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Character History


The first Mirror Master, Sam Scudder, used his mirror technology against the Flash, Barry Allen, mainly in the pursuit of small-time robbery. His first weapons were simple illusion-casting devices, but as he refined the technology, he found ways to travel from one mirror to another, trap people inside mirrors, and turn people into living glass. By the end, any reflective surface - a window, a polished piece of metal, even a simple puddle - could be a weapon. Scudder was co-founder of the Rogues with Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Pied Piper, Top and Captain Boomerang.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Sam Scudder was one of the villains who was assigned to stop Krona during Crisis on Infinite Earths, he worked alongside Icicle and Maaldor. The group ended up finding Krona's lab and were about to destroy his computer to prevent him from helping the Anti-Monitor, however they began to argue among themselves about who would be the one of actually destroy it. During the scuffle it was discovered that Krona had set a trap and an explosion resulted in the deaths of the three villains, which then allowed Krona to succeed.

Blackest Night

Samuel Scudder was reanimated during the events of Blackest Night as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. When the living Rogues (Captain Cold, Heatwave, Trickster, Weather Wizard, and Mirror Master) traveled to Iron Heights prison he was among the team of dead Rogues that attacked them. During the brawl Scudder addressed the new Mirror Master, Evan McCullough, and called him the foreigner who swiped his gear, then asking who was the reflection and who was the real thing. McCullough quickly shattered the mirror that Scudder was hiding in, however he then reappeared in a wall of ice made by Captain Cold. He then began taunting Captain Cold about his leadership skills before appearing alongside Golden Glider, James Jesse the original Trickster, Top, Digger Harkness the original Captain Boomerang, and Rainbow Raider. Scudder continued to focus on attacking McCullough and eventually bulled him through a puddle into the Mirror World. Captain Cold eventually saved McCullough from the Mirror World, Scudder stopped attacking the Rogues after he and the other dead Rogues noticed the cell of Eobard Thawne. Scudder was then frozen inside the prison after Captain Cold used his Cold Grenade.

New 52

Sam Scudder came back as the Mirror Master in the New 52. He has a relationship with Lisa Snart, also known as the Golden Glider, who is the sister of Captain Cold. After an accident with a Genome Recoder that merged the Rogues with their weapons he was locked into the Mirror World with no possible way to escape, though he still stayed in a relationship with Glider.

Scudder was used as the groups means of transport, even though he couldn't leave the Mirror World himself he was still able to open up doors for his fellow Rogues, this enabled them to quickly move between locations and perform quick getaways.

Gorilla Warfare

During the Gorilla Warfare event in which Grodd attacked the Gem Cities Mirror Master used his abilities to help keep the Rogues safe. The Rogues then designed a scheme where they 'saved' the citizens of the Gem Cities by storing them in the Mirror World, though when inside the Rogues robbed them of their belongings.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion

Currently in the 'Forever Evil' & 'Rogue's Rebellion' story line Mirror Master has been freed from the Mirror World. Golden Glider was able to use her abilities to pull Scudder out from his prison, however doing so put Glider into a coma. Captain Cold became furious at this and went out to rob a bank by himself while drunk. After receiving the Crime Syndicate's coin the Rouges went to Happy Harbor to hear about the death of the Justice League, later the Rouges are told Central City is free for the taking and when the Rouges get to Central City they are discussed and outraged at what Grodd did to the city, in fear the Rouges when to the hospital where the love of Scudder's life, Glider. Later the Rouges are confronted by Deathstorm and Power-Ring and Scudder and the rest of the Rouges power went crazy and when they tried to escape in the mirror world, Power-Ring cracked the mirror and Captain Cold was separated. Scudder and the rest of the Rogues went to go bring Cold back and had a run in with Deathstorm and Power-Ring of the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate. Scudder and the rest of the Rogues became separated from Captain Cold during this encounter, Scudder then took it upon himself to act as the 'leader' of the Rogues until Cold is found once more.

With Cold gone and Scudder's powers in a flux, the Rogues wind up in Gotham. They are captured by Poison Ivy who uses her toxins to infect Trickster with some sort of Poison. It turns out that Poison Ivy wanted Mirror Master to use his powers to help move the moon to give her plants more sunlight; however, they are interrupted by Mister Freeze, Clayface, and some Man-Bats before that happens.

After fighting and escaping the Gotham Rogues (at the loss of Heatwave) the group run into the Royal Flush Gang. Mirror Master uses his gun to open a portal to the Mirror World on the front of a Semi-Truck and proceeds to run over their attackers; sending them to the Mirror World. He is stopped; however, when Johnny Quick and Atomica join the fight.

In the last chapter of Rogues Rebellion the Rouges must fight a large portion of the DCU villains including Gorilla Grodd, Parasite, and much much more. With the help of Golden Glider and Weather Wizard the Rogues are able to turn intangible and Weather Wizard pushes their foes into a large mirror created by Mirror Master, thus sending them to the Mirror World and eliminating them from the fight.

Once finished the Rogues meet with the Pied Piper and several Gotham cops who thank them for saving the city.

Powers & Abilities


Samuel Scudder is the original Mirror Master, and created all of the gadgets and trick mirrors used by Evan McCullough.

He had the goal to get inside the reflection of a mirror, and after finding a mysterious metal that had dimension accessing properties he was able to achieve his goal. Scudder then created a variety of mirrors and started to experiment with the endless worlds that were held behind them. He is able to effortlessly move through reflections and trap people inside glass, his costume even enabled him to hypnotize his foes.

When Scudder was killed during Crisis on Infinite Earths his equipment was taken by the U.S Government and given to Evan McCullough, the second Mirror Master.

New 52

In the New 52 it is assumed that Scudder was the creator of his weaponry, and after an accident with a Genome Re-coder he was merged with his gun. Scudder was incredibly unlucky and became trapped inside the Mirror World with no hope of escaping, unable to leave he began to serve as the Rogues 'transport'.

Scudder was pulled free from his prison by Golden Glider during 'Forever Evil' and since then he's been able to walk throughout the real world among the rest of the Rogues. His powers remain the same.

Other Media


Mirror Master in Superfriends

Mirror Master made his first animated appearance, as Sam Scudder, in Super Friends: The Legendary Super Power Show. He battles Superman, Batman, Robin (Dick Grayson), Firestorm and Samurai and is defeated.

Justice League Unlimited

Mirror Master in JLU

Mirror Master made a cameo appearance in an episode of Justice League played by an actor for a commercial that the Flash was in. He actually appeared in the JLU episode "Flash and Substance", where he teamed-up with Captain Cold, Trickster (James Jesse) and Captain Boomerang against Flash. He seems to be based on the Sam Scudder version with Evan McCulloch's mastery of the mirror dimension, he was voiced by Joss Whedon alumni Alexis Denisoff.

The Batman

Mirror Master and his assistant in The Batman

Mirror Master briefly appeared during "The Batman", as Sam Scudder in an episode near the end of the series that guest starred both him and The Flash. This version is called Dr. Samuel Scudder and is a long-time enemy of the Flash. He had sidekick in this version. He was voiced once again by Alexis Denisoff.

Justice League: Doom

Justice League: Doom

Sam Scudder appears as Mirror Master in the DC Comics Animated film Justice League: Doom, which is loosely based on the JLA: Tower of Babel storyline. Scudder is voiced Alexis Denisof. In the film, Mirror Master is contacted by Vandal Savage and becomes a member of the Legion of Doom. Vandal Savage provides each member with a lethal form of Batman's contingency plans for the members of the JLA. Scudder later enacts his plan on the Flash, nearly killing him. Later, Mirror Master is offered by Savage to join the Legion of Doom full time and is promised partial rule over the planet once Savage takes over, which he happily accepts. Savage's plan is eventually foiled and Mirror Master is defeated by the Flash.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Mirror Master made an appearance alongside fellow Rogues Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave and Top as they robbed the Flash museum.

The Flash (1990)

The Flash (1990)

He made an appearance on the live action Flash TV series (1990) played by David Cassidy. Here he was just called Sam Scudder and just used holograms to commit crimes. He refers to himself as a "Mirror Master".

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