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Current Events

Heatwave and the other members of the Rogues (Trickster, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard) were being tracked down by villains after being trapped in Gotham City. When confronted by a massive horde of Gotham thugs and criminals Heatwave made a selfless sacrifice to hold off their attackers to give the other Rogues enough time to escape.

It is unknown is Heatwave was killed during this battle or if he's currently in hiding.


Heat Wave As A Child

Mick Rory was obsessed with fire from his childhood. He would stare at flames, and try to hold them He even set his house on fire and couldn’t take his eyes of the flames long enough to run to a neighbor for help. Before that, he had wanted to be a fireman.

At school, Heat Wave always wore winter clothes inside. The kids made fun on this. This led to a friend locking him in a walk-in freezer as a joke during a school field trip. Mick escaped, and was compelled to lock his friend in his house, and set it on fire. Mick often cited this freezer incident (leaving his friend’s part out of it) as a trauma that left him with an intense fear of cold.

He ran away from home, eventually joining a circus as a fire-eater. He was happy and thought he had his obsession under control, but it broke loose again, and he burned down the circus.

Rory was inspired by the Rogues to channel his obsession into a new identity. He invented a handgun-sized flamethrower and wore an asbestos suit and committed crimes under the identity of Heat Wave. When they met at a bank robbery, Captain Cold invited Heat Wave to join the Rogues.


Heat Wave was first introduced in The Flash #140 which was written by John Broome. He was first made to be a rival for Captain Cold, however in recent comics by Geoff Johns, Rory looks to Captain Cold to help him keep his obsession at bay, though Cold thinks he'll eventually become beyond help.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Mick Rory first made his comic book appearance as a friendly rival to Captain Cold in The Flash #140. The two worked together to try and defeat The Flash, but at the same time, Cold and HeatWave bickered and fought a lot. One significant moment for Mick in the Silver Age was that he was recruited by Captain Cold at a bank robbery to join the team, The Rogues.

Bronze Age

Not a lot happened for Mick Rory during this time period. One thing he did do was make Barry Allen into a "flaming menace", he essentially made it that every time Flash would run, fire would spew behind him.

Modern Age

Heat Wave eventually decided to be good after the events of Underworld Unleashed. He began working as a firefighting consultant, using his knowledge of heat and flames from his former criminal career.Still struggling with his pyromania, he began working for the F.B.I. alongside other reformed rogues

The F.B.I. project failed. On the group’s first mission, the Top returned to undo the programming that had caused most of them to reform. Heat Wave rejoined the Rogues. He then joins the Secret Society, led by Alexander Luthor.

Major Story Arcs

One Year Later

He is next seen being recruited by Inertia to team up against Bart Allen. He is one of the rogues the deliver the

Heat Wave with his flame gun

killing blow to Bart. He freaks out about what he and the Rogues have done and flees only to be captured by Captain Boomerang alongside Weather Wizard. He is sent to "hell planet" Salvation with the other Rogues. When the conflict starts he sides with Luthor. When they beat J"onn he's worried about killing another hero, claiming that they will kill them with rusty razors. He returns to earth with the villains who are still alive. Later he hears Libra's offer and (off-panel) rejects it. When he hears Inertia free he decides with his fellow Rogues to kill him for their troubles. He and the other Rogues find Paul Gambi seriously injured by a group of Libra's men called the " new" rogues. He receives a new improved costume from Gambi. Heat Wave defeats his "new" rogue counterpart, Burn. Captain Cold has him kill Cold's father. While Libra tries to hypnotize the Rogues, Captain Cold tells him to watch a nearby fire. When they are fighting Inertia, he melts his boots, making him unable to move. He then helps the other Rogues kill Inertia.

Heat Wave meets with the Human Flame, who wants to buy one of Heat Wave's guns. Heat Wave is appalled by the small amount of money he is offered, and beats up the Human Flame. On his way out he blows up the fireworks factory they were meeting in, with the Human Flame still inside.

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom

In the Flashpoint universe, Heat Wave desperately wants to be part of Firestorm. He kills Jason Rusch, trying to force Ronnie Raymond to give him half the matrix; however, he is interrupted by Cyborg and eventually defeated. The result of this encounter is a series of massive burns across Heat Wave's body and Heatwave being sent to death row for his murder.

Heat Wave has his equipment taken from him as is protocol for all inmates. Heatwave uses a series of connections to get Cluemaster to smuggle in an evil and sadistic Plastic Man. Together the two of them begin their escape, during the process Heatwave is attacked by Animal Man (another inmate) whom he defeats and then curb-stomps.

Due to the fact that Plastic Man was never registered as an inmate none of the security systems have a defense mechanism against him. He is instructed by Heatwave to attack Amazo (the head of security) in the eyes, in doing so he finds that Ray Palmer (the Atom) had been running the Amazo robot from the inside.

Heat Wave kills Palmer by squishing his head between his fingers. He then obtains his stolen gear and begins flying the prison towards Detroit much to the dismay of the other inmates. Plastic Man attempts to intervene; however, Heatwave turns on his partner and melts him with his intense flames.

Heat Wave's plan to escape fails; however, and he's sent back to death row where he is met once again (to his horror) by Plastic Man who had somehow survived the intense blast of Heat Wave's flames.

Slow Burn (New 52)

In the New 52 Heat Wave used the Genome Recoder to merge his DNA with his weaponry; in his case, a flamethrower. Unfortunately there was a massive power surge within the machine which destroyed the building he and the rest of the Rogue's were in. Heat Wave woke to find 90% of his body covered in third degree burns.

Thankfully the Genome Recoder served it's purpose and Heat Wave was able to manipulate fire and project it from his own body; thus granting him pyrokinesis.

It was shown that due to the scarring that the power surge caused, Heat Wave became a rival to Captain Cold, even going to far to completely ignore the Flash when he tried to intervene on their fight. Eventually the two were able to put aside their past differences and team up as Rogues once more.

Gorilla Warfare

Heat Wave was a member of the Rogues when Gorilla Grodd and his army attacked Central City. Along with the other Rogues he used his powers to protect himself and the citizens of Central City; however, it was discovered that the Rogues were just pretended to be "good" and were actually forcing the citizens they saved to pay them by giving them all of their valuables.

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion

The Rogues had a bounty put on their head by the Crime Syndicate. In order to escape capture the Rogues (Trickster, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold and Heat Wave) worked together to fight off waves off villains whom came to claim the bounty; however, during their encounter with Power Ring and Deathstorm they lost contact with Captain Cold.

When in Gotham Heat Wave bonded with Mirror Master as the two of them fought against a horde of Man-Bats.

While trying to escape Gotham the Rogues were stopped by a massive amount of thugs and criminals. In order to give the others time to escape Heat Wave jumped off of their escape vehicle into their attacks and use his powers to create a massive explosion in the shape of a phoenix.

It is unknown if Heat Wave survived this encounter or not as he has yet to appear in future issues.

Powers & Abilities

Pre 52

In the Pre 52 continuity Heat Wave had no meta-human abilities; however, he was able to create a flamethrower that allowed him to project intense streams of flame that reach temperatures well over 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

The flames his weaponry projects is so hot that it has been able to melt Flashes friction proof boots, the same boots that allow Flash to run at light speed.

He also has an in-depth knowledge of fire and pyrotechnics.

New 52

In the New 52 continuity Heat Wave merged his DNA with his flamethrower thus granting him the ability to project and manipulate fire from his own body. It is unknown exactly how hot this fire is in comparison to his Pre 52 incarnation; however, it was able to hold off Gorilla Grodd's soldiers and a plethora of Gotham thugs/criminals.

Weapons & Equipment

The suit Heat Wave wears a suit entirely made out of asbestos, making it nearly impervious to heat.

The heat gun Heat Wave uses can melt something going at light speed, making it extremely deadly and nearly impossible to avoid getting burned if you are not superhuman.

Heat Wave also has a pipe on his left arm that can project a fire retardant to put out fires.

Alternate Realities



In the recent Flash series focusing on Barry Allen a future incarnation of Heatwave has arrived from the future calling himself Heatstroke. It is unknown what connection he has to the original Heatwave other than having similar weapons and appearance. Unlike Heatwave though Heatsroke is a law-enforcement officer from the 25th century a member of Reverse-Flash Task Force called the Renegades who are based off the Rogues of the present.

Other Media


Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited

He briefly appears in Justice League Unlimited the animated series along with Trickster, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang.

The Flash (2014)

Dominic Purcell as Heatwave

Heatwave appears as a recurring villain, portrayed by former Prison Break star Dominic Purcell. After the events that took place between Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and the Flash. Snart decides to put together a new 'crew' as things in Central City have changed. His first recruit being his old friend Mick, who has a tolerance of extremes, has certain skills and loves playing with fire. Snart hands the Heat Gun to Mick while making the offer.

It is assumed that they've had a rough past together due to a failed job as seen from their conversation.


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Heat Wave appears in the animated movie "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox" as a member of The Rogues, who were hired by Professor Zoom to act as a distraction for the Flash so that he could set up a plan to destroy Central City. Soon after the Rogues defeat The Flash, Prof. Zoom appears and attaches bombs to the Rogues' belts, which will set off if they removed their belts. After Flash was able to catch Prof. Zoom in his own trap, The Justice League arrives to help The Flash disable the bombs, with Superman dealing with Heat Wave's bomb by bringing him to a far enough place and simply covering the bomb with his hands until it explodes.

Video Games

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

He appears in the DC Universe Online as a villain you can fight on the Strykers Island mission. He can also be found in the Meta Wing of the Hall of Doom selling high tech gear.

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