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Golden Glider's classic appearance

Lisa is the sister of Leonard Snart, better know as Captain Cold. Lisa was a former world class figure skater. Her coach and lover was the Top who was also an adversary of the Flash (Barry Allen) as was Leonard. When the Top died in his attempt to kill Barry Allen, Lisa swore revenge. She acquired a pair of technologically advanced figure skates as well as some high tech weapons and set out to kill the Flash.


Lisa Snart was created as one of the rare female villains of the Flash. Her first appearance was in The Flash #250 in 1977 and was created by Cary Bates and Irv Novick

Character Evolution

Lisa was a mostly second tier villain for the Flash, usually appearing alongside her brother. The character’s motivations (that of love) fell in line with many other female villains from the silver age (such as Carol Ferris or Catwoman).

Major Story Arcs

As a Black Lantern

The majority of Lisa’s silver age exploits were contained in issues with a common theme to the silver age, that of not building much into plot lines but rather providing mostly self contained stories. After Barry Allen died in Crisis on Infinite Earths she and her brother ended their careers as villains. Soon after though, she returned to villainous activities with the appearance of a new Flash, Wally West. She began recruiting other criminals to use her brother’s equipment. These villains were known collectively by the name Chillblaine. The fourth such person to take up that name killed Lisa after he realized that she was manipulating them. She returned briefly in Blackest Night and was later a character in Flashpoint, alongside her brother Citizen Cold.

New 52

Part of the Race of Thieves

The Golden Glider is shown in a comatose state, due to a brain tumor. Captain Cold, out of costume, stands by her bedside and declares that "The Flash will pay!" She is dying because there was no power meaning the doctors couldn't operate. After Captain Cold is defeated by the Flash and taken into police custody, the Flash uses the cosmic treadmill to charge a fuel cell which is taken to the Eastside Hospital so the doctors are able to treat Lisa. The police take Leonard to see her in hospital and she says that after what he did, he should have let her die. Lisa Snart finds Weather Wizard in a dazed and confused after he called a lightning bolt down on himself and his sister in law. When he recognizes her she is calling herself Glider. Later, she visited brother Cold and Heat Wave in police car. Lisa Snart did not walk on to the Genome Recorder. She was caught in the blast of the power surge. She became an astral projection while her physical body lay in a comatose state.

Powers and Abilities

Like many of the Flash’s silver age enemies, Lisa is a regular human with no powers, but one who uses high technology items for her activities. Her primary items are her skates which create their own ice which allows her to skate on any surface or even through mid-air. She also had a number of other items, such as poisoned rings or hypnosis jewels. She is a former Olympic athlete and has the strength, conditioning and agility which would be associated with such a background.

Post Flashpoint, and in the New 52, Lisa has been given superhuman abilities alongside most of the rebooted Rogues. Now operating under the alias "Glider", Lisa exhibits powers considered in the same vein as astral projection.

Alternate Version

In Teen Titans GO! Golden Glider appears as a young teen along side her brother Captain Cold (as Kid Kold), they battle Kid Flash and Jinx.

In Other Media


The Flash

Peyton List as Golden Glider

Lisa Snart appears in the episode "Rogue Time", portrayed by Peyton List. This version of the character does not use ice skates, but instead wields a golden weapon similar to her brother's cold gun. She first appears when she rescues her brother and Heatwave from a prison transport, and subsequently helps them in a plot to conquer the Central City Underworld. She also seduces Cisco Ramon as part of a plot to kidnap him and force him to make weapons for the group.

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