much of the technology. Krypton was ruled by the Science Council and it was a huge part of their daily lives. Though in the New 52 it not shown if she still possesses it.
  • X–Ray Vision: Can see through anything except lead.
  • Super Speed: As like Superman she can move unbelievably quickly, albeit not as fast as other speedsters, or those that possess the speed force.
  • Solar Bomb: In the New 52, Kara has recently shown the ability to release the solar energy within her like a bomb, an attack which has proved powerful enough to hurt Wonder Woman. She can use the same ability to a lesser extent in order to raise her body temperature to incredible levels and, more prosaically, to turn herself into a living torch.

Red Power Ring

After Krypton Returns, a Red Power Ring chose Kara. She has been shown to be able to charge the ring when depleted with her Rage. However she is more prone to violent outbursts and has a hard time controlling The Ring.

chosen as a Red Lantern
  • Acid: She has the ability to expel a fiery acid from her mouth.
  • Animating: A Red Lantern can will things to move how he wants.
  • Caustic Effect: Red Lantern power can damage and drain away the power of other lanterns almost like a poison. For example green lanterns who survive a Red Lantern attack will begin to lose power from the almost napalm like attacks of Red Lanterns.
  • Communicator: The ring can act as a personal communicator between Lanterns.
  • Costumes: The wearer of the ring may create any costume they choose, based on their personal preferences, whenever they choose. The ring projects the costume over any clothes already worn at the time. While Red Lanterns have no costume code they all are red and black with the Red Lantern symbol displayed.
  • Energy Projection: The rings can also project beams, form protective bubbles and force fields, and fire destructive blasts. The attacks often come from the mouth from a Red Lantern.
  • Energy Constructs: The rings can construct anything the wearer can imagine from hard-light energy, as long as they are willing to make it. The more determined the wearer is, the more complex and intricate these things can be. The constructs can even be so complex as to form working machines, computers, and even people. Red Lanterns have difficulty creating constructs due to their anger.
  • Flight: The ring allows the wearer to fly in atmosphere or in space, and can achieve incredible speeds, moving from planet to planet in a matter of hours.
  • Heart Replacement: Red Lantern Rings replace the heart of the lantern who wields them so removing a Red Lantern ring is often fatal without medical attention or the presence of a Blue Lantern. Atrocitus had his heart ripped from his body and was able to return to the fight within seconds since his ring serves as his heart.
  • Mirages: The Ring can create mirages/illusions.
  • Recharging: The rings need to be recharged by means of a Power Battery. Other large sources of power may be used to recharge a power ring, however effectiveness may vary. The internal power source of a Manhunter Android is, in effect, the same as a power battery, and can be used to recharge a power ring. During the JLA / Avengers crossover, a Cosmic Cube was used to recharge a depleted ring, although this is not an ideal solution and is available if there are no other options.
  • Ring Duplication: Each ring can duplicate itself, creating a second ring which may be given to another as a backup, for protection, or to help the lantern in times of great need. This duplicate ring is exactly like a normal ring.
  • Temperature Control: The Ring can increase or decrease the temperature of anything, even something as large as stars, or even create bubbles of intense heat or cold, even down to Absolute Zero.
  • Electro-Magnetic Scanning: The ring can allow (through the use of x-rays) the user to see through walls, without the people on the other side knowing. it can also scan along the Electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Wormhole/Warps: The ring can open wormholes to cut down on distance.


First appearance

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) was created by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino. She first appeared in Action Comics #252 (May 1959) after positive responses after Superman #123 (August 1958) where Jimmy Olsen wishes for a Supergirl into existence as a companion and helper for Superman. After her first appearance DC was flooded with positive letters for the new Supergirl.

Character Evolution

The many incarnations of Supergirl

Throughout her publication history Kara has generally been viewed as one of the most powerful female superheroes. In so doing she has been the member of numerous teams aimed at developing younger heroes such as the Titans, though she has been depicted at various times as a member of more adult focused teams (for instance the Legion of Super Heroes and the Justice League of America although in different publishing eras). Her earliest series focused on her adventures as a costumed hero during her time in college and her subsequent employment by Lex Luthor as a photographer.

Origin: 1959-1985

The World meets Supergirl

Supergirl was a resident of the doomed planet Krypton, who at the time of its explosion was a teenager who was often left in charge of her infant cousin Kal-El (who would become Superman on Earth). She was sent in a separate spacecraft to Earth to look over her cousin while he reached maturity. Due to an error in the trajectory of the spacecraft (and because she was traveling close to the speed of light) she arrived many years later the same age as when she'd left while Kal-El had already grown to adulthood, reversing the intended role of child and guardian.

Storyline: 1959-1985


The Silver Age often had a different format for its storytelling, in that most issues were self contained and possessed little character development. Her origin was slightly different at the time. As opposed to being a fellow escapee of Krypton as was her cousin, an entire piece of Krypton was blasted into space with her and a several hundred others surviving in this fashion. One of the survivors was Zor-El, the brother of Jor-El, and another famous and accomplished scientist. The ability to live there was not possible in the long term though as the remaining fragment of the planet was slowly turning into Kryptonite. A temporary solution was found which made life livable there, although the plan still existed that everyone should someday evacuate the remainder of the planet.

Some time later Zor-El married Alura In-Ze, and she later bore a single child, Kara. When she was in her teens disaster struck as an unexpected meteor shower destroyed large swaths of the small city they occupied threatening life once again. Her parents decided that she should be rescued and while her father built a spacecraft for her, her mother chose the planet where she would be safest, in this case the planet Earth with its protector, Superman. As her cousin had done she escaped just in time from the exploding remnants of the planet.

Kara with Streaky and Comet

After arriving on Earth Kara soon found her cousin and the two determined that they shared a familial bond and he vowed to protect her. After discovering her powers she agreed to keep her identity secret for a time, taking up residence in the Midvale Orphanage while attending Stanhope College. During her evenings she would fight crime as her alter ego, Supergirl. During this period as well she would travel to the 30th century to meet the Legion of Super Heroes though it took some time for her to be admitted as a member.

Despite her continued popularity and role as key member of the Superman family, an editorial decision was made during Crisis on Infinite Earths that she was to be one of the two major characters who died in stopping the plans of the Anti-Monitor (The Flash was the other major hero to die). She sacrificed herself to save her older cousin and following the events of the story arc the entire DC universe was rebooted and she was written out of existence. Despite her removal from DC continuity she still did show up in various forms between being suggested to still being alive in the Legion of Super Heroes to appearing in alternate reality specials.


Supergirl joins the battle in Justice

In 2005 Alex Ross´s Justice, Supergirl is among the sidekicks kidnapped by the Injustice League, who mind-controlled them against the heroes. After they are freed, Supergirl, Batgirl and The Titans, among others, joins the final battle.

Origin: 2004-2011

Kara lost in Gotham City

(in Batman/Superman #8-13, May-Oct 2004)

As Krypton was being destroyed by Brainiac (who took the city of Kandor prisoner and shrunk it before destroying the planet), Kara's parents, Alura and Zor-El, created a force-field around Argo City and flew it into space, saving their daughter Kara and the rest of the city's populace from destruction. Their freedom was somewhat short-lived however, as Brainiac later found them. Her father sent Kara away in a small space-ship as the attack was happening.

As the pod headed towards Earth where her parents had known her cousin Kal-El would be, Kara's ship become trapped in a large meteor that was encrusted with Kryptonite. She and many Kryptonite meteors crash landed on Earth. Kara landed in Gotham Bay, where her ship was found by Batman. Kara had already swam away by the time Batman got there though, and proceeded to steal his Batboat and drive it into Gotham's docks.

Nude, she wondered through Gotham, not understanding the language. She happened upon a group of three men. One offered her his hand and a smile, but when she took his hand she didn't know her own strength and crushed it. One of the other men attacked her in defense of his friend and she defended herself. The third man cowered before her and offered her his coat in exchange for sparing him. She took it to dress herself and ran.

Training with Artemis

She was hit by a car and accidental used her heat-vision to destroy a police courser. The police fired their guns at her because they thought her attack was deliberate. Trying to get away, she found herself flying. She went up to a roof and was confronted by Batman; startled, she flew higher and accidentally crashed into a blimp, falling back down and crashing through the skylight of someone's home. Batman found her again and used Kryptonite to render her unconscious.

She woke up later in the Batcave where, very understandably, she lashed out at Batman who'd attacked her before. Kal-El (Superman) was there though and he was able to speak her language and, seeing their family crest on his chest, Kara trusted him. Kal moved her to his Fortress of Solitude for a while where she learned to speak English and learned the Krypto didn't like her (at all).

Kara and Harbinger's friendship

Sometime later, Kal brought her on a trip to see Metropolis. In Metropolis park, Kal was attacked and confronted by Wonder Woman, Harbinger, and Artemis. Wonder Woman told him that she was taking Kara and he shouldn't try to stop her.

Kara went with them to Themyscira and trained as an Amazon for many weeks. During the process she made friends, especially with Harbinger, and came to see Themyscira as a home.

This idyllic time of peace unfortunately didn't last. Darkseid learned of Kara's existence and sent an army of cloned Doomsdays to attack Themyscira. Harbinger was tragically killed during the battle and Kara taken prisoner.

Unbeknownst to anyone, during her travels through space, Kara had suffered prolonged Kryptonite poisoning. On Apokolips, Darkseid was able to use that vulnerability to brainwash Kara into believing she was one of the Female Furies and attacking Kal when he, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Big Barda came to rescue her. Kal was forced to use Kryptonite to subdue her.

Waking up back on Themyscira

Back on Earth, she woke up on Themyscira, free of Darkseid's control, remembering it as one long nightmare that she hadn't been able to wake from despite how she'd tried.

Soon after, she attends Harbinger's funeral, but feels she can no longer stay on Themyscira in the wake of her friend's death. She decides to go back to the human world with Kal, adopting for the first time the role of Supergirl.

In Smallville, where Kal took her to show her where he grew up, Darkseid attacked again, but they faked Kara's death for him so he would leave her alone. A short while later, Kal introduces her to an assemblage of the Justice League, Justice Society, Outsiders and Teen Titans.

Storyline: 2004-2011

Supergirl briefly joins the Outsiders

Kara is soon invited by Starfire to become a member of the Outsiders, to which she accepts. During her tenure on the team she becomes attracted to Nightwing though nothing comes of this attraction. During a battle with Lex Luthor she is unintentionally separated into two versions of herself one good and one evil.

Infinite Crisis

Supergirl in Infinite Crisis

During the Infinite Crisis, Supergirl joins the heroes that Donna Troy has recruited to operate in deep space during the crisis. However, Kara's return from deep space is disrupted by the zeta-beam malfunction which hits Donna's space team. While some incur grievous physical injuries and deformities (Adam Strange loses his eyes; Hawkgirl grows to enormous size), Supergirl simply disappeared. It was revealed that prior to the crisis, it was because of Superman Prime's reality-altering ripple effect, which brought Kara Zor-El back to existence. Kara finds herself in the 31st century, the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes

Supergirl joins the Legion

Kara re-appeared in the 31st century. Upon her arrival, she concluded that she was dreaming the Legion and that the 31st century wasn't real. Saturn Girl, attempting to learn more about how Kara arrived in their era, scanned Kara's mind and found a particularly vivid memory, that of the Zeta-Beam accident.

The Legion hypothesized that Kara was rationalizing her fantastic existence by believing her life was a dream. In a relatively short period of time (due to suspended animation), she lost her planet, she lost her parents, she arrived on Earth to find her baby cousin grown up and a legendary hero, she discovered her extraordinary powers and quickly reached the status of 'living legend', and, now she found herself inexplicably thousands of years in the future.

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes

To complicate matters, every time Kara wanted something to happen in her supposed dream world, it happened. For example, when told she couldn't become a full member because the Legion was out of flight rings, one was immediately sent to her from Brainiac 5.

She had a few adventures with the Legion before Brainiac 5 came close to a means of returning her to the 21st century. He invented the Chronexus (a time window) that she and some of the other Legionnaires viewed various parts of Superman's history (including references to another Legion). Brainiac 5 secretly worked with Sev Tcheru to perfect the Chronexus technology by making it a real, but limited time machine. It only worked one way, and only once. When this was revealed, Saturn Girl convinced Kara that she should go back to her native era. Sev wiped out Kara's memory of the Legion right before she went, as knowledge of future history was considered dangerous.

Nightwing and Flamebird

Power Girl and Kara as Nightwing and Flamebird

During the events of One Year After Supergirl returns to the contemporary DC setting and assumes the identity of Flamebird alongside Power Girl as Nightwing. They opposed a religious cult based around warped versions of Superman's earlier appearances in Kandor. Kara also believes the key to Argo City, her home town, lies somewhere in the city. Kara and Power Girl find themselves battling the Saturn Queen and Ultraman (posing as Superman), villains who have established themselves in Kandor. At the climax of the struggle, Supergirl unexpectedly leaves (with her comrade in tow). Since she did not consult with Power Girl about the timing of their exit, the two part on somewhat strained terms. Kara re-establishes herself on Earth, attaining financial independence after selling an item of Kryptonian technology that would completely "heal" anybody who uses it to Batman for his own personal use, at the price of one million dollars. With this money Kara has purchased her own apartment. After a short period trying to give up her superhero lifestyle she is offered to return to the Outsiders but eventually decides not to.

Power Boy

Supergirl and Power Boy

She later began dating Power Boy who had saved her, and also begun having nightmares about her father doing some kind of experiment on her. Meanwhile an unknown person has hired the League of Assassins to eliminate Kara and leading the League during the time was former Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, who is convinced she can accomplish this goal. When Supergirl fought against Batgirl, Kara is led into a trap being exposed to red light radiation and Kryptonite dust that stings her eyes giving Batgirl the advantage and after being cut and stabbed by a run sun sword, something her father did healed all her wounds causes crystals to sprout from her body and ends up seriously wounding Batgirl. Kara later accompanied Green Lantern Hal Jordan on a mission to another planet. During the mission, Kara flirts with Hal multiple times, forcing him to remind himself that she is only 17 years old. Back on Earth, Kara begins spending more time with Power Boy. However, when Kara decided to blow off one of their dates to visit Owen Mercer at the hospital, it irritated Power Boy. After she begins to leave, Power Boy stops her and forces her into a fight. He knocks her out and when she awakens Power Boy reveals he has a huge obsession with Supergirl since first seeing her at Darkseid's side back on Apocalypse.

Phantom Demons

Supergirl VS Phantom Demons

The two fight and eventually Supergirl knocks him out of where she is being held. Power Boy pleads with Kara not to get angry as he does not want to hurt her but Kara crushes him using a huge rock. Power Boy teleports away from the battle using his father box. Kara catches up with him using her super speed and knees him in the groin. To prevent him from teleporting again, Kara crushes his Fatherbox which upon being broken begins to make a sound as if its about detonate. Kara attempts to throw the Fatherbox into the sun but was not fast enough and a huge explosion happens resulting in a bright light. Later, Kara begins having more visions of her father. Eventually, her father would reveal that the Phantom Zone had possessing demons that escapes when it is used. Zor-El also discovered a way to destroy it by implanting a sun stone in it. He implanted one in Kara to make her immune to them. Zor-El then shows her that they were sentenced to exile in the Phantom Zone by the Kryptonian Council. Kara then sees a memory when her Kryptonian classmates were possessed and attacking them at their home. Shortly after, Krypton's destruction occurred.

Kara then wakes up and flies back to Earth to discover the Phantom demons possessing people. Kara was attacked by Wonder Girl who forced her to reveal her dark secrets and released her when she was disgusted with her. She soon goes to the Batcave in an attempt to get help from Batman, but found him possessed and he had sealed himself in the cave. She is soon confronted by Robin who forces her to stab him with a sun stone, but instead of killing him it released the Phantom from his body.

Supergirl Meets pre-Crisis Supergirl

Supergirl meets Supergirl

Robin had been keeping track of Superman who has been using a batsuit that Batman gave him since the sun became red and he lost his powers. With Robin's help she was able to locate Superman and found that Phantoms were coming from his body. Kara admits everything to her cousin, however Clark was driven mad by the Phantoms and he wanted Kara to kill him and save Earth. However the pre-Crisis Supergirl showed up taunting her and calling her imperfect and inadequate. However it was revealed that everything that had happened including Batgirl's attack was all an illusion created by Dark Angel who was acting as the pre-Crisis Supergirl. Dark Angel had become obsessed with the idea that Supergirl was a threat to the Multiverse. However a Monitor appears informing Kara that she is this universe's Supergirl and he was sorry for all that Dark Angel had done. Supergirl is left in deep space where she meets Pariah who tells her about a "Great Disaster" that will be caused by her and she goes to Earth to patch up all the mistakes she made on Earth recently.

I Apologize...

Supergirl apologies to Wonder Girl

Kara first apologizes too Captain Boomerang for leading him on, to which he replies that she has nothing to apologize for and clearly forgives her. Kara then apologizes to Grace for letting her get seriously wounded in battle because Kara had failed to act. Grace agrees on the condition that she gets one free punch to which Kara allows only for Grace to end up hurting her hand again. Kara locates Power Girl who is still angry with her for being selfish and abandoning the citizens of Kandor for her own personal needs. Realizing that Karen needs more time Supergirl finally apologizes to Superman to which they go off together to have a friendly race. Kara soon after takes part in the events of Amazons Attack.

Teen Titans

Supergirl and the Titans

After the Amazons retreat, Supergirl is given membership into the Teen Titans. During her time on the team, she attends Bart Allen's funeral and is also present during the private wake held at Titans Tower. Kara helps to reveal using her x-ray vision to Robin and Wonder Girl that the arrival of Kid Flash in the tower is actually Miss Martian who is unfamiliar with human customs tries to cheer them up. On one of her first missions with the Titans she helps them battle Lobo. She also battles against a clone of Superman (who at that time, was a clone of Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy) from the Titans Tomorrow storyline. The Titans of tomorrow have once again returned to help the present day titans battle Starro as if the outcome of the battle with Starro will heavily effect the future. Kara is left to tag with Wonder Girl in fighting a mind controlled Brimstone while the the future Connor and Cassie supervise them much to their dismay.

During the battle Kara is blasted by Brimstone and is sent away from the battle field. She lands in the woods only to be confronted by an enemy also possessed by Starro who uses magic against her and leaves her tied up in vines. She overcomes this problem with the help of the future Connor who tells her to leave Cassie alone. Kara flies back just in time to help Cassie defeat Brimstone. Kara leaves the Titans shortly after she and Wonder Girl get into a fight. Wonder Girl claims she wanted Kara's friendship because she reminded her of her former boyfriend Kon-El with the intention of getting Kara to leave the team. The decision was made by Cassie without consulting the rest of the team but Supergirl flies away hurt at her supposed best friends actions.

Family Reunion

Zor-El dies in Kara Arms

Upon the ending of the Brainiac arc, the bottled city of Kandor is stationed near the fortress of Solitude in the North Pole. Kal-El tries to help Earth and Krypton get used to one another but, the Kryptonians don't like the idea, including Zor-el and Alura, Kara's parents.

The president of the United States and a delegate from Krypton, agreed to meet at a televised event however it was interrupted by Doomsday. Zor El and Alura, formed a group to find all enemies of Superman, who would cause a threat to Krypton, and toss them into the Phantom Zone.

This failed because it ended the lives of human police officers, when Zor-El and Alura refused to hand over Parasite. Brainiac unleashes his army onto Kandor, all the while Metallo and Reactron enter the city containing Kryptonite, and kill Zor-el.


Who is Superwoman?

This enraged Alura who denounces all humanity, her scientists have found away to pick up Kandor and grow a new planet underneath it, they moved towards the other side of the sun, shut off from earth. She tells Superman he is not welcomed on "New Krypton" and she releases General Zod to lead her people. Eventually Kara goes with her. As her 18th birthday approaches her mother asks her to pick a guild. Kara chooses the Science Guild. Kara is trying to find out the mystery of this mysterious "Superwoman". When the two first met it was on rather good terms, however after the death of Zor-El Kara headed for earth and was halted by Superwoman. She claimed she was trying to help Kara but when Kara insisted on going she punched her.

Kara faked going with Superwoman and punched her back, afterwards a battle ensued, which saw Kara plummeting into a ocean. Kara returned to earth and was found by Reactron, his mission was to kill her, he stole her power with his Gold Kryptonite, but Kara remembered her training with Batman, she used her resources to beat him. After putting two and two together, Kara found Superwoman and attacked her, upon unmasking her she found out that she was Major Lane, Lois Lane's younger sister, the fight that follows between them shows Kara ripping Lane's uniform and her body apparently contorting and exploding, apparently killing her. Later on, she tells Lois Lane about everything that happened with Superwoman and Lois doesn't like what she hears and tells Kara to leave. She later talks to Lana Lang about Lucy Lane and feels better about herself after all the bad things that had been happening and tells Lana she can call her Linda. She then leaves to New Krypton happily deciding she'll tell her mother everything about Superwoman and also to tell her she's a big girl and can take care of herself now.

The Silver Banshee

Supergirl faces Silver Banshee

After Alura judges Reactron, Supergirl returns to Earth because of a problem she has to take care of: Thara (Flamebird) told her her friend, Lana Lang, is ill. Supergirl returns to Earth and confronts her friend. She is furious that Lana kept something so important away from her but calms down when she hears Lana's explanation: Kara was so busy Lana didn't feel like bothering her. Supergirl scans Lana's body and sees the disease and what it's doing to her cells, but, before she can look for a cure, Inspector Mike Henderson contacts her to help him on a case: The Silver Banshee.

Supergirl talks with the inspector when the Silver Banshee arrives and wants to subdue one of her family heirlooms, the coin that is stuck in Henderson's hand. As Kara tries to save her friend, the Banshee deafens her, and Supergirl reads on Henderson's lips that she must touch the other heirlooms. As Kara grabs the box in which the heirlooms are kept, her body is possessed by the McDougal Clan ancestors. Kara eventually regains possession of her body and the Silver Banshee leaves in peace. As she discusses with Henderson about this, she hears some very scary words: "Stay with us, Lana!" Kara makes a run for it and goes to the hospital, where she can hear everything except for her friend's heartbeat, and Lana Lang is dead after all.

The New Insect Queen

Supergirl VS Insect Queen

Kara describes this moment as the second time that day where she was deafened. She tells the doctor Lana was her only family, and is all alone now. She mourn quietly until she remembered that Lana had told her about "things" in her body that doctor's couldn't identify. She wants to see Lana's body one last time to check what happened to the "things" when she hears a scream from the nurse bringing the corpse to the morgue. As Kara bursts into the room, she sees Lana enveloped in a cocoon of insects, and the cocoon cracks open with some green light inside. Kara goes into a giant cocoon that had erected it's self in the city, she gets encased in a "Amber stone" of some sort where she rested, until Gang buster entered the cocoon and freed her. The two returned to S.T.A.R. labs, were Supergirl met up with Dr. Light (Jacob Finlay). The two came up with a plan to infiltrate the cocoon and rescue lost member of the science police. Gangbuster in Kara, venture into the huge cocoon, and they are attacked by the Insect Queen; she tells Kara that she had been infecting Lana for the past year. A fight ensues between Kara and The insect Queen, however Kara manged to strap her to the machine Dr. Light created. The explosion completely kills the virus that was infecting Lana, however it did not cure the lack of trust Kara felt Lana lacked for her. Kara told Lana that she was leaving her life, much to the dismay of Lana, who protested, in the end Kara flew away leaving Lana at the hospital.

War of the Supermen

Supergirl and Batgirl also teamed up recently to stop Toyman and Kryptonite Man. The two have become fast friends. Brainiac has attacked New Krypton and sent his robots out to kill the Kryptonians. The citizens fight back and General Zod fires cannons at Brainiac's ship but they only manage to kill innocent citizens. Furious at Zod for allowing innocent people to die, Kal-El changes into Superman. Meanwhile, Supergirl has just saved her mother from the probes and realizes Brainiac is targeting the Leaders of New Krypton. Supergirl sends Alura to Zod as she defends the city. Superman manages pass through Brainiac's force-field and enter the ship. Supergirl is rallying the troops while Zod and Ursa contemplate the next best step. Supergirl falls to a Brainiac drone after is blasts her with red sun radiation. She is saved by Superboy, Mon-El and the Legion of Superheroes. The Legion tell Zod he can't destroy Brainiac's ship until they save the other bottled cities inside. Zod sends Supergirl off and arrests the Legionnaires. Superman is about to face off against Brainiac when he is floored by a Kryptonite blast fired by Lex Luthor.

Supergirl in the Battle of Supermen

Supergirl and Mon-El are fighting with Brainiac probes. Mon-El gets a telepathic overload from Tellus who informs him of the Legions arrest and Superman being captured by Brainiac. Mon-El tells Kara she needs to rally the Kryptonian's to work together. Kara kisses him just for luck and Mon flies off to save Superman. But the differences between the guilds makes it difficult for them to work together. Supergirl rushes to her mother's aid but is shocked to find her fighting with Superboy. Alura says that Zod has branded Superboy and the Legion as outlaws. Assuming the worst Alura attacked him. Kara punches Superboy away from her mother but is saved by Superboy after being attacked by a Brainiac probe. Supergirl challenges Alura to stand up to Zod. Alura pardons the Legion and Superboy. Setting up a confrontation between Zod and Alura. Mon-El has managed to rescue Superman and the city of Lanothians. As Brainiac calls out his army to fight the Supermen, Lex Luthor slips away. Back on New Krypton Supergirl, Superboy and the Legion are attempting to get the guilds to work together. But their differences make it impossible. As the Kryptonian's fight for their life Supergirl, Superboy and the Legion go to the satellite.

Alura has confronted Zod about the Legion and said they are not terrorists but when Zod questions Alura about her daughter she says Kara is smart and not prone to misjudgment. Meanwhile, the Legion attempts to get into Brainiac's ship but fail. Finally, Brainiac 5 comes and helps them enter the ship . Superman and Mon-El are on the ship and are trying to free the trapped cities and break out. Brainiac suddenly re-energizes and fights Superman. Superman however is able to get hold of the Lanothians and Brainiac teleports away with the others. The Legion attempts to get the Lanothians to help unite the Kryptonian's but they cannot. Superman is taken down by Brainiac's defense system and declared dead. New Krypton has been re-bottled. But Zod says that Brainiac has lost. Before Superman can fall to his death he is grabbed by a Brainiac drone being powered by Quislet. Back on Brainiac's ship Superboy is separated by the Legion and is attacked by Lex Luthor. He awakens inside the bottled city. Zod and his soldiers have managed to escape and are ready to fight.

Meanwhile, Supergirl and Brainiac 5 have met and after a condescending comment Supergirl immediately thinks he is a jerk. Supergirl thinks Brainy does not like her but in a brief moment alone Brainy reveals how hard it is to be near Supergirl, how much he loves her, and how hard it was when she died. It is revealed that Brainy is looking back at Supergirl's life historically. Reactron is seen tied up. Alura faked his death to torture him for information. But he still has not given Commander Gor the information. Luthor finds him after killing Gor but instead of rescuing him says he has come for something. Brainy and Kara are fighting through Brainiac's satellite but Kara can't shake the feeling that she has met Brainy before. He tries to figure out if Kara has met him before but realizes Saturn Girl's memory blocks are masking her memories of the future. He continues to deny ever meeting her, even saying no records of her exist in the future. But he slips up and calls her Linda Lang. She realizes he is lying to her but before anything can be done he tells her she needs to destroy the reactor while he attempts to hold off the Phages. She smashes the satellites power core but hasn't forgotten what Brainy said and wants answers. He tells Kara to trust her friends and she needs to trust him. He can't tell her anything but that she needs to live her own life and decide her own future. Supergirl finds it and his brooding way's cute and Brainy knows this even if she does not say this.

Meeting Brainiac 5

With the force field of Brainiac's ship down, Superman is able to re-enter the ship. While on board, Luthor emerges from Kandor and grabs a bottle city for himself. As Zod fights Brainiac, Superman has gone off to rescue Kandor. Mon-El has been rescued by the Legion, who still need to complete their mission. Superman finds Kandor. He hands the city over to Supergirl. He tells her it is her home and he trusts she will keep is safe and enlarge it. The Legion advise Mon-El not to enter the fray saying his destiny is to save the future and the cities. He changes back to his old costume, feeling he is unworthy to wear the S shield. Brainiac 5 and Kara re-size Kandor and Superman fights Brainiac with Zod. Luthor who had stolen a city off Brainiac's ship previously, expands it inside of Brainiac's ship. Brainiac's ship is falling to the surface of New Krypton, the Legion and Mon having returned to the future after saving the bottled cities. Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, and all the Kryptonian's band together to slow down the ship. Although Kandor is still devastated with a huge crater in the middle of the city, most of the city is saved, . Supergirl attempts to hold back the expanding city. Brainiac 5 manages to stop it's growth and re-bottle it, but Superman has been skewered by the ship. Brainiac snaps Luthor's neck for his treachery but this is revealed to have been a robot. After a blood transfusion from Superboy, Superboy manages to stop Zod from killing Brainiac. Brainiac 5 teleports away with Brainiac, but before he leaves he tells Kara to watch out for her mother. Luthor is reveled to be working with General Lane. With all the guild leader's dead from the attack except Alura, Zod is declared the leader of Krypton. He announces war on earth.

General Zod is holding Superman captive but he breaks free from Non's grasps. Desperate to save New Krypton, Alura is torturing Reactron for information. Kara sees this and is shocked to see Reactron alive. She is shocked and furious at her mother's actions. She tells Alura that Zor warned her to watch out for her mother and what she is capable of. Reactron tells Supergirl that Project 7734 wanted her to capture and bring him back to New Krypton. As he starts to glow brightly, Alura throws Kara into a radiation deck and seals it. Sacrificing herself and saving Kara. New Krypton explodes. Nearly all the citizens of New Krypton have been killed. All the guilds have been destroyed, except the military guild because they were not on the planet when it exploded. Superman finds Kara, she holds up part of Alura's shield. Alura was killed in the explosion. Furious at her mother and her planets death at the hands of Project 7734 and Luthor, Kara grabs the Kryptonian flag and races to Earth to join the battle.

Superman manages to stop Supergirl. She breaks down and admits that she feels responsible for New Krypton's destruction. She had brought Reactron there. They hug and say they love each other. Luthor uses the false Rao-corpse and time pool technology to turn Earth's sun red. Flamebird takes off into space and dives into the sun. She pushes herself and destroys the Rao bomb. In the process she is killed. The Kryptonian's regain their powers but thousands are dead. The race is down to a mere 7,000. Superman furious and sad takes off for Earth and meets Zod to fight. Supergirl fights Ursa. Ursa manages to defeat Supergirl, but is saved last minute by the Superman Family. They head towards Project 7734 and drop Ursa in the Phantom Zone. Superman fights Zod and Superboy goes around putting the Kryptonian's in the Phantom Zone. Supergirl defeats Superwoman and takes down General Lane. Lane refuses to become a prisoner and commits suicide. Superman ends the war after defeating Zod. Who along with all the other Kryptonian's are sent back to the Zone. Chris seals the Zone off permanently but in the process is reverted into a child. He and Mon-El explore the zone. Supergirl mourns the loss of her people and sets up a memorial in deep space. After the events of the War on Superman in Krypton.

Supergirl/Robin Team-Up

Saving Robin from Killer Croc

When there was a massive death count in Suicide Slums, Supergirl went seeking for a Master Detective. Mainly Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. However, instead she found Damian Wayne in a situation against Killer Croc. When Damian told Supergirl that Dick Grayson was with the Justice League Of America and Tim was following his own adventure, Supergirl was going to just leave Damian with taking Killer Croc to jail. But unknown to her, Damian surprised her with talking about the killings in Suicide Slum. After grudgingly listening to Damian boast in himself, Supergirl knew that she needed to capture the killer, and allowed Damian to work with her. Later in the Metropolis city Morgue. Damain and Supergirl were studying the bodies of the victims that were killed in Suicide Slum.

When Damian's notes turned up the name " Lexcorp", he and Supergirl decided to check out Lex Luthor's company. When both arrived at Lex's building, Spalding (associate with Lex Luthor) told them both that Lex Luthor and his company, didn't have anything to do with the murders in Suicide Slum. While Supergirl was baffled, Damian was hacking through Lex's files. He found out that there was going to be a costume party for college freshman. Damian took up the disguise as the son of Matches Malone, calling himself Lil Matches, and Supergirl was a pink bunny. Damian told Supergirl to use her super hearing to see who was afraid. Everyone was afraid except one person. That one person was the guy that they were looking for. Supergirl blew her and Damian's cover, and went after the mystery man. That mystery man was none other than, Scarecrow. Scarecrow sprayed fear toxin on Supergirl, and she saw a black lantern Reactron!

Supergirl and Damian Wayne

After Damian convinced Supergirl that all it was is an illusion. The two quickly took down Scarecrow. Once everything was back to normal, Scarecrow told his story about using the Sinestro Corps Ring, and how Lex Luthor (as an Orange Lantern) stole the ring off of his finger. For once in Scarecrow's retched life he felt fear again, thanks to Sinestro's ring. However, he told the story of how only Batman could scare him back into his place. Supergirl and Damian took Scarecrow back to Arkham Asylum, and eventually Supergirl gave Damian a ride back to Wayne Tower. Dick was at the penthouse and was talking to Damian about having a crush on Supergirl. Damian denied everything that Dick said, and he ended the conversation by saying "...she was a fair and adequate partner... For an alien." Supergirl heard what Damian said and said "little jerk."

Justice League of America

Joins the Justice League

Supergirl joins and tries out for the Justice League of America. After fighting a big water wave in Gotham City with the new Batman. Batman welcomes her to the team. Supergirl is taking over her cousin [Superman] role on the team. Supergirl is the new member of the team with Starman, the new Batman, Congorilla, Jesse Quick, Donna Troy, Cyborg, Red Tornado and Doctor Light.

Other Versions

Lois Lane (Action Comics #60)

A hospitalized Lois Lane dreams she has gained superpowers while Superman gives her a blood transfusion to save her life. She begins her own career as "Superwoman."

Claire Kent (Superboy #8)

Superboy (Clark Kent) saves the life of Shar-La, an alien woman who turns Superboy into a girl in retaliation for his thoughts about women drivers which she picked up telepathically.

Supergirl (Superman #123)

Jimmy Olsen´s Supergirl

Jimmy Olsen wishes upon a magic totem for a "Super-Girl" to be Superman's sidekick.



Cir-El is the alleged daughter of Superman. It is unknown whom is the mother since, human and Kryptonian DNA can't mix. While Cir-El has human DNA in her blood, Lois Lane is possibly not the mother. Cir-El appeared in Metropolis during a heated battle; not knowing her to be friend or foe, Superman took her in for questioning after the battle and asked her about her origins and why she was calling herself "Supergirl". She told him that she was his daughter from the future and genetic scan showed she was in fact Superman's child ... hearing this, Lois went berserk on Superman, accusing his him of having an affair. Cir-El then told Lois that she was her mother.

After a second genetic scan it was determined that while Superman was the father, Lois was not the mother. When Superman was declared public enemy #1 by President Lex Luthor Cir-El aided Nightwing, Robin, Superboy, and Krypto in trying to rescue Superman and Batman. It was revealed that Cir-El was created by Brainiac to serve as a host for the 'YES' Virus. Superman was shown a future where he was attacking the human race for some reason, he was told that the death of Cir-El would prevent this future, Cir-El threw herself into a time portal, erasing the future and the 'YES' virus that created it, effectively making sure she was never born so she couldn't come back and alter history. Cir-El was brought to the present by Bizarro to aid Kara Zor-El alongside several other Supergirls (Linda Danvers, Silver age Kara, and Power Girl).

Power Girl

Power Girl

Power Girl is actually Kara Zor-El from Earth 2. After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earth, Kara Zor-El decided to move on with her life and go to Earth 1(the main Earth). Supergirl and Powergirl are both considered to be cousins of Superman. While Powergirl is actually from Earth 2, she acts and communicates like she has lived on Earth 1 all her life. Power Girl is a member of the Justice Society of America (JSA) and owns her own company. Since Power Girl is a full grown woman, she has reached the max of her strength and has powers superior to Supergirl's.

Ariella Kent

Ariella Kent

For a more lengthy description about this alternate Supergirl go to her page: Ariella Kent. Here is a small description about Ariella. During the events of issue 80 of Supergirl, Linda Danvers went back in time to Earth-One (pre-Crisis Earth). She met Superman and they eventually were married and had a daughter named, Ariella. When The Spectre came to take her back to her original timeline, Linda made the ultimate sacrifice leaving her daughter and the man she loved so that Kara could come back to her time, even knowing that she would die during the Crisis On Infinite Earth's. Linda bargained with the Spectre agreeing only to go back to her original time if her daughter, Ariella, would be spared. Agreeing, the Spectre wiped all traces of Linda Danvers from history, altering Superman's memories of her so that he never remembered meeting her, let alone having a child with her.

Ame-Comi Girls

(in Ame-Comi Power Girl #3, Ame-Comi Supergirl #1-3, and Ame-Comi Girls #1-24, 2012-2013)

Supergirl is part of Ame-Comi Girl, a world of all female superheroes. Her origin is very similar to her modern history.

She is the cousin of Power Girl (instead of Superman as she normally is).

Elseworld's Finest

Supegirl and Batgirl are Elseworld´s Finnest

(in Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, Jan 1998)

Supergirl is a fairly common subject for alternate versions and alternate realities. One of the more famous ones was Elseworld's Finest. This story is an alternate Earth which came into existence after the Infinite Crisis. "In this world, Bruce Wayne, never became Batman and Kal-El never lived long enough to grow up; This series see's Barbara Gordon as the main Hero for Gotham and Kara as the "Girl of steel". After the destruction of Krypton, Kara is the only survivor and decides to travel to Earth. Knowing of the great heroic exploits of the Justice Society of America (JSA), she intends on joining them to protect Earth from evil dictators, super villains, and those whom would corrupt one another. Kara became Superwoman of Earth! Wonder Woman introduces, both Lex Luthor and Kara to the city of Gotham at a conference in which he states he plans on building a factory, which would employ hundreds of people; however As Lex leaves the arena, he gets attacked and kidnapped by Professor Hamilton and the Joker. Bat girl decides that since the problem happened in Gotham that she'd retrieve Luthor herself; This didn't sit well with Kara who entered Gotham, despite being told by Wonder Woman, that meta-human's entering Gotham was forbidden by Bat girl herself.

Kara in Elseworl´s Finest

Batgirl quickly perceived Kara as a threat, but Kara was able to talk her into a partner ship. Hamilton planned to show Gotham how he and Luthor found so Solar crystals which ruined his life and his reputation. In turn for his help; Luthor ask Joker for his help in turn for a Mineral steroid he had been using to try and gain Bat girl's affection. As Supergirl and Bat girl begin to track down Luthor, Kara finds a test tube containing the body of baby Kal-El which he is using to power his solar battery, this makes Kara furious. Kara attacked Luthor, and then he came clean, claiming that Kal-El would become too dangerous; which is why he killed him. Kara rushes Luthor, but he is aided by a Kryptonite Powered Joker, Kara can't match his strength, so Batgirl has to rescue her, as Kara set in for the kill on Luthor, Batgirl saves him saying he must be brought to justice.

Smallville: Season 11

Supergirl new costume

Kara is transported to the 31st century, where she finds herself in the middle of Earth's war with New Krypton. Sometime during the war she is caught and held a prisoner by Minister Kirt Niedrigh inside an EarthGov holding facility. After Clark (Superman) is transported to the future too, he is informed of Kara's capture by Brainiac 5 and Lighting Lad. He breaks into the facility and finds Kara in a weakened state.

Together they fly up above Earth into outer space just as the sun's setting. Clark questions Kara about how she got involved in the war between Earth and New Krypton. She tells him that when she arrived in the future she was welcomed by Brainiac 5 and the Legion and, after joining them, they launched a diplomatic mission when they discovered Argo, the lost Kryptonian colony, but was sabotaged by someone from EarthGov and that event led to the start of the war. After that, Kara left the Legion to rejoin her people. She also reveals that she was not an actually a prisoner but a spy for the Kryptonians.

Kara leads Clark to New Krypton when they come across a disturbance involving Legionaries Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl surrounded by Kryptonian Eradicators. Kara and Clark defend Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl. When Beh-Osk hears the Legionnaires call Clark Kal-El, he realizes that Superman is the last son of ancient Krypton and is astonished. He then calls all the Kryptonians to kneel before "Argo's salvation". Clark's not so happy about, but Kara tells him "Welcome home".

Clark later reveals to Kara and Cosmic Boy that the war is not about politics but actually for another more religious reason. The Kryptonians actually want to recover Faora's body, whom they worship as their goddess because of her tale that was told by Argo's settlers and eventually became myth. They believe that her body holds the key of unlocking their future as a people and that is why they sent Kara as a spy to locate the coordinates of Faora's tomb but without her actually know what she is looking for.

Supergirl in Smallville Season 11

When Kara and Clark head towards the tomb, they are ambushed by EarthGov air patrols which they deal with easily. They fly down the pit and visit Faora's grave where Clark explains about New Krypton's belief that her child was sacred, because it was conceived by Kryptonian clones under a yellow sun and might have held the answer to the limits of their race's DNA. Kara then notices a cartridge left from a DNA extraction device and wonders what might EarthGov want with the genetic material of Faora's unborn child.

In the Amazon forest, outside Faora's tomb, Clark and Kara are discussing the rising tension between humanity and Kryptonians. Clark is between which side to take. Kara chooses to side with her own people, believing humanity will never change.

Kara goes to interrogate one of the frozen soldiers, intending to incinerate him with her heat vision if she doesn't like his answer to her question on who defiled the tomb. Clark flies between to stop her and Kara is enraged by Clark seemingly siding with humanity rather than his own people. Kara decks him, sending him flying through a dozen trees in the forest and plummeting hard into the ground leaving a meteor-like trail. Kara prepares to charge at full speed towards Clark to press her advantage and the fight goes on until Clark calms her down enough to talk. He says that the humans are not all like Niedrigh, giving examples of his adopted parents and Lois. Kara listens to him, but as they're talking, Kara gets a call from New Krypton and at the same time Clark gets a call from the Legion. They both inform them that New Krypton is under attack, EarthGov managed to send Doomsday at the planet by a boom tube and the Kryptonians are launching a counterstrike against Earth.

Clark and Kara join the Legionnaires in space who have assembled to deal with the conflict. Kara takes command of the Legion, leading them to Earth to save humanity, while Clark and Saturn Girl go to New Krypton to confront Doomsday and save the Kryptonians.

DC Universe Online: Legends

Fightng Livewire

(in DC Universe Online: Legends #9, Aug 2011)

Kara makes a fairly brief appearance in this issue, fighting Livewire. Livewire disappears in a whiff of golden energy, and Kara tells Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, and Green Lantern about it.

The Super Friends

Saving Wonder Woman

(in The Super Friends #37, Oct 1980)

In this comic book adaption of the popular cartoon, Kara teams up with the Super Friends to battle the Weather Wizard. At first, she and Wonder Woman team up to stop him from stealing a collection of campaign buttons from a man named Bothwell Chase. During the battle, Wonder Woman is hit by Weather Wizard's lightning and Supergirl has to let him get away to save her from falling. She does manage to retrieve the stolen property, but Weather Wizard gets away.

In her second battle with Weather Wizard, the entire Super Friends team is there to help her, so they, of course, win and take Weather Wizard into custody. Kara gets her name in the paper, with the headline "Supergirl Foils Weather Wizard".

Superman Family Adventures

Superboy's Tooth Fairy party

(in Superman Family Adventures #1-12, 2012-2013)

In most of the issues, Kara plays more of a background role, though she is featured in the spotlight a few times. Such as when Superboy lost a tooth and she, Starfire, and Beast Boy threw him a Tooth Fairy party in the fortress of solitude (apparently it was a tradition to do that on Krypton). Also on one occasion she gets to meet Lara-El, Superman's mother, who'd been trapped in the Phantom Zone apparently.

Tiny Titans

(in Tiny Titans #6-10, 13, 15-16, 20-21, 25, 28-29, 31, 33-34, 37, 39, 40, 47, and 50, 2008-2012)

Mission: tea party

Supergirl appears in many issues of this series. For example, in Tiny Titans #10 "World's Funnest", she and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) team up to go on a tea party. They try having it in Gotham, but Killer Croc's eating garbage in the park, and that's gross. Then they try having it in Metropolis, but Bizarro Superman's eating potato chips (loudly) and that's gross (also). So they move to a nice quiet park, and all is good until they find their pets, Ace and Streaky, crying behind a bush, having followed after them becasue Kara and Barbara had both forgotten to feed them. So Ace and Streaky join the tea party and are fed cat and dog food (which, presumably, Kara used her Super speed to go get for them). Then Croc and Bizarro show up too and decide that tea is more yum than garbage or potato chips, so Kara and Barbara have compassion and let them join the tea party also. Aw yeah Titans! The End!

Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

(in Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #1-5, Feb-July 2009)

Cosmic Adventures in the 8 Grade

In this version, Kara is no more then 13 years old and is not related to Kal-El. On her planet, she a simple cheerleader and the daughter of two rocket scientists. She's sent to Earth by accident when she hid away in her father's rocket to escape grounding. Stuck on Earth and having powers she has no control over. She's found by Clark and sent to a boarding school to learn how to fit in, adopting the name Linda Lee. However she has trouble adapting to school life on Earth, coming across as awkward and weird, which puts a serious damper on her self-confidence. Not helped when she gains a evil duplicate name Belina Zee and the first person she manages to befriend, Lena, turns out to be the little sister of Lex Luthor who hates superheroes. Eventually after a few misadventures, it's revealed she didn't come to Earth by coincidence as Mr. Mxyzptlk was the cause behind everything that has happened to her under the guise of the principal of her school so he can feed off her emotions and become all powerful. Kara manages to turn the tables on him and thwart his plans. When all is said and done, Clark manages to get a key that could take Kara back to Argo. She decides to wait a bit and help him protect the Earth for awhile longer.

Animated Series/Films

Superman: The Animated Series

Kara takes the mantle of Supergirl

Supergirl first appeared in the DC Animated Universe's Superman: The Animated Series in the season 2 two-part episode entitled "Little Lost Girl." This incarnation of Supergirl was not Superman's cousin, and not even Kryptonian. She was from Krypton's sister planet "Argo," which was destroyed after Krypton exploded. Kara In-Ze was a teenage girl who was put in suspended animation with her parents just before Argo was destroyed, in hopes that they would survive.

When Superman was searching around Krypton, looking to find anything from his home planet, he finds a heat signature at a nearby planet, which was Argo. Superman would find Kara, the only survivor in suspended animation. Due to Argo becoming a cold wasteland, Kara developed cheimaphobia, which is the fear of cold. Superman takes Kara back to Earth and arranges her to live with the Kents while she adjusts to Earth life.

Kara quickly develops her ability to fly, and eventually the rest of Superman's powers. Kara would visit Clark in Metropolis while wearing glasses and a brunette wig (a homage to the Silver Age Kara). Kara also made a costume similar to the one Linda Danvers wore, white top, blue skirt, and red cape. While in Metropolis, Kara would decide to help Jimmy Olsen investigate Intergang. The two would get into deep trouble when they discover Granny Goodness from Apokolips to be in cahoots with Intergang. Kara would change into Supergirl and battle against the Female Furies, Stompa, Mad Harriet, and Lashina. Superman would eventually arrive to help Supergirl, however the Female Furies were able to knock Superman unconscious and took him back to Apokolips. Supergirl would follow them to Apokolips and free Superman from Darkseid. They returned to Earth to stop two comets that Darkseid planned to hit Earth. Superman pushed one comet away and Supergirl injured herself destroying one that was too close to Metropolis. She eventually recovers.

Supergirl in Superman TAS

Kara returns in the episode "Unity" of the 3rd Season, where she travels to Metropolis to spend some time in the city since she´s been bored of the farm. Upon her return, she discovered that the entire Smallville population has fallen under the control of an alien race. She teams up with Superman to stop the aliens, and returns to the farm with Ma and Pa Kent, thinking that the quiet life there isn't that bad.

She made her final appearance in the two part episode series finale "Legacy". She's been straying to keep Metropolis safe and keeping Clark disappearance unregistered using Superman Robots, only to be discovered by Lex Luthor, who use it as an excuse to create paranoia withing the military forces, telling them that Superman and Supergirl are up to something bad. This get worse when Superman, under the influence of Darkseid, travels to Earth in order to conquer it. Kara tries to talk some reason into him, but the power of Darkseid is to big and the cousins end up fighting until the army fires a Kryptonite missile at them, leaving them unconscious. They are taken to prison, where Superman regains the control of his mind. With the help of Lois Lane, the two of them rescue a weakened Kara (Who has been exposed under a red sun light), and when trying to escape she receives a shot in the chest.

Superman takes Kara to Star Labs, where Emil Hamilton tries to helped her. He tells Superman that the may not be able to save her, and Superman - seeing that Hamilton fears him because of the invasion - decides to travel to Apokolips to end one and for all the menace of Darkseid.

After defeating Darkseid, Apokolips slaves try to secure Darkseid and Superman is about to go after them, only to be stopped by a wounded Supergirl, who tells him that if he continues fighting innocent people will get hurt. The two of the go back to earth, Where Superman has to face the mistrust of people for his actions in the invasion.

Throughout the entire series she is voice by Nicholle Tom.

Batman: The Animated Series

Supergirl meets Batgirl

In continuity with Superman: The Animated Series, Supergirl appeared in one episode in the New Batman Adventures (also known as Batman the animated series season 4) in the episode "Girl's Night Out." Kara was at Clark's apartment in Metropolis while he was out of town. Batman calls Clark's apartment, Kara picks up the phone and he tells her to tell Clark that Livewire is in Gotham City. Kara decides to go after Livewire herself. When she arrives in Gotham City, she saves Oracle (Batman was out of town) aka Batgirl from Livewire when she short circuited the Batmobile. Kara and Barbara would become good friends as Supergirl shows Batgirl what it would be like if she could fly and both reveal that they envy each others lives. Batgirl also reveals her identity as Barbara Gordon to Supergirl quickly upon meeting her and her role assistant in data analysis at Gotham PD which allows her to gain information,soon after the two team up and later try to apprehend Livewire. However unknown to them, Livewire has teamed up with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy who were previously staying out of trouble waiting to find an edge to use against Batman. The three of them were able to beat Supergirl and Batgirl, and escaped quickly afterwards as Supergirl chose save Batgirl from Ivy's toxins rather than pursue them. Later, Supergirl and Batgirl would fight Livewire, Ivy, and Quinn again at Ivy's place that they discovered by gaining the information from Penguin who is mad at Ivy and Livewire for trashing his Iceberg lounge. They eventually defeat the three of them by working together and sent them to jail. The episode ends with Supergirl and Batgirl eating ice cream while watching their arrest on tv.

Nicholle Tom reprises her role.

Justice League

Kara in Superman´s Funeral

Supergirl made a cameo appearance at Superman funeral alongside the Kents in the episode "Hereafter". She is under her civilian guise but without the burnette wig or glasses. In the same episode Hawkgirl proposed her as member of the League in Superman place. She is also mentioned in the episode "Comfort and Joy", Martha Kent says she is skiing with Barbara, referring Supergirl and Batgirl friendship from the Batman episode "Girl's Night Out."

Justice League Unlimited

Supergirl joins the Justice League when the team expands their ranks after the events of Justice League finale "Starcrossed", where Thanagar invades the Earth, exposing Hawkgirl betrayal and prompting her to leave the group. In the series first episode "Initiation", joining Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Captain Atom to fight Brimstone, and prevent a nuclear menace.

A few episodes later, in "Fearful Symmetry", Kara begins to have nightmares where she kills men. Ensuring that this are not regular dreams, Kara enlist the help of Green Arrow and The Question. The clues leads them to General Hardcastle (who lead the army agains Superman in Superman: The animated series

First mission in the Justice League

finale "Legacy"), they tell them that the goverment has started to experiment with meta humans in order to create a weapon in case the heroes, like Superman, goes rogue. They discovered that Cadmus had created a clone of Supergirl while she was recovering at S.T.A.R. Labs after her battle against Darkseid in the Superman Animated Series. The clone was named Galatea and was designed after Power Girl (Short blonde hair, white tights, with a hole in the middle of her cleavage). Galatea was created to fight the Justice League if they went rogue. However, she also began killing people and since she was a clone of Supergirl, Supergirl could see all the killings happening. Supergirl would battle against her and beat her badly the first time. Professor Hamilton would take her back to the lab for her to recover, while also making upgrades.

Kara is part of the emergency response team assembled while facing the return to Earth of Amazo, who is seeking revenge against Lex Luthor. After she warns Lex and place him in safety, Supergirl joins Red Tornado, Rocket Red and Fire in the upper atmosphere as the second defensive line (The first being in space and the third in the ground). They are easly defeated as Amazo makes her way to Lex.

In "Flashpoint", after The Question is beaten when he discovers Lex Luthor and the government plot against the League, Supergirl - With Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash and Green Arrow, argue on how to deal with this problem. In this moment Luthor takes remote control over the Watchtower, firing a laser on an abandoned Cadmus facility, making look like the League has attacked the goverment. This leads to the League founding members to turn themselves in to the Justice until their innocence is proven in the episode "Panic in the Sky". Superman ask Kara and the other members to keep things up in their absence. Amanda Waller would order Galatea to lead an army to fight the Justice League. Supergirl would battle Galatea again and defeated her when she pushed her into an electrical cable in the Justice League Watchtower.

Supergirl upgrades her costume in Justice League Unlimited

Supergirl returns in the 3rd season episode "Chaos at the Earth's Core" , where she upgrades her costume to a more classic look. In this episode Kara, with Stargirl, Stripe and Green Lantern, are brought to Skartaris, where Deimos - With the help of Silver Banshee and Metallo - are in war against Warlord using a piece of kryptonite as a weapon. Given this place enviroment and red sun, Kara is powerless but this doesn´t stop her from getting involved in the fight, shownging her skills as a hand to hand combat and a sword woman.

In the episode entitled "Far From Home," Green Arrow also begins developing somewhat of a father/daughter relationship with Supergirl, talks to Superman about her well being many times. He also told Superman that he and Black Canary were going to take her out for her birthday. Green Arrow and Superman were talking about how she wanted her costume to look more like Superman's. Green Lantern (John Stewart), and Green Arrow were brought to the 31st century where they met the Legion of Super-Heroes. They asked the three of them to help them defeat the Fatal Five, and just before the mission, Brainiac 5 reveals to Green Lantern and Green Arrow that Supergirl never returned from this mission. Supergirl would learn of her fate and decide to go through with it anyways. She was injured badly during the fight, but did not die. Kara began developing a relationship with Brainiac 5, she reveals that the reason she never returned from the mission is probably because she wants to stay there. Kara stays in the 31st century while Green Lantern and Green Arrow went home. Green Arrow told the news to Superman, who was sad but happy that she found a place to fit in. This marks Supergirl last appearance in the series.

Crisis Homenaje

Throughout the series Nicholle Tom reprises her role. In the series she also made several cameo appearances in this episodes:

Smallville Legends: Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton

Smallville Legends

The Smallville Legends version of Kara's background is told in the webisodes of "Smallville Legends: Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton" which is featured on the "Smallville: Complete Season 7" DVD set as a bonus feature.

In these video shorts, Kara is shown during the Kriptonian civil war which led to the planet's destruction.

In this video she lived in Kandor with her parents. In this video, Kara is the daughter of Zor-El, the bother of Jor-El.

Justice League: The New Frontier

Justice League: the New Frontier

Supergirl, The Teen Titans and Black Canary in Justice League: The New Frontier

Supergirl makes a cameo at the end of the movie bases on the novel Justice League: The New Frontier. She can be seen with other characters like the Teen Titans and Black Canary during John F. Kennedy famous speech.

Super Best Friends Forever

Super Best Friends Forever

Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl are the main characters in Super Best Friends Forever, a series of shorts part of the DC Nation block on

Cartoon Network written by Lauren Faust (known for her work in My Little Pony and The Powerpuff Girls).

She is voiced by Nicole Sullivan.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

In Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Kara had literally crashed landed on earth and had no control over her powers. Superman and Batman take care of her and Batman is scared that she might be a threat but, Superman is just happy he has family because he finds out that Kara is his cousin from Krypton. Clark wants to teach Kara everything but, Batman gets Wonder Woman to help and she brings Kara to Themyscira. She trains Kara in Themyscira to be a warrior. Kara makes a friend there who can see the future. Before the island goes under attack Kara goes for a swim and after the attack of the Doomsdays Kara is stolen by Darkseid and her friend is killed. Darkseid trains her to be evil and to be his servant. Superman comes and saves her and turn her back into his side. Darkseid comes back to the Kent farm where Clark wanted her to live under the watch of his parents. Darkseid goes after Clark but, they bring into the ends of space with his remote control. In the end Kara says she wants t o make her own decision for what to do with her life. She felt that it was not Wonder Woman,Superman, or Batman's decision to make. She decides to take her cousin symbol of the S and becomes Supergirl.

She is voice by Summer Glau.

Superman 75th Anniversary short

Supergirl in Superman Short

From the creative minds of Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) and Bruce Timm (Superman: The Animated Series) and produced by Warner Bros in the 75th anniversary. She makes a cameo with Superman, Krypto, Straky and Beppo.

Superman: Unbound

Superman: Unbound

Supergirl is set to appear in the animated movie Superman: Unbound, based in the comic book story Superman: Brainiac by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, voiced by Molly C. Quinn.

In the movie, a few years have passed since Kara arrival to Earth, a she is still adjusting to her life in her new home. During a hostage situation, Lois Lane has been taken, Supergirl saves the day, although she shows a little bit of reckless behavior. After the Superman appears, he gives her cousin a lecture about how she should have handle things like that. She replied that she did what had to do, and she refuses to be a defenseless girl anymore. Worried, Superman ask Kara about what happened in Krypton. She told her about the invasion that lead to her home, Kandor, to disappear with her barely being able to escape. She says to Kal that she felt defenseless there, and she didn't what to feel that way anymore.

Kara returns to the farm only to witness a robot falling from the sky, which is hardly beaten by Superman. Supergirl meets her cousin in the Fortress, where she, in fear, recognize that the drone belong to Brainiac. And if one came to earth, more are about to come.

While Superman leaves to space, to prevent the coming of Brainiac. Supergirl tells Lois the reason behind Superman Absence, so Lois advert the Pentagon about the possible invasion.

Supergirl in action

Superman is defeated in his first encounter with Brainiac, and the villain arrives to Earth, invading it with his drones. Superman and Supergirl fights them bravely but are captured by Brainiac, and Metropolis is bottled up as Kandor. After that he launches a missile to the sun, to destroy the remaining life. Both Superman and Supergirl break free, and while Kal fight Brainiac Kara flies away in order to stop the missile. Both are successful and Metropolis returns to it´s size.

After this event, Superman and Supergirl takes Kandor to a desert planet, with a red sun, and returns Kandor to its size, with Kara meeting again with her parents: Alura and Zor-El.

DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls

Supergirl is one of the main characters in DC Super Hero Girls, which will be adapted to animation, toys and graphic novels. She is voiced by Anais Fairweather.

Lego: Justice League Cosmic Clash

Justice League: Cosmic Clash

Supergirl, with the Justice League, will be a main character in the film. She will be voiced by Jessica DiCicco

Live Action Series/Films

Superman III

Supergirl was set to appear in early scripts of the movie as an ally of Brainiac. She was going to be portrayed as Superman`s lover insted of his cousin

Supergirl: The Movie

Helen Slater as Supergirl

In 1984, a Supergirl movie was produced by Ilya Salkind, his father Alexander Salkind, and Pierre Spengler, the same people who had produced Superman: The Movie. Despite being produced by the same people, the movie did not do as well as the Salkinds or Spengler would have hoped. Part of this was blamed on Jeannot Szwarc, who had previously been a television director, having directed the film; Szwarc's approach was bitterly criticized.

Appearing as Supergirl was the actress Helen Slater. Little-known before her acting out the title role of the movie, she won numerous awards for the role and received praise from the science fiction community.

According to the story, Kara lives in Argo City, a city that has been sealed off from the rest of Krypton. She borrows an item from an artist named Zaltar (Peter O'Toole) called the Omegahedron (one of Argo City's power sources, which Zaltar was using without permission from the city's elders) and creates a dragonfly. The creature punctures the veil that had been serving as a protector for the city, and the Omegahedron gets sucked to Earth. Kara then follows the item in hopes of saving her city. (With her is a bundle of clothes, apparently somehow resembling Superman's uniform; how this happens to be near the "binary chute" that enables Kara to follow the Omegahedron is a detail that Szwarc never explained.)

The Omegahedron lands in Metropolis and is found by a minor witch named Selena(Faye Dunaway, whose performance was harshly criticized), who realizes that she finally has the tool she needs to cast real spells. (Selena's mentor, Nigel (Peter Cook), is a teacher at a local school.) Superman has left Earth on a mission into deep outer space, so Kara has arrived seemingly in time. Having emerged into Earth's environment outfitted in Supergirl's uniform in a manner that, as previously pointed out, is never explained, Kara takes the name Linda Lee, claiming to be Clark Kent's cousin--and becomes a student at the school where Nigel teaches. Selena and Kara lock horns when a man named Ethan (Hart Bochner) comes into the equation, as Kara falls in love with Ethan, whereas Selena lusts after him. With the power of the Omegahedron, Selena, who is the first to refer to Kara as "Supergirl," makes herself princess of Earth and casts a spell on Ethan to make him her loyal servant, which Supergirl manages to break.

In the course of their conflict, Selena dispatches Supergirl to the Phantom Zone, where Zaltar has been exiled for his offenses. In this continuum, Kara retains none of her powers as Supergirl. However, Zaltar gives his life to save Kara, who returns to Earth, as Supergirl, to destroy Selena. (Nigel, seeing Supergirl being menaced by Selena's powers, tells her, "Confront her with it! It's the only way!" Selena had tried to leave Nigel behind in her quest for power.) Recovering the Omegahedron, Supergirl then returns to a dark Argo City.

To preserve the continuity with Superman: The Movie and Superman II, since Christopher Reeve did not appear in Supergirl, Marc McClure appeared as James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen, and acting out the role of Lois Lane's sister, Lucy Lane, who was shown in the comics to have an on-again, off-again relationship with Jimmy, was Maureen Teefy, who was chosen for the role because she vaguely resembled a younger version of Margot Kidder. But ultimately, Szwarc's efforts along that line did no good. The film was harshly critically received, and its performance at the box office was disappointing at best.


Laura Vandervoort as Kara

In the TV show Smallville, Kara landed in Season 7. Kara was sent from Krypton to protect and take care of her cousin, Kal-el. She does not realize that Clark is now older than her and has already grown up on Earth. Kara has all the same powers as Clark plus the ability to fly, they figure out upon meeting. Even though she has this advantage over Clark, he can control his powers and be near humans. In the episode "Blue", Kara losses her memory and ends up in Detroit as a waitress. Clark finds her and brings her back to Smallville. She still has no memories and Clark decides to tell her nothing about her powers and heritage. Kara feels that Clark is hiding something from her and forms a closer relationship to Lex Luthor. Before Kara does anything rash she gets her powers and memories restored by Jor-el in the Fortress of Solitude. Kara goes to destroy Brainiac and goes out of earth. She never comes back and Clark finds out that she is trapped in the Phantom Zone.

In season 8 she eventually comes out of the Phantom Zone but, does not stay in Smallville. Instead she goes in space to find Kandor because she has heard rumors there is life of Kryptonians there.

Supergirl in Smallville

In Season 10, Kara returns in the episode "Supergirl" as a Superhero (donning the Supergirl Outfit minus the distinctive "S" symbol) in Metropolis. In this season, Kara's mission is to train Clark to use his powers more effectively and to teach Clark how to face and defeat Darkseid.

Later on in the season, Kara and Oliver Queen try to acquire the Bow of Orion. Jor-El Tells Kara that Clark needs to follow his destiny himself, so Kara uses Clark's Legion Ring to go to the future.

She was portrayed Laura Vandervoort.

Man of Steel

Clark near Kara empty pod in Man of Steel

In the prequel comic of the movie, it features Kara Zor-El graduating into the Explorer Guild, and having his own ship and crew to explore the universe in search for new Kryptonian colonies. After a battle with a rogue former colleague, and with his crew dead, Kara crashes the ship in the Arctic thousand of years before Superman arrival. The Fate of Supergirl is left uncertain.

In the movie, Clark reached an old Kryptonian spaceship, that's been under ice for thousand of years. Inside are cryogenic chambers but the ones inside are dead, except for one pod open that has no one inside, making reference to Kara but leaving her fate still unknown.

Movie 43

Kristen Bell in Movie 43

In the comedy Movie 43's "Superhero Speed Dating" segment, Supergirl is be portrayed by actress Kristen Bell.

Supergirl (TV series)

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

Supergirl will appear in her own live-action show on CBS, portrayed by former Glee star Melissa Benoist. The series will see Kara Zor-El (going by the name Kara Danvers) as a 24-year old Kryptonian who must embrace her powers and become a hero after hiding them for most of her life.

Video Games

DC Universe: Infinite Crisis

Supergirl in Infinite Crisis

Supergirl was released as a playable character in the online game Infinite Crisis. She has been released in different version:

Supergirl: based on her New 52 origin. Her bio for this version is

Like her cousin Kal-El, Kara Zor-El is a survivor of the destruction of Krypton, escaping in a spacecraft of her father's design. The craft put Kara into a state of suspended animation and followed the course set by her infant cousin's craft. However, instead of the trip taking a matter of seconds, like it had for her cousin, it took decades.

On crash landing on Earth, Kara suffered a truly rude awakening as her powers manifested almost immediately. Wrestling with those powers, she was astonished to meet her cousin, now a grown man.

Supergirl and Arcane Supergirl

The worst shock, though, was to come: Kal-El told her that they were the only survivors of Krypton. She was nearly overwhelmed by despair, and hated the alien world she was trapped on. Fortunately, Kara discovered a resilience she didn't know she possessed and is now dealing with her grief and learning to love her new home world.

As she is a Kryptonian, Supergirl possesses all the powers of Superman. However, not having grown up with those powers, and having a more fiery disposition than her cousin, Supergirl's use of those powers tend to be more forceful than Superman. However, she still possesses the same moral code of Superman and will avoid using lethal force.

Arcane Supergirl: An alternate Supergirl, which origin involves her being a magician.

Supergirl is voiced by Camilla Luddington, with the arcane version voiced by India de Beaufort

DC Universe Online

Supergirl in DC Universe Online

Supergirl is one of the many characters featured in DC universe online game. She first appears as a character enslaved by Brainiac. She is voiced by Adrienne Mischler.


  • Power: Iconic
  • Origin: Meta
  • Movement: Flight
  • Weapon: Brawling

General Involvement

  • Enslaved by Brainiac, Supergirl is an opponent in the Fortress of Solitude: Power Core raid.
  • Supergirl is a playable character for Legends PvP.


  • Superman will contact you to locate Supergirl, who disappeared while investigating the rampaging meta-human patients at Metropolis General Hospital. She is being held captive by Doctor Psycho inside. Doctor Psycho would also conjure hallucinations of her, Power Girl and Wonder Woman in battle.
  • Supergirl, located in the Meta Wing of the JLA Watchtower, will initiate the Level 30 mission to locate and assist her cousin, Superman, who is currently inside the Daily Planet building that is being shrunk and bottled by Brainiac.


CBS´ Supergirl in DC Universe Online
  • Supergirl is called upon by the Justice League to investigate reports of meta-human experimentation in a LexCorp-funded wing of Metropolis General Hospital. She finds extensive evidence of meta-human experimentation conducted by Dr. Psycho and attempts to liberate the meta-humans. She is thwarted and her DNA sampled by one of the new meta-humans supported by the Secret Society of Super-Villains working for Lex Luthor.
  • Supergirl is an iconic opponent for villains in Alternate Metropolis in the Brothers in Arms operation.
  • Supergirl appears randomly as an opponent in the Police Station Tier 3 Duo

The CBS´ Supergirl will be released a new skin for the character, based on Melissa Benoist look.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Batman Lego 2

Supergirl appears as a playable character in the game voiced by Bridget Hoffman.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Lego Batman 3

Supergirl is a playable character in the game Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. She is feattured in her classic attire (Like Lego Batman 2) as well as her New 52 costume. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


Action Figures

Justice Supergirl

Justice Supergirl
  • Elsewords: Supergirl was part of the series 3 of this DC direct collection.
  • Justice: She was part of the line based the Alex Ross´ Justice with her 70´ costume.
  • Supergirl was part of the DC infinite Universe with these variations: Daying Supergirl (Battle Damaged, based on Crisis on the Infinite Earths), Crisis Supergirl and Modern Supergirl (With Superman and Wonder Girl or with Bizarro and Wonder Girl).
  • Supergirl was part of the Superman: The Animated Serie collection with a special armor.
  • A Superman: The animated serie 12" was released.
  • Supergirl was released in the serie 1 of the Armory collection with her Flamebird armor.
  • Supergirl was released in the serie 1 of the Crisis On The Infinite Crisis collection.
  • JLU Adult Supergirl
  • Supergirl is part of the Justice League Unlimited collections with 2 variations: a tiny one with the Linda Danvers costume (with a varian with metalic shirt), and a second one with her upgraded costume.
  • Supergirl and Streaky were part of the 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure.
  • Supergirl was part of Mini-mates collection with bizarro

Tonnner Supergirl

JLU Supergirl
  • Heroclix: Earth on The Infinite Crisis Dying Supergirl in Superman arms, Crisis Supergirl tossing a burglar, Fast Forces Supergirl, Michael Turner Supergirl, Dark Supergirl, Bizarro Girl,
  • Dc Direct Silver Age Supergirl and Superboy with Streaky and Krypto.
  • Microman rare modern Supergirl.
  • DC Superheroes Michael Turner´s Supergirl. This figure was also released as a two pack with Lex Luthor.
  • DC Direct Supergirl and Corrupted supergirl was part of Superman/Batman: The Supergirl from Krypton Story.
  • DC Direct Supergirl as part of the Superman/Batman: Vengeance story.
  • DC Direct Comics Pocket Super: Silver Age Supergirl and Brainiac.
  • 13" Supergirl Tonner Doll
  • Barbie Supergirl (Based on Superman: the Animated Serie) and Michael Turner Supergirl.
  • Polly Pocket´s Supergirl
  • DC Action Figures: New 52 Supergirl
  • Supergirl Minimate: She is parte of the Wave 6 of the DC Minimate collectión.


DC Superhero Collection

Supergirl from DC Classic Super Hero Collection

  • Kotobukiya Shunya Yamashita with Streaky with a variant version of Dark Supergirl.
  • A second Kotobukiya Shunya Yamashita (1/6 Scale) was released.
  • Supergirl was the 14th character to be released as part of the DC Comics Super Hero Collection
  • Supergirl is part of the Ame-Comi Girls Collections with 2 variations. Dark Supergirl is also available.
  • Dc Direct Michael Turner's Supergirl
  • 13" DC Direct Figure SUPERGIRL Classic 1/6 scale
  • Dynamic Bobble Head -Headstrong Heroes
  • DC Direct Superman Family Multi-Part Statue with Steel (The complete collection is composed of Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Steel and Power Girl)
  • Cover Girls Of The Dc Universe
  • Cover Girls Of The DC Universe: New 52 Supergirl
  • Supergirl from Superman: The Animated Serie.
  • Superman and Supergirl, from Supergirl silver age rocket arrival.
  • Tim Bruckner´DC Direct Dynamics
  • Warner Brothers DC Comics Super Heroes Figurines (With Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel and Green Lantern)
  • DC Chess Collectión: Supergirl was released as the 37th figure as a White Pawn in her new 52 costume.
  • Artfx: New 52 Supergirl
  • Super Best Friends Forecer PVC Statue
  • Supergirl is a white pawn in the Eaglemoss Chess Game


New 52 Bust

New 52 Supergirl Figure

  • New 52 Supergirl.
  • Women of DC serie 2
  • Women of DC serie 3
  • Superman: The Animated Serie Supergirl.

Popular Recognition

  • IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time (2011 list): Supergirl ranked #94
  • Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list: Supergirl ranked #13

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